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Head Lice and Sea Breeze

Submitted by Pam D

Lice and Sea Breeze do not get along Listerene works well too. soak hair with this and let it be overnight. once a week is your are paraniod like me....

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help we tried it all . Comments By: binky on 2005-09-04
we have tried everything we thought. untill we used seabreeze. it kind of put the lice in a trance then they died. and it smells better than the other stuff
? Seabreeze? Comments By: den on 2007-09-12
What is Sea breeze??
No to sea breeze Comments By: Dena on 2008-05-04
I tried sea breeze whan I was young and it did nothing but make my dandruff worse.
Listerine Comments By: Kaylyn on 2009-01-23
Listerine worked for me and my sister used it for her kids as well. Soak hair with listerine, cover with a shower cap or plastic bag for an hour or two. And don't forget to leave in conditioner to comb out nits, then rinse. You may want to comb nits out more than once.
Seabreeze is an astringent Comments By: Lisa on 2009-05-06
You can find it in the face wash-toner section of Wal Mart or the drugstore. I am trying it tonight. We have tried everything with no success...hoping this works
Sea Breeze works! Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-03
Sea Breeze works! If you comb through the hair while it is wet with Sea Breeze then the lice will fall out dieing. I have a child with asthma and this works great for him!!!

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