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Artificial plants. Tips to clean artificial plants

To clean artificial plants {silk}, mix 2 tbsp. "pink" Avon bubble bath and 1 quart warm water. Put in spray bottle. Put plants in sink or shower for larger plants.

Spray away. Let drip dry. No water spots and they smell nice and fresh.

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cleaning artificial plants Comments By: Helen Dickson on 2007-07-05
At www.redhotplants.co.uk we think one of the best ways for a quick spruce up is just to use an old fashioned feather duster.
artificial plants cleaning advice Comments By: Vincent Vity on 2007-10-03
www.justartificial.co.uk recommend a light spray with clean water and either let drip dry of wipe dry with a damp cloth. We also sell professional cleaning products in our online shop.

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