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Chemical free treatment for head lice

You can make your own chemical free treatment by following the recipe below.

2 ounces vegetable oil
20 drops tea tree oil
10 drops rosemary oil
10 drops lavender oil
10 drops lemon oil

Apply mixture to infected person's head and cover with towel for one hour. Follow with regular shampooing. Repeat this process next day.

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This is brilliant. Dont use chemicals Comments By: suzi on 2006-01-16
I use a recipe like this for headlice. I used to use the chemical lotions available from chemists, these does no good, after a week the eggs hatch and you are back to square one again. If you use the chemical free treatment, I beleive the lice suffocate in the oils, the teatree prevents infestation and the eggs slip, off the hair. Whats important is the eggs are killed also with this stuff.
People can build up a resistance to chemical lotions and they end up totally useless. Chemical free aromatherepy recipes are brilliant, I really recommend them, as does my five year old, who never complains with this recipe. Instead of using a towel, I wrap her head in cling film, obviously keeping the face cling film free! That stops any air getting to any lice also.
I hope this helps!


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