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Windex takes all stains out of carpets.

Windex takes all stains out of carpets. I tried it on old stains and new and it works great. Even got out and old stain that was a hot cup of coffee with milk in it. Not only did it get out the stain but it also got rid of the sour milk smell.

Amazing isn't it? But it works

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works Comments By: marsha on 2005-10-16
it really works i got a stain out that i used everything on
can anyone answer these questions for me?!? Comments By: Anon on 2006-02-18
please can someone tell me which windex product I should use and how exactly I should use it? also what about for doing the whole carpet? is it any good for that? what concentration of which windex product should I use? I have a Vax 6151sx could I use windex with that?

TipKing says: I am in the UK and we do not have windex (I do not think) I am assuming that the person has sprayed regular windex onto stains and it has removed them. I cannot help any futher.

Windex Comments By: Anon on 2006-12-12
Unbelievable. I had tried everything (including Clorox 2) on some really bad, large stains in my family room. By the time I tried Windex, they were over a year old. I sprayed the worst one with a store brand window cleaner, rubbed it (didn't have to even scrub)with an old washcloth, and the STAIN WAS GONE!!! Tomorrow I'm going to attack every carpet stain in my house.
windex in carpet cleaner Comments By: karen on 2009-04-03
yes you can use the windex with the same amount of water to clean carpets with a vax etc.
windex Comments By: kat on 2011-01-06
Yes ! People it really worked . Now I can sit down and have a cup of coffee without looking at the coffee stain . lol!!
windex cleaning Comments By: john gotti on 2011-07-26
Man!!! It does work damn surprisingly what the hell

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