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Treat Head Lice with permanent hair dye

Submitted by Cherrie Eden

This tip is good for a woman who dyes her hair reguarly, however can be used by others. At the first sign of lice use permanent hair dye (clariol, etc.) it will kill the lice. Worked for me one time.

The following was sent in by Jill Saxon

A lot of people uneducated about lice
1)Lice can only live off the human body for a maximum of 24 hours, they need blood to survive , so a house cant be infested
2) Things don't need to be bagged for weeks or thrown away, just put pillows and such in the dryer for an hour or don't let your kids play with stuffed toys ect for a day
3) Most people don't get lice "back" its a continuing infestation , because if you miss one tiny egg that's enough for the same cycle to re-start
4) We do olive oil treatment for 8 hours a day for 3 weeks and then combing every day, if there are any new bugs they can be caught immediately before they lay more eggs
The oil suffocates the lice, they can only hold their breath for up too 5 hours. You must be very vigilant...don't think that just because you did a treatment you're OK...all the nits MUST be gone too or the critters will come back.

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I dunno... Comments By: anon on 2005-05-02
a commercial preparation would cost the same.
I agree. Comments By: Angelique on 2005-06-09
It worked for me a couple of times.
nits? Comments By: julie on 2005-07-07
Does the hair dye kill the nits too, or do i have to comb hair out after???

TipKing says: I have not tried this. I would think that you have to comb the dead eggs (nits) out

no way this works Comments By: binky on 2005-09-04
this has never worked for me . they always come back bigger meaner and dyed. it may stop the itch for a short time but it doesnt kill them
it does work proven factor Comments By: samantha violet on 2006-11-08
i had gotten head lice one time and i figured that the chemicals from hair dye would kill it instead of pay over thirty bucks to get all the stuff or even more its cheaper plus u get a new hair color works out great. well it does work but u still have to comb out the nits of course. but there ya go
definately Comments By: Desperate mum of 3 long haired daughters on 2007-01-14
I always colour my hair and never get nits...EVER, even though my 3 daughters do get them regulary, so i dyed my daughters hair..the same colour of course! but yes it worked...ALL DEAD, it's a bit unconventional I know colouring kids hair but I thought "HEY, what the heck, i'd have to use chemicals anyhow to kill them", and there friends were very jealous too when there hair looked like it was direct from one of those glossy 'Timote or Pantene' adverts..l.o.l.
it works Comments By: Jessi R on 2007-07-18
I have 4 step children and 3 of them are girls with very long hair, there mother is a very unclean person and alows them to catch and keep head lice for years, yes thats what I said years, the oldest just turned 10 and she has had them over 80% of her life in school and the younger 2 are just as bad, she will bring them to my house infested to the point where I can stand about 6 feet away from them and see the bugs crawling in and out of there hair, me and there father have spent hundreds of dollers treating them and the house, the cheldren come to us all the time crying because they are being called "lice baby" at school, the biggest problem we have is that they are only with us for the weekends, we started treating there heads with otc's at first but then we realize that there mother was not repeating the treatments and while they were with us she refused to treat the house, so we would treat them and send them back to a house that was infested, we finaly got tired of basecly throwing money down the drain on otc's and a friend of mine who is a beautistion and she told me to dye ther hair, I did and it worked not only did it kill the grown lice it also sterolized the eggs, I have to repeat dyeing it when it starts growing out but that is simply because there mothers house is still infested, but if you take the time to treat your house the rigth way you should only have to dye one time and it will fix your problem
hair dye dog shampoo tea tree oil Comments By: Itchy and pissed on 2007-08-08
a few years ago I was given a gift by the daughter of my long time friend a big "haven't seen you in forever" sweet little girl....FILLED WITH LICE hug.
I didn't know it at the time that she had the bugs or I would have stayed my distance.
later in the same day after sitting on the family couch and playing with all the kids I was informed of the lice.
I immediatly went home and bathed my head and that of my boyfriends for he to had been subjected with dog shampoo.. flea and tick .. mind you I didn't use it full strienth and I made sure not to taste it or get it in our eyes...
it seemed to do the job. and neither of us were infected.
but a few yes later i was staying at some friends house who had children.once again not being informed that they had the lice as well. It was too late at this point and I allready had them .. I tryed the over the counter things like rid and so on but noting was working. so i dyed my hair right after another treatment with dog shampoo. not only did I not have them any more but.. I didnt get them back.. soon every one in the house was trying my dog shampoo.. and hair dye treatment. and it worked..
I also put tea tree oil in small amounts in my hands with a small amout of water and rubbed it on my hair. I dont know if this did any good but I didnt get the bugs back...
unfortunatly I love to hug the children in my life.. and this morning after 2 weeks ago spending alot of time playing with my boyfriends neice i was itching.. took out my dogs flea comb and low and behold... a bug...greeeeat I combed out my hair and got rid of twenty or so of them and a bunch of egg casings and nits.now i am off to the shower to do my dog shampoo and dye job..
wish me luck..

dyed my hair also Comments By: tacia on 2007-10-10
im 16, and i went to an all girls school, i got nits every week! now that i dnt go to skool anymore, my boyfriend still does, i live with him ,, and he brought the nits home with him! i treated my hair, as my hair is very long, it took heaps of treatment to do the job. the day after i went to the hairdressers n she sed she cudnt do my hair coz i had nits still! i had jst done my hair!!!!!! i rang riot through the house, stripped all the beds and went straight in to the bathroom with my boyfriend and did our hair agen!!! with KP-24, mind u, not weak stuff!!! i dyed my hair today!!! and ill use KP-24 agen tomorrow, so maybe next week ill be able to get a hair cut!!

thanks for reading my tale!!

DONT WORK UNLESS YOU COMB OUT NITS Comments By: Elise on 2007-10-13
I dyed mine and my nieces hair and did not comb out the nits in my head and they came back now i got bugs and are doing every thang possiable that i can to get them out shaving cream for 30 min and vinger with mouth wash worked for me no combing out the nit just the bugs
just combed nits for 3 hours! Dye tomorrow! Comments By: Nicole C on 2008-07-07
When i was 8, i went to my baby-sitter's and kept getting lice. i got it 12 times. X.x;;;
After we left (we used Rid btw) the sitters, it was finally able to go away.
So here i am, almost 9 years later, and havn't got it since... TILL NOW!
I don't know how i got the wicked little bastards yet, but i suspect the bed that i slept in at my grandma's.
My mother and I just spent 3 hours picking out nits. turned out, i only had a single bug on my whole head. just a load of eggs. D=
I told my boyfriend, since we spent the day together yesterday. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TELL EVERYONE YOU SPENT TIME WITH NO MATTER HOW EMBARASSING!!! IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU! So i'm checking his head tomorrow.
Well, anyway, When i dyed my little sister's hair... they went away for her. And i'll go as far as i need to- to get rid of these freaking things. I was planning on dying my hair anyways, so it works out. I happened to catch it early before any eggs hatched. One hatched when it was caught in the comb.... lemme tell ya' that was FREAKY. Seeing it sqirm... egh....
So as far as i hear, it keeps the bastards away. i'm buying that stuff for the beds, couches and floors tomorrow. If my bf has it, i'm gonna pick his head and dye it too.
AFTER GETTING IT 12 times as a 4th grader... I'm devastated to have this again...

Lice and Florida Comments By: Patsy on 2008-07-09
I lived in Florida for 4 years and have never in my life seen more children with head lice in my entire life. It seemed to me that parents just gave up after several failures due to the fact that it is a huge problem down there. Well, Im a Northerner...I would not, could not give in to these little bastards. So, after trying EVERYTHING from oil treatments, mayonaise, dog shampoo, over the counter, and hours of ripping hair out with those little combs, I learned a few things. Yes, hair dying works the best!!! It kills live bugs, nits and eggs. Its still a good idea to comb through your hair just so you dont have any dead bugs falling from it in public. But one of the most important things to do is maintenance. For starters, keep a lice comb in your shower and tell your children to comb through after conditioning thier hair whenever they think about it. This way, if they caught a little bugger on the school bus, they wont have a chance to cause damage. Also, spray your childs head with hair spray every day they are to play among other children. Put girls hair in a tight pony tail too. Lice dont like dirty hair and hair products dirty it up enough for them so they cant get a grip on the hair shaft. This will work, but if you are in a place where lice is common, maintainence is crucial.
16 with lice? Comments By: Ashley [Mistake] on 2008-07-12
Yeah, I go to a juvinille Delinquent school, and when one has it... you know how that goes. Well, I got them, and treated it, but I am itching still. I ant find any but I am worried I may still have them. I am taking your word for it, and getting some dye. AND DOG SHAMPOO.
Embarrasing, uggh. Wish me luck.

Lice in Florida Part 2 Comments By: Sara McCall on 2008-07-14
I have lived in florida for 14 years and I have never gotten lice until now. My whole time in school (mainly elementary) i saw child after child after child getting lice. and i never ever got it. Now i have lice and i dont know where i got it from because i dont wear hats or use other peoples combs. the only thing i can think of is riding puclic transportation or since i work at the movie theatre, going to see movies. I noticed that i had lice a few months ago and tried the hair dye thing and it seemed to work, just as i thought but i got it again, probably from one of the above stated reasons. tonight i used the regular lice treatment and im hoping it works.
comb, comb, comb!!!! Comments By: Bosco on 2008-07-15
You can use rid-x or what ever lice treatment you prefer, but if you don't invest in a metal nit comb and go through the hair every day to every other day then treat again in 7 to 10 days repeat combing for a few days after that, until no eggs remain then they can come back. I would set my child in the tub(after treatment)slather the hair in hair conditioner and comb through 1 in. sections of hair at a time. I then would drain to inspect for nits on the bottom of the tub. Every day do this until they are gone. Some combs come with a magnifying glass on them which is helpful but they can be seen with the naked eye.
eww eww bugs... get them out... wtf!!! Comments By: Ashley [Mistake] on 2008-08-20
I am 16. A little old to be worried about a school epidemic of lice, right?
When you go to a little school like I did, if one girl has it, five have it.
Well, I treated it with commercial lice killer. But I was still worried. I was itching, but I didn't know if it was nerves or the little bastards, so I dyed my hair. Twice. Then for two weeks, I shampooed my hair twice a day in dog shampoo. Well, I don't know what did it, but there gone!
I am much more careful now whos head goes near mine.

head lice & children Comments By: trish on 2008-08-26
I do believe that for an adult hair dye may help but after trying just about everything, believe me me the only real cure is to use lot,s of conditioner and a small tooth comb i know it,s hard for both you and the child but i believe it,s the only way.
Thanks for the tip! A few words... Comments By: Frazzled Single Mom on 2008-08-27
I'm kind of picky about these things, but I must clarify: a) you can't catch nits. You can only "catch" bugs by making contact with either a nit that hatches or a bug. b) If you have nits, you have or had at least one bug somewhere. c) nits ARE lice eggs. Baby lice are called nymphs and these suck the most because they are smaller than the nits and so so hard to see.
My kids have lice for the second time and it was a nightmare last year! We spent hundreds of dollars on stupid over the counter shampoos and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and nothing worked until I moved out of state, did the treatment 3 times in less than 2 weeks and didn't unpack their stuff for a long time. HAHA. Well they have them again, but we aren't moving this time so I am excited to try the hair-dye solution.

nothing seems to work for me! Comments By: anon on 2008-08-29
i'm 19!! yeh 19, iv been working at a nursery and caught the little gits there, im now not working at the nursery but i am still infested, i cant get rid of them, iv tried all the treatments and comb through regulary.. iv got a little boy now and the last thing i want is for him 2 catch them but i want to get my hair done and cant ... how frustrating!!! i dunno if its cuz im tryin2 do it myself or what but i dont have any1 2 help me and its embarasing and horrible, im gunna try hair dye 2moro and hope with all my heart they they go and stay away!!!!!!!

TipKing says: You need to be combing you hair morning and night with a nit comb. Especially if you are working in a nursury.

Listerine and Vinegar Comments By: Jenn on 2008-09-03
Alrighty, well with having a summer of camps and going to firends i have battled all summer with the little buggers, I found a few interesting things that work though.
Soak hair in Listerine, regular yellow original stuff for 2 hours longer if the person can stand it.
Rinse out with as hot a water as possible, into which the person can stand. Then doust hair in vinegar, if possible overnight, if not then at least 2 hours.
While having hair soak use, a bag or cling wrap to wrap around hair to keep moistened. Listerine kills the live ones, and the vinegar removes the glue that is used to attached the eggs to the hair shaft. So yes combing is crucial. Well the kids are in bed with vinegar in their hair and i am off to dye my hair and attack the bedsheets, couches, floors....well you get the point. Good Luck, oh yes, tea tree oil in shampoo will help with reoccurence of the buggers. Best of luck.

Listerine and Vinegar 2 Comments By: Jenn on 2008-09-03
sorry i meant tea tree oil will help with the maintenance of not getting them, and yes clean hair they love, so if you dont have to dont wash hair often, limit it to 2 to 3 times a week, if you use lots of hair products just rinse, and use tea tree oil full strength . add a few dabs in hair rub together and run threw wet/damp hair.
hope all is well

The De-Lousing Blues Comments By: KC on 2008-09-16
Never in my adult life had I been so afraid of a teensy, itty bitty little bug. Until I had my daughter. She's now three years old and has, of course, a mind and motor of her own. Our first bout with the critters came from her very own cousins! I noticed my niece digging at her head like there was no tomorrow, and you know how in the movies they have someone standing there with a face like @[email protected] and it does the "DUN DUN DUNNNN!!"? Yeah, that was me. I asked my sister-in-law if they'd been checked for lice at all. She looked at me like "how dare you?" and it turns out the kid I was pointing my finger at had the worst case out of them all.

Luckily I caught it early and the transfer to my own kiddo was very slight. I found only one bug on her head and combed her head every day for a week after shampooing with Rid. We ended up having to go to Walgreens for a comb that was worth a [email protected] They came in a double set, two metal tooth combs for the bugs and the nits. The nit comb had a magnifying glass on it. Came in handy.

Having treated the heads of the children and shampooing again after 5 days, we were completely bug/nit free. We sprayed the entire house with the bedding spray. Thank the Lord for whoever invented that.

And then tonight, the baby girl woke up crying. (A usual when she has to make a midnight potty.) I was sitting with her in the bathroom and was pushing her hair out of her face and I saw it. DUN DUN DUNNN!! oh my word. It's happening again? Only a week since school started and this is what I get? Seriously?

I guess it happens. Time to buy more Rid.

I looked this up because I actually dyed my hair last night and was wondering if I had had the bugs, would they be dead now? But from experience, the lice shampoo works just fine if you do it as directed, take all precautions and spray all bedding, carpeted floors, pourus cloth surfaces of any kind really, and comb comb comb the hair, it all works just the same. There's no real easy way out of it. (Though it'd be nice if someone would invent it.)

Ignorant stepmothers Comments By: BS on 2008-11-16
I just want to reply to Jessi R and any other ignorant people here. Head lice only live on children with CLEAN HAIR. Children get lice more than parents because they play close together all the time and are probably cleaner than their evil stepmothers.
Hopefully this works?? Comments By: Mersadi on 2008-12-01
Well i found out i had it (lice) and now idk wha to to im going to dye it then im going to comb it soo hopefully they will be gone =]
Angry Comments By: Ash on 2008-12-06
I just found out tonight that I have lice. I am 23. My friend has 2 children ages 1 and 3. I apparently got them from her children. Awhile back she found one in her 1 year olds hair and apparently never treated her to be cautious or her other daughter. I am so pis*ed right now. I don't even wanna go to her house anymore. What would be best to treat it with? I have short THICK hair.
i have had it like for ever it seems Comments By: mckenzie on 2008-12-11
im 14 and in the summer of going into 8th grade i had lice but i didnt know where i got it from and my mom dad and i r the only ppl that live in our house and we all used lice treating stuff we washed everything and it cam back and i still have it and i hat it i itch all the time untill one day i looked up "can hairdye kill lice and here i am now and the answer seems to be yes so im going to die my air and brosh it out and on top of that im going to rinse my hair in very hot water then strighten it with my strightener so these bugs wont come back
iI HATE THIS!!!!! Comments By: FRUSTRATED CHICK on 2008-12-16
I am 24 years old and just yesturday i found out i have lice!!!! ahhhh i was soo p***ed off. i work with kids so as soon as i got to work i started checking my kids and BINGO....I HAD THREE KIDS INFECTED. SOO I CLEAN MY WHOLE ENTIRE ROOM. I TREATED MY HAIR WITH RID AND IM COMBING IT OUT EVERYDAY I ALSO PUT MAYO AND IM LOOKIN TO TRY OUT ANY MORE HOME REMEDIES...I WANT THESE BUGS OUTTTT
We are clean and treat thoroughly, but the buggers keep comming back. Comments By: Martha on 2009-01-24
My daughter is 8 and has them most of her life "Well it feels that way to me!". She has very thick, fine hair, that also happens to be the same color as the lice, which makes it hard to find them, just from a finger inspection. The only thing I can do is comb and check it and then do the full house and heads treatments over and over.
I have tried all the home remedies and chemical ones, but I feel like the critters are getting ammuned to everything. For example: Before our holidays away I gave the whole family a treatment, house and all. Combed till my arms felt like they were falling off.
We went away on our camping trip and after three days surprise! surprise! the headlice still found away to get a free holiday with us.
I always treat brushes, bedding etc. What a pain to do the whole nit irratication on what is suppose to be a fun holiday.
From one that has tried it all, hair dye does work!!! With combing. The dye doesn't totally destroy all the eggs, but kills the crawlers.
I tried to use dye on my daughter, but she can't stand the fumes and the chemicals really hurt her head. I would becareful when using dye, maybe do a patch test first to check for any reactions.
After years of hard work and "thousands" I mean it "thousands" of dollars down the drain literately, all I can say is I HATE HEADLICE more than anything in this world.
Why can't man kind come up with a cure for these horrible creatures. I say lets end this now!!!
Scientists out there - I dare you to find a cure that lasts. You think in this day and age they would have?
(My daughter has pretty short hair - I wouldn't dare let her grow it even though its so pretty long)

A HAIRDRESSERS CHILD Comments By: jj hair on 2009-01-04
The best product,clean hair,they're there. The best way,that has worked for me, that keeps them away is a product that has oils like the results,or The K brand treatment. Then after u treat soak hair in conditioner leave for half hour.Proceed to comb start at neck work up...then repeat. Rinse. Of cousre u must devote a day to vaccuuming and cleaning and laundry. As a everyday thing...put moose or gel in the hair..and tee tree oil behind the ears and at the nape hairline. Also try to put your hair up. It works well but the only down fall is if u dont do it one day and thats the day u meet someone with it.
i think they're gone but my head still itches Comments By: Clar on 2009-01-09
i realised i had headlice about a month ago and then we established that i had had them for a month prior also(gave them to all my housemates too). i used this lymax spray stuff twice which got most of them out but left eggs, i then used full marks and that seemed to empty out all the lice but i've still got lots of dead eggs. i went home from uni and didnt have any itchiness but now im back at uni and my head is starting to itch again. i keep checking it but all i can find is dead eggs. the others who caught my lice got rid of it and arent back yet so tonight i am dying my hair and il see what happens....im excited!!
Hair dye worked for me Comments By: aNON on 2009-01-09
I got lice when I was 12 and had till I was 15 and dyes my hair and suddenly I didn't have lice nemore. Now I have 5 kids and was checking their hair and sure enoguh they caught lice. I had my sister check mine and I also had it. I went to the store got some more hair daye for me and my little girl (closest color to our hair and cut my boys' hair and IT'S GONE! GOOD LUCK TO U ALL!
no more nits Comments By: No More Nits on 2009-02-12
I also heard that Palmolive or Dawn dish soap will kill the lice and remove the nits from the hair.- but you should still comb it out.
Atleast these dish soaps are not poision.
It may dry your hair out, but you could wash your hair with that every other day for 3 weeks.

A reply to ANon Comments By: Martha on 2009-02-15
As I said above you hair dye works on the crawlers. It doesn't git rid of the eggs on brushes or linen. Also it is a very harsh treatment on children. It worked on me as an adult, but does it make it safe for all kids, besides that you have the linen encluding hats, brushes to treat if not, they will be back!!!
All I am saying is check for an allergic reaction with the hair dye before applying. It can be worse for the child to have an allergic reaction than it could be for them to have headlice.
In conclusion I am 40 and worked in the school system for years - found headlice everywhere - never caught it untill my daughter at 3 got it at preschool. Becareful - don't make the situation worse by treating their heads with something they might have a reaction too. Check and if you can great - if you can't because of a small test reaction lobby with me to get scientists to find a cure.
As I said before I treat everything - I have tried everything out there and still they come. Its not a lack of effort or cost. I just want them gone.
Tried Mayo - the different soap thing - natural and chemical treatments - every product doesnt work. I washed and combed - even now every second day. And they are still there!!!
One day I might get one and then the other day I get the metal nit comb full of them. Treat again comb again NADA they will come back. I have a son 2 years older - who I give him a number 1 clipper job every month - he never gets them. What am suppose to do shave my daughters head?

good tip Comments By: lisa on 2009-02-25
i caught lice of my brother in laws kids i have since treated theyre kids hair 4 times and with no luck they will not go might have something to do with them not doing it when theyre home
they use the excuse im working i ahvent got time well i say make time
i dyed my hair first time i had them and didnt have them for 4 years until now ;(
i stopped going to work as the mother was working with me and could see them crawling around her hair i am fed up with telling them they need to sort it out will be dying my hair again today just to make sure it is much cheaper then conv meds as a bottle of dye is wat 2.99 - 3.99 dont need to be the most expensive just buy a boots home brand or store brand will do the same job believe it or not
am currently redoing my mother in laws house for my father in law to come home from hospital as he is seriously il and they had the chhek to ask if the kids could sleep in my daughtgers cot bed and them in mine i do not think so why would i let an infested bunch infeste my clean and sanitary safe place
some people just dont care do they

what are u on about??? Comments By: carla on 2009-03-14
goto any regognised source and you will find that head lice or there eggs can not live without human contact for more than around 2 hours therefore they aint gona live in yr bed or yr hats lmao. im dying my hair tonight because my lil sister who i look after on the weekend keeps piking them up from the school that i work at. i found 1 in my hair last week and treated i havent found another 1 in my hair but i have in my sisters just forget about washing bed clothes and stuff spend the time with a nit comb
Getting rid of lice Comments By: Slightly irritated but hopeful on 2009-03-31
I am 22 years old and got lice while I was volunteering at an orphanage. I've had it as a child so I remember all the hassle my mother had to go through to get rid of them. I think the trick is maintenance. I put olive oil, mineral oil and a little bit of castor oil in my hair tonight and wrapped it in a plastic bag. Then in the morning I will wash my hair with vinegar and let that sit for an hour to dissolve the egg casings. Over the counter lice/nit killers are very bad for you, so I would rather go through the hassle of having oil in my hair than put those carcinogenic chemicals on my head. I will put gel in my hair tomorrow and then repeat this whole process tomorrow night and this weekend. In the meantime I am bagging all my sheets and blankets and not opening them for a month. Vacuum. Clean. Repeat. No need for chemicals and costly things. Wish you all the best.
lol this sucks Comments By: Star on 2009-05-02
Lice is terrible. i'm 20 years old and i just got it.. My boyfriend has it too. his mom is about to dye my air black (im a blonde) and she said it will work to kill it. if not i swear i will cry myself to sleep.
this worked for me Comments By: Jenny on 2009-05-07
I got nits one time and spent loads of money on treating it but then i heard about dyeing ur hair and it certainly did the trick for me and my kids(one 12 one 13) who have had it twice but since i dyed their hair it hasn't appeared once believe me this really works
Lice and hair salons Comments By: abby on 2009-06-08
I'm 12.I just went to get my haircut today. The lady said she can no longer continue because she found 1 headlice. I freaked. I came home and right away did a treatment, my mom only found 2 headlice. I am still freaking out. I dye my hair every 3 months, and am wondering if i dye my hair will anything happen because I already did a treatment??
them things r just nasty Comments By: tanya on 2009-06-13
my daughter who is 8 had a really bad issue with head lice she got them at school i treated her with rid and i thought it was all over nope my friend seen itching away i never checked her hair i had no clue what that stuff looks like but she had the big bugs in there crawling ohh it was terrible so we treated her again then 3 wks ago i looked in her hair n again she was infested omg im so go crazy so all of a sudden my head starts itching like crazy they said i didnt have any but if she had it that bad im sure i did so i got a hair dye 4 me n got her another rid 4 her she looks good but im still itching i dont no if im traumatized by the whole thing or what but im going 2 get another hair dye 2 morrow wish me luck oh and by they way i also cleaned n washed evrything 4 the 3rd time i cant understand my house is well maintained idk what else 2 do but these lil suckers need 2 leave us alone lol tip .. combing with the metal brush works good also i filled my lil sink in the bath rm with hot hot water n did small parts at a time omg i must had gotten atleast 600 nits the sink was full n i had 2 empty it 4 times what a project ..
Bleaching Hair Comments By: Valandra on 2009-07-05
Im a 16 year old girl and i got infected by my boyfriend he picked it up at work when he shaired a hat with one of the not so trusting people he works with. He had it so bad that i made him shave his head. He had semi long skater hair. So it was bad it was all over his hair. So reciently i stummbled on this website and read a few of these and decided i would try it. I did i went to wallmart and checked how much the lice kit was it was 29.99 for the box of lice shampoo and it was 9.99 for the color i liked in hair dye. So i decied to try the dye sence i wanted it to work i bought 2 bottles of *Born Blond* hair bleach dye. And I did it i dyed my hair from black to blond. And it worked ive only found 3 eggs and 1 baby lice and it was allready dying it wasnt moving and it would j sit there and even if u poke it it would just crawl a bit and it died. So it worked. I may hate the color it did work no more lice and its ben 4 days.

So if u decied to do it go with a color that ur compleatly fine with and be prepaird to scarifice. If u want to get rid of it, a bad color is a risk worth talking for a simple quick way to demolish them.

Nits nits nits .. Comments By: Chloe on 2009-07-13
I am 11 years old and I have had nits for 2 1/2 nearly 3 years. Me and my boyfriend have always wanted my hair long, curly and a side fringe (it's short, straight and a boring block fringe) but I can't get rid of the little buggers. I want them gone but I can't find a solution. I'm going to try hair dye but I don't know what colour I want. I'm a dark brunette. Shall I go lighter or what? Thanks (:
I want to shave my head!Am disgusted! Comments By: Ellen on 2009-07-14
My daughter is fifteen, loves her hair and is all into her image as teenagers are prone to do. She has a friend who is a lovely girl but I got a shock when I noticed the creepy buggers walking on her head!her mum was not available to do her hair, so I got the lovely job. I honestly wanted to be sick.I am not exaggerating, but I got at least 100 proper adult lice out on the comb.The must have been thousands of eggs.The poor girl was mortified and I tried to calm her saying it was very normal etc.But deep down I wanted to scream.I used a 10 minute solution to treat it as it was all that was available.I dont believe treating an infestation like this with a 10min treatment is enough.i would prefer the over night one.
Anyhow then i check my daughters hair to find some eggs.So I found the over night remedy, dosed her in it and set to many hours of picking each hair strand with my nails to get rid of the eggs.if you place an egg on your nail and squish it you will know by the sound if its dead.If it makes a tiny crack sensation/sound, the bug is alive.If it just squishes its dead.This is a fact.
Now I am treating my own hair.Havent found anything but the paranoia has me itching! In a few hours I will dye my hair too.I know I will be fine combing the family constantly for weeks to come.until I am 100% sure the dirty little buggers are not in my house.
But the problem is! The 'friend' will still be in my daughters company amd I know she wont be treated for them by her mum.Some mums dont give a s--- about things like this.i am furious.Paranoid and disgusted.I feel like just shaving us all.

Dyeing may help but no substitute for nit-picking Comments By: Rainy on 2009-07-14
I am a mother of 5 in the south US and believe me I have done my research on lice. The bugs cannot live away from the head more than 2 days and the eggs CAN hatch if they are not on a head (especially in warm weather)BUT the hatchlings (nymphs) MUST feed within an hour or so after birth or they will die. So yes, vacuuming is a good thing to do and also putting stuffed animals and large comforters in a sealed bag for a couple of weeks will work.

I dye my hair and recently my kids caught lice but I did not. I used the comb on myself everyday anyway. Another thing that may help is the electronic comb called Robi Comb. It zaps the bugs and claims to zap even the newly-hatched ones.

Tea-tree oil in shampoo or conditioner might help repel them in the future. I used that after an outbreak years ago and they did not get them while I was using it. I became lax and stopped using the tea tree oil about a year then they got them again.

I think combing and picking is the best way to get rid of them.

Lice is a HUGE problem in Florida Comments By: Fed Up on 2009-07-18
I hadn't had lice since I was a little girl then I moved to Florida and I get it! I'm in college and every where I go people are scratching their heads! I swear it seems like everyone here has lice. I'm from Tennessee and lice was never a problem there. Is it the warm weather or what? Anyways I'm not really sure about the whole hair dying thing but I think I'm going to try it. I've tried everything else and nothing works. The little bastards are immune to everything! I have really long, thick hair and it literally takes four hours to come it all. I bought X-pel and used it every day for ten days and combed my hair every day too. The itching stopped for a few weeks but then I got them again. I'm so tempted to just shave my head and be done with it. And tea tree oil DOES NOT work. I use it all the time and I STILL have them
Hopeless in Utah... Comments By: Angel on 2009-08-01
My 2 nieces (6 and 3) Are repeatedly getting Lice, I managed to stay pretty lice free until recently, however I only had 3 baby lice and a few eggs, I immediately did the RID treatment, then had my hair cut and dyed the very same day. Came home, sprayed down the bed and couches with the bedding treatment and washed the sheets and pillow cases... while I still itch it has been more paranoia than having any actual bugs. So far(2 weeks)I myself have been lice free, however my nieces are still feeling the effects, We are at our wits end... we have tried RID 3x a week... inbetween those treatments we have been trying the MAYO trick and still no success... we had no other ideas, so I am very glad to have stumbled across this website, I will pass the information along to my sister and hopefully we may finally be able to get rid of this problem once and for all!
hair dye and uneven colour Comments By: lisa on 2009-08-06
iv recently had head lice and used a lotion called nice n clear. A day after using the lotion i dyed my hair. But the colour has come out uneven. Does any1 know if this i because i used the lotion the day before
Combing is more important than what you put in... Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-08
You have to get the Metal small combs from your drugstore. Then put a creme rinse in your child's hair (or your own) ,separate it into as many sections as you can and comb through each section, wiping with a paper towel after each swipe.
Yes it's time consuming and a pain, but if you do it for 8 days (preferably 2 weeks) you will not have lice. If they don't have a chance to hatch b/c you keep combing out the eggs/adults, there won't be any left to lay eggs and the problem will end.
If you have any questions, type in CDC lice or Harvard School of Public Health lice into Google to read the evidence for my post; they'll tell you the same things. Home remedies or Store-bought chemicals might kill them and (rarely) their eggs but if you don't keep combing out regularly they can come back.

hair dye Comments By: christine on 2009-08-08
i'm not sure if i got them from my daughter she got them from my neice i used that rid it didn't work her docter called in something it worked before.i dyed my hair today if i have them will they die
kill kill kill those louse! Comments By: nikki on 2009-08-13
I am a single mother who just rcently moved to another state. I have 4 children. they cought lice at school. I had to treat and clean EVERTHING BY MYSELF!! I didn't know anyone who could take a look at my hair so I bought some hair dye. It worked ! I of course had to comb sections of my hair . But, I did it. Have'nt gotten lice since!
NOTHING IS WORKING! Comments By: Mindy on 2009-08-26
We've been fighting lice for weeks now. My daughter had thick red hair as myself and now we both have it!
We've tried cat/dog shampoo, lice shampoo, medicated prescribed treatment, and even PRELL shampoo because we heard the PH is so strong in it that it'd kill them. We've combed and picked for days straight and they keep coming back!! We've treated the apt. EVERYTHING!!!!

I've been tempted to dye our hair. I think that's next on the list.

Vasoline and Mayo Comments By: shannon on 2009-08-27
Take mayo and vasoline put it in your hair, put shower cap on, leave in for 24hrs.
I used to get lice all the time from school when i was like 9 then we did this treatment once and no more... well not untill now Im 24 and do daycare. It works wonders but make sure you have dawn soap to cut the grease feeling. It will take like 10 washes to get out all the greasy feeling

my 12 year old has lice!!! Comments By: HATE BUG on 2009-08-27
My 12 year old has lice, something we have been trying hard since she started school to prevent, she is not even in school and here it is , little bugs crawling all over her head,( and we are clean people) i picked out what i could ( EWWW i know she is my daughter is I'll do what i need too) i tried the lice shampoo and she woke this morning and low and behold there was a little tiny bug crawling...i soaked her head in vinegar as it is suppose to work, well now after reading all of these comments on lice, I'm going to dye her hair, I'm a little sad about that as she has much nice blond long hair, but i hate bug more then i like her hair HAHA ....I'm going to try god shampoo and hair dye, i hope this works i can't live with bugs,,, i am sooo scared of bugs it is killing me knowing they might be there or back......thanks for all the feed back here and was good to see there are ways to possibly fix it,.... dog shampoo and dye haha....i can use the shampoo on my dog later hahah thanks all
my 12 year old has lice Comments By: charmaine on 2009-08-29
the dye worked all goner WOOO HOOO....thank you all for taken time to add comments here and helping me ... her natural hair is very blonde i went as cloe to the color as i could and i bet no one will notice the color differnce it si soo close. thank you :)
PS...i never got the dog shampoo...

Bactrim anti-biotic is amazing!! Comments By: alicia on 2009-08-31
I have extrememly thick long hair!! when i was 17 i caught headlice and after 3 months of crying I almost shaved my head..a dermatologist gave me Bactrim (sulfer based anti botic for three weeks) and poof gone :)
Bewildered Comments By: mom of twins on 2009-09-05
Recently, my children arrived home armed with letters from their school informing parents of the epidemic in the school. These letters described the proper method of treating head lice. These methods included applying the "Lice" shampoo Rid, Nix, or even the generic versions, as well as combing thruough your child's hair with the included comb. No where did it recommend any home remedies for treatment. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me home remedies actually work better than the specific treatment products. There remains one thing that leaves me bewildered. Many people leaving comments seem to be unaware of preventative remedies. Applying hair products proves effective against reinfestation. Each morning that my children prepare to leave for school, they apply mousse, style their hair, apply gell to the exposed roots, and finally after they complete their style, they cover their hair with hair spray. They may go to school with hair as hard as helmets, however, they never again returned home with any symptoms.
neem oil Comments By: becky on 2009-09-07
hi we had head lice all the time wen we was growin up my mom always got rid of them, now i have 2 children a boy n girl my daughter hair is so long n thick she had head lice and was so hard 2 get rid of them she had them 4 months but then my mom told me wat she used 2 do and it really works!!!! neem oil mixed with jasmine oil it clogs the gils so the bugs DIE it doesnt smell very nice but trust me it the best thing 4 kids hair and it has no chemicals and lots of coming them out... 4 me yes i jus used hair die 4 adults this works i wud never die my kids hair no way so try pure neem oil.... x
killing nits Comments By: ANON on 2009-09-15
you have to take anything that you cannot wash in the washing machine or dry clean in plastic bags for 2 weeks. This includes pillows,blankets that will not fit in your washer, stuffed animals. At the end of the 2 weeks you need to take everything outside and shake it and then bring it back in to your house.
head lice nightmare Comments By: michelle on 2009-10-03
i am a mother of 3, they hav all suffered with head lice and are now clear,the only problem now is that i hav them, i hav tried dying my hair in bid 2 kill them but no luck. i hav also tried many many lice products with no success.i hav very long hair and it is difficult to put combe through,i am at end of my tether, can any body HELP!!
Nits forever!? Comments By: Karen on 2009-10-07
My daughter has had headlice since she started playschool aged 4, she is now almost 13!!! and I'm at the point where I want to shave all our heads, despite endless combing and combing and combing...

I have tried every from otc remedies, to fabric softener!!!

I dye my hair every 6-8 weeks and must admit, the itching stops on me, after finding about 10 of the damn things in my own hair.

I'm now going to try hair dye on my daughter (she fancied a new colour anyway) but is it safe as she's epileptic?!

Worth a try as I wanna scream every time she starts scratching and we both have long and very thick hair!

I've seriously considered trying pesticide that farmers spray their crops with, but obviously that would be potentially lethal, but the little sods are a nightmare.

Surely, there must be someone able to create something to kill them 1st time! Afterall, we can cure cancer etc, so why not something to eradicate these pesky little things that make you wanna scream!

never get nits AGAIN!!!!! Comments By: lori on 2009-10-15
i hv nits every body and if you hv them tell your mum to go and wash yuor hair and get permanant hair dye ok tell everybody on msn to go and do that if they have nits it will get rid of them FOR SUREEEEEEEEEEEE

MORE WORK,WORK,WORK Comments By: anon on 2009-10-12
I HATE THEM NITS GET OUT OF MY HAIR i am 12 years old going on 13 i dont want they all my life they give you scabs in your hair and you iche like hell GET OUT OF MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!
WASH YOUR HAIR TWICE EVERY WK Comments By: ellie blick on 2009-10-14
when i found out i had nits i told my mum right away and she said lots of thins and i wasn't allowed to go to school til they were gone and so if u hv them tell your mum to wash your hair twice every wk and put lots of shampoo and condition and then leave your hair in a towel to dry then they should go if not put some permanemt hair dye that will KILL THEM NITS 4 sure wish you luck
OH BOTHER!!!! Comments By: michziggy on 2009-10-15
i'm 18 and recently i've been getting a really itchy scalp :S. a few days ago i felt an itch close to my hairline... lo and behold... the juciest lice bug ever.... or at least that i've seen... thank god i get out of class early... i'm soooooooo dyeing my hair !!!!!!!! GRR sooo GROSSSSSS!!!! no idea how or wear i got it. i've never seen lice before until i yanked one out and googled it... *vomit* i shall post again when i have my results!
Kerosene WORKS Comments By: SmellsofKerosene on 2009-10-29
Here in Northern Florida, lice is pandemic. That means the environment makes a great home for them to live, and getting rid of them impossible. My daughter and I had a very long embarrassing battle with the buggers until I used the old timey remedy- Kerosene! It WILL kill them and the eggs. But it is so toxic I want to try the dye method. My daughter is no longer living at home, and I think I just have a psychosomatic case of itchy-ness, but I am dyeing my hair as a precaution. My head always itches anyway, and I have not seen any.
Hot iron Comments By: pam on 2009-11-04
I used a ceramic straightening iron on my daughters head today. I'm just going to burn the bugs.
annoying Comments By: anna on 2009-11-04
I am a senior in a pretty big highschool its Novemeber now and iv been getting lice since sept. on and off, a friend who would drive me to work didnt know how to clean his darn car after having his brother in it who had lice and fleas ew, so every friday when hed give me a ride low and behild id have lice again well i did the treatmjents friday nights for weeks did all my beding and floors went mad with lice spray basicly and it went away for a few weeks get in the car again and i get it again finaly i decided to use hair dye and it worked but somehow i got it again i belive from my boyfriends house his mother watches his cousins during the say and well there not the cleanest family he gets nothing bc of all his hair spray (long hair) and his sisters hair got 'checked' at school let me tell u they take chop stick things and they tosle ur hair if you have a small bug theyd never know and his cusion who basicly lives with them helped sort laundry which includeded his beding which i had beed on..now i have to go a night with out seeing him a day in school knowing i have it and a night dying it i have gone crazy tonight with laundy and soaking my brushes and just scraping my scalp with the little crap comb they suck on thick hair, as a senior in hs i hate this i just got over the flu and im not in the mood for this crap!! the hair dye did work though im just hoping i can keep it away now im thinking of using more hair spray then usally this way they cant get in!
Hopefully!! Comments By: Anonomous on 2009-11-08
I have never ad headlice before in my life!
I dunno how i got it or how to get rid of it ..
Everyone has told me that the treatments at the pharmacy dunn always work..
I sometimes sit and go through my hair pull out the nits and pop them aswell as bugs..
I find alot more nits then bugs..
Im going out today to buy Hair Dye and Dog Shampoo!!
Hopefully this works!

IT WORKS! Comments By: Experienced lice remover lol on 2009-11-17
Using store bought hair die absolutly works on removing lice, as long as you remove nits and wash linens, brushes and etc...you must wash everything so it doesnt come back. Its worked for me MANY times trust me!
This Gets Rid Of the Lice but you still have to nit pick!...of course -.- Comments By: Aurora on 2009-12-03
Iam 15 1/2 years old. My cousin and my little sister are in preschool, and got it from there. Me and my mom think they got it from the bicycle helmets. THEY SHARE THEM!!! And the preschool doesn't think that its the cause!!! But anyways of course everybody in my house caught it except 2 of my siblings [out of 7 kids! Im the oldest].Also, my younger cousin. And my mom and my aunt got it. My mom used mayo and tea tree oil mixed together. Then put it on our heads. scrubed and rubbed and wrapped our heads in clear suran wrap. [We looked like little bald people. lol!] And kept it in there for 3 hours and washed our hair with blue dawn dish soap. It worked great! Except the nit picking... And i should say my cousin had and egg every milli meter!!! and my sister had it pretty bad too. My brother and dad just shaved there heads. and my other brothers didn't want too. But on my head we keep on finding eggs! And we found a bug today!!! ugh!! Im thinking about dyeing my hair to kill what ever is left on there. So...wish me good luck!!
Hair dye altoghter Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-04
Any hair dye gets rid of head lice as i has peroxide, in any hair dye you buy i can asure you that peroxide will be in it. I should know i am a 14 year old hairdresser, and cut hair for a living
hopfull... Comments By: monica on 2009-12-10
im 18 years old. ive had lice twice before but its been about 6 years since... my boy friend went off to choir camp and brought me back lice. hes treating his hair tomorrow but i have to wait a week to dye it. i dont have any dog shampoo but i might try to use palmolive dish soap. and we already have a comb.. i really hope this works... I HATE THEM!!!
I HAVE HEAD LICE! AHHH Comments By: Rachel D on 2009-12-17
I HAVE HEAD LICE! AHHH GET THEM OUT!!!! I'm off to buy some hair dye in a minute i sooo hope it works... i dont know how much longer i can deal with this!! ahh what a day i've had!!... oh well lots of fun to come... i have 3 hours of combing to do now!!
HEAD LICE LIKE ALL HAIR Comments By: Rachel D on 2009-12-17
Head lice dont care whos head their on, what type of hair they have, what colour it is, or how smelly it is!! They say lice only like clean hair to protect childrens feelings so they don't feel bad about having lice!
Vacuum your head! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-18
My husband vacuumed my head, and that worked really well. This was after I tried NIX and a good metal lice comb.
@ Comments By: Laura on 2009-12-23
No they do not only live for 2 hours off of people. We
put one in a sandwich bag and it was still alive after
2 days!!! So cleaning linens etc. is a must.

@ "what are you on about" Comments By: Laura on 2009-12-23
No they do not only live for 2 hours off of people. We
put one in a sandwich bag and it was still alive after
2 days!!! So cleaning linens etc. is a must.

this works Comments By: Angie on 2009-12-30
I have dyed my hair and it kills all lice and nits, worked for me!
Hair dye Comments By: Tina on 2010-01-02
Hi! My daughter had nits and we have managed to get rid of them just combing out with conditioner but I have a severe reactionto them as I come out in spots on my neck and head. My hair has been checked and I only had 1 nit. I am combing my hair through every day, have tried EVERY nit lotion and dyed my hair last week but STILL I am itching realy badly - HELP!!!!!!!!
cosmo Comments By: amanda on 2010-01-05
hey I'm a stylist, color work, but you do need to remove nits, also to remove nits use white vinerger leave it in for at lest 30m keep it wet cap is a good idea, it brakes down glue lice us to bind eggs to hair. after you lice free put oil or something like in you hair while you clean the hell out of you house. if your kid keep getting it use hair oil everyday when you send them off to where ever their getting it.. my oldest is white and use to get it all the time, youngest is mixxed use a little oil base leave in on her every day, has never gotten them...
lice on my wedding day! Comments By: anon on 2010-01-05
I am 25 yrs old and spent the night at my best friends house the nite before my wedding, while getting ready for my wedding her daughters daycare calls and says that she has lice so we check eachothers hair and low and behold i have bugs, great im getting married in 3 hrs whats a girl to do right? well i dyed my hair and let it sit for about 10 mins longer than directed and it seems to have worked! lets hope right!
Have just put the dye in my hair :) Comments By: Kell on 2010-01-18
I have just applied the dye so in 20 mins I will let you all know how it goes.

Nothing works!!! HELP!!!!!!!! Comments By: Mari on 2010-02-02
So I'am a 24 year old Female liing in Florida, I havent had lice since i was little, a few weeks ago 2 kids from the preschool/ daycare had lice an the stupid owner of the place alowed them to come back, I was freaking out well it just so happend i got it i found out last fri. so i went to the store an got over the counter treatmeant and what do you know it DID NOT WORK, i tried cooking oil, vinigar etc.. and still nothing. what should i do? I have long thick hair an i dont want to shave it off!!!
Yes - it works Comments By: Paranoid Mom on 2010-02-08
My daughter caught them and we sleep together so I knew that I must have them, even though I never saw one in my hair. However, I have thick long hair so it would be hard to tell. I got my hair dyed that same day. I spent the next 1.5 hours going through my hair with a metal "egg" comb from Walgreens. It had very, very small tines. It was torture, but I got alot out - and NOTHING was alive. The dye killed them. I spent the next 3 days combing my hair with the comb for 1.5 hours per day. When I got back in town and the kids came back from their dad's house, I combed their hair and mine every day with the comb for a week. We also all used Lice Shield shampoo and Lice Shield leave-in conditioning spray. It makes the hair easy to comb through. Every day I sprayed down the couches, etc. with the spray that comes with Rid. I did a second treatment on my daughter and then on myself (this time with Rid since I couldn't dye my hair again so soon). The lice are all gone now. We are still using the Lice Shield products and the comb though. I just feel better that way. Yes, you could call it paranoia and overkill, but better safe than sorry...
thought it didnt transferr Comments By: bewillded on 2010-02-18
i have been told and its on the internet, that head lice and eggs cant get transferred on to combs brushes and pillows etc, because they are so tightly connected to the hair they only go from head to head with head to head contact, true or false??????
13 with lice....REALLY sucks.... Comments By: hannah on 2010-02-22
I'm in Middle School. I hug sooooo many people,I went to the school clinic and the nurse told me i have lice.I couldnt go back to class.I had to call my mom to come and get me. My mom heard that mayo works....well it REALLY does!!! you will have to rub mayo in your hair and let it sit in your hair for 3hours.Make sure to wrap your hair in plastic wrap though ,Then wash out with vinegar.Make sure you wash all bedding and squish all the nits (eggs) that you pull out. that way they cant hatch.you cant also use flea and tick shampoo for dogs. it may sound crazy but it works. use that once every week to prevent them. I have a very big social life...Just remember that the bugs are complimenting you, you may not like the compliment but ,they like your clean hair!!! and you cant get lice if your hair is oily.
bald & bug free Comments By: bclancy on 2010-02-24
shave ur heads
i hate the buggers! problems with head lice alot Comments By: faith cumbo on 2010-03-08
when i wasa little girl. i lved in germany. thats the first time i ever got head lice. i had really thick and long hair. before we moved back to america my mom treated all of our hair. i never got it again until i moved to florida. my children got it in daycare.i used everything. then i found out about the mayo thing. i worke dfor a while then we got again before moving to virginia . i got it bad. it was horrible i hated it sobad i cried. well my mo gt rid of it for me. then later on my two oldest girls kept getting it from school. i got rid of it but the other parent wouldent take care of there kids hair. so i sent a note to the school and told them to take care of it or my kids r not going back till it is. then my exhusband would keep them then tey ouldget it again. well here recently this past summer my 3 yr old got it for the first time. i just shaved hs head. he didnt get them again till about 3 months ago. i did everything. i used the mayo thing. on my son and my girls and me. it went away. everday i checked his head i didnt see nything. then last week he had just a few and some nits, i treated his hair they were gone i dyed mine. but i hace ocd so i kept checking hiis hair and to day i checked it after i gave him a bath and washed his head with coconuut shmpoo he had full grown bugs.ahhhh i panicked so i went online with my sisterinlaw and we found out about using vasoline i thinked it worked i didnt see anymore so then i washed my hair with the cat shampoo i know eww .but it worked to. so tomarrow we are going to treat the whole house again even his car seat. i started washin everything in hot water. so wish me luck. tired of these nasty things!!!!!
Blah Comments By: Bugsy! on 2010-03-09
Well today my head was a lil itchy, so I got my older sister to check my head. N there it was. I had one crawling on my head! OMG I freaked out. Jus dying my hair right now. I've had the dye in a lil longer then i'm supose to. I hope it works.. I combed my hair b4 my friend dyed it. n got like 8 or 9 nits. N when my sister picked she got like 16 or so. How the hell.. I fricken hate the lil Sh**s. I rem gettin them when i was younger. Pain in the A** if you ask me. Jus washing laundry n bedding right now at my moms. Then going home to clean! What the heck do I use on the couches n bed. I cleaned the Bedding but what can i use on the matress??? Help Me
12am and found lice... Comments By: bugsbegone on 2010-03-21
well earlier this afternoon I found lice on my head squished it then dropped it on our dark as hell floor and lost it...went to my husband and embarassingly told him to which he said no proof he doesn't believe me. SO he went in checking my whole head and said nothing was there...time goes by to 12am...bam I find another one in my hair show him and then he has the nerve to complain when I make him go get me a kit...to which not ONE drug store in brazil is open at 12am no 24 hour drug stores here...so we wander into the supermarket...I pass the dye section...didn't someone tell me dyeing your hair kills lice in highschool (which I was dying my hair regularly and never got lice) SO no drug store to buy a kit...12am...hair dye right there...buy a normal comb till drug store opens....dye hair at 1am...rinse out at 2am....2:30...no itching and lots of dead lice...been combing out the nits which are comming out pretty well with this comb but I'll be going and buying a metal one once stores open but yeah...long story short...hair dye worked
WHY CAN'T ANY OF YOU SPELL? Comments By: Head Lice Spell Bot on 2010-03-28
Just wondering. Seriously, the spelling here is horrendous! You're all giving head lice a bad name. Anybody that clicks this link is going to think that nobody but illiterate trailer trash gets lice. That's a big problem because it simply isn't true.

Sheesh, learn a little grammar or at least how to type beyond text speak.

*off to dye my hair to try to get rid of the lice now*- treating the kids in the usual fashion, with Rit.

my dad dosen't belive me lol Comments By: james Holmes on 2010-03-31
my dad said it doesn't im confused
Exhausted!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-11
My daughter is 12 I have been at battle this whole year fighting off head lice. I think i have tried it all. From olive oil soak with a shower cap on over night to all the store products they make, and the prescribed sh** non of it has worked.She has naturally curly hair and omg what a pain in the a** that is to get the comb thru.Ihave considered shaving her head,but I guess that really isnt an option ha ha. So were going to try the hair dye will see if it really works cross your fingers if not I may just have to shave her for the summer.
I GIVE UP!!!!!!!! Comments By: A. C. on 2010-04-14
My kids school won't let my kids back in school just because of DEAD nits. So I totally give up...I never get lice or nits in my hair and I've dyed it in the past and I'm tired of my kids suffering so I am breaking down and dying my girls hair! I'm done with the endless battle against these horrible bugs. I have spent thousands trying to get rid of them. As for JESSI R....she commented that her step kids mother is unclean...it is CLEAN heads that lice are attracted to so you are WAY off. If they are unclean then the lice would not be attracted to them so before you slam someone online, get your facts straight. I have kids and am in a divorce situation and it would really upset me if my ex's girlfriend made an accusation like that towards me. My children have lice because I am a CLEAN mother so I take that as a personal insult!
ROBI COMB, HAIR DYE, FREEDOM!!!!!! Comments By: A. Campbell on 2010-04-14
I dyed my hair years ago and my daughters have gotten lice so many times due to a school they were in that was ALWAYS infested. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to keep my kids lice/nit free and have had no luck so I purchased a robicomb for $40. It is battery operated and electricutes the horrible bugs and their nits DEAD!!! I love this comb because it has kept my girls itch free but it does not take out the eggs. NOTHING does but your fingers so don't waste your money on things you THINK will get them out. Here is my secret!
1) Go buy a Robicomb.
2) Brush hair completely.
3) Carefully and slowly run the comb through the hair till you are not getting anymore lice out. This also kills the nits.
4) Dye hair prefered color.
5) The next day, repeat #3. (this needs to be done for 10 days to ensure all are dead and gone for good!)
Good luck ladies and gentleman and remember, if you and/or your children have lice, it's because you are clean! lol They have NOTHING to do with dirty or uncared for hygeine!

Do NOT dye very young children's hair! The robi-comb should do it just fine all on it's own.

Why havent they found a cure!!! Comments By: I H8 LICE!!!!! on 2010-04-14
So my daughter has had head lice off and on all year! I have spent tons of money on OTC meds and nothing works. I truely believe that the bugs get ammune to the treatment after a while. So I tried lysterine, vinegar, dawn dish soap, mayo, tree oil,and every other treatment except hair dye. So Im doing it. I am obviously going to make sure that she doesnt have a reaction to the dye first but I have no other option. I really dont care if people say that you should'nt dye your childs hair, because its better then your child having low self esteem because of those nasty pest. so I will def let everyone know if it works.
Confused and embarrased! Comments By: I have it, my kids don't! WTF?? on 2010-04-28
OK... So I can see that it's mostly very young people commenting on here. Well... I'm 36. 36!! And my situation is EXTREMELY CONFUSING! About three months ago, I noticed that my head was itching. Nothing bad, just every 5-10 minutes a crawling feeling. I NEVER suspected lice. EVER. My three kids don't have them (they get checked at school all the time). My husband does not have them. I thought I was just blowdrying my hair too much and had dry scalp. But about a month later, I was combing my hair, and noticed something on one of the hairs that fell into the sink. Lo and behold, it was a $*&#^% NIT. No doubt about it. I had those bastards twice as a kid, so I know what a nit looks like. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. I bought and used lice treatment, but was unable to comb out ANYTHING ELSE! No live bugs, no more nits, nothing. But it's now almost 4 months later, and my head still itches.

The obvious #1 reason I'm confused is, WHY HAVEN'T MY HUSBAND AND KIDS GOTTEN IT??? We're a very close family, we hug each other all the time. You may think I'm a horrible person for not telling them, but you have to understand... The country I come from, lice is synonym for being a dirty, disgusting person. I know it isn't true, but it isn't easy to shed what we're taught as children.

The obvious #1 reason I'm confused is, WHERE DID I GET THEM?? I did go to Florida shortly before the itch started, and now I know it's a lice pandemic zone. BUT, my family went with me and THEY didn't get it! WTF?

Am I just paranoid, did the treatment kill those bastards and it's just nerves that's making my head itch? I don't know. But tomorrow I'm going to go and buy some hair dye and use that anyway. It just seems to make much more sense than putting mayo or dog shampoo in my hair.

Also, I would like to add: DON'T LISTEN TO WHAT SmellsofKerosene SAID! Kerosene is not only highly toxic, but highly flammable. My grandmother used it on me when I was a kid, and even though it killed the bugs, the fumed were so bad that I had blinding headaches for a week straight. Do you really want something like that in your kid's hair?

P.S. And I totally agree with Head Lice Spell Bot - check your spelling, people! The last thing people need to believe is that lice is a symptom of low education and no class (which is NOT TRUE!).

I think Ill try that Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-01
I battled with lice for an entire summer when I was in high school using otc lice treatments and finally got rid of them with mayonaise but I had to use a lot of it every day for a 3 weeks and I cant stand the smell anymore. Then a year later I got them again and I used lice shampoo and I thought it mustve worked immediately that time cause I didnt get them again but it probably actually was because I dyed my hair almost immediately afterward.
Now 2 months ago i got them again and used 1 rid treatment and 4 nix treatments (3 were in the same week) plus a metal nitcomb because we didn't like the ones that came with them (and of course spraying the house sealing stuff in baggys boiling stuff and freezing stuff) before we got rid of those little bastards and a friend of ours got them recently and he blamed on us but we were like our heads havent itched in months and weve nitcombed and havent found anything but a few days after he blamed us of giving him lice we got them again
(and come to think of it the same friend got it the same time as us 2 months ago and he told us that he'd gotten them a couple months before then too hmm...) and we really cant afford spending another hundred dollars or so on lice treatments so I hope the hair dye treatment will work because my husband and I cant go into work smelling like mayo.
Oh and a comment to the ignorant stepmothers lady- I don't really think lice care about how clean or dirty your hair is or how neat your house is as long as your hair isnt so oily that they cant get the eggs on it (and for that it would probably have to be so oily its dripping) and as long as you don't spray and wash all your stuff the lice are perfectly happy no matter what your living conditions or personal hygiene is like. Besides I dont think that woman was calling her stepdaughters hair dirty she was calling their mothers house dirty and said she refused to attempt to sterilize the lice. I think the lice like clean hair thing is just what people say to make people who get them feel better because they can get anyone (well- almost anyone i guess if you dye your hair you're safe and all my black friends say that black people can't get lice)

Lice Comments By: Wendy on 2010-05-02
I just discovered that I have lice, I thought it was a rash I was having from stress that spread to my scalp... Not the case. I bought Rid and that got a lot of the adults out, and then my boyfriend combed through my hair for hours. When he would put the lice he did find in to a bowl of rubbing alcohol they would die. I'm also going to dye my hair, I went out and bought plastic bedding covers and pillow cases that incase the entire bed and pillow. Went out and bought vacuum sealed storage bags, so that way I can put all my clean clothes, or things that can't be watched like the comforter, into the bag and wait to make sure they're all dead, and then take it all to the laundry mat. I'm a super clean person though, and I'm sure they attacked me because of being so clean and not using any hair products other than shampoo, so I'm going to start putting gel and hairspray in my hair.
I tryed it and it worked Comments By: Sarah on 2010-05-13
i got it so bad i dyed it and no more itch or eggs
Pain in the Lice Comments By: Lady Raven on 2010-05-15
When my kids were about 5 (twins) they came home from kindergarten infested. I had never dealt with this problem before. I had never gotten it as a kid. But this started a year long war with the nasty little buggers. And after hundreds of dollars in otc preparations, laundry quarters and sprays, I found that for the kids, a prep of dog shampoo, a bit watered down, then the mayo, out in the sun, for up to 3 hrs, then the vinegar for another 3 hrs. It helps to get some movies and munchies, (something they dont always get, helps with the time and boredom). Then COMB COMB COMB. For adults, the dog shampoo then the hair dye works great. And of course COMB COMB COMB. Another thing that works is do not shampoo everyday and use hairspray even if you dont normally. Same with gel and mousse.
As for the bedding...Put everything in the drier for at least a hour on the hottest setting. If they cant take the heat, a sealed plastic bag. You can cut down the time in the bag by setting it out in the sun during a hot day. Bakes the little bastards.
And last...Remember the psychological effect lasts longer then anything else. Something like a mild form of PTSD. Even a llittle normal itch becomes a stress factor. So take a deep breath... Remain Calm and remember this will one day be a memory.

just back from florida/ daughter has lice -1st time! Comments By: lisa on 2010-05-17
we just got back from florida; noticed my daughter itching her head quite a bit; school calls today to come get her; lice. i canot say for sure; but as i think back; she had her hair done put up; brushed; sprayed; pixie dust; the whole 9 yards; i look back @ my pictures; the combs & brushes they used were not sterilized after each use; of girls;my daughters hair is to her waist- i went & got "nix" my neighbor said that works best; i saw no more than 3 the whole time i did the hair process; shes not itching anymore; im hoping to god this is it. if it worked; the "nix" was worth the 17 bucks! good luck everyone.
brought back an un-wanted souviner from florida? Comments By: tammie on 2010-05-17
on our way home i noticed my 6 yr old itching quite a bit; sent her to school 2 days later; they call; come get your daughter shes got lice.her elementary school has a "NO NIT" POLICY; but i got nix" as referred from a neighbor; thinking i was in for 2 hrs of hell; being her hair is blonde & waist long; it went well; i saw 3- thats right; 3. so far so good; no itching since; as im washing beddings; stuffed animals; all of it; IF it works; the nix was well worth the 17 bucks. good luck others!
harder than i thought! Comments By: TAMMIE on 2010-05-20
im the "souviner from florida commenter"; the rid didnt work; nor the "nix"; shouldve known that was to easy to be true; school nurse said hair color works; but you still have to pick; pick; them out. she was absolutly right; normally i wouldnt coclor my 7 yr olds hair; but after 3 days you get desperate for something to work; brought her back to school this morn; after being checked again; she was ok to go back to class. thank god! so; just MAYBE that dye works after all??
what worked for me Comments By: Julia on 2010-05-24
I have super thick thick long hair to my waist..no way was I nit combing it...tried over the counter, vinegar, listerine each seperately and still felt crawly. I used 1 cup, listerine, 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup rubbing alcohol..sprayed on..worked my hair and left on a couple of hours.
Please Help ! Comments By: Anon . on 2010-06-03
Ok , so i am 12 years old . i have had lice for about 3 months .. we got rid of them for about a day , then BAM they were back .. we have tried vinegar , RID , we even went to the doctor's office and got prescription cream for it .. we picked and picked and picked for HOURS and HOURS and them little critters just wouldn't go away ! i want to dye my hair .. but my mom doesn't want me to because i have beautiful hair with amazing highlites . if i show her this website , she might let me . Now , if i died my hair and i cut it (like a "pixie cut") would it be easier to get rid of them ??? im sooooo FED UP with these STUPID BUGS !
i dyed my 8 yr old daughters hair Comments By: krista on 2010-06-19
we were rid of lice for a year and hafe then at the end of the school year she gets them again and im pissed . but anyways last time she had them i had to do 6 treatments on her b4 she got rid of them. well then i had them and i didnt want to go though all that so i just dyed my hair with loreal paris and it worked. she got them this year and already i have did 3 treatments on her hair and she still has them. so i got mad and i dyed her hair with revlon. . . 4 days later and she still has them so now we r goin to try loreal paris and olive oil so im hopin this will work out wish me luck
Teenager?! Comments By: Mary on 2010-06-21
Ive never had lice before now,and I'm FOURTEEN! I cheer on a large team of all girls, so when one of them got it, WE ALL DID. Not only that, but I live in Florida, where EVERYONE has it! But I'm not about to be another statistic. Oh no. I'm not going to let some little jerks suck the blood from my sclap! And let me tell you, it's ridiculous! I've dyed my hair, combed it, used treatments, dog shampoo, vinegar, mouthwash, mayonaise, you name it, I've soaked my hair with it! And there is NO AVAIL! I've had them for over a month, and I might just go insane. Tonight, I'm trying for the vinegar again, so wish me luck!
HELP Comments By: DESPERATE on 2010-07-10
i had lice last year and was competently humiliated it lasted a very long time and was painful and embarrassing it was impossible to get rid of nothing worked and i tryed everything but just this summer i found it again im only 14 please help me i dont know what eles 2 try and i really dont want to have 2 dye my hair please please help im beging u help
Lice, Nits, disgusting bugs... Comments By: jabberwalkie on 2010-07-19
So I have 3 children and my 15 year old daughter seems to find friends who have these creatures all the time. I don't try any of the over the counter stuff anymore, or the sprays they say to put on your bed and furniture. There is a prescription called "Ivermectin Cream" let me tell you its fast and you only have to treat once. Don't get me wrong you should still pull out the nits but even if you don't get them all you don't have to worry. I have also purchased a generic brand of Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner. It is called Tea Tree. I also have the Riobi Comb. If you have a Sally's Beauty Supply in your neighborhood I highly recommend purchasing the shampoo and conditioner. As for the bed and furniture, its all about vacuuming, its the only way. I don't know that I believe Hair Dye works because I get mixed responses from Hair Dressers about weather it works. I do know that my daughter has not had it since the 5th grade but is always hanging out with people who do have it, so I get on the phone, call the Dr and ask for a prescription. I don't care if she has it or not. If I find that she is hanging with someone who does, she knows she is getting treated. She has hair down to her knees and I've threatened to shave it off but treat instead. Good luck with the prescription and the shampoo and conditioner.....
Yes it works!! Comments By: Lice Free nieghborhood!!! on 2010-07-20
My sister my niece and nephew came in front outside playing with the neighbor kids who had lice for years and years. There mom was to poor and to stupid to know how to treat the lice. My sister got the lice and so did her kids. I never got it because I dye my hair all the time. We treated the my sister and her kids with some stuff they got at the doctors office and i ended up dying my hair again and spraying the whole house down with lice spray. My sisters kids and my sister they were lice free in one day. The neighbor kids still had it, so we told the oldest about the dye job and how it kills lice. Her, head her sisters head is all lice free now and they all got a new blond color. I call it dye your hair and keep the neighborhood bug free!
Lice life cycle Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-20
Actually, lice can live 1 to 2 days off of the head. It's a good idea to bag everything up rather than doing all of that laundry, but you can safely unbag it within a few days. Whatever treatment you do, make sure to repeat it in 8 days so you kill any of the new lice that may have hatched out of nits that you missed the first time (the eggs hatch in 7 to 10 days). Keep combing for a few days after that.
finally a solution! yes It works! Comments By: Happymom on 2010-07-27
100% gone. Killed them instantly. Oh how I wish I tried this 1st. Would have saved a ton of $ and time .
Hair color does kill the bugs but not the nits Comments By: Amber on 2010-07-29
Dog shampoo has the same poison in it that the brand name Nix has in it, it kills adult lice and will not get rid of the nits. Follow directions just as if you were washing your dog but you need to repeat often for 2 weeks as their life cycle repeats every 2 weeks until they are all gone. ALSO, AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, you MUST treat all plush animals and carpet and bedding and couches and cars and bedding and mattresses or you will NEVER get rid of them. Nasty people do not get them, lice don't like oily hair they LOVE clean hair because they do not fly or jump, they like to climb from one hair shaft to another. Tight ponytails or pigtails and lots of hair straightening balms or detanglers use slck stuff that you can spray or rub in the hair to ward them off. But POISON is always your best bet. If poison is not your thing, then use an electric nit comb. You put in an A battery and it electrocutes them without exposing your child to poison but you have to use it daily for a month to make sure you got them all. And another thing to consider, lice do not travel from humans to animals or vice versa.
Eggs left in the hair? Comments By: Lizzie on 2010-07-29
If you have treated the hair and combed with a nit comb, could any you see the next day be dead ones, or would they still be alive?
At BS re: EVIL STEPMOTHERS Comments By: debzie a on 2010-08-03
i am 21, have 4 stepkids and 2 of my own all under the age 12. my stepkids mum is DIRTY and LOUSEY. it may be true nits love clean hair, but do you seriously think nits have a look first of all to see if the hair is clean, and if not go elsewhere? not all stepmothers are evil. stepmothers bring someone elses children up and get alot of stick in doing so. it's like the hardness of you bringing your kids up, plus crap from all angles from UNEDUCATED people, having the birth mum poisening their kids minds and, to top it all off, not one bit of gratitude!! so have abit of compassion! i recon your children have a stepmum and your just bitter?

on another note! lots of conditioner works, and lots of backbreaking work! its worth it though :) and dye DOES work, i did an experiment in collage, where i got head lice, left it for 4 weeks then dyed my hair and hey presto! the little blighters were gone! just be careful as itching causes sores on the scalp, and the dye stings, burns and HURTS! lol xxx

ewww ew eww Comments By: hatedbugs on 2010-08-11
k I found out I had lice a month ago I treated within a week of knowing I had it.. I'm 14! I'm going to highschool j need these suckers gone within. half a month!!!!!after the first treatment I thought they were gone.. guess not I tried the treatment a second time and spent 3 hours combing it. well I'm still finding these bugs. my momthinks there gone. guess I have to tell her the bad new.. I'm deffinitly going to dry hair dye and hope it works... FUCK MY LIFE
Should I Comments By: Wiloh on 2010-08-20
Hi im 12 and i have had nits for like 99% of my life and have tried EVERYTHIG and i refuse to shave it so should i dye it i guess its the only way everyone else on hear is doing it
wish me luck :)

feels like it worked Comments By: ivy on 2010-08-20
I just found out at midnight that I've had little bugs in my hair. They were given to me a second time by my boyfriend. I think it is the people he is around lately because this has never happened b4 in the yr we've been together. Since he is at his home sleeping I sent him an email telling him to keep his distance until he gets rid of them in his here, after last time I thought we were through with this. But tonight I was really unprepared so I had some hairdye and a bottle of lice and nit gel from rid ex, looks like I caught them just in time because there were only a few little bugs and no eggs so I'm deff guess my bf transferred them to me. But my hair has stopped itching and I will check my hair in the morning.
pregnant with child number two and i got the bugs Comments By: tabbitha on 2010-08-21
jus got married and i took my son to see his father while visiting with a friend and her children playing with my son i caught them!!!!!! Now i dont really want to tell my husband cause he is never home ne way and he doesnt have ne hair i told him i wantted to dye my hair i hope this works cuz this itch sucks
hair dye works. Comments By: Nina on 2010-09-17
When my niece was about 5, she was constantly getting lice from school. Although the school has a no nit policy, I guess some were getting by. After over 2 months of horror and the annoying little things, her mother decided dying it was the only choice. Luckily, it got rid of them, but of course, massive cleaning and a lot of combing and checking were needed.

7 years later, I sit here today losing my mind as my 9 year old niece now has them. She was checked at school, had one louse and nits, her sister was clean, but even a small amount has me paranoid. Tomorrow, the house will be cleaned beyond recognition, both will be combed for hours if necessary, and I'll be dying my hair. For any skeptics the dye works, but if you're looking for a work-free solution, I doubt you'll find one. Best of luck.

omg lices Comments By: mayra on 2010-10-11
omg lices i hate them so mush.... i am 21 yrs old and studying to be a manicurist so that means i am in beauty school.. so blah blah i am here being nice letting my friends to practice on my hair omg till yesterday that my month found out that i had lice awwwww i was so piss that i even cry, so embarrassing that i wanne to die :( so immediately i told my to go tru my head and i even went to the store and buy shampoo to kill them lices but it work a lil bit but still i found out that i had more in the morning so i decide and i dye my hair "i was planing to anyways" so i am praying to god that it does work :(.. i sooo traumatize that after this experience i am never letting no body to touch my hair at school and i am gonna have it up all the time...
Conditioner works great! Comments By: Superwitch on 2010-10-13
I found the following Bug Buster Kit website invaluable http://www.chc.org/ It's a British website but I'm sure you have one similar in the USA if this can't be accessed. This was a non chemical treatment which really worked. However on thick hair it tended to dry before you could complete the process. Three days after this I did the following: Wash hair as normal then put lots of conditioner on, this makes the lice lose their grip on the hair. Section hair then comb normal comb to remove large lice. Lice come in three sizes, large, medium small! Use smaller combs to remove smaller lice, then nit comb to remove eggs (nits) No chemicals are necessary whatsoever. This is completely painless as the various size combs glide through the hair which is thick with conditioner. Remember to rinse in running water after each comb through. A magnifying glass is very helpful to inspect what often looks like bits of dirt or dandruff but turn out to be lice! Repeat this every three days for two weeks. Human head lice do NOT live on bedding, towels, toys, fur etc. They need a live scalp to survive on and have specially adapated claws to cling to the base of a hair so they can lean forward and suck blood from the scalp. If disturbed they can run like mad. Coming dry hair causes electricity and the louse can "fly" off. However, unless it lands on another scalp it dies. They transmit to others by crawling from head to head. As children usually sit with heads touching it doesn't take a louse long to lay its eggs and travel to fresh fields if necessary. I have found the electronic devices to be useless. The above method takes time and patience and is worthwhile as nothing is worse than the painful itchy neck of head and back of neck for head lice sufferers.
i dyed my 7 year old daughters hair Comments By: c wright on 2010-10-16
my daughter came home from school with lice, so i washed her hair and combed through it with the otc shampoos,got the combs, i spent 7 hours going through her hair. i washed her hair with dog shampoo and then dyed her hair..their gone!! it worked, and now im off to dye mine too.
all i can say is OMG!! Comments By: mom0f-5 on 2010-10-16
ok we have NEVER had these with my 5 kids!! Yes I said 5...and i am freaking my freak!! I have only found one so far dont know if this is good or bad...but I am freaking out!!! I hate bugs and I hate lice even more!! I have hair to my butt!!! My neices aparently had them and i was NOT informed and my GIRLS with LOTS of hair slept over at there house!! Now my daughters head itched so I checked where it was bothering her and found one!!! I was like OMG!!! I have NO CLUE what to do...PLEASE HELP!!
I hate head lice. Comments By: Shirley K. on 2010-10-17
18 month i have been trying to get rid of the bugs. I am at my breaking point now. I have spent well over a $1000.00 on them. I tried everything. Tea tree oil and vinegar,result,nixs,R&C and rented a carpet cleaned a couple of time and but moth balls in my vacuum. We sprayed hair every day used the robi comb too. I color my hair all the time. My boyfriend and I buy tick spray and horse louse powered too. That did work until she when to her father for the week and came back with them again. I also used the head and shoulder shampoo thing to. Does any one have any ideas please.
Hair Dye works Comments By: ANON on 2010-10-19
My head was itching so bad for weeks, I thought it was just dandruff but it only got worse. But nobody could see a thing in my hair! So I decided to buy a lice treatment anyway (RID) and when i did it, i got out quite a few bugs, and most of them were still moving! I thought that got all of them out but the next day, I found another bug! So i looked up a home remedy, (the listerine & viniger one) and When i did it, a few more came out. But I still felt an itch. So I decided to dye my hair, I bought black because I just like my hair a darker color, so I did what the box said and left it in for 10 mins and when i rinced it out, you should have seen all the bugs that went down the drain. I MEAN THERE WERE A LOTT! I was so grossed out and terrified, I thought i had gotten them all but I still feel an itch. So im going to dye my hair again, I know i could potentially fry it, but id rather have fried hair than hair infested with bugs. (I bought the same brand, but this says leave in for 25 so maybe the extra 15 mins will fry the rest of the little fuckers. (DONT FORGET TO COMB). I'm still not sure wether they are bed bugs or lice, because lice isnt usually just black (right). But ive only found them im my hair, and ive heard that bed bugs dont even like hair.
It works Comments By: Ang on 2010-10-22
So I tried the more conventional means - RID and either I didn't follow the directions properly or it just didn't work. I read a few website and tried the hair color and then for two weeks put olive oil in my hair and brushed it out with a fine tooth comb. The combination got rid of the lice. I also started using shampoo and conditioner that had tea tree oil extract just in case. My other thought would be to use a straightening iron since it would kill the eggs.
UGHHHH ! PLEASE READ ! Comments By: Lacey on 2010-10-23
I'm Eleven Years Old .
I've Had Lice Four Times .
Once In Fourth Grade And Twice In Sixth Grade .
I Had Had A Friend Over And Her Brother Had Lice .
I Think That's How I Got It The Third Time !
We Are Doing The RID Treatment Daily .
Also This Leave In Conditioner Called Lice Shield .
Lice Gel . We Comb Threw my Hair Everyday And Just Pick The Hairs Out That Have Eggs On Them .My Mom And I Are On The Verge Of Just Dyeing My Hair To Kill Everything .
It Just Won't Go Away .

Any Tips ?
Please .
Anything Will Help .
Were Willing to do Anything .

Oh where did I get them!! Comments By: Chris Smith on 2010-10-27
It's funny to me everyone always knows right where they got lice...chances are you did not get them from where you thought. It's not the dirty kid who does not take a bath or the family who lives the poorest. My boyfriend is OCD clean at our house and his daughter got them. We don't know from where. You can get them from bumping up against someone, hugging someone, laying on the floor in gymnastics or tumbling, anything.....Those who get them just get them. Deal with it and stop blaming. This is why everyone is so embarrassed to admit they have them.
Mayo and vinegar.... Comments By: HOPELESS AND ITCHY! on 2010-11-04
Last summer, my sons brought home a note from school saying there was lice going around and they were checking all the kids. They sent them home saying they were fine. A week after school ended one of them started itching, and I noticed my 4 year old daughter was itching even more. Since I never had lice or even known someone that had it, I had no idea what was going on. (because of this, I even ended up getting them.) My grandma told me to check for lice, cause she lived with us and noticed my kids scratching their heads in their sleep. Low and behold..... LICE CITY! I read on the internet that if you put lots of room temperature mayo on your head for two hours, it suffocates them! It really kills the live ones. Then wash it out with very hot water and douse your head with vinegar to remove the glue that sticks the nits and comb out all the nits. The only problem is, my kids all had super long hair, and I guess I wasnt getting all the nits, so they hatched again.I tried the otc medicines, TWICE! I ended up shaving my sons bald (that worked better than any treatment) and cutting my daughters beautiful thigh length hair off.. boo hoo!!! Now the problem is that , my daughter started her first year at that school and she brought back more. I did the treatment on her at first sign of itchiness, and she's been fine, but she gave them to me again! I'm dreading the treatment... and although I really dont want to ever dye my hair again I dont think I can take two hours of mayo smelling head! Thank those of you who said to use dog shampoo, i was wondering about that one. Im going to try that today.
Vinegar or mayo Comments By: te on 2010-11-07
vinegar mixed with baby oil leave in hair an hour then comb out... it works... some say cover your head or you can use real mayonase for an hour... it works every week for my mother in law... poor granddaughter has had it over a year now and has her hair done every sat for church... then sunday night shes covered again...
rit and nix... they are all pesticides and this is the best treatment for youngens exp since she is one and a half...

Dealing with head lice and eggs Comments By: Stephanie on 2010-11-09
My daughter had head lice and eggs in her hair, we tried the nix treatments that doctors prescribed along with the comb in which we did three times. It failed to work and the lice basically doubled in amount in the process. Finally one of my co-workers told me to soil her scalp and all her hair in vasoline and put a shower cap on her head for 24hrs, then the second day take the shower cap off and massage more vasoline in the scalp and hair leaving the old vasoline in. We left that in for another 24hrs and the next day we washed her hair with Dawns dish soap two times and used a lice comb to make sure there was no more eggs. But the eggs actually turned dark brown and all the bugs were dead. Washed all clothes, bed sheets, blankets, etc. in hot water. And haven't had a problem since. Never came back in which we were so happy. Lice like clean heads so it's easier for them to feed off the scalp and suck blood, if the scalp is full of vasoline then it's dirty and they can't suck the blood. All that nix lice medicine is full of pesticides and chemicals that could hurt you and your child.
Blow Dryer!!! Comments By: Peggie Frost on 2010-11-19
Well all I want to say is coloring the hair can work. Its important to blow dry the hair and for several days after u wash your hair. Lice and nits dont like the heat from the blow dryer!
Dye worked Comments By: Bleachblond on 2010-12-10
Back 3 years ago. I was infested with lice thanx to my bf and his 2 daughters. His kids are always getting them. I lived alone but went and bought some medicine and my bf and i combed our hair the best we could. A few wks later my mom was dying my hair and saw lots of bugs! I use a bleach blond so i dunno if the rest of them work. But i didnt even nit pick. They just died! But i have now gotten them again! Did my hair last week. Buying some meds tomorrow just in case.
Prescription strength Comments By: Jessica T on 2010-12-11
My daughter gets lice every year when she starts school. Her doctor writes a prescription for Ovide. It's a lotion that kills the bugs and the eggs. It's a miracle. It works the first time, every time. You put it in and then rinse eight hours later. However, I dye my hair and I never get it. I've also noticed that olive oil works in my 2 year olds hair. Her hair is much thinner and I don't want to use the chemicals. I just put the olive oil in and wrap her hair in plastic wrap for a hour and rinse. Then I comb her hair. The olive oil smothers the bugs and the eggs. Good luck everyone.
dye and metal comb crucial Comments By: FL Mama on 2010-12-15
I also live in Florida and have dealt with lice since my daughter was in daycare (she's now 13.) Hair dye is much more effective than the shampoos or any of the home remedies I've tried, although nothing can prevent contact with them. A METAL lice comb is crucial and if used daily the first invaders can be combed out before dye becomes necessary.
A friend told me about shampooing with lye soap which did keep my long hair bug free during the kid's last bout but it gives an atrocious texture so isn't good for regular use.

Why no one have cure for lice~ by a scientist with lice infestation too Comments By: ReasonableDoubt on 2011-01-02
its the same things as why no one had no complete cure for intestinal worms or mosquitoes.... its a living thing with exoskeletons and are designed by nature to withstand all sorts of chemicals and physical harm. Generally, every entomologist know that insects are always most resilient evolutionary beings on earth and it exist probably millions of years like other bugs. Even today, the most commonest hair louse treatment would contain lower percentage of pyrethroids and malathions which is common insecticide for mosquitoes. By the way, my family have pediculosis infestation from my nieces and my mom kept combing it all out and gave us the combs for ourselves... I was home for three days and I found two newly hatched lice in my hair and already sucking the blood from my scalp. I'll do the hair dye since I found the smell of the insecticide in the lice shampoo is as nauseating as the mosquitoes spray. My theory for the "why hair dye works", was the heat it gave off would fry the bugs, the product left on the hair for a certain amount of time will induce suffocation and the solvent in it penetrates through the lice skin since its small, so it will absorb the chemical easier. No matter what the mechanism it is, lice is a type insect, the solution is always, combined physical and chemical treatment and prevention. There should be more researchers on lice especially since some type of lice like pediculus humanus humanus (body lice) and Phthirus pubis can carry other dangerous diseases along with it. Generally, I won't suggest any of you to kill the nits or lice with your nail since some people forgot that the blood can stuck between your nails and enter your body from ingestion.

But remember, don't panic when you found it. Find your own treatment first by using over-the-counter brands rather than reading others home treatment. It should be alternative, if insecticide in the shampoo didn't work for you, then you should use other unconventional treatment since hair colouring have its own side effects too.

And from what I read from the comments from others, I found some you uses hair colour on your kids and some are toddlers. I hope you know that some chemical in hair products are very toxic to kids especially in darker colours and kids absorb more chemicals easily than adults and the nearest vessels from the scalp are linked to your blood brain barrier. I had a talk with both of my toxicology professors and honestly, they both agree that among all cosmetics, hair products especially perms and colours are the most toxic since it involve breaking the molecules and some coats the cuticles by chemical processes.

Please read the warning at the back: it did say not to use it on kids and test it first for any allergies

A long story about the demons that possess our kids' heads Comments By: Candy on 2011-01-02
Picture it: New Years Eve. Woke up feeling pretty good and decided to braid my 2 1/2 yr old's hair. About a minute into the process I noticed she had "stuff" in her hair. I started picking the "stuff" out. After a moment of doing this I noticed the "stuff" was moving. I instantly flew into a panic and began berating myself and my husband as parents.... My husband is still trying to figure out why I am blaming him. He does not have them so he did not give them to her. The simple explination is that parenting in our house is 50/50 so I always feel the blame should be equally split.... even in situations that I clearly am the one to blame. Turned out in this situation- neither of us were to blame. I digress. Off to Urgent Care we went.

Once at Urgent Care I was told it would be an hour wait. I whispered to the reseptionist what we were there for. A moment later a big burley nurse came out and explained to me- as well as the people in the waiting room that could clearly hear her- that my daughter and I had to wait in the hallway. "If your daughter has lice, we can't have her in here 'infecting' the other patients." As I look around to see a woman wipe her nose on her hand then continue on flipping pages in the 3 yr old magazine that Urgent Care has so thoughtfully provided. Needless to say, I was not happy with this Urgent Care. We ended up going to a differnt Urgent Care that only had a 15 min wait and very nicely put us in a room to wait instead of having us in the waiting room with unsuspecting people.

It was confirmed. Lola has head lice. (He checked me too- I do not.) The Dr. wrote us out a prescription for a head treatment. Once at Walgreens they explained the pesticide the Dr. prescribed was not for children under 5. They were able to give us a different pesticide hair treatment and sent us on our way.

Once home I decided I better get things bagged up right away and start washing bedding. I deep cleaned our laundry room and turned this into our "saftey shelter". It's a good thing I have a brand new washer and dryer (a thoughtful Chanukah gift from my husband to better enable me to fit more of his dirty socks into one load) for the million loads of laundry I will be spending the next few days doing. First the laundry was put into trash bags and moved into the laundry room. Then as it gets washed and dried it gets put into new trash backs with a sticky note saying what is in each bag and what date it was washed. Next I decided I had better make a trip to buy a few differnt outfits and new bedding that has not been "exposed" for all of us to use once Lola had been treated. Finally at 11pm on New Years Eve I treated Lola's hair. I followed the directions to the letter. Once the treatment was washed out it was time to start "nit picking". As soon as I sat Lola down and began going threw her hair I realized that the treatment did NOT work. The little bastards were still alive. I could feel them laughing at me and I felt like less of a person. The stroke of midnight on New Years was spent crying on the phone to my mother about the million new friends my daughter made that were not invited to the party and refused to leave.... Now what do I do??

The next morning I paged my daughter's Dr. who was of absolutely no help. Like all of you reading this, I decided to turn to the internet in search for a way to rid my daughter of the demons that possess her head. Suddenly I remembered- when I had my daughter in Urgent Care the Dr. told me I probably did not have the lice because I had recently had my hair colored. It was like a light bulb going off over my head. I will color my daughter's hair! But what kind of mother colors her 2 1/2 yr old's hair you ask?? This kind. I called my friend who does hair for a living and asked her opinion. Bless her heart- she hopped in her car and came right over and hoped on the "get rid of head lice" band wagon.

We followed the basic instruction for coloring hair. Naturally I was extremly worried about coloring my little girls beautiful long curly hair. Turns out I had nothing to be worried about. The pesticide hair treatment that Dr's give out like candy on halloween has MUCH worse side effects than a basic $10 box of hair color. Lola has a dark brown hair and we could not even see the differnce in color once we were finished. The best part- IT KILLED THE HEAD LICE!!!!!!!! The "nits" or "eggs" however are a completley different story.

Due to all of the things I have read online about people thinking they got rid of the lice only to find out they are back, I decided the treatment would not stop after the hair color. I wanted to make double and triple sure that they were all dead. Before going to bed I saturated Lola's hair in olive oil. This morning when she woke up I rinsed the olive oil out and did some more "nit picking". Tonight before going to bed Lola still did not have any live lice roaming around in her precious locks.... but why not be triple sure!?!? I sent my husband to the store in search of Organic Coconut Oil. I read an arcticle online today that claims this product not only kills live lice but also kills the eggs. Why not give it a shot? So tonight I sat my pretty little girl down and covered her head in cocunut oil. Tomorrow morning when she wakes I will put her in the shower and wash it out. After I will spray her hair generously with 1 part water 1 part white vinegar mixture. From my extensive research I have read that this mix breaks down the glue that holds the eggs to the hair. Then I will do some more nit picking.

Providing I do not see anymore live lice, the current plan starting tomorrow is that I will do the vinegar/water every day and continue to nit pick for the next 5-7 days. After 5-7 days I will do another night of olive oil, followed by a night of coconut oil, then probably another week of nit picking. If at any point before my 5-7 day time period I see any live lice, I will do the olive oil/coconut oil process early.

Meantime it will be a constant cleaning frenzy at our house. I decided to be fair and call our cleaning lady (who comes 2x's/wk) just to give her a heads up on the lice epidemic. Ironically an hour after I spoke with her she called me back to inform me her mother had suddenly taken ill and she would be needing 2-3wks off. Sounds a little fishy to me, but who am I to judge? We have moved Lola into a spare bedroom for the time being in hopes of killing any bugger that may be living in her bedroom that has not been lysoled or vacuumed up. I have been washing ALL bedding every time Lola gets up in the morning AND after her nap in the afternoon. I also vacuum the pack n' play that she is sleeping in as well as the entire bedroom everytime she gets up. The rest of the house gets vacuumed, whipped down or scrubbed 2x's/day. We have now gone 1 1/2 days without spotting any living lice so it appears as though our efforts are working. I really pray to god that he takes these little devils and sends them back to the hell that they came from.

I have read numerous comments that others have posted on here. First thing I would like to state- head lice are not prejudice. It doesn't matter what race, sex, religion or social class you belong to. As long as you have hair, they are going to move in and stay like the relative that never knows when to leave. And if "he" didn't bring his friends with- don't worry- "he" will create his own. From what I have read- they do prefer clean hair to oily hair because the eggs stick better to clean hair. But again, I don't think they stand on one person's head and look over at another's and say to themselves "hmmm. That head appears to be a little less clean than the head I'm currently on. I think I'll stay here." As far as some comments about "the dirty people that never get rid of them and have them for years"... People were arguing that it doesn't mean that people are dirty just because they can't get rid of them. But at the same time, we do not know the situation. If a person that has never been big on cleaning gets lice- then yes, they probably are going to have them for a long time and better figure out how much rent to charge and put them on the lease. But at the same time, I also believe that uber clean people can also have a problem with getting rid of them. Each person has their own situation and I don't think we should yell at someone because they spoke of a "dirty neighbor" or an "unclean xwife" because we do not know that person. Maybe that person actually is dirty with or without lice. From what we can figure, our daughter picked these guys up at the Radisson Hotel. (Radisson has been contacted numerous times and wishes not to comment on the speculation.) Lola is not in day care or school nor had we been around any children due to a nasty cold that went through our house recently. But- we will never be 100% sure where she got them.

I wish you all well in your journey to quit these guys like a bad habit. If our current POA doesn't work to rid our home of head lice I will do a follow up arcticle on the next steps we are taking. In regards to the original topic at hand on if hair dye works- I would say that it does... However, I would not stop there. I would keep doing different things to ensure success.

For questions or comments on this post please email me at:
[email protected]

Lets staighten this up... Comments By: Jessica Burt on 2011-01-04
Clean hair or dirty hair, lice don't have a preference. Dying your hair will most certainly get rid of them. If you think it won't, then maybe you didn't spray your furniture. And combing it is very important but it's also what you use. I can't believe how any people on here are so wrong I just hope you guys don't pay attention to those senseless comments like the one about evil stepmothers.
Lets staighten this up... Comments By: Jessica Burt on 2011-01-04
Clean hair or dirty hair, lice don't have a preference. Dying your hair will most certainly get rid of them, even the eggs. I had lice and had otc treatments 4 times and still had them. I beached my hair and they were totally gone, which obviously means the eggs have to have been killed too. If you think it won't, then maybe you didn't spray your furniture. And combing it is very important but it's also what you use. I can't believe how many people on here are so wrong I just hope you guys don't pay attention to those senseless comments like the one about evil stepmothers.
Knits Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-10
I had lice and killed them using neem oil.
But to get rid of the eggs i straitened my hair which kills the eggs and it worked great just make sure to wash everything!!!

Should I or not????? Comments By: wendy on 2011-01-11
I'm in Australia and have 5 kids 3 are girls with hair down to their bottoms, my 2 eldest girls (4 and 5) have had cosistant louse for 3 months I have used every single product that is available I have tried mayo vinegar everything including paying $75 to a stupid rip off headlice treatment centre but nope they are still there so as my girls are 4 and 5 yrs old I know I will need to buy 2 different colours as 1 is blonde while the other is dark brown I dont want to destroy their hair while they are so young
use advantage Comments By: Bit on 2011-01-07
When I was younger my mom used to buy dog advantage and it would kill them all. plus its safer.. you can also coat your head in mayo. because lice can find ways to survive through chemicals. but they have yet to find a way to live without breathing. lol, theres bunches of cheap ways to kill lice without dying your hair. dying you hair kinda works. but they can come back stronger then before and the dye can stop working.
the truth please? Comments By: Gonzo on 2011-01-08
my boyfriend and I just found out we have lice. This is the third time I've had it in my life, and it is such an annoying thing to have. I'm not concerned about the different methods of removing it from the head, seeing as there are almost hundreds of working methods and just as many useless comments about hair dye... My question is, on account of a friend, she believes she doesn't have it because she uses hair spray and straightens her hair and a blow dryer as well. If that's the case, and she still comes into contact with my boyfriend (polyamory relationship) will she get it or not?
LICE-FIRST TIME @ 22 Comments By: lilithtonks on 2011-01-09
Ugh. I'm 22, in college at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. My two sisters (12 and 6) came up to visit me over the Christmas break, but I was not informed that they had TERRIBLE head lice.

The day before they went home I discovered HUNDREDS of nits in my 12 year-old sister's hair. At first I thought it was dandruff because she has always struggled with dandruff. I checked the 6 year-old as well...and she had them too!!! I freaked out because she had slept on my couch, worn my jackets, scarfs, and hats...and used my brushes!

I told their mother (my step mother; they are my half sisters) and she said she knew already!!! I WAS LIKE WHAT!??? AND YOU LET THEM COME HERE WITHOUT TELLING ME???!!! There is no telling how long the poor things will have to deal with it as their mother won't take care of it for them. She let the 12 year-old do her OWN treatment! I feel so sorry for them!

Anyways, I washed everything in SUPER hot water, dried everything on high, checked my hair for about a week, through out my brushes and bought new ones....nothing...so I thought.

Today (it's been about 2 weeks) I found nits! I have terrible itching around my neck (looks like a rash, but it's from the lice). I purchased LiceFreee! because it's pesticide free, so the lice can't build up an immunity to it, but we'll see if it works. My plan is to use one treatment of it, then dye my hair.

I'll post again when I know if it's working. I have a metal comb for the nits.

what a lie Comments By: irritated reader on 2011-01-29
just wanted to reply to BS about Jessi R story ok lice can live in clean and dirty hair I don't know what world you live in I wash my hair every day and my sister doesn't wash her hair maybe once a week and she had them more then you can count I never had them until now and I am 20 so please don't be telling people that only people with clean hair get them cuz that's so so worng anyone can get them
Metal Nit Comb and Suave Coconut Conditioner!!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-07
Working in the school system and having 3 kids in school AND being a hair dresser, we have had our share of lice. I have found that using Suave Coconut conditioner and the metal lice comb works the best and is the cheapest. Unless you do this daily for a couple of weeks, you're fighting a losing battle. If you have long hair, apply gel and put up in a bun for a couple of weeks to keep from getting it again. Also, vaccum daily.
dying kids hair is crazy!!! Comments By: worried mom on 2011-02-14
my children keep getting lice and it drives me crazy...their step mom dyed their hair...they are only 12 and 10...they have the medical card to get a prescription but instead decided to dye the kid's hair instead...well i take it that this didnt work because they now have it again...i think dying a childs hair is just wrong...they do have a prescription you can get and over the counter stuff...dont do that to your kids...yeah its cute when its first done but then it grows out and then their hair looks like crap unless you do it constantly...my sister is a beautician and she says hair dye does NOT kill lice..
i dont have them so ha but can give tips Comments By: anon on 2011-02-24
use hair dye it really works i got purple of course
truth be told Comments By: samy on 2011-02-16
headlice r a real pain as i hav very long hair i caught nits of my son who got em from school any tipz 4 getn rid ov the eggs without combing,heeeeelp sumbody !!
Uhhh NO WAY! Comments By: Lily on 2011-02-17
When I was 3 years old my sister had a head full of lice, we shared the same bed & everything. I never got a single egg or noting. Now am 14 & my cousin came from Cuba & BAM! Today I just found out I had lice. The thing I fear most are these stupid crawling basters. I've had half my hair dyed blonde so am just planning on re-dying the back part and using the treatment too. I hope it works, wish me luck.
Flat iron Comments By: Maura on 2011-02-24
I LOVE that idea. Brilliant to use for the eggs that live down further on the hair shaft. My daughter will be happy about that.

Thank you!

OH BUGGER Comments By: Frankie on 2011-02-26
i found out about five minutes i have lice. i will try just about anything to get rid of them. help!!!!!
Oh MAN! Comments By: Amber10 on 2011-03-04
I was infested with headlice a lot as a kid. My parents had issues. Anyway, here I am with them again and I'm 34. Then while snuggling my baby, I see that he has them too. He is almost 2 but he has a lot of hair for his age. Not long, just thick. I write this with hair dye on my hair. I have treated him twice with nix and my fingers are crossed. Good luck everyone. This really sucks.
Hair dye WORKS! Comments By: M carter on 2011-03-06
I get these stupid bugs every year(dye works every time, but comb comb comb). Now my daughter is getting them too. I don't want to dye her hair because she is five, but I use mayo(completely saturated) under a shower cap for an hour(washout), blow dry, then use the lice DM treatment from Walgreens,washout, comb thoroughly, wash with regular or dog shampoo, and blow dry again. then to keep them gone I blow dry every day (the heat kills them).
Get rid of the lice Comments By: Kourtney on 2011-03-13
Lice MD works great Hair dye works but you have to comb out the nits, and i noticed a few ppl said that ppl that are nasty get lice.. WRONG Lice like CLEAN HAIR, they can move around in it. Tea tree oil helps, and so does lavender.
whoever commented on ignorant stepmother Comments By: djwebb on 2011-03-19
I am a 43 year old step mother of two very beautiful children. I have been battling lice in the younest ones hair since July. Mind you I have never had lice in my life. I can't color my step daughters hair because unfortunately she had open heart surgery at 11 days old.

Every time the children come to me with lice before they even enter my house we sit in the garage and I nit their poor little heads. It is very expensive to have to treat my home and Grandma's every 2 weeks.

Finally for the children I was told by my niece's pediatrician to use CETAPHYL GENTLE DEEP CLEANSER. If you google treating head lice with Cetaphyl a link will pop up from ehow.com and explain how to use this treatment.

Mind you I send the kids home with no nits treat my home regularly and they keep bringing them back. They are bringing them from their mother's home she treats the kids but not the furniture or stuffed toys

Well yah it works Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-20
It works good but make sure to clean off your bed right after so when you sleep if there's any on your bed they will get back on you and if your not sure about the die you can bleach it
Works for me!!! Comments By: Erica on 2011-03-26
I use mayo on my daughter's hair when she gets it, dye my hair just to be safe, wash the bedding "just in case", and use hairspray on all 3 kids daily. It works wonderfully for me, but it is with the help of a comb called "Licemeiser" that I purchased at the pharmacy for $25. It is expensive, but it's a life saver. I have never in my life used a lice comb that gets everything until I purchased this. I can run it through their hair prior to treatment and get everything out. I then treat, re-comb, and the comb is usually empty (with the random egg hear or there). I highly recommend to anyone to spend the money on this comb, but they can only be purchased at a pharmacy.
should i dye my 2 yearold hair Comments By: danielle on 2011-04-04
i have son hes 2 and he wont sit still and he fights me when i try to look in his hair. he has long hair and i dont want to cut it i was thinking of dyeing it but im not to sure becuz of all the chemicsls so i dont know wat to do.
nast bugs Comments By: michelle on 2011-04-14
well my son started day care and i picked him up i was getten right ready for the next to to find like over 100 eggs in his head i freaked right out went and go RNC did everyones hair he goes back and get them again so had to keep doning it over and over that i guy tired of it that i stoped taken him...anther timee i had a problem its was helloween i had black hair spray in my hair and went to get my hair cut the girl said she could do it bc i had bugs and she started i got the RNC and bcfore i didnt the shampooing got boyfriend to cheack my head it was nothen but the black hair spreay i was pissed and i will not go see them again for mine or my kids hair cut...
i'm scared of bugs and im 15 Comments By: Jennifer on 2011-04-27
i have had the bugs 4 times once every month from december- march its april and i think i have them again!!
i not allowed to dye my hair. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?

soo sick of lice Comments By: anon on 2011-05-12
my daughter is 10 and weve been battleing lice on and off scense she was about 3 ive done eveything lice shampoos oils mayo hours of combing and lots of screamimg and crying( from both of us) i havent had it in years but just found out i do now i dye my hair often soo im gonna do it again thinking about dyeing my daughters but im scared that its gonna ruin her hair n then were gonna have to keep dyeing but at this point im up for trying anything soo i guess its off to the store for some hair dye n dog shampoo
Pain in the bum nits! Comments By: jules on 2011-07-05
Id just like to say nits dont live long enuff off the scalp to infest houses!! And eggs are attached to the hair with a stiky pod like sack and dont just come out your hair they have to be combed out. my two children have nits for the first time and i was told all of these facts by my pharmasy and believe it or not they are gone. thank god.
Does dye help with head lice? Comments By: Aimee Pretorius on 2011-07-07
I am 13 and just got head lice from my little sister and I dont know how to treat it!I've treid almost every thing,and cost my mom hundreds of rands!I am going to try hair dye next.
Tea Tree Shampoo Comments By: Christine on 2011-07-12
I never before thought of dying my hair when my kids were in Elementry I wish I had my kids are now all over 16 so no hewad lice in years but i am a grandma well the bugs were back one of my older girls suggested dying my hair and use Tea Tree Oil or shampoo I used the tea tree oil and shampoo when my kids were young that got rid of them itself they hate that stuff so I say YEAAAh on the hair dye I wish I new years ago it gets costly those bugs,and huge go for it with the tea tree it works lice stay away from that smell.
eeeeee nits Comments By: lola on 2011-08-24
i still have nits now i duno what to say to my mum am scared and i want to get rid of them
Torch Fuel Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-26
Since i was in kindergarten i was alway the one to get lice and when every i did my mom would put tiki torch fuel with citro max cirtonella wait 5 min and rub shampoo in my hair then rise and keep putting shampoo in hair untill it doesnt smell like tiki fuel any more then condition and comb to make sure all nits are out. repeat for 3 days and wash every thing (sheets, stuff animals, pillows & clothes tht come in contact with head) they should all be gone by then unless u miss some thin
Dying and Straightening Comments By: Anon on 2011-09-18
I just discovered three pieces of what seems to be lice in my hair. I convieneintly had some hair dye and I' doing that now-tomorrow I plan to straighten my hair. Usually, I leave mayonaisse on my hair for a while to suffocate them, but I'm hoping this will work.

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