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Use a hair dryer to kill head lice

Submitted by peter

Use a hair dryer to kill head lice. It even cooks the eggs. We are bigger than lice , we can tolerate the heat while they can not. (physics of Lilliput).

Now all I need is a quiet hair dryer that doesn't get too hot so my 6 year old will use it all the time.

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agreeded Comments By: Amy on 2006-01-16
now I understand, I had headlice last week and have been using my hairdryer over the past few days, Ive noticed when I've combed my hair that I no longer have them.
I agree Comments By: Christy on 2008-02-17
Sounds logical, i mean if your little ones can tolerate the heat.
helps with morgellons Comments By: anthill on 2008-09-15
I have a little knowen skin condition that is called morgellons which more resembles norwegen scabies in the amount of parasites involved in and on your skin
only the skin more than nought does not get incrusted a telltell sign of the condition that morgellons does not share
yes I know scary!

What is even scaryier Doctors give you the usual course of lice and scabies treatments and when they don't work
then they tell you that you that your crazy and presrcibe a course if phyco meds

I beleive the correct term that they use is dilusions of parsites I am here to tell you that this is not a dilusion
I think it is more a narcissistic dilusion that doctors have that they think they know what this is

After being left on my own to deal with my problem I have tried eveything but the kitchen sink to rid myself of my nightmare
Heating the skin with a hair dryer is one of the few things that provides some controll for me
If a hair dryer is helping with what I have I can see that it would probably be vary effective way to get rid if head lice

More help Comments By: Jennifer W. on 2008-11-12
I also have such parasites. Here's what I found:

1. I was teaching an esthetics class on all the different types of electric therapy treatments that can be done with most facial machines. After demonstrating a treatment, my students would practice on each other, and on me as well. By the next morning, my skin was breaking out and had little black specks, like pepper, all over. I believe the most effective treatment was a very high intensity indirect faradic current. We did all the treatments/massages, though, so I'd try all available at your local beauty college, or spa. No pain involved!

2. Kleen Free Enzymes available at naturalginesis.com. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope to soon!

works 4 me Comments By: big mama on 2009-04-09
I have 5 kids, and have never had to use chemical treatments...or manual removal. We have successfully treated outbreaks of nits...and got rid of them in a day. We washed and dried their hair twice a day for 30 min. Now we dry their hair every time we wash it...generally sunday evenings. This is a preventative measure...and I must say, our kids don't get nits anymore...despite their classes always having outbreaks. The most natural solution.

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