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Honey to help stress

Drink a mug of hot milk containing honey and a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon. This relaxing drink will also help get a good nights sleep.

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honey and its benefits Comments By: sara on 2006-08-13
i recommend to my some patients that using honey can decreasr the pressure and stress on their mood. and this agent gave them good condition to think.
Talk Slowly Comments By: Good luck on 2007-07-10
Talk slowly...Pronounce every syllable...this will calming you and your emotions.
Honey & Hot milk Comments By: Ian (Wiccan Alchemist to the Druids) on 2010-08-07
Both Honey & Milk are natural ingredients, like MOST liquid forms of herbal treatments, it is best served slightly above body tempreture as opposed to being HOT. This allows the body to accept the fluids with more ease and allow them to do the job. Honey is also an excellent bonding agent when used with some other herbal medicines. Please check what you are using and why before attempting any administration. I have a great deal of experience in this field as I am a Wiccan Alchemist.

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