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Head lice treated with vinegar and mineral oil

Submitted by bridgette

If you mix 2 cups of vinager with mineral oil (saturate head with mineral oil) it will make nit removal easy and pain free. works everytime for me. also rinsing hair in vinager each night will also help keep lice away!!!

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my child has had head lice 2 times in august Comments By: Tracy Johnson on 2008-08-08
what can I do to keep this away because it upset my child and she starts to cry.
head lice Comments By: tammy on 2009-12-05
this is the first time that i have ben around head lice with my children. this was a week ago. I was told a lot of things to try to stop them. But, or roomates child got them. So someone told me to try mineral oil and shampoo, then rap there head with plastic wrap and let it set for an hour or over knight. then come out the criders. this worked well.

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