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Treat Head Lice with permanent hair dye

Submitted by Cherrie Eden

This tip is good for a woman who dyes her hair reguarly, however can be used by others. At the first sign of lice use permanent hair dye (clariol, etc.) it will kill the lice. Worked for me one time.

The following was sent in by Jill Saxon

A lot of people uneducated about lice
1)Lice can only live off the human body for a maximum of 24 hours, they need blood to survive , so a house cant be infested
2) Things don't need to be bagged for weeks or thrown away, just put pillows and such in the dryer for an hour or don't let your kids play with stuffed toys ect for a day
3) Most people don't get lice "back" its a continuing infestation , because if you miss one tiny egg that's enough for the same cycle to re-start
4) We do olive oil treatment for 8 hours a day for 3 weeks and then combing every day, if there are any new bugs they can be caught immediately before they lay more eggs
The oil suffocates the lice, they can only hold their breath for up too 5 hours. You must be very vigilant...don't think that just because you did a treatment you're OK...all the nits MUST be gone too or the critters will come back.

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I dunno... Comments By: anon on 2005-05-02
a commercial preparation would cost the same.
I agree. Comments By: Angelique on 2005-06-09
It worked for me a couple of times.
nits? Comments By: julie on 2005-07-07
Does the hair dye kill the nits too, or do i have to comb hair out after???

TipKing says: I have not tried this. I would think that you have to comb the dead eggs (nits) out

no way this works Comments By: binky on 2005-09-04
this has never worked for me . they always come back bigger meaner and dyed. it may stop the itch for a short time but it doesnt kill them
it does work proven factor Comments By: samantha violet on 2006-11-08
i had gotten head lice one time and i figured that the chemicals from hair dye would kill it instead of pay over thirty bucks to get all the stuff or even more its cheaper plus u get a new hair color works out great. well it does work but u still have to comb out the nits of course. but there ya go
definately Comments By: Desperate mum of 3 long haired daughters on 2007-01-14
I always colour my hair and never get nits...EVER, even though my 3 daughters do get them regulary, so i dyed my daughters hair..the same colour of course! but yes it worked...ALL DEAD, it's a bit unconventional I know colouring kids hair but I thought "HEY, what the heck, i'd have to use chemicals anyhow to kill them", and there friends were very jealous too when there hair looked like it was direct from one of those glossy 'Timote or Pantene' adverts..l.o.l.
it works Comments By: Jessi R on 2007-07-18
I have 4 step children and 3 of them are girls with very long hair, there mother is a very unclean person and alows them to catch and keep head lice for years, yes thats what I said years, the oldest just turned 10 and she has had them over 80% of her life in school and the younger 2 are just as bad, she will bring them to my house infested to the point where I can stand about 6 feet away from them and see the bugs crawling in and out of there hair, me and there father have spent hundreds of dollers treating them and the house, the cheldren come to us all the time crying because they are being called "lice baby" at school, the biggest problem we have is that they are only with us for the weekends, we started treating there heads with otc's at first but then we realize that there mother was not repeating the treatments and while they were with us she refused to treat the house, so we would treat them and send them back to a house that was infested, we finaly got tired of basecly throwing money down the drain on otc's and a friend of mine who is a beautistion and she told me to dye ther hair, I did and it worked not only did it kill the grown lice it also sterolized the eggs, I have to repeat dyeing it when it starts growing out but that is simply because there mothers house is still infested, but if you take the time to treat your house the rigth way you should only have to dye one time and it will fix your problem
hair dye dog shampoo tea tree oil Comments By: Itchy and pissed on 2007-08-08
a few years ago I was given a gift by the daughter of my long time friend a big "haven't seen you in forever" sweet little girl....FILLED WITH LICE hug.
I didn't know it at the time that she had the bugs or I would have stayed my distance.
later in the same day after sitting on the family couch and playing with all the kids I was informed of the lice.
I immediatly went home and bathed my head and that of my boyfriends for he to had been subjected with dog shampoo.. flea and tick .. mind you I didn't use it full strienth and I made sure not to taste it or get it in our eyes...
it seemed to do the job. and neither of us were infected.
but a few yes later i was staying at some friends house who had children.once again not being informed that they had the lice as well. It was too late at this point and I allready had them .. I tryed the over the counter things like rid and so on but noting was working. so i dyed my hair right after another treatment with dog shampoo. not only did I not have them any more but.. I didnt get them back.. soon every one in the house was trying my dog shampoo.. and hair dye treatment. and it worked..
I also put tea tree oil in small amounts in my hands with a small amout of water and rubbed it on my hair. I dont know if this did any good but I didnt get the bugs back...
unfortunatly I love to hug the children in my life.. and this morning after 2 weeks ago spending alot of time playing with my boyfriends neice i was itching.. took out my dogs flea comb and low and behold... a bug...greeeeat I combed out my hair and got rid of twenty or so of them and a bunch of egg casings and nits.now i am off to the shower to do my dog shampoo and dye job..
wish me luck..

dyed my hair also Comments By: tacia on 2007-10-10
im 16, and i went to an all girls school, i got nits every week! now that i dnt go to skool anymore, my boyfriend still does, i live with him ,, and he brought the nits home with him! i treated my hair, as my hair is very long, it took heaps of treatment to do the job. the day after i went to the hairdressers n she sed she cudnt do my hair coz i had nits still! i had jst done my hair!!!!!! i rang riot through the house, stripped all the beds and went straight in to the bathroom with my boyfriend and did our hair agen!!! with KP-24, mind u, not weak stuff!!! i dyed my hair today!!! and ill use KP-24 agen tomorrow, so maybe next week ill be able to get a hair cut!!

thanks for reading my tale!!

DONT WORK UNLESS YOU COMB OUT NITS Comments By: Elise on 2007-10-13
I dyed mine and my nieces hair and did not comb out the nits in my head and they came back now i got bugs and are doing every thang possiable that i can to get them out shaving cream for 30 min and vinger with mouth wash worked for me no combing out the nit just the bugs

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