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Earache. Olive oil cures earaches

If you heat up some olive oil in a microwave for 30 seconds then apply it to the ear that hurts, within a few minutes it will feel better.

The following was sent in by Nancy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Straight Out Of The Bottle Works!
Geez, why risk burning an ear when I just used my Extra Virgin Olive Oil straight out of the bottle and soaked a small piece of a cotton ball in it and then squeezed the cotton ball into my tilted ear to make sure I did not flood it with too much.

I squeezed just a few drops and then I stuck the soaked cotton in there and let it sit for a bit, then took it out and put part of a new cotton ball in my ear so it would not be greasy as I slept. I probably could have left the first soaked cotton in there had I lessened the size and then just added the new cotton to keep the oil from oozing out. That way the surrounding tissues in the ear would have a steady stream of oil to absorb through the night as I slept. (next time)

I think the warming of the oil must have been done in the old days because the homes were not heated and therefore the olive oil was also cold and chilling to an already aching ear. But room temperature in most homes is warm enough to keep olive oil not chilly.

Anyway, it worked and I think the heating of the oil is for soothing purposes more than anything else. The Olive Oil's properties are what is probably doing the healing.

If I were to heat the oil, the idea of heating it for 30 seconds in the microwave would depend on the amount of oil. To be safe, I'd only do 10 seconds for a Tablespoon's worth, dip the cotton in it, then squeeze it onto the inside of my wrist to check it for temperature AND THEN squeeze some into the ear.

Just my opinion. I am not a doctor. Hope it helps!

The following was sent in by jcourt

Olive oil with crushed garlic works even better!
My daughter suffers from painful earaches once or twice a year. I stumbled upon a site that recommended slightly warmed olive oil with crushed garlic. I put the oil on the stove in a small pan, mince several garlic cloves and simmer. After cooling always test the oil on the back of your wrist FIRST, then use a syringe to drop the oil into the ear canal while laying on your side. I was told that it is also important to massage downward or "milk" the glands behind the ear. This has worked for her EVERY time! No more trips to the doctor for something we can fix in 15 minutes or less! :-) Makes Mommas Happy! Just a side note: the oil MUST be body temp or above or it will cause pain instead of relieving it.

Visitors comments

Growing up Comments By: Tabitha on 2011-01-15
I grew up with ear aches. My father always put olive oil in a teaspoon and then heated it to touch over the burner. Put the whole teasoon in my ear. Idk what it is about it but always soothed the pain and put me to sleep. I found myself doing it with my own kids. Also putting rice in a sock. Heating it up in the microwave and using it as a warm pack helps wonders too.
Thx Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-28
Worked on my 6 yr old just now. Thx for the tip and thx to the Internet.
IT WORKED! Comments By: stephanie on 2011-01-28
My 3 year old daughter started complaining that her ear was hurting about an hour ago. I was very concerned because she was complaining so much about the pain that she even wanted me to take her to the docter. I got online and read a few of the wonderful comments left in this website and IT WORKED! Within 10 min she felt a lot better and was able to go back to sleep.=)
Relief for 2 yr old... Finally! Comments By: Alisha on 2011-01-30
After 3 hrs of crying in the middle of the night (on vacation!) my son finally has relief. I heated the oil very carefully making sure not to exceed body temp, placed it in his ear, and 2 minutes later he was smiling! Soon after that he was sound asleep! Thank you!!
I would never have tried this Comments By: Lisa on 2011-02-02
I would never have tried this without reading all the comments but wow, I to was headed for a long sleepless night because my eight year old daughter has a terrible ear infection. It became very painful and after crying for a couple hours i thankfully found this site and tried warm EVOO and it worked. She is now feeling better! Thank-You :)
Worked for my 3 year old Comments By: Julie on 2011-02-07
My daughter awoke in the early hrs of this morning complaining of an earache. I'd heard of this remedy before but never tried it so I Googled it and stumbled across this website. When I saw all the positive feedback I said I'd give it a go and holy cow it actually worked within seconds!! I put some olive oil into an egg cup and heated it FOR 5 SECONDS in the microwave and squeezed the drops from a tissue into her ear. I am going to take her to the doctor later to be on the safe side anyway.
Thank You! Comments By: CleverClogs on 2011-02-08
Tried this last night on my 12 year old daughter and it worked like a charm :) She hadn't gone to sleep before that because of the pain but went straight to sleep after this. So grateful for all the comments .. THANK YOU!!
Thank you! Comments By: Robyn on 2011-02-10
My 8 year old has been near screaming for the last three hours. I gave him Motrin but it wore off in an hour and he was crying in pain again. I tried the olive oil and not even 5 minutes later he is feeling better and almost to sleep.
WHY 30 SECONDS Comments By: Richard Mc on 2011-02-14
I'm thinking no one is stupid enough to dump super hot oil in their own ear. Thats just stupid. The real reason , I believe they are saying to Nuke the olive oil for 30 seconds, is to make sure they kill all bacteria, and all other micro organizams that live on the surface of
Olive oil living on the surface of the oil

Amazing!!! Daddy is a savior Comments By: Jim M. on 2011-02-16
My 4 yr old would not stop crying that his ear hurt daddy!!! Despite being scared he let me try it and amazing! After a minute .... No pain!!! Thank you so much!!

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