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Keeping Wheely Bins Fresh

Submitted by Jess Wilkinson

In the summer months you may notice your bins smelling more and need an effective way of treating them. For particularly tough jobs around the home, Soda Crystals have long been a favourite with environmentally conscious consumers as they do not contain any phosphates, enzymes, or bleach and are biodegradable. Itís always advisable to place household waste in refuse sacks or supermarket plastic bags in the kitchen bin, but itís inevitable that some left-overs will end up leaking into the bin itself or the wheelie bin when you transfer the bags.¬†

An effective way of keeping your bin fresh and, in turn, deterring rodents can be achieved without the need to pay for a wheelie bin cleaning service or using harsh chemicals and bleach. Simply wash with a strong solution of soda crystals and hot water inside the bin. The Soda Crystals will remove grease and garbage residues and leave the surface clean and fresh. Leave for half an hour and then rinse out; itís perfectly safe to pour the solution down a drain.¬†

After leaving the interior to dry, sprinkle with Bicarbonate of Soda. This will deodorize and can be left in the bottom of the bin to help keep it odour free. You can even adopt the same approach for the kitchen bin.

TipKing saysFor those of you in the US a wheelie bin is a trash can with wheels for easy moving

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