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Clean crayon off walls with lubricating oil

If you have crayon marks on your walls, spray with multipurpose lubricating oil (don't let it drip on the floor), you can put this on your rag and wipe the area instead of spraying the wall if you like. Then you can gently wipe, using a paper towel or clean white cloth the entire area that has been colored over.

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Crayon off of walls Comments By: Kathy Miller Marne,Michigan on 2004-09-07
Having done Daycare for 6 years and having four kids of my own, my mom tought me a great tip for removing crayon from walls.

Just simply spray Pledge on the crayon, wait a minute, and wip off. You may have to slightly rub the tougher marks, but it's less messy and easier than baby wipes or Goop!

We don't all have hand cleaner or babies in the house, but most of us do polish our furniture!! When done, simply wipe over with warm water cloth! SURPRISE...it's GONE !!!!

Pledge works as good and doesn't smell Comments By: Michael Johnson on 2005-05-11
I used WD40 and pledge. Both worked 100X better than all other attempts. Pledge just smelled better in the baby's room.

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