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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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EWW Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-11
I am so sorry but i am not going to put urine on my face. That is disgusting I am not trying to be mean but who told you that?
I agree Comments By: Sara on 2004-08-12
That is a very gross and desperate way to get rid of zits and stuff. EW. And who in the first place thought "gee maybe pee will work"??
I love it!!!!!!! Comments By: Mr. Giggles on 2004-08-15
Man this really works. I actually found that using my dog's urine is a much better way of getting rid of my terrible acne. Man, whoever thought of using urine as a cure for acne is a genius.
Urine on your face? Comments By: christa on 2004-08-16
I'm sorry but that doesn't sound right. Not only is that gross but what's in your urine includes bacteria as well as wastes and toxins that your body exretes. Putting this on your face does not sound like a good idea.
Ok.. Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-16
This sound fishy (And gross) to me. Urinating is a way for your body to get rid of impurities and by putting it on your face would probably make it worse and might cause more.
urine Comments By: Christie on 2004-08-19
I have not tried this, but in ancient time people used to drink their urine & thought it healed several ailments. But urine does have tons of bacteria in it.
Pretty Gross Comments By: Allie on 2004-08-22
I have never tried this. Personally I think it sounds pretty gross. But I can remember reading something about urea (extracted from urine) is used in expensive lotions for dry skin. I'm not sure what it is supposed to do, but I have heard that it was good for skin. Another note, normal urine is actually sterile. There is no bacteria in it, unless an infection is present in the urinary tract.
My Rating is 0 Comments By: Simon Cowells Wife on 2004-08-29
To the person who made this part of the advice column you're a disgrace. I hope no one is gullible enough to try this. The only thing that would bathe in its own spit is a cat, no animal I know of uses what they excrete from their rear end. Of course you've never tried it.

If pee was meant to go on your face then every dermatologist would tell their patients the same thing. The best bet is using a mild astringent.

Get educated first! Comments By: anon on 2004-09-01
I think whoever has to comment on this should do their research first, instead of shouting their narrow minded views that they are cultured to believe. Urine therapy has been pervasive in many soceities for years now, and has plenty of healing properties. The reason why it is not populat is due to people's preconceived notions about urine being impure. My aunt who is 50 puts urine on her face daily, and hasn't got a single rinkle. We just need to get over our disgust and fear of what people may think, and try it!
urine Comments By: sandy on 2004-09-02
to be honest i have heard of this i personally have not tried this but i also think it cant be good for your skin but you cant dis something that you've never tried because you could be right it may actually work.
The "Yuck" Factor Comments By: Linz on 2004-09-05
First of all, urine does not contain bacteria. It is actually 95% water, 2.5% urea and 2.5% is a mixture of minerals,salts,hormones and enzymes.

Toxins are removed through the skin, liver, intestines and outbreath. So, urine is entirely sterie after secretion and has an antiseptic effect. Who knows untill you try it?

Cannot Comment Comments By: C L on 2004-09-13
It may be gross or whatever, but unless you've tried it, why bother commenting, personally I could consider trying it as urine is sterile and very good at healing, many chemicals from urine is used to cure blemishes, scars etc.
urine Comments By: Amanda on 2004-09-20

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