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Hic ups suck on lemons

To cure Hic ups. This comes from an old Welsh Doctor: Drink lemon juice or suck on lemons. It has always worked for me.

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This really works Comments By: Rebekah on 2005-12-27
omg this stuff really works!!!now everytime i have the hic-ups i know what to do
it works Comments By: Cheryl milk milk lemonade on 2006-01-18
my friend was to the point of puking and sucked on a wedge of lemon and she overcame her hic-ups.
didant work at all Comments By: MAX on 2008-08-29
sorry did not work I HAVE RIED EVERYTHING!|!!
LEMONS!!!!! Comments By: Larry on 2010-05-14
hell yeah it worked I have been hiccuppimg for 2 days and now there gone!!!!!!

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