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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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u ppl are crazy Comments By: george on 2007-01-27
how could u use pee on yr face...was everyone drunk when the tryed it. i would rather have bad skin than use my pee on my face. it is disgusting. for heavans sake if it was good for u y do u pee it OUT. if it was good yr body would keep it an use it.
This really works!! Comments By: Allison from Ohio on 2007-02-16
About a month ago: I'm 29 years old and I hate my skin. I've been breaking out for a year and a half now, and it won't stop. I plaster on the makeup and hope all day that people can't see through it. I hate it when people see me without any makeup on. I'm scarred up and depressed because I can't stop breaking out. I've tried so many alternative therapies and home remedies, but nothing is working...

January 20, 2007: I read about this "uropathy" thing today and started trying it right away. I'm just so desperate!

February 16, 2007: My skin is now much softer (I've always struggled with dry skin), and the big, swollen red spots are all gone. Almost no new zits to speak of. Even the scars are looking smaller...

My routine is this: I catch it on a cotton ball as it comes, dab on any trouble spots (wrinkles, blemishes, dry spots), and leave it on all day/night. I haven't gotten up the guts to drink it...yet.

Yes, sometimes it smells a little strange, but mostly it has started to smell kind of sweet to me. :) Cover up with a bit of perfume if you're paranoid!

By the way, urine is merely water that contains excess vitamins, minerals, salts, enzymes, antibodies, etc. that your body can't use at the moment. So take your vitamins and give it a try! :)

For more info, check out this link!

Urinology....?......DOES WORK......! Comments By: Gerry G on 2007-03-10
Urinology has work for centuries.....is the most saturated mineralized sterill solution you will find anywhere.....its not a beliving matter, there are many universal proven facts and cientific researches along its positive curing and healing results..... daily drinking a small dose of your own will cure you anything, diabetes, etc.....belive it or not....ask your doctor......
urine can heals asthma and toothaches Comments By: Rose on 2007-04-25
I was shocked to find in the internet about the goodness of urine. When I was young my grandma used to tell us that urine can cure toothache and she used it often. Then few years ago a friend told me that she let her son drank his urine after giving up on doctors medicines that did not help. But not until I came across this website that I began to believe it. But I cant bring myself to drink my pee yet. The thought of drinking it makes me want to vomit.... yak...
Hmmmm Comments By: G on 2007-05-06
I found this on a website....sorry I forgot the link, but I copied right from it......."Unfortunately, however, not everybody can just jump right in and start drinking their own urine without negative side effects. The Chinese Association of Urine Therapy1 warns that

Common symptoms include diarrhea, itch, pain, fatigue, soreness of the shoulder, fever, etc. These symptoms appear more frequently in patients suffering long term or more serious illnesses, and symptoms may repeat several times. Each episode may last 3-7 days, but sometimes it may last one month, or even worse over 6 months. It is a pity that many give up urine therapy because of such bad episode [sic]. Recovery reaction is just like the darkness before sunrise. If one persists and overcomes the difficulty, one can enjoy the eventual happiness of healthy life."

The article mentioned drinking the first days urine midstream. Not sure if I will try drinking it but I will give it a try on my skin.

it works Comments By: tina on 2007-06-05

I had acne few years back and now left with open pores. This morning itself I tried application of urine on my face. I applied it just fr 10-15 mints and took a bath after that. And lo, i reported fr work and m getting lot of compliments. My pores look smaller and skin is glowing like 1000 bulbs. Touchwood!

Try it out....

Give uropathy a chance! Comments By: Kris on 2007-06-16
I found out about uropathy (urine therapy) a few months ago. I have only used it externally but I am going to start using it orally. I have recived a lot of positive feed back on how my skin looks. One of my co-workers as well as my husband, thought that I was wearing makeup, the best part is I wasn't wearing any. My skin was glowing from the external use of urine. Please do the research for yourself. There are also several books on urine therapy on the market. Urine therapy cures and or aliviates over 165 diseases including AIDS, cancer, arthrtis,genital herpes, back pain, and so forth. A lot of medicine that is on the market today is made with urine constituates (please forgive my spelling). Urine therapy is also known as the fountain of youth. I am 29 and my husband told me that since I have been applying the urine to my face that I look like I'm 20. Just try it and you all may become the best looking and the most physically fit girls and guys in your neighborhoods! For the record, I am a woman of color and urine therapy is the only thing that I have tried that has remarkably cleared my face of acne.
Seb. cysts Comments By: cathy on 2007-06-26
had them for 4 yrs right under the eyes. Started using the urine on the cotton ball, using 4 day old urine and morning urine. Bought one of those masks to make day time dark and used that to secure the smelly urine while I slept. worked for me. The strong urine does burn,but it works.
No more $40 co-pay Comments By: Tryin to live well on 2007-07-04
I am a 26-year old woman who has been suffering from acne and blemishes since I was 11. I have played musical chairs with just about every RX oral and topical medication to treat my acne. I cringe every time I hear the total for all my acne prescriptions at the pharmacy. I am financially spent and so I am DEFINITELY willing and ready to try this urine therapy. I tried it for a couple of days a few months ago after a colleague told me she uses it. I was not consistent and could not see any quick results. This time I will be serioius about it by applying it to my skin daily (probably at night) and work my way up to drinking it. Hopefully I will start seeing results--I'll let you know! In the mean time, let's toast to a glass of pee!
Soldiers baths really work Comments By: David on 2007-07-25
I read somewhere years ago about soldiers and marines using their own urin to take baths with while out in combat. Then I read where using ones own urin on your skin and hair gets rid of all kinds of skin problems. So I tried it heating up plastic tumblers filled with my morning or evening pee in the microwave. People it really does work. After a few days and weeks of doing this it got rid of my exzema in by beard and helps to control and get rid of infectious dandruff sores in my hair. My skin feels wonderful all over like I've been taking baths with Sardo Bath Oil Beeds. It has also helped control and in some cases completely got rid of my toenail fungus on both my toes and fingernails. It also helps cure and gets rid of jockitch around a guys balls but it still dosen't hurt to use antifungal cream on there also. I've found it also keeps away mosquitoes during the summer months, I guess they don't like the smell. It's allright to drink a little of it if you mix it with tea or something. I don't work anymore so my smell dosen't affect me there.
what???? Comments By: kikopett on 2007-08-15
ehhww! i don't want to be mean but what a gross idea... maby it's just a frustration to eradicate blemishes and so funny to come up to that idea... and I guess anybody who were frustrated will try to do anything just to make the things they wished for... i only believe this if thier is someone who'll prove it to me about the changes on his/her face using the recommended urine.... bwahahaha....
i tried it on already Comments By: kelly on 2007-08-16

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