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Removing Burnt Food

Removing Burnt Food From Non-stick Pots & Pans & Stove Tops too!

1. Pour or Fill with Boiling Water from your Tea Kettle

2. If you have a pot that is not stick such as a Pyrex pot. You may fill the pot with a mixture of boiling and a small amount of Clorox until food loosens. Test with a large spatula or fork. You may add more Clorox if needed. If necessary let the pot or pan set overnight.

If fragments remains or if you have a milder case..

Use a brillo pan such as Never Rust. You can use Ajax or Comet along with the pot scrubber.

Hope this Helps You! It's worked for me for years!

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not helpful Comments By: Unhappy in Pa. on 2008-11-05
This tip was NOT very helpful to me.You do NOT say what to do after you put the boiling water in the pan.My pans are ALL non-stick so I can't use any type of abrasive.
I did not understand do pu the bleach in the pot or on the stove? Comments By: Carnita on 2011-04-11
How do one use the bleach in the pot or on the stove with the hot water. I am confused

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