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Earache. Olive oil cures earaches

If you heat up some olive oil in a microwave for 30 seconds then apply it to the ear that hurts, within a few minutes it will feel better.

The following was sent in by Nancy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Straight Out Of The Bottle Works!
Geez, why risk burning an ear when I just used my Extra Virgin Olive Oil straight out of the bottle and soaked a small piece of a cotton ball in it and then squeezed the cotton ball into my tilted ear to make sure I did not flood it with too much.

I squeezed just a few drops and then I stuck the soaked cotton in there and let it sit for a bit, then took it out and put part of a new cotton ball in my ear so it would not be greasy as I slept. I probably could have left the first soaked cotton in there had I lessened the size and then just added the new cotton to keep the oil from oozing out. That way the surrounding tissues in the ear would have a steady stream of oil to absorb through the night as I slept. (next time)

I think the warming of the oil must have been done in the old days because the homes were not heated and therefore the olive oil was also cold and chilling to an already aching ear. But room temperature in most homes is warm enough to keep olive oil not chilly.

Anyway, it worked and I think the heating of the oil is for soothing purposes more than anything else. The Olive Oil's properties are what is probably doing the healing.

If I were to heat the oil, the idea of heating it for 30 seconds in the microwave would depend on the amount of oil. To be safe, I'd only do 10 seconds for a Tablespoon's worth, dip the cotton in it, then squeeze it onto the inside of my wrist to check it for temperature AND THEN squeeze some into the ear.

Just my opinion. I am not a doctor. Hope it helps!

The following was sent in by jcourt

Olive oil with crushed garlic works even better!
My daughter suffers from painful earaches once or twice a year. I stumbled upon a site that recommended slightly warmed olive oil with crushed garlic. I put the oil on the stove in a small pan, mince several garlic cloves and simmer. After cooling always test the oil on the back of your wrist FIRST, then use a syringe to drop the oil into the ear canal while laying on your side. I was told that it is also important to massage downward or "milk" the glands behind the ear. This has worked for her EVERY time! No more trips to the doctor for something we can fix in 15 minutes or less! :-) Makes Mommas Happy! Just a side note: the oil MUST be body temp or above or it will cause pain instead of relieving it.

Visitors comments

It worked. Comments By: Frankie M. on 2004-09-28
I soaked a little piece of toilet paper in olive oil and microwaved it to very warm. I then squeezed as many drops of this warm olive oil into my ear as I could and finished by plugging it with the same piece of paper. The pain has diminished somewhat but is replaced by and intense "tickling" sensation almost like an itch but not quite. I really want to stick a finger or q-tip in there and scratch it, but I know this would only make matters worse. I think that's what started the whole problem. Anyhow, the olive oil seems to work. I am in less pain. I really, REALLY want to cram a q-tip in there tough and scratch that itch ticklin, but I won't. This olive oil remedy is really easy if you have some olive oil handy. I wonder if that garlic thing works.
burned now Comments By: Anon on 2004-12-18
Heating up olive oil for 30 seconds makes a scalding hot cup and oil inside. In addition to my earache, I now have a burned finger and a couple of olive oil stains on my shirt from trying to pour oil into my ear from a teaspoon.
Excellent Comments By: Michelle L. on 2004-12-22
My son, 9, has been awake most of the night with an ear ache. He is now sleeping! I CAREFULLY tested the olive oil before using it. No burns, no stains. Just a happy sleeping customer!
It freaken worked Comments By: anon on 2004-12-31
The pain is gone, however I can still feel a bit of the pressure...anyway I can go back to sleep now, Thanks.
olive oil does work Comments By: Ayuh~Nobody on 2005-02-07
it really does work. but i found that if you buy a little baby bottle, then store the oil in it, then place it in the cabinet. that way you will always hav the oil on hand and its a great way of putting the oil in your ear with no mess! also 30 seconds is way to long, i put it in the microwave in the bottle ( remove nipple first ) for about 15 seconds. then put a piece of cotton in after. the tickle is something, but it sure beats the pain!
worked for us! Comments By: Jamie on 2005-01-27
My daughter was in horrible pain, and of course, the earache had to come in the middle of the night. So I gave her a decongestant to help it drain and then the olive oil. She complained about the noises it made and she wanted to take it out because it wastickling, but she woke up this morning and the first thing she told me was that the oil worked and she flet great. I have to agree- 30 seconds was too long. but I could tell way before I got my finger in there and burned it. You can feel the heat radiating from it. So I just added a little more to cool it down, soaked a piece of tolet paper w/ it and squeezed it into her ear. I've heard people at my church who are into home remedies for everything rave about the olive oil treatment so I though that I would try and it worked for us!
Must Try Comments By: T on 2005-02-20
My little sister just woke up w/horrible ear pain and i tried this remedy which I remember my mom used when I was little. It took a few minutes until she had some relief, but it definitly helped. Im convinced.
Navigate located in Charlotte NC age 41 Comments By: Mr. Navigate on 2005-03-23
Warming up olive oil really works. Had to confirm it with my aunt before using. The olive oil stopped my daughter's ear ache in 5 minutes.

I warmed the olive oil in the microwave for about 15 secs then I used an ear syringe to apply olive in ear and closed ear opening with a cotton ball. The brand I used was Bertolli Extra Virgin Oil

It worked Comments By: cheryl on 2005-07-09
I tried the heat it did not work and I just read about the olive oil and wow it does work thank you.
'WOW IT'S UNIQUE. Comments By: Mother Anon on 2005-07-12
I tried this and it sounds kind of weird but i did it to my 2 year old that always gets ear infections but thank GOD shes normal again i highly recomand it.
I'm impressed!! Comments By: Tired Momma on 2005-12-16
At 3am, haven't slept yet, 8 month old wants to play...my ear was hurting terribly, came on here found this, tried it, it took about ten minutes to work on me, but it worked! Still can't hear much, but no pain!!
Thank you Comments By: Dawn on 2006-02-18
I heated about 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil in the microwave for 15 seconds (I did stop about 3 times and shake the tub), dipped a tissue and squeezed 3 large drops into my 8 years olds ear. He'd woke up, crying in pain earlier but not long after using the olive oil, he's now sleeping. He said it tickled when I put it in then, roughly a minute later, he said he'd felt 3 pops and his ear felt numb, not long after he was asleep. I'd seen this "cure" on a holistic website but I'd never had dared try it if I hadn't found this website with all your coments, so a big thank you.
The nightmare is over!!! Comments By: cheryl on 2006-03-15
I'm so glad I came across this site!! I would never have tried this if I hadn't read all the comments. My 4 year old was a bit worried when she was watching me prepare it so I started telling her about all the comments I had just read!! This calmed her down and the oil worked a treat. I didn't even know I could use my cooking oil, very handy!! Thanx!!
Olive oil is good, but Almond oil is even better! Comments By: Grandma Anon on 2006-05-31
Having worked in a pharmacy for 25 years,
Almond oil works better! Children do
not always NEED anti-biotics, and parents
should try dipping a teaspoon into a cup
of hot water for 15 seconds, drying the
spoon and then pouring a few drops of oil
on the spoon and tip into the ear. A small amount of
cotton wool will help keep the oil in the

It does work. Comments By: Jason on 2006-08-01
Last night it was killing my left ear. I had no asprin or any sort of medication to take pain away, so I thought I would try this. I just warmed up a little bit of olive oil in a glass, used a cotton swab to soak it up and stuck it in my ear. It was a warm feeling, I made sure it wasnt hot enough to burn. Than I let it stay in there for about 10 min while I went and watched tv with my head tilted. Went to bed with a less painful ear. Woke up this morning and its pain free. It still "clicks" and its not as clear for hearing, but the pain is gone. I think this is a good temp solution until you can get to the Dr's office. I plan on going today to get checked up.
I used sweet oil!! Comments By: Annette on 2006-08-03
It worked almost instantly!! I did not heat it up & it still worked! My mom used to heat up sweet oil for my horrible earaches. It worked then & still works today!!!!!
Up all night, slept all day Comments By: Jessica on 2006-08-05
I was up all night with my 9 month old! She has an infection in both ears! I was awakened by her familiar screams. I too have an ear infection now. Her doctor has taken excellent care with her. My "Doc" says to fill this perscription... um, yea, its about $250 (without insurance(for myself)) Got to this site and my worries, and pain are gone. Thank God for the web!
Olive Oil Works Comments By: Julia in CA on 2006-09-21
My 4 year old woke me up at 2:30 a.m. complaining of an earache. She's never had one, so I didn't know what to do. And of course, there's no doctor to call that late. I went online, and saw all the recommendations for trying olive oil. I didn't heat it, as I was afraid of burning my daughter. It immediately worked, and she fell asleep soon after. Thank goodness for the internet!
Daddy Guinea Pig Comments By: Brian Hall on 2006-10-21
My 6 yr old was complaing of pain in his ear and my ear was killing me also, so I got on the internet and found all of these positive comments about olive oil. So my wife is not much into home remedies, so I was the guinea pig and it works. Being a Dad is tough but being a guinea pig is Priceless. Thanks
brilliant Comments By: Kay on 2007-01-06
pour some olive oil on cotton pad, put it on a plate and in microwave. count to ten and take it out - DEFINATELY not 30 secs. even that left it hot. I made sure its not burning by squeezing some oil onto my arm. apparently it wasnt a pleasant feeling in the ear but my 4 year old is now sleeping after hours of crying - THANK YOU :)
Incredible Comments By: Marissa on 2007-01-28
My 14 month old was screaming non stop from an ear infection caused by teething. I could visibly see that his ear was red so I got on here and read everyones comments. I tried it and he is now happily running around the living room tiring himself out. I am glad the screaming fits are over.
Oldie but still a goodie Comments By: SJ on 2007-07-19
My mom used to heat up sweet oil (it's just another name for olive oil) and use it in my ears for terrible childhood earaches.

Try this: place a cup of water in the microwave and heat to warm (not boiling). Take it out and place an ear dropper with a few drops of olive oil in the warm water. It heats the oil gently and is very easy to place in the ear. Just follow with cotton ball in the ear. I always keep a ear dropper on hand just in case - swimmers ear, or ear infectsion - always works.

great Comments By: nnnnnnnnnn on 2007-08-05
it worked
allright Comments By: Mehmed Chicago on 2007-08-06
it is 3 in the moring and i have the worst earache i checked online then i tried the olvie oil thing dsnt work that well depending on tha infection still hurts very bad
Miracle cure Comments By: Rae on 2007-08-28
My 18 month old woke up screaming, and his dr suggested to try the olive oil. I put about a tablespoon in a little bowl and heated it for 10 seconds, stirred, then 10 again. I put a tiny amount in a medicine dropper and squirted it into each ear. I put a burp cloth on my shoulder to keep the oil off of my clothes. He stopped screaming after about a minute, and was asleep within five. A miracle cure, if you ask me!
Holy Smokes Comments By: Dennis on 2007-09-03
My mother mentioned using olive oil a few days ago. I brushed it off as some crazy home remedy until I could no longer stand the pain in my left ear.

Even unheated, the pain vanished. And this is after I tried over the counter stuff and various gades of Tylenol.

It worked for my 2yr old!! Comments By: Caolina on 2007-09-27
Its 11:45 pm. My 2 yr old had been complaining all day, she has not slept at all!! heated up the olive oil, put drops in with the syringe, plugged it up with cotton and how she is alseep! thank goodness for the internet
Co-worker's earache pain Comments By: Pam Brownlee on 2007-11-01
A co-worker has been complaining of an earache all day. I recommended olive oil because that's what my mom used when I had severe earaches. Many of out co-workers were skeptical. I went with her to the pharmacy where she decided to purchase and try the (sweet oil) olive oil. Before we made it back to the office, she had put a few drops in her ear. (She decided she couldn't wait for it to be heated.) Within a few minutes the pain had receded. She says she can't here out of that ear right now but that it feels much better. -- By the way, my mother used to put the olive oil in a dropper and heated it with the blow dryer. Worked GREAT!!!
Took a long while but it worked Comments By: james on 2007-11-04
Had severe pain in my ear for about 24 hours,had hot water bottle held against it for most of the day.Paracetemol didnt really give much relief.Tryed this olive oil thing,it actually took about 8hours for it to work.I cant hear much now and still have a few stabbing pains here and there but at least i fell half human again.
YAY Comments By: Jen on 2007-11-07
my boyfriends 4 year old is sick with pink eye and an ear infection, it's 920 pm and the boyfriend is at work, i'm home with the kids, i used the olive oil and He is FINALLY sleeping! YAY!

FANTASTIC!!! Comments By: Devina on 2007-11-20
Have had 3 yr old daughter screaming since 9pm of earache found this tip went and bought some oilat 1am!! within 5 mins she was sound asleep!! Fab!!
I'm amazed Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-10
But it seemed to do the trick on our 5yr old. I just gently warmed the olive oil and then dipped some cotton wool into it, and popped that in her ear. We did use painkillers aswell, but this definately made a difference.
BEEN USING OLIVE OIL FOR YEARS! Comments By: Nana Watts on 2007-12-21
I'm 55 and my parents always warmed up a small amount in a table spoon and just held it over the gas stove for a few seconds. When it was just the right temp my Dad would soak a small amount of a cotton ball and squeeze into my ear, then put the same piece of cotton into my ear to keep it from dripping out. Works like a Charm
WORKS GREAT!!! Comments By: Barbara on 2008-01-09
My 5yr old son kept crying and complaining about his ear hurting inside. Tylenol didn't help. Could not get him to go to sleep. Found the olive oil tip and now he is falling asleep and says the pain is gone. Thanks!
If it hurts enough you will try this....and it works!! Comments By: DC on 2008-01-09
Im always sceptical of things like this, the pescimist inside thinks it could all be false!

However i couldnt stand the pain any longer and decided to add some to some cotton wool and heat for 20 seconds(do test before putting in the ear) within a matter of minutes the pain had reduced and i could hear again...back to bed now

made slight difference Comments By: umar on 2008-01-22
my dad put the oil in my ear it was warm,i left it in my ear and it just stuck there lol the pain did decrease but not fully now the rest of the old is drippin out
hurts less Comments By: job on 2008-03-13
repeatedly syringed warm oil into each ear a few times. Heated about 20ml for 20s or so in a mug... heated in 10s intervals for safety.

Slightly less painful now, though could be placebo or the two nurofen i took about half an hour ago (he he).

Have been told to do this by nurse in doctors surgery previously to prevent wax build up, so likely has some basis.

Tesco Brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil works too! Comments By: Red kING on 2008-03-15
Amazing tip!
It works Comments By: karatechampmom on 2008-04-15
I did not have any almond oil in the house tonight, so I tried the olive oil. It worked! My 11 yr old is sound asleep and not crying any longer. Thank God for the internet! Earaches are painful, I had them all the time when I was a kid. I am so glad for this site!
Amazing! Under two minutes. Comments By: Henry's Happy Daddy on 2008-04-20
Wow. Tried Tylenol earlier in the night, no effect. In desperation was searching online and found this thread. Some slightly warm olive oil in the ear and bang - 4 yr old went from inconsolable screaming to sound asleep. Literally less than two minutes from the time the drops went in ear. I'm convinced.
Def works Comments By: Daniel on 2008-04-27
I had a severed earache about a 10 and i was going crazy. I tried ice pills and they helped a bit. I went on the net and i saw this. I warmed some organic extra virgin olive oil in a test tube then put it in a hot water bath. I inserted the warm oil into my ear with a syringe. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW. MY pain went from a 10 to like a 1 to 2. I am 24 years old and thank god for the internet. I use to have horrible earache when i was a child and i still remember them and it gives me chills. Parents if your child has an ear ache please try this remedy out. Most people have olive oil in their house and it does not have to be extra but def warm and u can use a spoon or microwave for that.

Once again please if you are a parent to this asap if you child is in pain. It leaves your ears clogged and maybe tickly but thats waaaaaaay better then feeling the intense pain. Your child will thank you for it when you are older.

nurse tip Comments By: nurse c on 2008-04-30
DON'T DO THIS!! I know from experience a child with earache usually at night is terrible to see, but this tip is DANGEROUS.
-If someone has bad pain in the ear, see a doctor or practice nurse ASAP (till then use painkillers, a drop of Olbas Oil under the pillow, raising the top end of the bed a little may help, and warm drinks too).
-NEVER use oil heated by anything except your own body heat - it's very dangerous to put oil heated any other way into any ear.
-Earache in children is usually caused by infection, and may need an antibiotic. If fluid builds up causing the fragile membrane to balloon out, it doesn't take much to make it tear. You don't want this to happen - it could cause permanent damage. Although pain will go, it can cause more infection, and will cause deafness in that ear for two to three weeks (you should avoid water in the ear for this time if it ever happens).
-In earache in adults an infection may need antibiotics. However, if caused by a bad blockage of wax (only your doctor or practice nurse can see this with a special scope, so get seen first), olive oil at BODY temperature helps to dissolve it, although it may feel more blocked at first. Use a few drops and keep your affected ear upwards so the oil can drain in, wipe the drips off the outside of your ear, (but no cotton wool in the ear, it just draws out all the oil out) also NEVER poke inside your ear with cotton buds, as it may cause permanent damage, just keep the outside clean. You would do this twice a day, for a few days before either it works itself, or the hard wax has softened enough for the nurse to syringe it out.
-Please remember, your ears are very delicate.

i used it help a little but not much =( Comments By: Audrey on 2008-05-10
i used it and it helped a tad bit but im going to try to go back to sleep now cause i ihavent slept at all and im tried
WOW Comments By: Lisa Mizen on 2008-05-21
My son 5yrs old was complaining of an earache. So I tried the Olive Oil trick and it worked. It looks like we are all going to have a good night sleep thank you :0)
Not bad Comments By: give it a try on 2008-05-21
Didn't help too much for me, but my earache is pretty bad - the whole area around my ear, throat and cheek is swollen. It did make my hearing clear again for a few minutes - I would try it again on a less severe earache. Definitely agree with those saying 30 seconds is too long though, 15 is just about right.
Sweet Oil...Olive Oil...Same thing! Comments By: Kasey on 2008-06-02
After trying other remedies...this one actually works! Many people have told me to try three drops of warm Sweet Oil. I bought a bottle at a local pharmacy and found out that the only ingredient in Sweet Oil is Olive Oil!
Olive oil works! Comments By: birdlover on 2008-06-03
My mom used to warm it in a spoon first when I was a kid.TEST for heat BEFORE you place drops in your ear.;-)
No microwave. Comments By: Lisa on 2008-06-09
I used one of those medicine dropper that we get from the pharmacist for antibiotics etc. Since I don't have a microwave, I put olive oil in the dropper, then put in dropper in a cup filled with very hot water. In a few minutes, it was warm to my wrist and I just put a few drops into his ear. Worked!
Thank you!! Comments By: Jenny on 2008-06-11
My 9 yr. old son has been up for the past 5 hours crying because his ear hurt so bad. He broke his femur when he was 5 and he didn't act like he was in this much pain. After trying the Tylenol, warm washcloth, and heating pad I was at a loss. His ear was hurting just as bad as it had before we did anything. It's now 3:45 AM we just tried the oil about 10 minutes ago and he's sleeping peacefully on the couch. My grandmother had told me about this remedy years ago, but I'd forgotten. Thank you SOOOO much!
it's getting better.... Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-12
it's 3 o'clock in the morning and i have severe ear ache for the last 50 minutes. I have tears in my eyes as the ache is unbearable. Just now I have tried olive oil and thank God it's getting better...
Slowly, but effectively.

AWESOME!!!! Comments By: ANON on 2008-07-12
My 4 yr old was complaining that his ear hurt at midnight. He has been swimming a lot today. So, I believe this has caused his pain. I put a few drops of olive oil in his ear, not heated. It was like magic, he fell aslleep within minutes. I have also done this to myself in the past. It WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!
quoran Comments By: zee on 2008-07-13
hi, olive oil cure lot of things not just earach... as it mentioned in the quoran olive iol came from bless tree , it prevent cancer if you drink spoon every day of your live ! it gives tan on the face ,ect... as i said in the quoran (allah)and prophet mahhamed "pbuh"( sunna) mentioned how to cure deseases and cancers from fruits and veg .good luck every body
didnt wanted use medication Comments By: Kitty on 2008-08-10
Heya! will try now, so many good comments. didnt wanted to use the medication, found in the shop, wanted to try something different.

any clean oil will do Comments By: Aamina Badran on 2008-08-16
Olive oil, almond oil, whatever! It works because it's greasy and it cuts up that bad old waxy blockage. You don't need to heat it( your body will do that) but that helps the oil slide in more effectively. If not better within a couple of days with the home method, don't hesitate to visit the doctor. At least to hear them out. I hope your healing process goes well.
Skeptic Comments By: Grimm on 2008-09-10
I'm an inner city girl, but my mom is a country girl, so when I had an ear ache, I wanted to go to the doctor. Only problem: No health insurance. My mom said to me,"I'll buy some sweet oil and it'll clear right up." I was skeptical and kinda didn't want oil oozing from my ear, but it hurt so bad that I let her put it in. It floors me how amazing old school remedies can be. It worked so fast, and the pain has been greatly reduced.
Doesn't seem to work for me... Comments By: Alex on 2008-09-28
It's 4.19am and ive been up since about 1 with severe eatache. Have been getting earaches my whole life almost religiously whenever i have a cold. My parents always used to take me to the doctors and because it was always quite a severe infection, most of the time id be given antibiotics. have a cold this time as well, but seeing as its the middle of the night i had no choice but to resort to some home remedies.. poured some olive oil onto a cotton pad, put it on a plate and heated it for 10 seconds in the microwave so it was luke warm. squeezed about 2-3 drops in my ear and placed a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel on top. am currently lying in bed with my head tiled to one side (doesn't make typing any easier, lol..) and im waiting for it to work. so far i cant say i really notice a difference.. :-(
Olive oil works but Comments By: Pam on 2008-09-29
Warm olive oil does work but before you put it in your ear you must make sure that the ear drum has not ruptured. Do not put anything in the ear if you have a rupture. Also if you purchase olive oil with garlic and mullein it will clear up any infection.
Sound Asleep Comments By: Debbie on 2008-10-11
I did this for my 5 year old son whom c/o itchy painful ear and he is now fast asleep in my lap - Thank you very much!!
Mommy Dee Comments By: DeeAnna on 2008-10-17
I havea always believd in this home remedy cause of Grandma Molly. When i had my kids my youngest son had a terrible night with a earache....tried grannys remedy and worked liked magic..trust it people it works...
IT WORKS!!! Comments By: Daddy Jay on 2008-10-25
It really works for my 7 years old daughter, just 3 drops for each ear. GREAT!!!
It does work Comments By: Kerry on 2008-12-06
12/6/08 My ear was plugged from sinus drainage and ached from the pressure, I put a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (that's what I already had) in a small dish, microwaved for 5, then additional 10 seconds, tested the temperature, soaked a cotton ball in it and squeezed enough oil in to fill ear canal, kept head tilted for about 5 minutes, then let it drain out and viola...as the oil drained out, my ear popped, I could hear out of it, and the pain was relieved.
Funny...doctors/nurses.... Comments By: Cayce on 2009-02-02
Funny that about the only negative comments are from Doctors and Nurses who charge hundreds of dollars/minute if you go to their office. They say take Tylenol, and send you home. Thanks for the money.
Beware Comments By: Dr Jp Clarke on 2009-01-16
This is great if you have an earache but if it is an ear infection this can make it alot worse, Because the infection uses the olive oil to simply travel further down your ear infecting more of your ear passage. It can be hard to tell the difference between a ear infection and a earache but one simple way is if you have any puss or fluid at all around or in your ear DO NOT use olive oil simply go to your doctor.
WORKED GREAT Comments By: MIKE on 2009-01-17

Old things on new people Comments By: scall on 2009-01-24
My son who is 3 years old, has suffered with earaches and ear infections since birth. He has even had to have eustachian tubes inserted into his ears. He woke up screaming out of his sleep tonight complaining about his ears. I went to Walgreens and got him some Ibuprofen (which was on sale @4.99 buy one get one free) and sweet oil. I heated the sweet oil up for 15 secs. added a cotton ball and voila...my kid is sound asleep at 4:30am and me his poor mother is awake on the internet writing her testimony. 1/24/2009
Lordy, 30 seconds is way too long!!! Comments By: Lisa on 2009-01-03
I woke up with an earache this morning and tried the warm olive oil treatment. My ear is feeling MUCH better. Don't heat the oil for 30 seconds, you'll burn your ear! 15 seconds is plenty.

It's amazing how God has given us these natural remedies that work even better than pills.

Thank god for olive oil!! Comments By: jennifer on 2009-01-09
This worked!! My 3 year old woke in the middle of the night crying because of ear pain. I tried the olive oil.. (I had to hold him down to put it in ).. he was asleep in minutes!! Throughout the night I did have to do this several times and it worked everytime. My question is, can too much olive oil hurt?
It does work! Comments By: Bridget on 2009-01-11
I have had problems with my ears my whole life.I recommend that you try this,it takes away the pain :)
try it! Comments By: melissa on 2009-02-07
whew! thank god i found this page. My 7 year old step son woke up crying at 3am on a friday night, and i was worried i'd have to bring him to the emergency room on a sat, but i tried the olive oil and it worked! no more tears.
It does work! - Thank you Comments By: Dave on 2009-02-12
Just tried this with my 2 year old and it started to work within about 1 minute. From crying non stop for 24+ hours to giving me a nice big smile within a couple of minutes.
Took ages but worked Comments By: Sami on 2009-02-15
It took about 4-5 hours to actually kick in, but it worked and i can now move around feeling human again, now i just have to figure out how to get rid of the excess oil
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! Comments By: Nikki on 2009-02-22
My 3 year old daughter awoke crying from an earache last night. Desperate to relieve her of the intense pain and our sleep deprivation, I turned on my computer hoping for a quick fix. I am always so concerned to try home remedies, but while holding her in my arms and knowing the pain she was in.....I knew I had to do something for her. So, I tried it!!! Less than 15 minutes later, my baby was sound asleep and so was the rest of our family! Thank you so much to everyone who posted thier commments, because if there were no positive comments, I never would have tried this.
I'm Worried to try it.... Comments By: AlfiesMa on 2009-02-23
My little 5 year old suffers re-occuring eachache. Last night we were up every 2 hours with fever and terrible pain. A hot water bottle seems to work for a while, drawing out some of the wax. I dont want to keep giving him antibiotics but the very few comments on here that say 'don't do it!' scare me!
Works wonders Comments By: Chelsea on 2009-02-23
When I was a kid I would always get ear aches and my aunt would use olive oil to alleviate my pain. I'm twenty and I still get ear aches and I still use olive oil. The only downside is the smell and the weird feeling it gives you as it slowly slides down your canal (eww) but other than that it woks wonders.
Didn't work - Made Worse Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-04
Almost immediately made me feel worse. More pain, as well as nausea. I'm buying ear drops tomorrow.
Really helped Comments By: foley304 on 2009-03-17
Im 38 yrs old and remember my mom doing this for me when I WAS A little girl.Its alot easier and quicker to heat it up on a teaspoon w/ a lighter for a few sec.Then pour into ear. Ive had earaches w. drum rutureing about 3 times in last few years. Wish Id had some handy then. Any way have earache now and tried this again after all these yrs and worked great.
Just used it Comments By: Shaun on 2009-03-20
I didn't heat up the sweet oil, placed two drops in and half a cotton ball after it. Tilted my head with the hurt ear up for 10 minutes, pulled the cotton out because I didn't want to risk messing anything up and the pain is gone. I can't really hear out of that ear right now, but the pain is gone and that's the key! Still skeptical though, I think the worst. I figure when the sweet oil drains out, the pain will come back. I'll do it again if it does and keep the cotton in longer!
It really does work. Comments By: Frank & Vanessa on 2009-03-25
Our 9 year old was complaining of an earache. We tried the warm olive oil in her ear. She was a bit scared at first but within minutes she said her felt better. I does recommend this.
Acceptable Comments By: -_- on 2009-03-31
I'm 15YO, and I had a horrible earache in the middle of the night. So I decided to search remedies online, I had taken 3 Advil before I slept so I didn't want to take anymore (I was asleep for about 2 hours). It works but, it is unpleasant. The pain was gone, but I could sleep with that strange feeling. I fell asleep after 2 hours of TV so its all good.
Seems to be working... Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-03
I woke up with a terrible earache. I don't have health insurance so I got online to research home rememdies. I got some olive oil and heated it up for about 15 seconds. i dipped a paper towel in it and squeezed the excess oil into my ear canal. It's been about 15 minutes, and while the pain is not completely gone, it has definitely subsided. I may try again in a couple hours...thanks everyone!
Fast relief with a teaspoon and match Comments By: soozy on 2009-04-11
My mother used to put the olive oil on a tea spoon and heat the spoon and oil with a match. The oil wasn't too hot, just warm when she put it in my ear. It really works!
Ow! :( Comments By: Zak on 2009-04-11
I have to go to work in 2 hours so i thought i would try this. might as well have tried pouring water in my ear, BUT i really think it depends on what is causing your ear ache whether or not this will work.
olive oil and earache Comments By: Najat on 2009-04-14
My 3 year old has frequent earaches and ear infections. After one of our many trips to the A and E, an intern suggested me to use a bit of warm olive oil during the day, just before bath time, to clean the eardrums. I can say she has less wax in her ears and less infections. I bought a little bottle with a drop top to put the oil in the ear and when I want to warm the oil up, just stand it in a boiul of hot water and test it on my wrist.
Worked for my 6 yr old Comments By: Rob on 2009-04-25
She has been screaming for the past 2 hours. We gave her a decongestant and childrens tylenol over an hour ago too and it did not help at all. Tried the olive oil heated in the micro for 20 sec on high and she stopped crying within 1 min or so and fell asleep! Just be sure to test the oil before putting it in ear to be sure its not too hot. Worked like a charm, even if it only get her through the night its well worth it.
Thank god thats over with!!! Comments By: Tammy Hall from swindon on 2009-05-01
i have been up all night with pain its just gone 6 in the morning and its been hurting that much im on the internet cos i need help!! saw this @ this piont i will try any thing. With in seconds the ringing has stopped and the ache has gone and im 100% happier and now off to sleep again. Thank you
oil for ear ach works Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-03
My mom used to put oil in my ear when I woke up with an earache as a child. the pharmacy said that haven't sold ear oil for over 25 years! So I used a medicine dropper. Heated corn oil in a dish, if you place a drop on your wrist and it's too hot, then it's too hot for you ear, too. A few drops in my ear, and my painful ache is gone! No antibiotics! No kidding.
a little common sense Comments By: nomoearache on 2009-05-07
A little common sense balanced with a little medical knowledge goes a long way. If you have junk oozing out of your ear, go see a doctor. If you're experiencing minor discomfort, give the remedy a try. I remember kids in grade school with oily cotton stuffed down their ears. They turned out okay. Use your noodle to determine how serious your earache is and go from there.
ahhhhhhhhhhh! Comments By: cyp on 2009-05-16
im soooooooo glad that worked i was running out of ideas, i had to heat it for fourty seconds but the wait was well worth it, i can finally say goodbye to horrible earache!
warming you olive oil Comments By: ails on 2009-05-16
Forget the microwave - warm the oil the old fashioned way, put some oil into a small glass and stand in a bowl of hot water (from kettle) - after 1 or 2 minutes the oil will be the right temperature - no worries about getting burnt!
Its Okayish Comments By: Loui on 2009-05-31
it sort of works but at the same time doesnt, im sitting here with oil in my ear, but apart from a slightly reduced amount of pain, nothing else has happened. Maybe it depends on the type of earache.
hmmmm?? Comments By: amy on 2009-06-05
still evaluating atm!!! how long does this take to work?? x
hmmmm?? Comments By: amy on 2009-06-05
ive had earache all week, my ear is literally throbing im also on antibiotics which are friggin useless!! just applied the olive oil now and my ear is throbing still will let you know if theres an improvemnt!!!!!!
it works Comments By: dean on 2009-06-08
stopped my daughter from crying
My mother always did this for me Comments By: karen on 2009-06-10
I grew up with this. Earaches run in my family, so I know from experience how quickly and well this works. Taking antibiotics for every earache is unneccessary and dangerous. Garlic, as mentioned before is also good, as is onion.
Diddnt work very well for me Comments By: Lucy on 2009-06-14
i dunno if ive done it right? but i warmed a little in a pot then dipped tissue in and squeezed a few drops into my ear, not only has the pain from my ear not gone away but i also have a head ache aswell..
Amazing Comments By: Daniel on 2009-06-15
This is so amazing, it totally works. I was in agony with my ear constantly in pain, so after a while I couldn't take it and looked up how to treat it and found this. This works so well, if you don't believe to do it you're a fool, this really works! Thank you!
Yes it works!!!!! Comments By: Tammy on 2009-06-23
When I was young my mom used to give me olive oil for earaches. I've gotten them most of my young life. Well, i haven't had one in awhile and the pain has been so bad I can just pace and cry. It started in my throat a copule of days ago and tonight out of nowhwere I started hurting. So after 6 hrs of this I tried the olive oil and it took about 5-7 mins. but it worked. Of course prayer is the main thing and glory be to the Lord for everything.
Painfull Earache !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Richard (BLING) on 2009-06-24
Ive had terrible earache,ear feeling full and throbbing like crazy,im on Co-codamol to eleaviate the pain (500mg),feeling a bit spaced out,came across this site and rushed off to get some olive oil,omg it really works,headaches have subsided to an acceptable level and ear feels like normal,cannot hear alot at the moment but hey im not in excruitiating pain anymore,great remedy and yes folks it works yipeeeee ;p;p
olive for earache Comments By: deirdre waters on 2009-07-08
just did the olive oil tip on my 9 year old son half a hour ago, the screaming has stopped! i heated up the oil for 15 seconds, tested it and squeezed some in his ear followed by some cotton wool. he complained of it popping a bit then the the pain was gone and is now fast asleep. thank you
Perfect Relief Comments By: DEC on 2009-07-22
My ear ache pain went on for 3 1/2 hrs tonight from 9:30pm to 1:00am. I tried peroxide, hot compress, Vitamin C, Sudafed, Ibuprofen, and cold compress. Then, I saw this advice on the Internet. I tried it and was asleep in ten to fifteen minutes. I'm up again after 4 1/2 hours thanks to husband trying to wake me up for work. I am going to do another dose (15 seconds in microwave, use dropper for ear, and plug with cotton) and go back to sleep. Thanks to all!
Ehhhh/ Comments By: Zak on 2009-08-01
just put it in from warming the olive oil for 20 seconds and having 3 drops put in my ear from my step dad. hasnt worked yet. still throbbing like a b**ch.

I can live with this Comments By: Matt on 2009-08-18
There's still a little bit of pain with the warm olive oil method, but it's a LOT more manageable! Thanks for your suggestions everyone.
mothers Comments By: Jessyca on 2009-08-27
Im currently getting over a cold and I thought I was getting better. But a couple hours into my day I got this terrible ear ache. I tried calling the hospital for help but as usual in my town they are very unhelpful! So i tried calling my mother and she told me to put olive oil in my ear since I dont have any ear drops. I definatly thought she was crazy for suggesting something like that! but I decided to try in anyways, and sure enough it worked! Mothers sometimes have weird ideas but im not going to doubt my mothers ways anymore!
dont no yet Comments By: RIF on 2009-09-01
but al give it a shot
Its Fantastic Comments By: Leighton on 2009-09-07
I had a throbbing ear-ache last night from approxametely 10:00pm so i decided to help myself out and look for cures and I seen this, i heated the olive oil for 30 second's and then sfter i stuck it in my ear with abit of cotton wool and amazingely after about 20 minutes there was abit of a scratchy fereling in my ear but i knoew it was curing so i left it and now my ear is fine !
people it really works(olive oil) Comments By: shalress on 2009-09-24
Omg the olive oil really did work..I'm a 22yr old female I had a ear ache for 2 days & I couldn't take it da pain no more.some 1 told me that it would go away by itself.so it was 2am in da mornin & my ear was killin me I went online 2 c any home remedies I can do 2 stop da pain den I came across olive oil.which I was happy I had I heated it up on a spoon 4 10sec I didn't have a ear drop or cotton ball .so I blew on da oil till it was cool. Den I tilt my head & poured da olive oil in my ear den wiped da spoon with a lil piece of paper & put dat in my ear went 2 lay down & felt I needed more cause my ear was still hurtin.did da same steps again & layed down within 20min da pain stop & was able 2 sleep.thank u so much who ever came up with da olive oil cause it reall works.
earache tips Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-25
I think it depends on what type of earache you have. You should go see a doctor first, maybe get some antibiotics. But the pills I was prescribed don't seem to lessen the pain very much, so I tried olive oil, and it works ok. The pain is still there, but not as bad. In sum, if you have swimmer's ear, (external ear infection) this is an ok remedy to try, because in this case you have trapped liquid in your ear and cleaning it out wont do much. But if you have a middle ear infection, your best bet is ear drops/antibiotics, then cleaning out the wax once the swelling goes down, using a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and then irrigating it with warm water and a syringe. I've had ear problems for a long time, I should know. Also, if you're really clogged with the chunky kind of wax, squeeze in a laxative before cleaning it- the gooey kind.
Why Olive Oil? Comments By: Rob on 2009-10-03
Does olive oil work better than any other oil? I used a spray of sun tan oil and it worked as well as anything. It is just oil as far as I can tell. As for putting it in a microwave oven. Why not put oil in dropper bottle (top on) and put it in warm water? Sounds less dangerous to me.
WOW!! Comments By: Believer on 2009-10-04
If anyone is questioning if this really works, IT DOES!!! My niece has been crying for almost an hour and i tried the olive oil. All I can say is WOW!! I heated the oil for 15 seconds, soaked it in a paper towel, and put like 3-4 drops in her ear and poof no more ear ache! Thank you olive oil
Prevention too Comments By: Rosy on 2009-10-17
My GP was always telling me off for sticking cotton tips in my ears to clean them and told me that olive oil was how to go about it. I'm also prone to dry skin in my ears too which I think are the main cause of my ear infections.

Using olive oile works well in getting rid of your ear infection as well as cleans your ears and moisturises the skin so it's a good thing to keep up even once a week when your ears are fine to keep them healthy and it's so cheap!

I bought a pump-action bottle that I use to squirt in a small amount at a time, it's less messy and easy to use.

OLD SCHOOL REMEDY THAT WORKS!!! Comments By: Gina on 2009-10-28
Heat up a tablespoon of olive oil and dip a cotton ball in it and then put it in the ear...works wonders!
Still Works Comments By: Janice Ellis on 2009-10-30
Had a severe ear ache the other night. remembered my mom using sweet oil as a child. Went out purchased some heated it in the microwave, placed it in my ear, viola! pain is gone!!!
its a miracle :) Comments By: john moody on 2009-11-02
my mum told me of the olive oil thing and i didnt belive her i thought 'i am not puttin hot oil in my ear im stupid but not that stupid'.
i woke up about half an hour ago with terrible pain remembered the oil and thought must sleep so i did it and well lets just say i off back to bed ITS A MIRACLE : ) NN all :)

work right away! Comments By: amanda on 2009-11-10
tried the tip, testing the oil before putting in my 4 year olds ear...couple warmed drops with a dropper, put a cotton ball in after, and within a minute the pain went away!!!!!
Excellent tip - all good in under 5 minutes. Comments By: Jeff on 2009-11-15
In case you even need to read another positive comment on this...our 19 month old had what appeared to be an earache and he was crying uncontrollably with his hand on his one ear. We warmed about a tablespoon of olive oil just like everyone suggested for about 15 seconds and then tested to make sure it was only warm and not hot. We used a child medicine dropper to put 3 drops in his ear.

At first, he was still crying and then after about 5 minutes, he stopped crying, smiled like he usually does, and started playing with his toys again. He hasn't touched his ear since. We left a small cotton ball in his ear for a bit too and he's off to bed.

Amazing, quick and safe Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-14
I went to the doctor several months ago, a good old fashioned doctor, he suggested warm olive oil for my earache and hard wax - within 24 hours..hey presto all sorted. I used warm olive oil last night on my 11 year old son and again..hey presto within 5 minutes sound asleep...I guess these remedies are the ones the large pharmaceuticals don't want you to know about..wonder why !!!!
brilliant olive oil!!! Comments By: susanne on 2009-12-14
I too was sceptical when my mum kept telling me over and over again to buy some olive oil over the counter at Boots.Anyway,I did it.Poured some onto a metal spoon,held it over the gas ring for about 2/3 mins.Used syringe to gather up and poured gently into daughter's ear.Miracle!!!wax all gone!!!
Thank god for the internet Comments By: Kelly on 2009-12-16
My son woke up with an ear ache at 10:30 - gave him tylenol...fell back to sleep for about 2 hourse. Woke up in excrutiating pain! Went online - because at close to 1 am what else can I do...did the olive oil remedy and he's fast asleep!
Yay!!! Lola's pain has gone!!!! Comments By: Vix on 2009-12-17
This tip is great, i tried it and it worked within 5 minutes, Lola had been crying for over an hour with pain, she is now happily watching me type this!!!!
Worked..but only for minutes- Comments By: Suz on 2009-12-23
Ths is the first time I have ever suffered from ear ache... and at 29 years old I am in tears with the pain. At 2am in the morning I tried this and it did initially reduce the pain...but within minutes it returned..and im in agony again. Have tried this a further two times in the last hour! I would love to say that it works...but perhaps it doesn't with more severe pain.
this might be the ticket Comments By: mia on 2009-12-27
my 5 year old has been struggling with earpain for a while now. The docs can't find an antibiotic that will work. I don't want to use antibiotics any longer. Need to find an alternative. just put some oil in his, he has fallen alseep thank gooodness.
bagbalm for cows works better Comments By: discbag on 2009-12-30
Just get a q-tip and stick it in the can and stick it in your once or twice a day till your swelled ear gets better'
IT WORKS!! I PROMISE!! Comments By: Emilyq on 2009-12-31
I have a 5mo old who is teething right now, and a double ear infection to go along with it! Poor baby!! I heated the oil for a few secs and inserted a few drops into his ear..thankfully ---IT WORKED AND HE IS NOW A HAPPY PLAYFUL BABY!!!!
Easier way to heat the oil. Comments By: James Stevenson on 2010-01-09
Just a method my mum always taught me. Instead of sticking the oil in the microwave and judging how hot it should be, just stick a teaspoon in a cup of boiling water for 20 or so seconds, then pour the oil onto the spoon. The spoon will heat up the oil but not too much. Ends up about ideal temp.

Hope this helps :)

5 Year Old Finally Finds Sleep Comments By: Rob on 2010-01-11
This works. My 5 year was whimpering and crying, Tylenol did nothing to help. Found this tip, read the comments and tried it. Just wanted to leave one that says it works! I heated a small teaspoon in hot water, and put a bit of oil in a shot glass previously warmed with hot water....3 or 4 drops off of the teaspoon into the ear and within minutes she was sleeping. Thank you!!!!
It works! Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-16
My wife got a burst of compressed air right in her ear which led to an ear ache and equilibrium issues. I thought I'd give this a shot and it worked ver well.
I warmed a cotton ball soaked with oil for 20 seconds in the microwave and then squeezed 3 good sized drops into her ear. make sure the patient is lyingdown, though, or it's hard to get a good angle. After I squeezed the drops in, she adjusted her head to make sure the oil flowed into the ear. She initial felt everything was "muffled" for a few minutes. But, then it all cleared up, including the pain.
Note: our microwave is a bit powerful. The recommended 30 seconds made the initial oiled cotto scalding hot. Just test it before you apply. Everyone's oven is a bit different.

It worked for us! :] Comments By: momof3 on 2010-01-29
My friend just told me about putting a couple of drops of warm olive oil to get rid of my daughters earache and it worked! II heated a tsp. of oil for 10 sec. and used a medicine dropper to put a couple of drops in her ear. Literally 15 minutes later it had definately improved!
HAS ALWAYS WORKED FOR ME Comments By: Devonna on 2010-01-31
Momma used this remedy on myself and my brothers. Its really good especially if you have water in your ears, the oil grabs it and draws the water out. it has always worked for me for any type of earache for 47 years! I recommend heating with either a lighter on a spoon or by placing in a glass or dropper and placing that in the heated water...microwave heating just worries me that it may get too hot.
Tickle/itch Comments By: LLH on 2010-01-31
The tickle, itch, or slight poping are all due to the same thing which is the reduction of the eustation tube blockage or swelling.... keep with the warm (NOT HOT) treatments till better.... Also the oil has no value at room temp.
Not bad deffntly works Comments By: Chuck on 2010-02-03
I put some olive oil in my ear worked like a charm the next 2min then boom it was gone thank god for olive oil
Didn't work for me. Made things worse. Comments By: Kim on 2010-02-03
I've been sick, but don't have an earache, but at the doc's today, she suggested I drop in some Olive oil into my left ear which is slightly plugged from wax build-up.
I just tried it and now my ear is even more plugged and actually a little sore. I didn't even heat the olive oil up so that's not the reason for the soreness.

Impatienty waiting Comments By: Tee on 2010-02-11
Hurts so bad and the discomfort as Im typing this it's trickling down and hurts. I don't know if this is a side effect because I had my wisdom teeth pulled out two weeks ago on my left side or because we had a cold front or a combination of both. All I know is that this hurts A LOT and reading everyones comment has me second guessing this because I'm so aggitated and upset that this hurts so bad. it's been about 10 minutes now and nothing.
it worked Comments By: laura on 2010-02-14
it worked within minutes on my 8 year old. Can I just reply to the person who said why olive oil and not the sun tan oil that they put in their ear!!!!!! Olive oil is natural. Suntan oil has chemicals including SPF's!!! Dont put that in your delicate ear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!! This Actually worked!! Comments By: poff4143 on 2010-02-14
I get severe long lasting ear aches that seem to persist no matter what I do. Here it is Valentines day and I have had one of these ear aches for over 3 hours. I saw this and all the positive comments and reluctently convinced my husband to drop warm olive oil into my ear. It worked!!! I was both shocked and amazed. Thank you so much!!!
praise the Lord! Comments By: kim on 2010-02-15
Thank you thank you thank you! My 3 year old is back to sleep! I put a few drops of warm oil in and she asked me to put a few more in and passed out. An hour of crying, holding her ears un the middle of the night...over!
Blinkin' Brilliant!!! Comments By: Ellie on 2010-02-18
i HATE earache - and after a while of having the sensation of hearing everything as if underwater and the horrid stabbing pains, decided to trawl the internet for a cure.
i dont have microwave so used childs medicine dropper and popped that in mug of hot water for a few seconds,and after checking that it wasnt too hot put a couple of drops of oil in the ear and a piece of cotton wool to stop "leakage" - and although there is a bit of a niggling tickling sensation and the occasional popping sound in the ear it is a million times more preferencial than earache - bob on!!!! now i feel i can tackle a 4 year old and a teething three month old - TA!

gonna try Comments By: jorgetta on 2010-02-20
well i have been looking up this problem for a while and this is really the only thing i can see for good results!!! so here i go im about to try it!! wish me luck!!! :)
Definately works! Yeah! Comments By: KDMtry on 2010-02-25
Our 8 year old son occasionally gets earaches, and suffered from many ear infections when he was 1-3 years old. We got them to significantly drop in frequency by having him see a chiropractor. Thank goodness we discovered the Chiro, thereby avoiding having tubes put in. Now, whenever his ear(s) starts to hurt, we head for the Chiro. The Chiro does an adjustment and our son's ears are fine thereafter (for 3-9 months). Every great once in awhile, his ear(s) ache in the night, when the Chiro is not available. In the past, we've been forced to let him suffer thru it, when medicines did nothing to help, and once even took him to the ER. Tonight, I discovered this olive oil trick, and literally 5 minutes after putting 3 drops of the warmed oil in his ear, he was totally fine and ready to sleep. He's sleeping like a baby now. Yeah! Prior to that, he was screaming and crying in pain and agony. Thank you to whoever came up with this, and to all of you who wrote your say for us to find tonight. :) From, a very happy Mom who will use this remedy forever after.
Olive oil worked for me Comments By: CG on 2010-02-25
This was also one of my Granmother's homeremedie, heating up some olive oil, today I have an ear ache and I tried this again and it worked for me.
wow! Comments By: natty on 2010-03-02
my 3 year old daughter was in agony screaming and crying with earache, was doubtful this would work, tried this 5 mins later she is lay here 5 mins later fast asleep-brilliant
No Help whatsoever Comments By: Saz on 2010-03-04
A complete waste of 3 drops of Olive Oil
Thanks for everyones input! Comments By: kolbermann on 2010-03-06
My 3 year old has been up most of the night with a bad earache. I'm considering this remedy but have several concerns. Does the olive have to be extra virgin? Can it be unfiltered? Does it matter if it's from Greece or Italy or even Spain for that matter? Thanks
"last resort" olive oil works Comments By: Colette on 2010-03-08
We should have tried this years ago. We heated the olive oil for 10 seconds, tested against the inner arm to make sure the oil was only warm. Three drops and 20 minutes later we have a very happy child. We are pleasantly surprised and state that it was worth a try.
Ummm Comments By: Inpain on 2010-03-09
After getting the ear ache around 9, I am still up in excrutiating pain at 4:30. The olive oil thing did not work for me, but neither did a heating pad, a hot compress, swimmers ear drops, and general ear drops. Maybye I'm the lucky one who happens to be uncurable... Lucky me.
So far so good..... Comments By: anon on 2010-03-21
My 2 children, 9 & 6 were suffering with earaches,my 6 yr old moreso.I wanted to get the doctor on call but was not available til 2am!! this morning.On my mothers and other halfs advice i used the olive oil and my kids have gone to bed a million times better off than they have been all day.My 6 yr old has said his ear is not sore anymore since i put the olive oil in with the cotton wool ball.Please god they sleep well tonight,im well happy with this remedy.
olive oil works Comments By: venita on 2010-03-25
i agree with some of them telling 15 seconds heating is enough..my ear is feeling better..its better than ear drops...i still remember my grandma telling in their days they used to put heated coconut oil in ears to reduce pain...these remedies can be used in urgent cases..thanks
Definitly works Comments By: Amber Gabbert on 2010-03-31
I have been using this home remedie for years now it works very well. Although I do a combination of tea tree oil and olive oil. The tea tree oil helps break up the bad germs and bacteria while the olive oil soothes. They work well together and seem to cure the acute ear infection.
excellent but be causciouse!!!! Comments By: amy lou on 2010-04-10
I had olive oil through my childhood of many earaches and heated olive oil is fantastic although this is only meant to soften the wax so is not a cure for infection, i have also not carried this on with my 3 yr old son as heating the olive oil can burst the ear drum and if it is already tender this is an even higher risk puttin olive oil in at room temp does the same really.
Better than before Comments By: amber on 2010-04-13
I tried it after reading these post, and it didnt make my ear stop hurting but it did make the "throbbing" sensation go away, atleast enough to go back to sleep at 4am.
Nature Heals! Comments By: Roxy on 2010-04-16
My son woke at 3am crying that his ear hurt. I tried a heating pad - no luck! I remembered reading about Olive Oil, and thought I'd give it a try. I would not recommend heating in microwave, as I've read others have done. This is too risky. There are delicate membranes and structures within the ear. I decided to place the oil in a small container and then sit it in a bowl of hot water for about a minute, just making it warm.
After the initial "fight" of getting my son to allow the drops, he instantly rested his head on the pillow and within a minute he was sleeping sweetly! Now that's what a Mama likes to see at 3 in the morning! Don't waste money on chemicals and drugs when the perfect solution is already in the house!

Store it in the refrigerator Comments By: Marie on 2010-04-24
This has worked for me for years BUT DO NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT!!!!!!!! KEEP A SMALL BOTTLE OF OLIVE OIL IN THE CUPBOARD!!!!!!!!!!! Store it in the refrigerator or it will go rancid.
do not put olive oil in the fridge Comments By: julia on 2010-05-27
It solidifies, which is just wrong. Put it in the cupoard.
oil too hot :( Comments By: c.k on 2010-06-02
had a massive build up of wax (i think that is what it is) for a few weeks, ringing in my ears and feeling clogged. my friend heated up olive oil on a teaspoon and slowly poured it into my ear. It BURNED the hell out of my inner ear it was waaay too hot. am worried now that i have done some damage, can anyone shed some light on this?
TTTTHHHHHHAAAAAANNNNNKKKKKKSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Comments By: claire on 2010-06-05
thank you soooo much i have alot of planns today and i needed to get rid of my ear ache.
it worked! Comments By: Sarah on 2010-06-16
this is amazing. heated oil for 10 secs and dropped it into my ear using a little dropper thingy. after a minute or so it seems to have cleared. Sitting here with my head on one side and tea towel around my neck to stop drips!! Amazing.
So far so Good Comments By: Sonia P on 2010-07-08
I have been sick for a few days now. Then today I finally woke up with no fever but now my left ear is stuffy and hurting. It feels like it's popping everytime I cough or sneeze. I came online and saw this and tried it. The pain is gone but the stuffiness is still here. Probably because it's an infection and needs antibiotics to cure it. But at least there is no pain. I can live with this at least til I see a doctor.
good and bad Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-12
Long time sufferer of ear ache and ENT type probs.
perferated ear drum as a child. I screamed down the streat with the pain as we were heading to the dr. You should be able to tell the difference by the amount of pain.
bang your hand constantly on the table versus trying to rip your throat out.
I never heat up the olive oil first. which was a god-send of a discovery my mother never tried with me.
I put a full teaspoon in (till it drips out even though my head is vertical) I have kitchen towel ready to catch the drips.
I wait till I feel the oil go from cold to body temp warm. a couple 'bubbles' may tickle up. I then tilt head back to normal and try and collect all excess oil with kitchen towel.
I am having mixed success with this after practising it the last couple years.
Yes, I go partially deaf for 2 - 3 weeks.
Yes, it stops the severest of pains.
Yes it has just worked on my right ear.
No, it has not really worked on my left ear.
It's 1PM and i want to go to the dr for anti-biotics.
I don't know why but I've had olive oil recommended even by Dr's who don't like to give anti-B's for ear infections as they reason it'll only help clear it up by a couple days earlier.
I don't know why olive oil instead of vegetable oil or any other kind.
The garlic oil etc stuff sounds plausable but I don't usually keep stock.

good and bad Comments By: Anob on 2010-07-12
horizontal instead of vertical. i think. my brain is very muddy
26 years and it still works Comments By: sensiblegirl on 2010-07-12
i remember my dad pouring oil in my ear as a child as i suffered from regular earache. 26 years later and i came home from work in tears. just poured warm olive oil in my ear and from a pain level of 9, i'm now at 1. as for the person who used sun oil, DON'T USE synthetic oils. Olive or almond oil are natural!
it worked Comments By: Canada Dad on 2010-07-30
My three year old had an ear ache that started at 11 pm, of course. I tried 15 seconds on the microwave and just pouring some oil in his ear. It didn't work. The next time I soaked toilet paper in the oil and kept it in his ear about 10 minutes. 10 minutes later, he was fast asleep. Amazing something so simple worked so well.
goin to try it now Comments By: anonomous XD tehe on 2010-08-08
my ears have been hurting at night wen i lay on my side so il go try now at get back get back to use with my answer XD
rubbish Comments By: your mum on 2010-08-08
i put some heated olive oil on some cotton wool put it in my ear held my head sideways for half an hour and did not work
yes, it worked - hooray Comments By: theatre cookie on 2010-08-13
PLEase dont DONT heat oil for 30secs in microwave - you will burn your delicate ear. I put 1 tblspn olive oil in an egg cup, put egg cup in a saucepan of boiling water for 1min. The water heats the eggcup which heats the oil - same principles as melting chocolate! I also added some slices of fresh garlic - that releases the antibacterial oils of the garlic into the oil. I used a sterile eye dropper. Worked on screaming 5yr old within 1 minute! 2 nights in a row. Now Doctor says inflammation has gone down.
Even worse Comments By: kellie on 2010-08-22
Read all the great reviews, was in terrible pain. Now I am in pain and cannot hear out of my hear. Wonderful!
It seems to have worked!!! Comments By: Crash from Australia on 2010-09-08
Thanks for the suggestion - I had never heard of this remedy but needed to try something on 4 yr old experiencing her first ear ache. Ten minutes on and she's now sleeping very peacefully!
Thanks! Stopped the shrieking Comments By: M Burns on 2010-09-16
Olive Oil for 10sec on stovetop, dipped toiletpaper in it and put in my sons ear. I squeezed the oil out a bit into his ear too. I also put some garlic in the oil.
olive oil has help my painful ear Comments By: fiona on 2010-09-17
i was i horrid pain so i got some extra virgin olive oil an boiled the kettle i poured the boilin water in a small cup and sat my teaspoon of oilve oil across the top ov my cup a few minuites later it was ready 4me to dip the cotton wool in it and put it straight in my ear,is simple and this way thers no burnin and is quick an effective cure
Good idea! Comments By: Ben on 2010-10-14
It seems I have inherited my dads waxy ears! He suggested I use olive oil, and after seeing my doctor, she too said I should try it out.

Put a little jar or olive oil into a warm cup of water to heat up slowly, and've put a few drops in. It has already eased the pressure and pain in my ear, I can't hear but feel much better.

My doctor did warn me that in some cases the Olive Oil can increase the pressure in the ear as it can cause the wax to expand, and she warned me to pick-up some pain killers just in case.

If the pressure and pain get's worse, it may just be the Oil getting to work, but if in doubt, call your doctor or at least let them know you're trying it out.

Highly recommend anybody tries this out!

Helped Comments By: Lisa on 2010-11-16
Used sweet oil for my 12 yr old, who could hardly move due to the pain. Now, she has pain, but its only slight.
worked for me Comments By: Ruth on 2010-11-18
I was a little leary of it but figured what do I have to lose?? a few drops of EVOO, no big deal. Warmed it in the microwave for about 20 seconds, used a dropper, put about 4 drops in the ear, a little bit of cotton to keep the oil in and went to bed. Woke up pain free! Now I am trying the ACV treatment for my sinus problems, fingers are crossed!
It works...so far Comments By: Melissa on 2010-11-20
Used on my 5 yr old at 2:30am. He was crying and couldn't sleep because his ear was hurting. He'd never had an earache/infection before so I wasn't sure what to (especially at 2:30am!). Found this remedy, used it after having to hold him down because he didn't trust what I was doing, but within a few minutes, he was sound asleep! Thank you!! I'll now keep an eye on him and if it returns, I'll take him to the doctor to be sure he's ok, but at least we're all getting some sleep for now.
Definatly Works Comments By: Nicole on 2010-11-30
I had a extremely bad ear infection. So I went to the Doctor and got a prescription, unfortunatly the drops were 60$ and I couldnt afford them. Then someone told me to try Olive oil, I was so desperate and in tears with pain so I tried it. It work perfectly took the pain away almost immeadiatly. I applied it 2-3 times a day for a couple days & the infection was gone :)
don't get your hopes up. Comments By: Leo on 2010-12-17
My earache is due to an infection brought on by a bad cold. I'm in terrible pain and tried this out of desperation and it has done nothing for me. Olive oil breaks down earwax...it does nothing for infections.
unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: sue and ayisha palmer on 2010-12-14
its 2:30 am, my 9 year old has been in agony all night with earache, iv tried calpol, a hot water bottle, lying on it..lying off it...paracetamol....nothing has worked i was just thinking about going to the hospital with her when we logged onto the internet to find a remedy, (her idea lol) and came across this site. Well what can i say, I heated the olive oil(bertoili) on a tea spoon over boiling water, then with a cotton tip dripped some into her ear.I DID NOT BUNG IT WITH COTTON WOOL....and to our amazement it had worked within 10 minutes. all she felt was slight popping and the pain went. p.s never stuff cotton wool in your childs ear.
I would defiantly recommend giving this a go when you cant get to the doctors.

it works! Comments By: Richard Beadel on 2010-12-15
i boiled the kettle, poured hot water into a bowl, placed a plate on top with some olive oil,, when warm enough i used the syringe to put the oil into my ear, did not work at first, so tried it again a little bit warmer.. WORKED GREAT! . My ear started making weird noises as if air was being released, then I had a sharp pain, but after that i'd say the pain has been reduced by 90%!.. GREAT STUFF! ( much rather have these weird noises in my ear than that pain :)
thank God For internet Comments By: Bris in Kansas on 2010-12-24
Mi 9yr old daughter has been complaining of her ear hurting. i told her to lay down she was just complaining.. two hours later she wakes up crying that her ear hurts.. i didnt want to go to the hospital because we just came from there.. she has the flu.. so i get on ask to see what at home i can do.. Thank God for finding this site.. but because im a CMA i didnt heat it up i just dropped into ear, because body heat will heat it.. thank you.
Sure Worked Quickly Comments By: Jack on 2010-12-28
Tonight,I asked the grocery store pharmacist if she had earache medicine. She said there was none, but some people said olive oil worked. I bought some and told the cashier what the pharmacist had said--he said his mom always used it. I warmed it up just a little, put several drops in my wife's ear, plugged it with cotton, and she felt better within two minutes.
brilliant Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-02
it was an hour ago when i started getting the sharp pains through my ear, so i tried a bit of wet cotton woll and i placed it in my ear thinking it would stop all the noise from getting in, but it didnt. so i went onto the internet and typed in cures for EARACHE and i clicked on the first one and it came up with this, so i heated up some olive oil in the microwave for 30 seconds and let it cool down for a couple of seconds and dipped some cotton wool init and placed it in my ear, now my ear is back to normal and i can get to sleep :)

Grandma's tip for ear infection Comments By: Feel Better and Good luck! on 2011-01-11
When I was young and I had an ear infection both my grandmother and my mother would heat up a little olive oil in a pan for ONLY 5 to 10 seconds on a low flame. You want it to be warm NOT hot. She would then put a cotton ball in the olive oil, squeeze the excess oil out of the cotton ball, then put the cotton ball in my ear, and send me to bed telling me not to take the cotton ball out until the morning. When I woke up in the morning the ear infection was gone. It was like a miracle! I had a ear infection yesterday and did exactly the same thing and as always it worked perfectly. Folks, do not heat the oil very long. It doesn't take much to burn yourself so use common sense. Also, cut the cotton ball if the cotton ball is big. It needs to fit in your ear so test it first before you put in it in oil. I am 42 years old with kids and it never failed yet. Good luck and feel better!
Growing up Comments By: Tabitha on 2011-01-15
I grew up with ear aches. My father always put olive oil in a teaspoon and then heated it to touch over the burner. Put the whole teasoon in my ear. Idk what it is about it but always soothed the pain and put me to sleep. I found myself doing it with my own kids. Also putting rice in a sock. Heating it up in the microwave and using it as a warm pack helps wonders too.
Thx Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-28
Worked on my 6 yr old just now. Thx for the tip and thx to the Internet.
IT WORKED! Comments By: stephanie on 2011-01-28
My 3 year old daughter started complaining that her ear was hurting about an hour ago. I was very concerned because she was complaining so much about the pain that she even wanted me to take her to the docter. I got online and read a few of the wonderful comments left in this website and IT WORKED! Within 10 min she felt a lot better and was able to go back to sleep.=)
Relief for 2 yr old... Finally! Comments By: Alisha on 2011-01-30
After 3 hrs of crying in the middle of the night (on vacation!) my son finally has relief. I heated the oil very carefully making sure not to exceed body temp, placed it in his ear, and 2 minutes later he was smiling! Soon after that he was sound asleep! Thank you!!
I would never have tried this Comments By: Lisa on 2011-02-02
I would never have tried this without reading all the comments but wow, I to was headed for a long sleepless night because my eight year old daughter has a terrible ear infection. It became very painful and after crying for a couple hours i thankfully found this site and tried warm EVOO and it worked. She is now feeling better! Thank-You :)
Worked for my 3 year old Comments By: Julie on 2011-02-07
My daughter awoke in the early hrs of this morning complaining of an earache. I'd heard of this remedy before but never tried it so I Googled it and stumbled across this website. When I saw all the positive feedback I said I'd give it a go and holy cow it actually worked within seconds!! I put some olive oil into an egg cup and heated it FOR 5 SECONDS in the microwave and squeezed the drops from a tissue into her ear. I am going to take her to the doctor later to be on the safe side anyway.
Thank You! Comments By: CleverClogs on 2011-02-08
Tried this last night on my 12 year old daughter and it worked like a charm :) She hadn't gone to sleep before that because of the pain but went straight to sleep after this. So grateful for all the comments .. THANK YOU!!
Thank you! Comments By: Robyn on 2011-02-10
My 8 year old has been near screaming for the last three hours. I gave him Motrin but it wore off in an hour and he was crying in pain again. I tried the olive oil and not even 5 minutes later he is feeling better and almost to sleep.
WHY 30 SECONDS Comments By: Richard Mc on 2011-02-14
I'm thinking no one is stupid enough to dump super hot oil in their own ear. Thats just stupid. The real reason , I believe they are saying to Nuke the olive oil for 30 seconds, is to make sure they kill all bacteria, and all other micro organizams that live on the surface of
Olive oil living on the surface of the oil

Amazing!!! Daddy is a savior Comments By: Jim M. on 2011-02-16
My 4 yr old would not stop crying that his ear hurt daddy!!! Despite being scared he let me try it and amazing! After a minute .... No pain!!! Thank you so much!!
HELP PLEASE Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-24
Hi i'm 16 and woke up one 2 days ago now with what seemed to be a closed ear where i had been sleeping on it little did i know that my ear for 76 hours now would cause me soo much pain it feels like the insides of my ear are being poked with ear cleaners i tried hot flannel and lobe massaging and nothing also when i burp silently sneeze or hiccup its asif my ear drum is being pushed out very slowly any advice or ideas whats wrong?
Or not Comments By: One of the Unlucky Ones on 2011-02-18
Well, I can hardly say that this flat-out Doesn't Work, I can say that it didn't work for me. Heated the oil for 10 (not 30) seconds, dripped it in, sat with my head tilted for fifteen minutes, and ... if anything, now I feel worse. I don't know why my ear hurts - referred pain from a sore throat, or pressure from congestion, or maybe if I'm really unlucky an infection - so I can't say if that's why it doesn't work ... might try it again a second time, but I'm not hopeful.
It worked on my 5 year old Comments By: Omar on 2011-02-25
Amazing. I poured 2 drops of olive oil at room temperature into my agonizing 5 year old's ear. Within a minute she was feeling better and sound sleep. Will this be a permanent remedy or do I still have to bring her to the dr's office tomorrow?

fantastic Comments By: paulyD on 2011-03-02
im 31 and a big lad but even i wanted to cry at the pain i was in .... saw this 'cure' nipped downstairt and its ok now !!!
Waiting... Comments By: Emily on 2011-04-13
Tried this about 10mins ago and I'm really willing it to work in the same way as it helped everyone else! At the moment i still have pain and i can hear crackling on top of the ringing i already have in my ears. I tried to keep the cottonwool in my ear but the pressure kept pushing it out :( am i doing something wrong?
Grandma's secret Comments By: A believer on 2011-03-11
My 5 year old has been complaining of an earache today, so down went the Tylenol. Tonight after waking up at 1AM I remembered my dad telling me what my grandma used to do with his earaches. My son is sleeping peacefully. Thank you Jesus for my grandma.
sweet oil Comments By: bobp on 2011-03-11
is olive oil
Awesome!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-22
I was up late last night with a TERRIBLE earache...I found this home remedy and after about 10 min the pain was relieved and I was asleep!
Yes! Relief... Comments By: Skeptical but now convinced. on 2011-03-24
Ive been experiencing pain in my right ear for a few hours after continuously blowing my nose due to a cold. My ear was REALLY starting to bother me and being the research guru that I am, I started looking for a home remedy. I'm so glad I came across this site. I read all the comments and did some more research online before I tried it. I figured why not, it's worth a shot. I warmed up some Bertolli's EVOO in a small cap for 20 seconds and soaked it up in a cotton ball. I squeezed it into my ear and then put the cotton ball in my ear. I also took a pain reliever... In about 10 minutes I was feeling better so I had to comment. I still have the cotton in my ear but NO PAIN. This is definitely a remedy I'm keeping and passing along.
Hmmm... Comments By: Cheri on 2011-04-08
Well, my ear was pretty bad to begin with.
My mom used a cotton ball and OLIVE OIL and still not doing good.....
Maybe we did something wrong?
the cracking is still there when i swallow and there is just a constant pain, both ears, all the time!!
anyone have another idea or suggestion?

Don't do it! Comments By: Ed on 2011-04-09
The oil no matter how much or little you put in does not all come out and makes your ear canal more prone to wax buildup causing bigger problems in the future.
Don't be daft Comments By: Joules on 2011-04-13
Don't microwave it - that's stupid, you could burn someone. Just put the olive oil bottle in a cup with some warm water and leave for a minute. The oil will warm up to the temperature of the water. Then it's safe. it worked for my 3 year old son.
PAIN HAS SUBSIDED!!! Comments By: TaintedxxBright on 2011-05-29
I have been fighting strep throat and today I woke up with my ears feeling funny. This afternoon I was in so much pain I was wailing all by myself in my tiny apt. My sister said 2 put warm olive oil in my ears....now I have some relief. Both ears still ache and I cant hear well, but its way better than b4!!!
Great cure Comments By: Rebecca N. Thorason on 2011-05-31
Of course it's always best to warm the olive oil slightly before dropping it in a sore ear. One person who complained in this thread said he burned himself. It's obvious he didn't use any common sense during the heating and dropping the olive oil in his ear. I'm surprised he didn't put it in his eye instead, good grief!

Warmed olive oil will soothe the ear and also help reduce infection.

heating the olive oil Comments By: feon on 2011-08-10
I find that if you put a teaspoon into a cup of boiling water for about 20 seconds then pour a drop or 3 of oil on it, it heats up enough to put in the ear without burning
If Dr. Sears says it's ok... Comments By: Emily on 2011-09-18
My mother used olive oil for my earaches and I do the same for my children. It works everytime! Dr. Sears even suggest olive oil on his website!

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