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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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Well I've been searching the net for treatments on how to remove moles. All the moles on my face are very small; about a 1/8th the size of a pencil eraser.

I've been looking for ways to get rid of these things because I would look much better without. I think this is VERY disgusting and don't see how it could possibly work but I'll give anything a try. I will post back the results.

ahhh Comments By: Stina on 2007-12-12
I heard the same thing and it was off meths busters they said it'd one of the best things to use! No LIE I break out evey now and then .I hate the smell of piss,but I gonna try it.....
MY FIRST DAY Comments By: "H" on 2007-12-25

today(25.12.07) i tried this for the first time... i can't see any difference yet, but i will keep you guys updated. when i first came across this "urine for acne" i was like... okey wtf?? but then i did a little research i found several places where it had helped people,and after all it is MY pee, not my neighbours or whatever.. anyways, wish me good luck.

PULEAZE! Comments By: Maddie on 2007-12-29
Oh yes, it works especially well if you dip you face in the toliet after using it!
GREAT TIP!! Comments By: rofl on 2008-01-01
Brilliant - at last save your money Comments By: Linda on 2008-01-02
I've heard of urine therapy before and after reading up on it and reading her i guess it's time to bite the bullet and have a go, what have i to lose? nothing as it's free, and a darn lot cheaper than the creams i've been slapping on my face for years
worth a good try
for those of you that need to know how to apply (orally or on the skin externally) then go here:www.lightbalance.com and click the urine therapy link at the bottom of the page

It is true Comments By: anon on 2008-01-11
I heard about using baby urine from the diaper and wiping your face and I must say it kept my face very smooth and youthful looking. I dont know about animals piss I wont go there but I know my childrens worked well for me
Lordy. Comments By: buster on 2008-01-14
I am AMAZED at all this at all this corn fed timid pearl clutching that I'm reading in here.

Cherisa? Sweetums? URINE IS STERILE. It does not have toxins.

I have drank a cup of my urine (midstream and yes the morning piss is the best) for over a year now and my skin is flawless and it has cleared up MAJOR rosacea and redness that I used to have on my cheeks.

I don't know whether clear or yellow is better either, but I drink so much water that the coloration of my urine is a very clear light golden. I wake up eack morning, start taking a piss, pour a cup (midstream) and sip it like warm tea, I save enough to slather my face with it, watch the morning news, take a shower and am good to go.

I SWEAR to you that after TWO weeks I had five people (3 who weren't too quick with compliments on any level) comment on how great my skin looked. Of course, I didn't tell them that I'm "drinking from my own tap", I just told them "lots of water".

If your skin is crap, try it.

urine - hope Comments By: riu on 2008-01-21
i just heard about this yesterday when i was in my duty. an old woman approached me and asked about my face (which is full of BIG acnes) and recommended the urine. i was shocked and i almost laughed at her. but then she said that it cured the myoma of her sister. i just said that ill try it just to make her not feel bad. (but i never have the slightest intention to try it). but i have just read the comments and now i changed my mind. i might as well try it.
It works Comments By: Steph on 2008-02-10
I know it sounds gross. But my great grandmother use to take my urine soiled diper and wipe my face as an infant to ensure that I have great skin. I have never had acne or any skin problems. I have always had beutiful skin. I am now 37 and I always get told that I look like I am in my 20's. Maybe I am just blessed. But I trust that my granna would not have done anything harmful to me. Baby urine is very natural unlike adults.....lol.
hope for the best Comments By: sue on 2008-02-20
i read about urine therapy and came to the conclusion that i will try it.
i won't drink it though but use a cotton ball and wipe it on my face.

hopefully it works because i've tried everything else.

it's 2/21/08.

i'll report weekly...

trust me; it works! Comments By: Crazybaby on 2008-02-24
as disgusting as it may sounds, i decided to try putting urine on my face with a cotton ball. as soon as it started drying, my acne grew smaller and smaller. trust me guys, this stuff works. ive had trouble finding OTC medication that works for my skin but this did it. best of all, its free. i recommend doing it at night andleaving it on all night. its great!
sue Comments By: sue on 2008-02-27
it's been more than a week and my zits on my forehead have gotten smaller and some dryer. my zits on my cheeks takes a while to dry though...

we'll see what happens next week


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