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Washing Soda Crystals cut through grease

Washing soda cuts through grease in no time and will help with a smelly drain. Fill your sink with warm water pour in some washing soda, clean your sink and then let the water flow down the drain. You will have a clean sink and a clear drain as the soda cuts through the grease in your drain as it flows through.

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Incomplete info Comments By: Anon on 2005-08-29
Tip states Washing Soda (Sodium Carbonate) is still readily available today, but doesn't give a clue on where to buy it.

TipKing says: You can buy it in most large grocery stores in the washing/laundry section

where to buy Comments By: Jason on 2008-06-09
I bought a 1Kg pack in a green plastic vac sealed bag at Tesco. Only cost pence too.
question about soda crystals Comments By: Mike on 2008-10-27
Does anyone know why soda crystals are now powdery not in "crystal"form as they were years ago?
Bathing in hot water and wasshing soda? Comments By: Shelagh on 2008-12-05
Is it tru that bathing in washing soda desolved in hot water helps with aching joints?
Washing clothes Comments By: Viv Crosby on 2009-06-03
Use 60grams for a full wash, no need to add washing powder. The clothes are clean and soft. Excellent for babies and people with allergies.
Bath Comments By: mindful on 2011-03-30
Yes I have tried a bath of soda crystals / salts .
I will say it seemed to relieve the ache in th back temporarily, however be warned if sensitive skin .. THIS is an irritant , it hurt at first but settled a while


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