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Overcome your Fear of Flying

Flying through the air on an airplane can seem scary to some people if you have never been off the ground before. Getting on an airplane and putting your life in the hands of a pilot is actually safer than driving on many highways around the world. Stepping on an airplane is no different from stepping on a bus, the driver just takes you where you want to go, further and faster!

What are most people afraid of when flying?

People will tell you that they are afraid of losing their luggage or losing their way. Getting on the wrong plane or forgetting to get a connecting flight. Other people are worried about the pilot taking the plane for a joy ride, while others are afraid of high jackers. What would be your worst fears about getting on a plane? Sitting next to someone who really smells or that you just canít stand to look at is a fear of some people.¬†

While most people are afraid of the plane wrecking, there are actually very few planes that wreck in any given year. As I said before, you can see how many car accidents, truck accidents, even people getting hit by cars compared to the number of planes that physically wreck in a year. You can put aside your fears of flying for those basic reasons. You are safe on a plane, safer than walking down the street in some areas, and riding in a car in most other areas. 

People that are afraid of sitting along side someone who smells, that they just canít stand or sitting beside someone who is really offensive can put their fears to rest. On planes where the seats are not very full, the stewards are likely to help you find a seat that is more comfortable.¬†

If you are not comfortable and the plane is full, you donít really have much choice but to get through your plane ride. Most plane rides are not very long so if you have no choice but to keep your seat you can rest assured to know that your ride will soon be over.¬†

If you are Ďafraid ofí flying and have to you can educate yourself about the different airlines, what their security measures consist of and how emergencies are handled. You can inquire with any booking agent, travel agent or with the airline itself to find out any particulars that you want to know about a company. Most all airlines now have their own websites online, that will explain to you about their services, what you can expect and what wonít happen on a particular flight.¬†

Relaxing is a big part of getting on an airplane for the first time. If you are really nervous you can have a drink at the bar in the airport that will calm your nerves. If you are known to have panic attacks have your doctor prescribe something especially for the trip so you can be more relaxed and calm while boarding, taking off and while flying. As you find out, during your first trip, there really is nothing to worry about and the flight attendants are very helpful in answering any questions and helping your deal with any problems you might have. 

Deep breathing while boarding the plane, during take off and during the flight or the landing are going to help your body immensely in relaxing. Deep breathing puts more oxygen in your body, which is very relaxing and soothing for the muscles at the same time. 

Positive thinking is another way that you can relax your body. Think about anything but what worries you. Look around the plane and think about the people on the plane, the people that you have met on your travels so far and where you are going. 

Focus on the good things in your day, your life, and what is going in your life at the moment. Positive thinking is a very powerful thing to help you over come fears. Many people have been in worse situations and remained positive, coming out in the end with great stories, and having fun at the same time.

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Fear of flying Comments By: Anne on 2004-08-29
You can enrol on a course for Fear of Flying, where you get a talk, lunch and a fully attended flight of air crew, easing you through the flight.
Contact travel agent or British Airways about their half day courses.

claustrophobia Comments By: Jo on 2004-09-04
My fear of flying stems from my claustrophobia. I feel cramped and trapped and I can't open the window! And I can't stop the plane in order to get out...

I find that talking helps. If I am not with someone I know, I bore the pants off whoever has the misfortune to sit next to me. It takes my mind off my fears a lot. If you are like this, I would recommend staying in your seat at all costs.

As soon as you stand up, it feels worse because there is very little head room and you get that shut-in feeling.

another perspective Comments By: Norman Lynch on 2005-03-03
My fear of flying has more to do with not being in control as opposed to being frightened of an air accident. This is the case with many people I know. Whilst driving I'm in control,yes I know I'm not in control of the actions of other drivers but I do have control over my reaction to their actions. In contrast when flying I have absolutely no control and must surrender myself totally to the skill & actions of another person. For a person who is used to being in control this is a very scarry proposition!

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