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Tea tree oil and skin lotion for head lice

Submitted by Cheryl

One cap full of tea tree oil in your shampoo helps keep lice away. And also, skin lotion applied to hair heavily once a week afterward keeps them gone!

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how much??? Comments By: KJ on 2005-05-26
OK, I feel stupid asking this, but do you use a capful to a bottle of shampoo and shake it up or do you use a capful into the shampoo you put in your palm when you wash your hair?

TipKing says: I would say that it is 1 capful to a bottle of shampoo

bottle size?? Comments By: kc on 2005-07-07
ok how big of a bottle of shampoo to the capful of tea tree oil?

TipKing Says: You may have to experiment. I would think that it is referring to a 250ml 8floz bottle

Tea Tree oil for head lice Comments By: Kristy from Aus. on 2006-09-16
This tip is great,I added tea tree oil to our shampoo,conditioner and leave-in conditioner.Also found it useful to add 1 or 2 capfuls to the fabric softner when washing the clothes.Smells great and keeps the nits away!

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