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Bonsai tools Here is a very cheap alternative

Instead of investing in expensive tools to tend Bonsai trees, the tools included in a manicure set are just the right size and will work just as well.

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NOT ENTIRELY TRUE!!! Comments By: Jay P on 2009-10-28
please take it from someone that is well educated in the practice of bonsai and has worked in the industry under 2 of australias best bonsai artists, bonsai tools are made for specific purposes, and certain tools are essential for certain applications. however most scissors 'will' do the job and if you are on a tight budget, please use the sharpest possible scissors you have, they should only be used for the purpose of trimming your bonsai, not for root pruning or branch cutting. please note i do understand that most bonsai tools are quite expensive however your first and most important bonsai tool investment should be a good quality branch cutter this is the most essential tool, then it may be possible to look for cheaper alternatives like the 2nd grade chinese tools. i did a quick google search and found a site that may be of some interest
they have a vast range to suit all budgets whowever these are your most essential tools and are top japanese quality tools at a great price and in my opinion definately worth the investment

(http://www.bonsai-tools.com/tools/tool-sets/japanese-shear-and-japanese-concave-cutter.xhtml). i hope this post has been helpful =)

Jay is right! Comments By: BONSAIMASTER on 2009-11-05
couldn't have given better advice myself!! nice work jay!

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