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Refidgerator. Tips for cleaning your refidgerator

The rubber seal around your refrigerator door can harbor bacteria, dirt, and smelly odors, so if you are cleaning your fridge, don't neglect that area. Get in between the ridges, that's where all the bad stuff is. You wouldn't believe all the bad smells and bacteria there can be in there. I'm not sure what to use-vinegar and hot water, or baking soda and hot water would probably do. Lemon and hot water perhaps.

Also, we regularly clean the inside of our fridges, but what about the inside of the doors?

And, some of the food in the fridge may have picked up the smell and are holding it in there. Wipe off any containers and use or throw out anything that would absorb odors (milk, milk products, etc.) I know this is may put you out a bit, but it's worth it- DON'T put ANY smell-absorbing food in UNTIL AFTER you have defrosted and/or cleaned it.

I did hear that if you would like to get a smell out of your fridge, place a saucer of ammonia inside and leave for about a day or so.

Also, Tip King was correct about dirt hiding behind your freezer compartment. You may have success with defrosting your fridge, as the ice in your freezer may be holding on to the smell wipe it clean with a solution of  vinegar and water, after the defrost, and before you turn it back on.

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