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Jalapeno Pepper Burn Treatment

Submitted by Paulette

I was recently burned after working with Jalapeno Peppers. After trying several "remedies" and getting no relief, someone told me to put rubbing alcohol on the area. I dabbed it on with a cotton ball and literally within minutes the pain was gone.

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The following was sent in by Debbie

I had habanero pepper burns on my fingers.... (didn't wear gloves ... dummy!) I called poison control center after 5 hours of doing everything I saw on the internet ... vinegar, aloe, alcohol, baking soda ... they told me that I didn't allow enough time for the "capsacian" to neutralize. He told me to soak my hands in an antacid like Milk of Magnesia or Mylanta and keep it on my hands for at least 20-30 minutes. I followed the instructions, but the first 10-15 minutes were so painful I wanted to quit and put my hands in ice water!!! But, I pressed through with the help of my family and finally my hands stopped burning!!!! I bet that most of these remedies work ... but you need to allow "time" to neutralize the capsacian!!! Good luck ... and wear gloves next time!

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doesn't work Comments By: anon on 2006-09-02
my hand has been burning the past 4 hours, i read this article and tried it. It doesn't work for me
Using rubbing alcohol alone didn't work for me Comments By: Laura on 2006-09-10
Rubbing alcohol alone didn't work for me. Sticking my fingers in a small bowl of table salt helped for a few minutes at a time. Then I alternated from the rubbing alcohol to the salt, the pain went away for longer periods of time.
No good :( Comments By: anonymous on 2006-09-10
Didn't work for me either... several hours of burning now from a Hungarian hot wax and jalepenios
NO HELP WHATSOEVER ! Comments By: Joyce on 2006-09-10
I tried this and am still in agony, don't waste your time.
me either Comments By: blazta on 2006-09-13
it didnt work but i found industrial degreaser does
I don't have any rubbing alcohol. Comments By: anon on 2006-10-04
After reading many "remedies" i tried a combination..orange juice, 409 degeaser and vinegar gave me instant relief. but the burn did return after some time.
relief at last Comments By: Annette on 2006-10-06
Over the past three hours, I have tried soaking my hands in cold water, repeated washing, lotion, aloe vera gel, and vinegar to no avail. The rubbing alcohol stopped the burn within a minute.
Milk!!! Comments By: Anon on 2006-10-09
For immediate relief, milk really worked for me. It soothed quickly, but the burning sensation returned in the morning on my hands.
nope Comments By: peppered on 2006-12-09
the only relief was LEMON JUICE and i tried it all......
Worked for me in seconds!!! Comments By: anu on 2006-12-13
My hands were burning like anything. I tried rubbing alcohol and in seconds the pain went away. I wish I knew it the night that I wasnt able to sleep and was just going crazy from pain.
So SO Comments By: Ja on 2007-02-16
Just tried it and gave it two minutes worked with some affects. Better then none.
YES MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Rachelle on 2007-02-17
After an hour of pain and everything I could thank of MILK worked. Instant reliefe. It lasted longer then Ice.
MiLk WoRkS Comments By: nIkKi RaE on 2007-04-11
i had severe chili burn and after sitting in a chair at the bathroom sink for about 2 hours my boyfriend found this site and i tried milk. i couldn't keep my hands in the freezing cold milk, so i soaked some wash cloths and wrapped them around my hands. it worked better than anything else i had tried. within a few min. the burning completely disappeared. i have burn marks now because it was so bad, but thanks to this site i was able to relieve the pain.
ouch Comments By: annie nom on 2007-04-27
my hands have been burning for 3 periods of a hockey game and they're just getting worse .. this didn't work ... i am only good holding onto ice cubes
the only true answer Comments By: charlie on 2007-05-10
My girl still has a bit of pain in her hands after cooking with peppers. Currently her only pain is under her fingernails. We tried milk, cold water, soap, lotion, vinegar, vodka, veg oil, rubbing alcohol after begging from the neighbors. Finally, the best advice and the only solution was RUM. A few glass of Rum and tonic and she found some relief. Meanwhile, a pack of ice did provide some relief while the rum kicked in. ...oh, a bit of romance takes the mind away.
Why didn't I wear some rubber gloves?!?! Comments By: DA in Texas{and I don't mean district attorney} on 2007-06-12
Didn't have alcohol, but did have some face cleaning astringent.
Gave me some relief, but not for long.
I think that this will be the last time that I will have to deal with this--I won't be stupid next time! Gloves it is from now on!!

too little too late Comments By: Leslie on 2007-06-15
Unfortunately this advice came too late for me. I can tell you that bleach, Benydril, antibotic cream, hand lotion, and menthol iontment do not work at all. Ice was a temporary solution. Next time I will try milk or alcohol. No, better yet, I'll try rubber gloves. Duh.
baking soda Comments By: Anon on 2007-06-30
my husband is Mexican and we use peppers all the time the first time i got this type of burn i tried everything then my husband said baking soda wash your hands in it and scrub well wash 2 or 3 times worked good for me and every time since
What worked?? Comments By: Anon on 2007-07-03
Not baking soda, not milk, not sunburn gel, or first aid burn spray, not ice (well maybe temperarily), not calamine lotion or hand lotion.

The Germ X did help ease it. Then I put a mud body mask on it trying to draw out the oils and it helped a little. Then I put more Germ X. Neither were complete cures but did offer enough comfort to go sleep!

burns!!! Comments By: rachael on 2007-07-04
i've tried a few things. first a baking soda paste. then a burn cream ice never helps and water will make it worse st.ives hydroxie mask helped alot and the rubbing alcohol helped a lot
Instant Relief Comments By: Bill on 2007-07-09
My tried this and instantly she was relieved. We poured the alcohol on her hands over and over again.
Wish we googled this before going to the hospital! Comments By: Ock on 2007-07-10
Went to the hospital they had no idea, so they googled and got rubbing alchol, it worked right away!!!

TipKing says: Wow I am pleased.

This really works Comments By: Mary on 2007-07-13
I was in serious pain & poured the alcohol on. It stopped burning!!
OH MY GOD! Comments By: gianna on 2007-07-14
jalapenos suck bad Comments By: eryn on 2007-07-15
i tried rubbing alcohol and it did nada. used a thick solution of baking soda and water and it went right away. let the solution thicken and dry on your hands and then take it off.

!!!!!! Baking soda pack works !!!! Rubbing Alcohol & OJ helped Comments By: Michele on 2007-07-24
After cutting up about 40 Jalapenos for canning, 30 min. later, my hands were on fire, but, I had no idea how BAD it would get in the hours ahead. I am an RN and a married for 20 years cook, and have never heard of jalapeno burns.

These are the steps we followed with comments on each:
1- soaked hands in bowl of Orange Juice, it immediately brought oil to the surface and I rubbed it off and reasoaked several times, with water rinses in between. Pain still returned within 20 minutes. (The quality of the OJ changed after 3 soaks, and that is when it stopped helping. I wonder if fresh OJ every couple of soaks, would have worked?)
2- soaked my hands in a bowl of milk. Oh heavenly, cool relief! It felt so good and got under my fingernails. But, it too only worked for a short time, but, I thought I was at a better level of pain management. I did not rinse, I just let it drip on a towell. I did feel better, but, hands were sticky but not as hot.
3- took 500mg Tylenol (I am pregnant, so my options were less)
4- went to bed with an ice pack on my hands, it felt good for awhile,then it began to feel like I was holding a ball of fire, and my hands progressed to a level that I seriously considered 911 or calling my doctor. My heart went out to people in burn units who are suffering with agony of pain. I was nearly panicking with pain in my fingertips and nail areas by this point.
2 hours of misery later and growing insane heat, I found this site, and saw 2 more options. *********************
5- soaked my hands in rubbing alcohol, felt like heaven for 10-minutes, and brought more oil to the surface, which I rubbed off with a towel, and rinsed, multiple times. then the heat started coming back.
6- Last and final rememdy...we poured baking soda in a bowl and added water and coated my hands with a baking soda pack. I lay down with a towel across my stomach, and set my hands on the towel, fingers up, and woke up hours later, aware that I had mummy hands with NO PAIN!!!!!!!!NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!NO PAIN!!!!!!
I kept that stuff on all night and did not rinse it until after breakfast, out of fear of the pain returning.
I rinsed it off with water in the A.M. and my hands just feel like they have been thruogh the ringer this morning, but, with the exception of a little tenderness, they feel normal. The site of the Jalapeno plants in the garden make me quake. No one in our house will ever be allowed to pick those demons without gloves from hear on. Imagine what these tasty things do to our stomach lining and intenstines! Re-evaluating jalapeno peppers in our diet

nothing works! Comments By: anon on 2007-07-26
My sister & I were working with a bunch of different peppers 4-5 hours ago, & ever since our hands have been burning beyond beliefe! We've tried every single suggestion listed on here, & nothing works! We found that milk gives the best temporary reliefe, but only for about 2 minutes at a time. I even have burn marks on my fingers, & they started swelling about an hour ago. HELP!!!
burning lips Comments By: Terry on 2007-08-04
After being in the sun all day my sister ate a very hot jalapeno pepper. Her lips immediately began to burn intensly. She was in so much pain I could not beleive it. By the time I read this thread we had already tried ice, bread, and milk. The milk helped a bit but as soon as she removed it the burn returned. The baking soda mix worked. It did not take the burn completely away but she is now calm and can tolerate the residual burning.
My cure really helped!!!!! Comments By: Julie on 2007-08-13
I cut and handled jalapenos bare-handed. Dumb. Anyway, the burning was horrible and unbearable. I tried ice water, vegetable oil, lemon juice, calamine lotion, baking soda, toothpaste, soap, and nothing worked. I intermittently sprayed on aloe vera burn spray with lidocaine, which helped temoporarily before the burning came back in full force. I finally saturated two wash clothes with the aloe and lidocaine spray and placed them in plastic bags and then placed my hands on the wash cloths in the bags and kept the bags on my hands. That made it bearable and I was able to go to sleep. (It was night). I woke up in the middle of the night and the pain was completely gone.
Baking Soda Paste-Best Comments By: CJ on 2007-08-15
I tried everything it seemed. Water-just made it worse. Aloe, alcohol, tomato juice, vegetable oil, cortisone cream, toothpaste, etc., all failed. Baking soda paste has lasted. hopefully will be able to sleep with a glove on. The others, burn came back as soon as they dried or were removed from the solution.
HOT HANDS!!! Comments By: J.D. on 2007-08-18
After peeling a few jalapenos and deseeding them ... my hands began to burn uncontrollably!! I spent the first hour w/my hands dipped in a bucket of ice and water... as soon as i removed my hands the burning came back... so i googled jalapeno hand remedies and found this site.... i tried the calamine lotion remedy... I completely saturated my hands with it and allowed it to dry completely. I left it on for 10 minutes after it dried and then rinsed it off w/cool water... to my suprise my right hand stopped burning but my left continued to burn ... so I then took some baking soda and mixed it w/a little water into a creamy thick paste like substance... I spread this over my entire hands and in between my fingers... I allowed it to dry completely and then kept it on for 15 minutes ... I immediately noticed the burning had stopped in the other hand.. and when I rinsed it off... there was no more burning !!!! :::wheeeeeeew::!! i was soo relieved!! Thank God for baking soda!!!!
baking soda best for me Comments By: Burned beyond belief on 2007-08-18
cut up jalapeno pepper, didn't think and wiped my nose. In minutes my entire face was on fire. I ran around trying to flush it out with water... I drank milk which helped a bit... after reading this site I took baking soda-- mixed in in a bowl till I got a thick paste and applied it to my face with a cloth. Instant relief... it's not perfect but a lot better than just moments ago.
tried it all and nothing works! Comments By: hothands on 2007-08-18
have to keep my hands in ice and water or my hands burst into flames. I have tried everything!!!
Relief at last! Comments By: Wendy on 2007-08-22
After 4 hours of burning agony on my fingertips from seeding jalapenos, the baking soda worked! Milk worked for my face, but nothing worked on my fingers till I tried the baking soda. Thanks!
Nothing helped me! Comments By: Dawn H. on 2007-08-22
It's been about 3 hours and my hands are still on fire! I soaked them in milk, used dishwashing detergent, pure alcohol, aloe from a plant, 409 and baking soda packs... Whenever I touch water it gets worse. I even used a lavender wax remover. The only time I feel any relief is when I put baking soda in a bowl with ice cubes. But that only lasts a few minutes until the cubes are thawed out and warm, then the burning sensation is back. Help!!!!!

chilli burns on hands Comments By: Brian Longworth on 2007-08-23
i deseeded around 5o jelapenos without gloves (foolishly) the burning was so intense, i tried cold water, lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, ice nothing worked except tying a marigold rubber glove around my wrists with water inside it to relieve the pain.The burning went away within minutes and came back minutes after taking my hands out of the gloves.I kept the marigolds on for several hours until the burning went away for good.
What worked for my wife... Comments By: dougg on 2007-08-26
At a friend's house, my wife was given fresh peppers out of the garden and asked to slice them up....nobody warned her to wear gloves, and she didn't know better. Her hands have been on fire for 3+ hours.
We tried: Onions, potatoes, vegetable oil, milk, baking soda, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol.... none of these worked.

Then, we tried: facial mud mask rubbed all over the hands and wait 10 minutes. This started to help. But, in the end, what did the trick was:
Gojo waterless handcleaner, followed by several generous helpings of Dawn dishwashing detergent. They guy down at the hardware store told me Dawn will disolve any oil based substance (including capsaicin, the oil based substance which makes peppers hot) and was even used to cleanup major oil spills such as the exxon valdez spill.

Anyway, her hands are almost back to normal now...

WORKS!! Comments By: jannie on 2007-09-02
i tried milk, bakeing soda everything!! and i read this artical and dumped rubbing alchohal on it and it worked!!!
THIS DOESN'T WORK!! Comments By: 'Anon.' on 2007-09-04
My wife deseeded many jalapenos her hands are burning horribly. We tried : ice, water, aloe, solarcaine, toothpaste, alcohol, rubbing alcohol, and much much more... time may be the only thing....
St. Ives Hydroxy Masque Comments By: Fire in my nose on 2007-09-05
I too got the dreaded jalapeno burns on and in my nose. I tried many of the suggestions with temporary relief. The one that is lasting for me is the St. Ives Hydroxy masque. I am soooo glad that I actually had this in the house. Ahhh....sweet relief.
miracle Comments By: poco on 2007-09-08
Baking Soda. It really does work-- you just gotta get up a real good paste... then scrub, scrub... and then do it again... and agan. Third time's the charm.
I'm glad I'm not the only one Comments By: I will now wear gloves on 2007-09-09
I foolishly diced 5 scotch bonnet peppers w/o gloves thinking it wouldn't matter with so few. Here I am the next morning googling first aid. Last night I soaked in yogurt and it felt fantastic but was only temporary. I will try baking soda next.
Ouch!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-10
I was working with and cleaning about 30 fresh Jalapeno Peppers out of the garden yesterday and after hours and hours of an incredable burning pain, my hand swelling and many tries of corn starch paste, dawn soap, benadryl (cream and pill), burn cream, and a bucket of ice water I called my doctor. He gave me a prescription for a steroid cream. After two doses about 5 hours apart with an ice pack, I finally got relief. I was slow coming but with a pain pill so I could sleep, this morning there is still a bit of tingle, burn and sentitivity but nothing like yesterday starting at one in the afternoon!
BAKING SODA really worked! Comments By: Debbie on 2007-09-10
I felt the burn from the jalepenos getting worse so I tried the baking soda. I mixed it with a little bit of water and then soaked/rubbed my hands in this paste a couple of times for about 10 minutes each time (I also rinsed and dried them inbetween). The pain completely went away!
Amen for the Arm & Hammer!!! Comments By: Never Again on 2007-09-10
Yep! As I am typing with one hand after 6 hours of pain,it being 2:23am, the pain has really subsided!All my rings were cleaned at the same time too.

I only chopped one small pepper and didn't touch the seeds, God bless those who really went to town chopping 30 plus.

Baking soda does the trick! Comments By: RN on 2007-09-15
I cut jalapeno peppers today w/o gloves, pulled the seeds out using my nails, not thinking about the heat. Later my hands and under my nails starting burning fiercely. I tried ice water for an hour but the pain kept coming back. Then rubbing alcohol, it did nothing! Baking soda paste for about 10 minutes x3 the pain was gone!!! Thanks for the advice!
Sugar Comments By: Melissa on 2007-09-15
Water makes things worse. Bleach?! That's not supposed to be used on skin. Using baking soda to cleanse first is good but I found that scrubbing with sugar and rinsing in sugar water (HEAVY on the sugar)was a miracle. I also rinsed with cold lemon juice from a bottle. I let the sugar and lemon juice air dry. I only had pain for an hour or so before I discovered this. With the first rinse the pain subsided quite a long time and I only re-rinsed in the sugar water left in my sink once before the pain was gone for good. And even the redness has completely disappeared.
please try Comments By: too hot to handle on 2007-09-15
i recently have suffered from jalapeno burn and i tried everything i read but please try this and also keep in mind that even a doctor will say time is all you need so listen up. put some cold water immediately on it and wipe clean. then get some burn cream with inactive ingredients and rub gently all over. if you are doing something i am afriad you will have to delay for a short time at least one hour. so after that either lay or sit down take two pain tablets and relax this is what i did and i felt relaif in one hour.
I LOVE THIS SITE!!! Comments By: Cherie' on 2007-09-17
My husband request Jalapeno poppers with dinner. My hands were on FIRE during dinner. I ate with a frozen bag of corn on my hand. Tried the milk, burn treatment gel, warm water & frozen veggies. I even had my husband call his Mexican best friend in Georgia~rec. voice mail. Tried the Alcohol worked immediately. Pain came back repeated every time pain. Works great compared to the pain!
Trader Joes Orange Peach Mango Juice Comments By: Erin on 2007-09-26
My whole face was burning and my eye and my lips. I filled a bowl with this juice and took a face bath. It worked when baking soda, rubbing alcohol, milk, and ice did not. I feel very sticky and happy now. And the juice is delicious.
Rubbing Alcohol Comments By: Steph on 2007-09-27
worked very well!!!!!!fantastic
rubbing alcohol Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-08
thanks. I was handling a pepper, and I without thinking rubbed my nose, nothing worked to get it to stop, I came across this site and it worked!! Thanks!!
Baking Soda WORKS!!!! Comments By: burny hands on 2007-10-09
I put a paste of baking soda and let it dry for about 10 minutes, after which i washed my hands with dawn and then dipped my hands in milk after which i applied Aloe Vera... this did the trick for me
OMG MIX IT ALL Comments By: tammie on 2007-10-13
i tried every thing the pain was always there.... finally my bueatiful smart daughter helped me....she googled and found ure comments...so we tried everything....the salt and alchohol mixture helped a little....then milk which made it burn more....then baking soda which helped after a while and the lemon juice with a final rince of baking soda....ive learned my lesson
Milk and Baking Soda Paste Comments By: Lyns on 2007-10-27
Make a paste with milk and baking soda and put it on the burnt area. I scratched my nose after cutting 1 jalapeno and the burn moved to both nostrils and then up my nose. SO PAINFUL!!! I put the paste all over my nose area and even up my nose, but it took the pain away instantly, but I had to keep it on there for an hour until all the oils disolved. I also wet a paper towel with milk and held that on some other areas that the burn spread.
Fast Orange did it for me - Instant relief Comments By: Joe on 2007-10-31
Alcohol had no effect - but this site gave me the idea of using Fast Orange hand degreaser ( I usually use it after working under the car )
Baking Soda worked for me. Comments By: MrsYFA on 2007-11-08
I cut the last bit of a habanero pepper and cleaned out the seeds to prepare it for some fish and about 45 minutes later my hands felt like they were going to implode! I tried bleach, hand sanitizer, aloe vera gel, milk (external and internal), rubbing stainless steel (sounds weird but it did work momentarily),lotion, dishwashing liquid, rubbing alcohol, and then finally baking soda which actually provided lasting results. I never knew a tiny piece of vegetation could wreak so much havoc!
burning hell!! Comments By: gaily on 2007-11-09
i chopped 4 japoleno peps ooh my god the burning was horrendous i googled to find a site saying use yogurt as id just put a munch bunch strawberry jogurt in the bin that my grandson louie didnt want i went rumaging and found it!! i rubbed it in and left it on my fingers for 10 mins i couldnt believe it the pain had gone my fingers feel a bit numb but can cope with that!! i have since rubbed it in again and shall do so all night!! thank god for grandkids!!
Nose, Mouth and Hand Burn Comments By: Ouchie! on 2007-11-12
I tried the baking soda remedy suggested by everyone and combined it with a bit of water and some baking powder, as I had run out of soda. I applied it with cotton swabs to my nose and mouth and soaked my hands in it. It definitely gave me a nice relief from the crazy burning pain, but did come back a bit later. I was very happy to have any relief, though, so try it until you can get other things to work!

Vaseline was a nice cooling alternative as well.

Capsaicin Comments By: Azrekiel on 2007-11-16
Capsaicin is usually only dissolved in alcohol. The higher the proof the better.
That why other had Luck with Rum or the C3H8O IPA. Next time keep a bottle of Vodka or something you like around.

HU HOT!!!!!!! Comments By: Dumb Packer Fan on 2007-11-19
Yesterday before I was to sit down and enjoy my Packer game, I was slicing and de-seeding several Jalepeno peppers to bread and deep fry not thinking too much about the consequences I am still paying for 15 hours later. I didn't hardly sleep at all and was in disbelief that the heat and numbness of both of my hands was from the Jalepenos. Duh!!!! Get a clue girl! I even called in to work and said I couldn't make it I was so miserable and without my cold packs on my hand's what would I do? I decided to "Google" search and found a couple of sites on burns to the skin after contact with Jalepenos. I did try the rubbing alcohol and for the last 15 minutes do not feel the heat any more, I am holding my breath. Too good to be true? Was worth the try, my hands are cold and numb but at least the heat is gone even temporarily. At least I know I am not in some other health crisis which tormented my sleepless head all night. If the heat and pain comes back, I will try the alcohol again. Thanks! Good luck! I must admit, I am a little frightened of the beloved Jalepeno now. ") I didn't even get to eat them!!!!
Cold Oil Comments By: Anonymous on 2007-11-21
Capsaicin, the substance that creates the "heat" that you feel when you eat a pepper, is oil/fat soluble. Perhaps if you place a cup of oil in the freezer for 10 minutes, then place your hand in the cup, it may go away. That is also why milk works. Milk has fat in it that dissolves the capsaicin.
15 hours of pain Comments By: BuRniN QuEEN on 2007-11-21
i was making stuffed jalapenos for my family this was my 1st time maybe 30 minutes later my hands were in the most pain i had ever felt in my life so i called posion control and they said maalox the stomach med. to rub your hands in it thickly it didnt work right away but it started dying down by 3 hrs later there is lil to no pain at all!! im so happy i couldnt sleep for 27 hours also i took some tylonel pain relief im so happy!!! i suggest maalox the lemon flavored one!!
the ragin' cajun got burned!!! Comments By: doc on 2007-11-24
man o man, i'm a cajun born and raised, pepper eatin', hot sauce drinkin', whiskey shootin kinda guy but i met my match just a few minutes ago. my friends and family say i'm not natural for the stuff i eat. jalapeno's are sweet to me, dave's insanity sauce is a bit warm, i put hot sauce on EVERYTHING. too bad i made a careless mistake today and put it on my face. cut and de-seeded about 20 japs for grilling. rinsed my hands and sat down with a beer. casually brushed my mustahe and nose and continued drinking. within a couple minutes my nose was tingling. no big deal. but it got worse. this was new to me! so not thinking, i went to the bathroom to rinse my face. big ole mistake there. the water spred the heat like gasoline to a fire. my nose, mouth, eyes, and believe it or not my ears!! my cheeks were burning too. so using a good method, milk, i began flushing my face. snorting milk! gargling milk! smearing all over my face. my wife and her nephew couldnt stop laughing. thru my tears and snot i was laughing too but it was still so intense. thru teary eyes i managed to google this and found that rubbing alcohol works too. so i tried that, cotton ball and alcohol. it worked. its been about 20 minutes since it happened till now and theres only a slight tingle. i've never tried the oj, the vinegar, lime juice, or baking soda but the rubbing alcohol and milk seem to work pretty well. so i guess the best remedy for anyone is just some time and advise. the advise? NEXT TIME WEAR GLOVES!!! and hopefully those peppers were worth it!
IT'S A COMFORT Comments By: Rick Gamel on 2007-11-26
Jalapeno Horror Comments By: John Teets on 2007-11-25
I was making some killer salsa one afternoon and cut up approximately 15 jalepeno's,red & green,and within an hour my hands were on fire! I tried rubbing alcohol,lemmon juice,soap & water,nothing was working. My wife is very sick so she gets home health care RN's to do her treatments,therfore, I hit the RN that was on duty up as to what she might recommend for my burning hands. She explained that the skin is porous so pour Hydrogen Peroxide on hands and let stand for two minutes. Do this twice. Then apply Hydrocortisone Ointment USP,2.5%. The pain was gone within 45 minutes to an hour!! Hope this helps someone because I have never felt pain like that in my life. Good luck!
burning lips from jalapeno peppers.. Comments By: mikeguch on 2007-12-04
after 30 minutes of pain...
i tried running under hot water.....
instant relief......

hurts a lot!! Comments By: rheinygal on 2007-12-09
Ok, I have tried the milk...some relief, lasted about 10 minutes, while hands were in the bowl of milk; baking soda paste....similar results, I had only enough baking soda for one application, so not sure if additional applications would have yielded longer lasting results; Dawn dish-soap...nothing; a sugar-scrub (poured a handful of sugar into hand and added just enough water to scrub, did this five times, about 2 minutes ago....the burn is beginning to return already!

I have to go to work in the am, and I really need to remove my contact lenses, but am afraid to touch my eyes!!!


Jalapeno Hands Comments By: Amanda on 2007-12-11
I did this last night... the pain was one of the worst I've felt... I tried lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, milk, dawn... last night I finally had my husband use a car degreaser... which I know is really gross, but it took the pain away for me to sleep last night. I woke up this morning with the burning pain back.. so had the hubby pick up baking soda, made a paste with water and worked great!! No pain and its been aout 13 hours since I used it... I really suggest everyone try baking soda!!!
Milk is the answer Comments By: rusty on 2007-12-12
Milk took the pain away immediately
Gasoline Comments By: Charlie on 2007-12-16
I sliced and de-seeeded about 20 jalepenios. After about half an hour my hands were on fire. I found this site and tried everything i could find, to no avail. finally i got to thinking. since gasoline can take everything else off your hands maybe it would work for this too. i tried it and found instant relief!!
Oh my GOD!!!! Comments By: Lynn on 2007-12-15
I have never been through pain like this in my life. So far I've tried milk, cream cheese, yogert, vinegar, lemon juice, honey, alcohol and solarcaine w/ aloe. I even called 911--no help said need to wait out the pain??--I pity anyone who eats my jerked chicken at the party that I'm not going to.
help !! Comments By: poor daughter !! on 2007-12-28
well here goes we will try the baking power paste, have tried all else even emergancy and poisons information, same thing have to wait out the pain.
My daughter was pleased with her job in the local restuarant.... day 5 chop the chillis, you would think they had sence enough to tell her to wear gloves !
grrrrrrrrrrr says the mum !!!!

alas, Rubbing Alcohol worked Comments By: Chet on 2007-12-29
I tried pure lemon juice, cold water, ice, soaked my hands in a cup of yogurt, went to the store to buy vodka and soak it, submerged it in a bowl of baking soda, nothing gave relief. Finally, I tried rubbing alcohol. The relief was instant. It only lasted about 5 minutes before the burn returns but you do this continually and within about 3 hours the pain subsided enough that I was distracted to my normal routine of doing things. It still feels sensitive and it's been over 10 hours.
ouchie ouchie ouchie!! Comments By: MommaRea on 2008-01-02
after cutting and seeding 20 jalapenos, my hands were burnin! i too tried lotion, aloe, cold water, and cortisone. i've been up most of the night. gonna try the rubbing alcohol. so glad i'm not the only one who has done this!!
Baking Soda worked Comments By: Becky on 2008-01-05
Although I agree neutralizing it with baking soda doesnt make sense, since its really not an acid... I tried it as a last resort, and was thrilled that it WORKED. Step 1- Put a DVD in the player and hit start. Step 2- Pour half the box into a big mixing bowl. Step 3- add about 1/3 cup of water to make a thick paste. Step 4- Chill out for 2 hours with your hands in the mixture. Play if you must. :o) Ahhhhhh...... relief
VINEGAR Saved me... Comments By: Matt on 2008-01-28
I seeded and devained a couple of Jalapenos last night and then washed my hands with plain old soap and water. As I learned after the fact, all I managed to do was spread the pepper oil all over my hands. After about 2 hours of pure intence misery and searching around the internet I broke out my jug of distilled vinegar. Scrubbed and rinced my hands about 3 times using only the vinegar and that did the trick!
Baking Soda did the trick! Comments By: G.A. on 2008-02-02
Baking soda was the solution for me. I tried several different things, different soaps, lotions, medicated ointments, even the rubbing alcohol. The only thing that worked was the baking soda!
Rubbing Alcohol & Baking Soda Comments By: lil calico cat on 2008-02-03
I will never seed jalapenos or habaneros without wearing gloves ever again. Ouch!!! Both my hands were on fire! I seeded a dozen jalapenos and half a dozen habaneros.

I tried soap and water, Goop hand cleaner, Orange clean, scrubbing with salt, scrubbing with sugar, hydrogen peroxide, soaking my hands in a bucket of water (bad idea as it felt like I was moving the oil around to other parts of my hands that were previously pain free), aloe vera (slight relief for about 3 seconds).

I didn't want to go to Urgent Care and in my internet search found this site. Thank you!!!

The rubbing alcohol helped on contact but the burn came back as soon as it evaporated. The Baking Soda worked well, but once again the burning returned. I found the greatest relief by mixing a little bit of rubbing alcohol with the baking soda to form a thick paste. The relief was imediate and lasted, even when it dried, I thought I was healed and washed it off and the pain came back. The pain was less intense, but still there. I made some more paste and left it on for the next 3 hours. When I washed it off my hands felt great. This did dry out my skin but I felt it was worth it.

BAKING SODA AND MILK! Comments By: dani on 2008-02-11
Ok, cutting up Jalepeno peppers is not fun! I didn't think about it and rubbed my face and was biting my nails. PAIN all over my lips and up my nose!! The burn was horrible. Did a search on how to get rid of the burn and came across this. Before hand I put milk on napkin and held it on my lips...pain GONE!! But it moved up my nostrils! OMG!! Didn't realize the pain could get much worse!!! So I tried the milk..nothing...tried the rubbing alchohol...OMG!! DON'T USE IT!! It burned 5 million times worse!! Got out the baking soda and milk and made a paste...put it on and instantly the pain was gone!! Word of advise...live it more milky than pasty! The paste falls off your face. I found more liquid stays on better. Hope this helps someone out there! you all helped me!! Thanks!!!
I only diced 2 jalapenos-OUCH! Comments By: Jannie on 2008-02-14
I only seeded & diced 2 jalapenos, but then diced 3 cloves of garlic too. The burn is very bad and my fingers are Valentines red!! I poured Witch Hazel over them (it's what I had)helped a lot. Then rubbed Dawn dish soap on them and let that set a minuet or 2. Feels much better. Thanks to every one who left all these great suggestions. I should have remembered that the garlic burns because several years ago while canning pickles I got bad burns from all the garlic cloves I peeled.
alcahol after using baking soda Comments By: Dorry on 2008-02-20
well I was at home and had de-seeded and chopped up just one jalapeno and had never been told how to handle jalapenos before and before I knew it, I had reached up to rub my itchy nose and it was on fire and so was the rest of my face. I didn't have rubbing alcohol and went online and saw someone saying that baking soda works. Before I got online I had called my husband and he had called someone he knew who lived nearby who would bring over alcohol. I was desperate by this time and ran to get the baking soda. I caked it on my face wherever it burned and then rubbed it in so that it was hidden for when our neighbor got here with the alcohol. It worked too!

I went online and read how if you happen to have peeled and seeded and chopped jalapenos by hand have a bowl of milk ready to soak your hands in and then wash with soap and water.

Maalox for quick and permanent relief Comments By: Sarah on 2008-02-21
I too called poison control after unsuccessfully following the advice of on-call nurses and not getting any advice from doctors.
Poison control knew right away what I meant when I said I had burned my hands on chili peppers. The lady said to soak my hands in Maalox for 20 minutes and it had been 8 hours or so since I cut up the chili peppers - it was the only thing that worked for good. Poison control says it does something to the nerve endings in your skin.
I had done this once before and the rubbing alcohol cured me but it didn't work at all this time.
Hope this is helpful for people!

jalapeno HOT !!! Fire burning hands... Comments By: Shannon on 2008-03-03
I tryed everything and nothing worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When nothing else worked... Comments By: Erin on 2008-03-10
Like you all, I tried the rubbing alcohol, baking soda, vodka, milk...all worked for a short time but the pain returned once I removed them. Finally I used "burn gel" from my first aid kit (from Fred Meyer) and after the second application, the pain went away! Something to try instead of just waiting out the pain.
Facial burns Comments By: Echo on 2008-03-12
Yeah...it was bad. Sooo all of the other suggestions were wonderful but they involved using things I couldn't exactly soak my face in. My burn was my upper lip/under my nose. Yeah I scratched my nose while cutting japapenos...genius. I tried the baking soda, dabbing alcohol, milk, and lotions. All of which helped momentarily but with all the burning sensation my nose started running, my eyes watering and then breathing in general caused more heat. SOO my ONLY SOLUTION was the St. Ives Hydroxy Mask (sp?) that I had shoved in the back of my cabinet. It cooled it down and when it dried I could peel it off and there was no more pain.
It's kind of gross but... Comments By: Jenn on 2008-03-16
I can't believe no one has tried this, but I actually went and *peed on my hands* after trying various other different "remedies". Within a minute of doing this (and then of course washing with soap and water) the burning was *gone*. I repeated it a few times just to make sure, and I have been pain-free since I did this.
Baking soda really works. Do NOT use water--it only makes it worse!!! Comments By: chef on 2008-03-15
Water will just spread the burn further through your skin by soaking it and allowing the acid in the peppers seep deeper into the epidermal layers! DO NOT SOAK. Make a thick paste of baking soda and a little water. Rub into affected skin, and pile on any extra to dry into a crust. Rinse and dry area well. Pain went away within 10 minutes. Make sure to keep a towel under affected area as the soda dries and crumbles off. Repeat for really severe burns.
Pain Killers & Baking Soda as soon as possible! Comments By: Nacho Libre on 2008-03-22
Yes, I now know never to chop chili peppers without gloves but as there were only three I didn't think it would be an issue. The pain started to increase steadily over the next hour until finally the only relief was from a bowl of water - little did I know how much worse I would make it! DO NOT USE WATER - use milk instead but don't soak in the same solution for too long or you may spread it to other parts of your skin. I also tried alcohol which helped for a few minutes at a time but my hand was still on fire 3 hours later. Burn gel didn't help either. Finally I tried baking soda mixed with milk and scrubbed, washed off, dried and re-applied 3 or 4 times. After the last aplication, I washed it off, dipped my hands in milk and let it dry naturally...finally only a dull tingle that eventually died away altogether - bliss! I would also strongly advise taking painkillers as soon as you start to feel the burn in order to manage the 1st phase of the burn which is really, really intense!
Someone could make a fortune! Comments By: jenny b. hurtin! on 2008-03-25
Last night I thought I was going crazy while I suffered through the unbearable pain of jalapenos! I tried everything and at one point, the pain was so intense, I thought my skin would blister! In the end, I fell asleep with my hand in a bowl of vinegar which seemed to finally do the trick. I had never heard of this and I thought I was alone in my ridiculous pain until I read all of the postings on this site. If I were more ambitious, I'd find something that works, bottle that crap, and take it to market because I'm telling you- I would have paid any amount of money to make the pain go away! So go ahead- take this idea and go be rich... I'll take my cut in any form of payment but peppers!
it dont work Comments By: guy how needs to cure chili burn on 2008-03-29
you realy need olive oil
This Site Comments By: Vince on 2008-03-30
Found this site and the laughter made the pain go away for a few minutes, i am trying milk next so hopefully that does the trick if not a shot of JD might do the trick!!!!
Best laugh I've had in months Comments By: Hot Pee? on 2008-04-02
My girlfriend is sharing everyone's common problem (jalapenos). So I thought I'd try to find something to help her. She even gave the peeing trick a try (it burned like hell). Next step is Burn Cream. Meanwhile, I've been laughing my ass off, imagining you poor souls, striking the keys on your keyboard with your firey hot fingers.
I could kiss everyone who wrote in! Comments By: Erika on 2008-03-30
Oh, thank you, thank you. It was Germ-X that did the trick for me. Oh, sweet relief!
Unbelieveable Pain Comments By: Gina on 2008-04-01
Ive had 2 knee surgeries and 3 broken toes and this tops the pain x 10. I sneezed after i chopped the peppers and accidently rubbed my nose and upper lip... the only only only thing that helped was a thick paste of baking soda and dipping my face in a big bowl of milk. Next time just got to max and erma's for tortilla soup.
HONEY WORKS! Comments By: NADINE on 2008-04-11

baking soda! Comments By: anon on 2008-04-15
i made a paste of baking soda then put it on the burn spots, really thick. then put latex dr gloves over top so i could still function and it took the pain away.
Baking Soda!!!!!!!! Comments By: Paige on 2008-04-19
Scrub it a several times with baking soda paste. If you wait a few minutes, the burning will go away.
Milk Baking Soda Paste Didn't work Comments By: LadyEmmaleth on 2008-04-20
What worked for me was caladryl spray and rubbing alcohol. I used the caladryl as a desperate measure and it worked for a few minutes. Then i had to respray. But the second time it worked long enough to get some rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol did the trick. Never again will chop peppers w/o gloves.
Alcahol took 50% pain away Comments By: Lorelie on 2008-04-27
after cutting 24 jalapenos and stuffing them with cream cheese (they better be good after all this) pain set in, washed and soaked in water, let dry and instant pain set in. tried soaking in milk and instant pain again after it dried, tried rubbing alacahol and it took maybe 50% of pain away, did dishes like a dummy and pain was back and even worse menatal note to self:(KEEP HANDS OUT OF WATER). Here I am trying to find something to do to keep my mind off the pain.
7 1/2 hours of PAIN!!!! Comments By: ANON on 2008-04-29
So i decided that i was going to make jalapeno poopers and went to town cutting and de-seeding about 30 peppers with my bare hands, not thinking, then i started to smell th peper, it started to make me sneeze and I wiped my face with my hands before I knew it my face was on FIRE and breaking out in a red heat rash the only remedy that worked on my face was milk and baking soda paste, my hands then begun to burn it felt like my nails were falling off from the heat I tried everything i had in my my house....I found a process you have to go through to really get rid of the oil and pain it leaves
1st find a degreaser like dawn or gojo
and do sereval washs with little water...
2nd do a soak in rubbing alcohol
3rd do a soak in milk and baking soda
4th try a mud mask this really relieves the pain something to do with it drawing it out.....
5th scrub with a paste of baking soda repetdly until it goes away this finall worked
I also took 2 tylenol and a sleeping pill to go to sleep..... never ever had I felt a pain like this...

TOOTHPASTE Comments By: Rachel on 2008-05-01
typing this with 2 fingers all others are covered with toothpaste. but guess what? they're not burning! gloriously cold. thanks for the tip to whomever suggested colgate.
Glad I'm not alone... Comments By: HotContacts on 2008-05-11
I made salsa and chopped up only 2 jalapenos and boy did I pay! I'm actually reading everyone's comments 24hrs after the horrible jalapeno chopping took place. Boyfriend left this page open on the computer after a night of taking care of my burning hand. I tried milk, vinegar, baking soda, took an alieve, and all were temporary fixes. I went to bed hurting and woke up fine until I took a hot shower and reactivated it. Worse part about the torture was the burning under my nails. Unfortunately taking my contacts off with my 'good hand' last night wasn't a great idea as my eyes burned this morning when I put them on and immediately took them out. Needless to say, I'll be wearing glasses for the next couple of days. Remedies for jalapeno contacts, anyone? (update: 24 hrs later - nailbeds still irritated but bearable)
Washing up Liquid! Comments By: Dave on 2008-05-10
Ive foolishly sliced up around 10 Jalapeno Peppers with out wearing gloves, as you can imagine my hands are now on fire!!!

Ive tried everything recommended on this site, and i mean everything!. My final experiment was with Fairy Washing up Liquid. The liquid has a de-greasing agent in it as well as aloe vera, which brings the Peppers 'nasty burning' oil to the surface of the skin. I just thickly applied it to my burn, scrubbed it into the skin, then rinsed off. After doing this a few times the burning has stopped for good.

Palmolive Original Concentrate Comments By: Jenny on 2008-05-12
I had cut up around 20 Jalapenos in the process of making Jalapeno poppers, and withing 15 minutes, my hands were on fire, especially up under my nails and my wedding ring. Before looking on this website, I tried washing them thoroughly with dish washing liquid, lemon juice, witch hazel- all of which brought only temporary relief. The only thing that seemed to do the trick was iced water, and only when I kept my hand submerged in the water. When it came to be time to go to bed, I needed a rememdy that I could take to bed with me. We found this site and tried a baking soda paste, made using water and one using milk, soaking my hands in milk (2%), rubbing alcohol, engine degreaser, vinegar- all again which all brought only temporary results, so we just decided to coat my dry hands thoroughly in Palmolive Original Concentrated dish washing liquid. Honestly, it seemed to relieve some of the heat immediately. I took a large bowl of ice water with me and got on the couch with a towel to lay my hands on. I did dip my hands into the iced water once, but I was able to doze off on the couch within 15 minutes. When I woke up a few hours later, my hands were heat and pain-free. This morning I live to tell the story of what a horribly painful chemical burn a Jalapeno pepper can pack. I never would have guessed.
What a lesson to learn! Comments By: Sparkley on 2008-05-12
Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your tips, I searched for this last night in the worst burning pain from chopping up 6 Birds Eye chilis withouth gloves, what a stupid, stupid thing to do! I went from a little bit of sting on my finger tips, to burning agony all over both hands, due to trying to wash it away with cold water and soap, Never again!

Anyway, I tried everything you suggested, thank you, baking soda didnt really work for me, nor did lemon, milk, sugar, oil or vodka. Eventually I had to go to bed so laid there with a mini sandwich bags full of frozen peas in each hand, and them covered in toothpaste!!! Woke up this morning and no burning, and slept well too.

GOOD LUCK NEW BURNT PEOPLE READING THIS! I have learnt a hard lesson here!!!


URINE---pure genius!!! Comments By: Molly on 2008-05-15
To the girl who recommended urine, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! I had deseeded about 40 jalapenos and my hands were on fire!!! I tried milk, honey, alcohol, baking soda, nothing worked. Then in desperation I thought "Why Not? nobody ever has to know" and by God it worked. I'm drinking a big glass of water now so I can pee on my other hand!!!
try some gin Comments By: anon on 2008-05-19
Ive just gone through this myself and after finding this site and not having access to any rubbing alcohol. I tried rubbing some gin in to the skin on my fingers helped to relive the pain imedietly! going from 8 out of 10 to 3 out of 10 on the pain scale. After washing off in cold water and rerubbing with gin several times over has helped to relive the pain some more. Its still there but no where near as bad now.
Dawn! Comments By: Jackie on 2008-05-19
I tried it all, and the burn came back each time. After all that drama, I hand washed the dishes in dawn coincidently, and the pain is gone.
Tomato Juice !!!!! Comments By: S. Spinks on 2008-05-25
I thought I would go CRAZY after making some jalepeno poppers...I tried everything. My husband is a deputy sheriff & and has been around "pepper spray" alot. He said tomato juice will kill it. I did'nt have juice, but had frozen tomatoes. I've been rubbing the frozen tomatoes over my hands for about 15 minutes....and believe it or not I'm getting relief. Next time I WILL wear GLOVES ! Should have listened to Grandmaw . LOL !
BENADRYL!!! Comments By: jenny on 2008-05-28
i was chopping a jalapeno pepper and two drops squirted out and hit me in the face, right under the nose. it was fine for a few minutes and then got crazy painful! after freaking out, my boyfriend told me to take some benadryl. i took two and used an ice bath on my face until they took effect. in about a half an hour i had no pain what so ever. my hands are a little tingly but everything else is fine. this stuff works. i tried milk, baking soda, and vinegar to no avail. USE BENEDRYL!!
OMG! My fingers R on Fire! Comments By: julesrs on 2008-05-31
it's been >5 hrs since I cut the peppers (jalopeno & chile). I have cut them dozens of times & never had this happen! I can tell you what did not work 4 me Ranch dressing, milk, calamine lotion...i will try the alcohol & or backing soda & let you know.
Thank god for the INTERNET! Comments By: Vivian on 2008-06-01
So, like a lot of people here, I'm amateur enough to work with jalapeno peppers without gloves. I'm not exactly sure how my face got in contact with the pepper... I only remember eating a tiny bit of the pepper, so it came in contact with my upper and lower lip. I remember it started with a little tingle, which is fine because I eat a lot of spicy foods. Then it started to spread and I thought it was weird how the pain sensation wasn't inside my mouth BUT OUTSIDE OF IT. So I dabbed it with an ice cub thinking it would subside soon. BOY WAS I WRONG. The upper and lower bit of my lips started to really bother me. And then soon enough, IT BURNED I've never experienced such a burning sensation. It got gradually so bad that I went frickin' crazy... rubbing my lips with everything that was cold.

Then smartly decided to Google what the hell was going on. Turns out jalapeno pepper burn is a real thing and its oils have to do with it. So here my recollection of relief methods:

1. Cold water/ice: AVOID. It is instant relief but actually somehow intensifies the burn afterwards.
2. Lemon: I randomly stuck wedges of cold lemon onto the area... er, well it worked like ice, and provided temp. relief
3. Facial toner/cleanser: Then I got really, really desperate and saw that someone said rubbing alcohol worked. The bottle was in my parent's bathroom and my mom was showering so was completely oblivious to my calls. So the next best thing was the toner/cleanser which had some alcohol in it. Again, temp. relief but starting to feel a tad under control.
4. (Regular, household) Rubbing alcohol: The roof, the roof is still on fire.
5. Condensed milk: I had no regular milk, by then I was still in so much pain that I poured this all over my face over the sink. My sister was watching me as if I was mad.
6.Baking soda: mixed it with cold water. Sloshed it all over my face. I didn't get the paste-like consistency, but it provided a bit of long-term relief.

It's been about 20 mins and the pain is almost gone :) now I hope if I take a shower in the morning, it won't come back like a nightmare. SO TRY EVERYTHING PEOPLE! Detergent, milk, oil, anything!

I too, now have profound sympathy and respect for people with severe burns in the hospital. Good grief.

ONE WORD** VODKA Comments By: Sheri on 2008-06-04
I used OJ, milk, I didn't have any baking powder, rubbing alcohol, ect. So before running to the store in pain to buy EVERYTHING, I rinsed my hands in vodka(1 time). It didn't take way all the burning, but now it is tolerable. Off to rinse again. Good luck, this sucks!!
Burn Comments By: ddd on 2008-06-01
Well, I tried bleach and baking soda and neither has worked...

I am thinking about urine...

I burned my nose too!!!!!!!! Comments By: Emerald on 2008-06-02
I was pulling the seeds out of the pepper and like a dummy trying to talk on the phone and BBQ, went outside, without washing my hands, started rubbing my nose, and it instantly started burning. I rinsed it out and it got worse and worse, I was holding ice on it. I tried the alcohol, milk, lemon, noxzema, baking soda. nithing worked, It burned from my nose to my lips. Then I tried a sea mud face mask. the pain is completely gone. I dont know if any kind of mud mask would work, but it is worth a try
Pee on the Hand it works Comments By: Lauri on 2008-06-01
it might sound gross but I tried everything and the heat and pain came back with a matter of seconds or minutes and I was desperate !! I have heard about if you get stung by a jelly fish that the remedy should be peed on to alleviate the pain so I tried it so far so good.. Keeping my fingers crossed. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. RUBBER GLOVES next time period..
ONE WORD** VODKA Comments By: Sheri on 2008-06-04
I used OJ, milk, I didn't have any baking powder, rubbing alcohol, ect. So before running to the store in pain to buy EVERYTHING, I rinsed my hands in vodka(1 time). It didn't take way all the burning, but now it is tolerable. Off to rinse again. Good luck, this sucks!!
Nothing but aloe vera works!!! Comments By: Carrie on 2008-06-03
I had no clue that jalapenos would burn your skin the way they did mine. I only cut up 2, and only one finger was hurting so i figured I'd burned it on the pan. Then the burning started spreading. I tried soaking them in ice water with lemon juice, milk, milk and baking soda, water and baking soda, alcohol, I tried EVERYTHING. 6 hours later they were still burning. the only thing that would help, is if I kept them in ice water. Finally, I was so tired, I took an ice pack with me to bed so if they started burning I could put that on them. The plastic from the ice pack made them burn worse!!! I finally got out of bed and tried aloe vera. Holy cow I should have tried that sooner. They quit burning instantly and I was able to go to sleep!
Don't use water. Comments By: Lori on 2008-06-16
Do not use water! I cut jalapenos at 3:00 in the afternoon. My hands were still burning at 11:00. I tried soaking my hands in a glass of ice water and it made it worse. I couldn't take the burning. I tried the alcohol first, nothing. I wanted to use the milk, but of course that meant going to 7-11. I was at 7-11 at 2:00. Made paste from the baking soda with the milk and finally fell asleep around 3:00 AM. Thanks for all the help.
Baking Soda Worked Comments By: Rose on 2008-05-27
I mixed baking soda and water to a paste. I dipped my hands in and and let it rest on a towel until dryed, then I rinsed and repeated about 5 times. It did work! I tryed rubbing alcohol and milk and got only a small amout of relief, temporararly.
P.S. I also had three beers by the time the baking soda treatments were finished, but I do believe it was the baking soda:)

Vodka worked after trying everything!!! Comments By: anony on 2008-06-07
The only thing that worked was rubbing 40 proof Vodka on my hands! Tried washing aggressively, rubbing alcohol, glycolic acid peel, burn treatment, aloe lotion, vaseline, soaking my hand in ice water relieved me but kept me wet--burn returned a few min after taking hands out.

Now I feel good enough to make some Vodka apple martini's again!! :)

Ouch, That Smarts Comments By: bbaxter on 2008-06-11
Try a combination of Rubbing Alchohol and Fast Orange Hand Cleaner. First wash with the alchohol and let it dry. Next wash with the hand cleaner. Did it twice and no more pain
nothing works Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-15
I cut palapenos one night and my hands burnt like crazy. I found out it was because I squezzed lemons and then cut palapenos, my pores opened up and let the juice in. Nothing worked. Ice worked tempeorarly, water made it burn, milk worked at first then stopped working, same with vinager, achohol worked temporarly, lemon juice and sugar made all the burn come back, baking soda burns, and lotion and neosporon don't work. Remember: NO LEMON JUICE AND JALEPENOS!!!!!!
pain from the inside out Comments By: amanda on 2008-06-15
the pain is terrible. i work in a restaurant, and we had our town celebration this weekend. i sliced and de-seeded almost 700 jalapeno's. my hands have been on fire since about an hour after i quit working with them. nothing is working.
i'm about to go try this dawn thing first, then, out comes the vodka.
my hands just feel like they're burning from the inside out, and not until afterwards, did anyone tell me i should've worn gloves..

nothing works!
vodka, dawn, lemon juice, baking soda, cold water, ice, hot water, dishwashing soap, peanut butter..
i can't find anything.
my hands are swollen and red and on fire..

the pain is gone!!! Comments By: sean mcgrath on 2008-06-15
I tried vodka. After drinking the whole bottle I could not feel a thing.
Works for a lot of other 'issues' as well.

cocoa Butter!! Comments By: Mama on 2008-06-17
I'm 5 months pregnant and was going crazy with trying to find a remedy. I used all the listed suggestions and only found that repeated use of dish soap (dawn) in warm water and then cocoa butter after helped sooth. I also called a few mexican resturants and they said honey but We did not have any on hand. Good luck
Paint thinner treatment for jalapino burns Comments By: Nancy J on 2008-06-19
I thought the peppers wouldnt bother me, boy was I wrong. I was in agony! Milk, oil, vinegar NOTHING! When my contractor husband got home, I went to his workshop, he poured paint thinner on my hands, I spread it around really well, then washed with plumbers soap. Oh my gosh, it worked immediately! Then, I washed in the kitchen with soap and water. My hands are a little dry right now, but at least I feel okay with taking my contact lenses out tonight. It really works immediately to remove the oil and soothe the pain of the burn. It worked for me!
VASELINE IS MY SAVIOR!!!! Comments By: the lins on 2008-06-21
My sister used lime juice which caused the pain to subside for 30 seconds. So then we decided to use baking soda paste (water and baking soda mixed) and that was quite unhelpful but hilariously funny for me. Then we read that someone used vaseline. We tried that and now the pain has subsided. But now my sister does not know if its the baking soda's delayed reaction or truly the vaseline. But nevertheless, at least her face isnt on fire anymore right? just make sure you dont scratch that places where the sun dont shine!
Dawn dishwashing liquid or comparable degreasers Comments By: TahDah on 2008-06-22
Jalepeno juice is a oil and it get it in your skin. If you don't wear gloves and use warm water while cutting them up you are most likely going to get some pretty good burning. Dawn dishwashing liquid breaks down oil so it can be washed away. Alcohol breaks down most oils and should also work. Jalepeno oil is acidic and baking soda should nuetralize an acid. Milk is alkaline and should nuetralize an acid, but I had the best luck with degreasers and rubber gloves.
!!!THE BASH TREATMENT!!! Comments By: micah on 2008-06-24
I finaly was tired of of nothing working on the burn I figured out how to get rid of the pain you hit your foot with something hard and your mind is off the burn but if it returns hit it again its a miricle
baking soda really worked!!!! Comments By: Denise on 2008-06-24
My eight year old touched a hot pepper athen touched his face and was in agonizing pain,the shower just made it worse. alcohol made it worse and dish soap helps a little but the thing that worked was aloe vera gel for sun burns and baking soda paste .I'm really thankful for this site thanks!!!
Rum worked best... Comments By: leen on 2008-06-27
I had tried (almost) everything: washing with water (only helps while keeping your hands under the running water), milk (helps a little bit longer), cooking oil (unpractical, once you wash it off, the pain comes back), and ... Rum! And that worked best. And it's practical, you don't really need to wash it off... After 20 min the pain started coming back (but much less than before): I tried milk again, washed my hands with aloe vera dishwasher (and dried them instantly) and now the pain is GONE!

I think the rum did the trick and the rest helped to wash off the remaining bits...

HOLY BURNING HELL Comments By: jalapenos suck ass on 2008-06-28
i did the exact same as all of u i was stupid and sliced and de-seeded about 100 jalapeno peppers without gloves.... stupid mistake..... my hands have been burning now all day and im about to chop my fingers off but lucky for me i found this site but unfortunetly i didnt have any rubbing alcohol..... nail polish remover works well too it leaves a slight tingle but the pain is gone.....
"And Then There Was Milk" Comments By: Scott McNeed on 2008-06-28
Milk was the best. Stick to the basics first,if it doesnt work, try all the other crazy remedies on this site.
Any good degreasing agent, such as Acetone... Comments By: Cthulhu77 on 2008-06-29
Will work to remove the oil that is causing the burn, but once the skin has been effected, painkillers of some sort, whether alchoholic or tablet, are the best way to go. It's like a sunburn...nothing is going to "make it go away".
The peppers don't do much to me, but on a *note to self*, Do NOT touch your wife's hoo-ha. She is really angry with me right now. I did offer to pour vodka on it, though.

16 jalapenos, deseeding Comments By: abhi on 2008-06-30
Yup, I actually took each one and plucked out the innards, seeds and all by hand. Pure genius.

Anyway, the good news was that the Jalapenos were of excellent quality ...

I tried soap first, then alcohol washes, baking soda. Nothing worked.

Then I remembered what a doc suggested for burns, HONEY. I just put a little bit on each affected finger and let it be for 15-20 mins. The pain went up and down and was almost completely gone when I washed it off!

too hot to handle! Comments By: anon on 2008-07-02
after 3 hrs of burning and trying EVERYTHING on here, including baking soda, i went back to that bc everyone seemed to swear by it. i made a THICK paste and kept it on there for an hr w/ my hands in front of a fan. finally they stopped burning and the xanex kicked in and i was able to rest!
Nose Burn Comments By: Kim on 2008-07-02
Thanks for the help. Rubbed my nose after cutting jalapenoe peppers. OMG!!! Water and ice up my nose. I tried lemon, same affect as water. I came online and went for the rubbing alcohol it started working after several rubs, but wasn't completely gone so after seeing the Dawn part I used Stanz R out with has banna oil that breaks up other oils out of clothing. I rubbed it over the alcohol and it took away the pain. I thought the Pee thing was inyteresting though.
remedy Comments By: steve on 2008-07-04
the best thing i found that worked for me was motor oil. After ten seconds the pain was gone.
Gojo Worked!!! Comments By: Nick on 2008-07-05
Hawaiian Tropic Cool Aloe I.C.E. worked swell until I took a shower then the burn came back. I then tried Gojo hand cleaner and the burn left and has not come back!
ice ice baby Comments By: michelle on 2008-07-06
After slicing and deseeding 25 japs i tried vinegar,milk,peroxide,aloe,
toothpaste,percicet,dawn,peeing on hands
baking soda,lidocane spray,mouthwash,honey,sugar,........
only ice has numbed the pain after 13 hours

ps ware gloves

Recent Comments By: Madeleine on 2008-07-08
I just de-seeded two jalapeno (not the smartest cookie) bare handed and experienced the worst worst burning sensation. I have very sensitive skin and while rubbing alcohol took the sting away for about 15 seconds, I popped two asprin and a BIG GLASS OF WHITE WINE. The pain went away within 20 min. 5 hours later I feel perfect.
Jalapeno oil on skin Comments By: Carrie on 2008-07-11
Rubbing Alcohol made the burn go away on my fingers immediately except under my nail beds-which is still burning-Milk did not work for me
HERE'S WHY BAKING SODA WORKS Comments By: jalapenofirefighter on 2008-07-13
I just woke up from a long burning night and finally the pain is gone, but it took 5 baking soda applications to remove the JALAPENO oil out of my hands.
At first the baking soda will make your hands burn even worse because it's accelerating the process of getting rid of the oil. Apply the B.S. and milk paste mixture 4 or 5 times until the pain is bearable. Let the baking soda dry for 15 min each time, believe me I tried everything else before!!!

My experience Comments By: Kailin on 2008-07-18
I tried everything: milk, yogurt, toothpaste, urine, milk, pineapple,lemon, honey, aloe, olive oil, alcohol, rubbing alcohol, prayer, meditation, distraction, ice, and baking soda. Admittedly, the first thing I did was soak my burn in cold water, which perhaps made it worse. However, after putting my hands in a baking soda paste and then putting my hands into socks and then putting the socks into a bowl of ice I was feeling pretty good. But after I took them out, it still burned like the devil. This was after about 2 hrs. You know the thing that finally worked? DAWN dish detergent and MAJOR scrubbing with an abrasive dishcloth...I think I rubbed the top layer of skin off and then the DAWN took dissolved the capsacin beneath the surface. Anyway, after 5 hours the pain was finally next to nothing. Next day completely gone. My boyfriend has BANNED me from ever chopping jalapenos again!
Jalapeno Pepper Burn Treatment Comments By: Tim on 2008-07-20
Read and tried all the recommendations, none worked. Low fat mail did not work but Half and Half coffee creamer stopped the burning with in seconds.

Thanks for the input from all

Ice Water Comments By: Burning Stomach on 2008-07-20
I ate one-third of a jalepeno, and it burned my mouth and throat, and who knows what it's burning in my stomach.

I drank so much ice water that I'm now bloated and can't even finish dinner.


jalepenos on the nose - ugh! Comments By: Carrie on 2008-07-20
I got jalepenos on my nose and it burned so bad. The best thing I could do was use an ice pack. Tried rubbing alcohol and it helped a little. Just kept the ice pack on for awhile and it eventually went away
Mud Mask! Comments By: Ju on 2008-07-21
My nose was burning and every time I tried something it was getting worse.I tried all the remedies on this site and with each one I was not getting relief until I saw a comment about a mud mask.I had an epoch nuskin mask and within 10 min I could barely feel any burn!
free at last....baking soda's the cure Comments By: Leah on 2008-07-21
Now i am laughing reading this site a few hour ago i was crying. The baking soda provided sweet relief from the CONSTANT BURN.What a terrible experience.Like everyone else i will never mess w/ jalapeno's w/ out gloves.BAKING SODA!!!!
Use Gloves Comments By: justgitnby on 2008-07-22
I cut up just a few jalapenos and I have an unusual situation that I haven't seen on here yet. I washed my hands with soap because I knew I had oil on them. Washed them thoroughly with Dawn and rinsed. I then proceeded to take a piss, holding my penis.

Dawn doesn't get it all off. My penis is now on fire. I have tried alcohol and it seems to be working a little but the best bet, use gloves.

THANK YOU SO MUCH JALAPENOFIREFIGTHER!!!!!!! Comments By: I hate J peppers! on 2008-07-23
I was going on 9 hours of jalapeno burn on my hand. I had tried ice, water, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, milk, and aloe gel. I basically walked around all day carrying cold sprite cans; my only relief. By the middle of the night I was desperate. I soaked my hands in the baking soda and milk and let it dry almost 10 times (yes, this took several hours) before I went to bed and was able to fall asleep. I had to leave the baking soda on my hand though because every time I washed it off the burn came back. So the next morning my bed and hair have baking soda crumbs everywhere, but the burn is gone! The baking soda worked!!
I never want to touch or see a jalapeno pepper again in my life!! If you are reading this with burning flesh due to the JP, you have my sincere sympathy! If you try the baking soda thing, don't be discouraged if it burns really bad as it's drying on your hand the first few times. It will go away!

toothpaste Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-23
toothpaste Is the same a bakeing soda Its In It and who you are depends on how you fix yore burn
Worst pain EVER- CURED by SOUR CREAM!!! Comments By: JBS on 2008-07-25
I just had the worst pain ever from touching my nose after cutting Jalapeno peppers! I tried everything, Aleo Vera After sun gel, lemon juice, salt, milk on a paper towel, baking soda and water, baking soda and milk...nothing worked until I rubbed sour cream on it. INSTANTLY went away!
Nothing works!! Comments By: ts on 2008-07-28
Try everything it is only a temporary relief. Time is the only thing to make it go away. Everything everyone said works but only temporarly.
ALCOHOL. USEEE ITTT!! Comments By: Brittany will never touch a pepper again. on 2008-07-31
Today my sister and I sliced and stuffed some Anaheim peppers for dinner. Now, I don't know where exactly on the Scoville scale these little buggers stand, however I do know that for at LEAST 5 hours I sat with some mild discomfort in my fingers. I took a shower a little while ago, and the pain in my fingers seriously intensified. I read some of the responses here and it seemed alcohol is the most successful treatment. And as I sit here typing with alcohol soaked cotton balls tapped onto my fingers, (I kid you not) just wanted to thank everyone for their input. =P
MAYBE IT JUST TAKES TIME! Comments By: Anon. on 2008-08-01
I chopped and deseeded hundreds of peppers to make salsa for a wedding yesterday. The bride helped and had no reaction at all except some minor stinging. My hands were literally on fire. I tried to write a check and could barely hold a pen. It was like I put both hands on a hot stove. I tried baking soda, milk, lemon juice, tomato juice, gasoline, household cleaners, ice, dish soap, sour cream, mayonaise, noxema, calamine lotion, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, aloe vera plant, etc. Nothing worked for nine hours. Finally I repeatedly slathered my hands in aloe vera gel and a hydrocortisone cream and help them in front of a fan. I keep repeating everytime the pain increased. The cool air on the aloe gel felt really good. I also took two tylenol. I had taken two earlier which didn't help. Eventually the pain subsided and went away completely within an hour of repeated aloe and hydrocortisone. I don't know if the treatment worked or the effects of the peppers just wore off. I'm incline to think it just takes time.
Denature Alcohol Comments By: Debbie on 2008-08-03
Tried Baking soda, Cold water, Lemon Juice, bleach, dish soap.... They all gave me temp. relief. The Denature Alcohol worked wonderfully. It took two applications but it worked. The first application eased the pain enough that I could pinpoint the problem areas. The second application took care of the burn completely.... Try It
yogurt and baking soda Comments By: hothands on 2008-08-08
you eat yogurt based dishes with the spicy india food,right. So I tried yogurt and baking soda. Very cooling, I repeated as I needed. I washed with soap each time in between. got to get back to the mixture.
Milk does the body good Comments By: Jon on 2008-08-05
I experienced this same awful jalapeno hands burn last night and as the night wore on, I became more and more desperate for relief so that I could sleep. After washing my hands in cold water and soaking them in ice water for hours, I found this thread and began to try some of the remedies.

Aloe vera gel provided almost no relief, rubbing alcohol provided temporary relief and cold 1% milk seemed to provide the most relief in my case. I finally got to sleep around 4 AM with my hands wrapped in milk soaked towels and grocery bags. The pain subsided after 7 hours and today my hand are fine.

I would like to slap the person who recommended making home made jalapeno poppers to me.

Milk does the body good Comments By: Jon on 2008-08-05
I experienced this same awful jalapeno hands burn last night and as the night wore on, I became more and more desperate for relief so that I could sleep. After washing my hands in cold water and soaking them in ice water for hours, I found this thread and began to try some of the remedies.

Aloe vera gel provided almost no relief, rubbing alcohol provided temporary relief as did Germ-X. Cold 1% milk seemed to provide the most relief in my case. I finally got to sleep around 4 AM with my hands wrapped in milk soaked towels and grocery bags. The pain subsided after 7 hours and today my hand are fine.

I would like to slap the person who recommended making home made jalapeno poppers to me.

Goof Off Hand Cleaner and Baking Soda mixed Comments By: Shannon on 2008-08-09
Do this 3 times, and the burning feels cool and tolerable, but not totally gone though
Butter.... Comments By: Butter face on 2008-08-06
I had just broken open a jalapeno and then was dumb enough to touch my face. I was searching the web when my nose started burning, my computer was being slow and so I just opened the first sight I could find about jalapeno burns I quickly scanned it and it said something about milk and butter so I ran to the fridge and pulled out a stick of butter and started rubbing it on my nosee! I just "reapplied" a few times and let it sit while I read the page and realized that they were saying butter was a remedy for after you have EATEN peppers! Ooops... but it seemed to work aside from having butter all over my face ;)
IT may be gross, but it works! Comments By: your mom on 2008-08-06
Urine is sterile! I just peed on my hands then washed with soap and water, worked almost instantly!
mud/charcoal mask and fan Comments By: adrih. on 2008-08-09
typing with mask on fingers/ finger tips after six hours of pain so far... it worked (is working) after soap, dish soap, multiple baking soda applications, alcohol, milk, etc. didn;t work. the charcoal mask is helping along with pumping up the AC. I'm not taking it off til morning.
Burn Baby Burn!!! Find a painkiller Comments By: Jennifer on 2008-08-10
Just cut up and deseeded about 30 or more jalepenos..washed my hands and 2hours later I am in the worst pain ever. Feels like someone set my hands on fire. I tried milk, hand sanitizer, then dug in the fridge and found the baking soda..mixed it with the milk and made a paste put it on my hands and hubby gave me a loratab 10....Its been 20 minutes and I can still barely type from the burning in my finger tips but..something is helping.
All I wanted was some pico de gallo! Comments By: Jackie on 2008-08-11
I didn't know these things were so vicious. All I wanted was some pico de gallo so I could make some Taco Bell meximelts at home. I should have just spent the $1 and got them at Taco Bell.

As I was chopping two jalapenos, I noticed a tingling. Then when I was done, I noticed they were burning as were my eyes and lips. My eyes and lips stopped, finally. I washed my hands two times, then got annoyed with the continued burning and found this site and all the suggestions. I tried milk, rubbing alcohol, and hair oil. Then I realized my lips don't hurt and I'm drinking red wine. So I poured a glass of that on my hands. They still burned and I was out one glass of cabernet. Booooooooooo. So, then I tried lemon juice, then baking soda, then poured the lemon juice on the baking soda on my hands and it didn't end up making the burning going away; however, it was quite fun to watch the fizzing reaction like when you build a volcano in third grade. Anyhow, my hands are burning still, but I'm drinking more red wine, which seems to be the best thing at the moment.

From now on I'm wearing gloves to chop jalapenos or maybe I'll just leave the pico de gallo and meximelts to Taco Bell.

Jabenerno juice to the face Comments By: Jill on 2008-08-13
Hello. I recently cut up some jabenero peppers and got the juice on my hands and then transferred the juice to my face. At first it was my face that burnt to the point of tears. I tried to take a shower and wash my face and hands to scrub the juice off. This didn't work. I got on this website and learned of baking soda. I mixed this with milk and made a paste to apply to my face. This helped me out. I left it on a good hour and just layed in darkness to try to relax. Once I got my face to cool down I'll be damned if my hands didn't start burning. My right thumbnail the worst. The baking soda concoction didn't work on my hands. I tried the orange juice, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and ice. Finally I took a pain pill and fell asleep with my hand in a bag of ice. This morning my right thumb is still red as well as my index finger.
OUCH!!!! Comments By: OUCH!!! on 2008-08-13
I removed the seeds from 2 peppers last night. My hands tingled a bit throughout dinner and then I did the dishes.......I have never felt such intense burning in my life!!! Milk and yogurt provided me with a bit of relief but it wasn't until i took extra strength pain killer and covered my hands in burn cream that i felt comfortable. Today the skin on my hands is red and tender to touch. Please, use gloves when dealing with Jalapeno peppers!
Got Jalapeno in my eye...TEABAGS SAVED THE BURN Comments By: Bill on 2008-08-13
I was cooking tonight with jalapeno and cayun peppers and accidentally rubbed my eye...the burn was insane. I remember a story my mom told me when I was young about how my aunt (who married into an italian family and was trying to impress them with a all italian dinner)was cooking with jalapeno and all sorts of peppers and was sent to the hospital with burns. The ER couldnt figure out what to do for her, therefore they called her in-laws (old school italians). They told her to hold teabags on the area where it burned. They applied tea bags and apparently it worked. I did the same tonight and it worked. The burning was so bad I was really worried, then I found some ginseng tea bags in my cabinet and placed two bags on my eye and IT WORKED. In less than 30 seconds the burn dissemated by 90%. Then I applied some water and more bags and it was gone. AMAZING!! TRY IT!!!
Rubbing alcohol works! Comments By: anon on 2008-08-16
I was cutting up banana peppers- I had no idea they were hot! I sniffed the pan it was cooking in- I felt a sensation in my nose and touched it with the hands I used to cut the peppers I thought were mild. I was in agony from the burn on my nose- I found this and it worked after a minute. Thanks for the relief!
hot pepper oils Comments By: mark on 2008-08-16
while harvesting our peppers the oil from our peppers caused severe burning and a rash on her hands. She tried alchol, milk, baking soda, etc... nothing worked till I had her put her hands in dirt, yes, plain ole God given brown dirt. It soothed it imediately and her rash went away, who would have thought and did not cost a cent.
Holy Ouch!! Comments By: AnnaBananna on 2008-08-16
I didnt touch the darn peppers with my right hand. I just used my right hand to wash my left and now they are both on fire. I tried rubbing alcohol and got a little relief, then I soaked in milk it did nothing, tried the baking soda paste and scrub and got about 50% relief. What finished it off was a soak in very expensive Rum. My hand are legally drunk ha ha, but totally pain free. Oh, and I also let the Rum dry on my hands so now I smell like I've had a few. The salsa I made was fantastic!
tgi_shan Comments By: Shannon on 2008-08-16
I made salsa tonight for the first time. You should know that I made a HUGE batch so my brother and his friends could all have some too for camping. i peeled and de-seeded about 15 homegrown jalepenos. A few hours later the pain started. I sat on hold with the E.R. FOREVER!!! I thought I was dying!! Then I did a google search, while on hold, and found this site!! YAY! The milk felt good when my hands were actually in it but the second I lifted my hands out - PAIN!!!!!!!! So, I called my bro to my house and he brought me some baking soda. I made a thick paste and gooped it all over my hands and wrists. I had to sit outside because the mess from the drying baking soda is bad. I let it air dry and then sit for 15 min. Rinsed. Quite a bit of pain but a bit better... It took me 3 times of this cycle but now I am a 4 on the pain scale instead of a ten!!! And those of you who know, know that a 4 is pretty damn great!! I will never again chop jalepenos without gloves!!! I promise :)

PS Never tried the OJ or alcohol!!

Super Hot Spaghetti Sauce!!! Comments By: christy on 2008-08-17
I'm at my in laws for dinner and my mother-in-law cut up some green looking peppers from her neighbor. She didn't notice anything at first, until she was getting ready to go out and touched up her makeup under her eyes! My grandmother did this just last summer, cutting up all sorts of peppers to make a really nice bellpepper salad. She didn't realize they were HOT! Milk and Backing Soda seemed to help for a while. My mother-in-law couldn't do much for her eye except for holding an ice cube under it. WE've mixed a paste with most of the ingredients listed here. Backing Soda, milk, rubbing alcohol, honey, OJ, and aloe. Hopefully it will help...
Goo Gone!! Comments By: Jo on 2008-08-17
I was unaware of the dangers of cutting Jalapeno Peppers. So 6 hours later, I was still in a lot of pain. I tried the rubbing alcohol, baking soda, milk, vodka, tomatoes, toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, Hydrocortisone cream, aloe, and many more. In my desperation, I tried Goo Gone cleaner. It is a degreaser. I sprayed it on and wiped it off with a paper towel ( I did not wash my hand) I did this 3 times in a row and started to feel a little relief after I had wiped it off. It burned worse when I sprayed it, but better when I wiped it off. I did it again about 10 nminutes later. It has been 30 minutes and I can say, this relief has lasted the longest for me. All of the above mentioned worked for a few minutes, but they never lasted. I will use the Goo Gone again before I go to bed. I think I might actually be able to sleep.
TRUE RELIEF!! Comments By: Sandy on 2008-08-18
The only thing that really works is TIME. It took 8-10 hours until the burning stopped.

In the meantime, find whatever brings relief and keep doing it.

Baking soda Comments By: Confused on 2008-08-22
I have no idea what the f*** these people are talking about saying baking soda doesn't work. My face was burning like crazy and a baking soda paste cured the problem. No reason this forum should have so many comments otherwise.
MIX IT ALL UP!! Comments By: MissChrome38 on 2008-08-22
ok so i tried washing a million times that didn't help my burn was so bad it turned my fingers red so i mixed together, vinagar, milk, lemon juice, salt, rubbing alcohol and dawn with bleach and it made it better!!
OUCH!!!!! It Hurts Comments By: Kat on 2008-08-25
ok..so i have tried it all. right now im sitting here with nesporin with a pain relief in it. i dont really think its working, but i have tried everything else. my husband gave me a percet. im pretty sure thats working. i' really thinking about the whole peeing on the hand thing. Good Luck to everyone out there looking for relief. I hope i find some soon.
This was ALL helpful Comments By: Shawna on 2008-08-25
OK, this is the 1st and only site I had to check. I decided a combo approach, and it worked!

I 1st made a paste with Baking soda and half and half - hell if milks good, I figure creamers better and let me tell you! It makes a really soft smooth paste - 100% needed! Then I would let it set for like 10 mins, go and use GOJO and scrub it all off. Then I sprayed with Alcohol, washed again, and then repeated. The last wash I used a "Sooth-a-Caine" sunburn relief thing and I am pleased - it only tingles a bit near any cuts I had and one nail. That I can tolerate!

Silver Sulfadiazine and Vicodin for severe burns Comments By: Lisafios on 2008-08-26
For severe, long-term exposure (say, 2 hours chopping jalapenos for relish, canning, etc.,) even WITH hand washing, home remedies can't cure the skin degradation and blistering that will occur. Call your doctor and get a quality burn cream and serious pain meds. A chemical burn from capsaicin is equivalent to a temperature burn and should be appropriately treated.
Pee is AWESOME Comments By: kc on 2008-08-26
I didn't realize that jalepenos were the devil, At first i just tried cold water/ice, then cortaid, all types of soap, the baking soda, lemon juice and salt, etc. Whatever, that stuff just takes a little sting off of the incredible agony, i thought i might die. Then I found this website, and as I was reading this decided to give good ole urine a try as I'd run out of foods to test, it totally works, i feel like McGuiver!!!! I peed ALL over both my hands and now, about 20 minutes later, they feel great!!!!!!!!! A bit tender, but oh my god, i thought it would never end, TRY THE PEE, its so worth it! It really works, i don't know how, but whatever, i'm so happy now!
Posion Control Comments By: AMBER IN JERSEY on 2008-08-27

If Tums work for your tummy/jalapenos, why not on your hands. Comments By: jo on 2008-08-27
After cleaning about 30 jalapenos for a mega batch of homecanned salsa, my left hand was burning up. Held the knife in my right hand and have only minor burning ...Had tried all the home remedies, many of which are listed on this site such as milk, alcohol, listerine, bottled vanilla, ice bag, etc.Nothing worked and the nail cuticle bed and underneath the nail, as well as the finger tips were under some of the worst pain I have ever endured worse than childbirth, I believe. Thought - if it works in your stomach, perhaps it will work on the hands....So I dissolved 3 tums in about 1/2 cup of water in a cup and stuck in my hand....It helps, but comes back in about 5 minutes after removing from the solution...But it gives a break from the searing pressing pain. Well, hurting again, so can't type more - have to put my fingers back into the Tums. NEVER AGAIN WITHOUT GLOVES
I wore gloves and was still f'd! Comments By: Luisa on 2008-08-28
Use only RUBBER gloves, not latex, the molecules of pepper are smaller then the holes in the latex and will pass through.
Wow...This happens more often than I suspected. Comments By: C.Hicks on 2008-08-30
After 18 solid hours of feeling my finger tips throb in harmony with my heartbeat, I stumbled on this site. I had tried everything that had popped into my mind, but had only found limited short term relief.

I saw the baking soda tip and could have kicked myself for not trying this sooner. I threw a few tablespoons into a bowl added a wee bit of water and rubbed the paste all over my hands. I let it dry for a few minutes, then rubbed them together some more, working the drying paste around. After about 5 minutes, I rinsed with cold water.

I still have a tiny bit of discomfort, but nothing even close to what I was feeling a short while ago.

Goo Gone Comments By: D House on 2008-08-30
I tried the alcohol and the baking soda, some relief but not complete. I tried a product called Goo Gone, which is used to remove things like gum, grease, and sticky residue. I rubbed some on my hands....Waaa Laaa! It did the trick, that's the reason I can now type this :o)
Doesn't Work! Comments By: B on 2008-08-30
I have tried EVERYTHING!! NOTHING is helping!! Someone call 911 for me!!!
this totally works Comments By: thankful on 2008-08-30
Tried milk, soap, and lemon juice and didn't do anything and actually felt like the burn spread on the face. Within minutes of using rubbing alcohol burn has completely subsided.
TOOTHPASTE!!!!!!! Comments By: Anonymus on 2008-08-29
OMG..i only chopped 1 jalapeno but before i could finish, my hands were on fire!!..they burned for 9 hours..i tried every household liquid i could find..finally i put toothpaste all over my hands and held little baggies with frozen veggies inside and layed in bed...within 30 min the pain was completely gone!!thank god because i felt like i was dying lol
Hindsight Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-31
Just wear gloves...........nothing works. I tried it all.
Great ideas... jalepenos on hands...burning Comments By: Tara on 2008-08-31
I tried Milk, Gojo, water & soap, GermX, facial mud mask and none worked. Then I tried the rubbing alchohol and it worked! Thanks to all for the great ideas. Guess I will use gloves next time!
Tomatoes did it for me Comments By: Tara on 2008-09-01
The alcohol only felt good while I had it on my fingers. That was the same for the milk and the lemon juice. I also tried the baking soda paste 3 times and while that did seem to bring more of the oils to the surface it didnt' completely make it go away - it almost intensified it. What DID WORK??? - TOMATOES I was ready to try anything and a friend said to cut a tomato in half and stick my fingers in it. I mutilated that tomato and left my fingers sunk in just below the fleshy part of the skin for about 10 minutes and the burning went away!!
cure for lip burn Comments By: biflargo on 2008-09-01
if you do nothing after a few minutes it will go away so don't like your lips and don't put anything on your lips and it will start to sudside after a few minutes.It will hurt at first a lot but then it will go away
DO NOT RUB ICE ON YOU LIPS Comments By: biflargo on 2008-09-01
i tried rubing ice on my lips it made it worse.
Baking Soda Paste Comments By: meg on 2008-09-01
I tried milk, not rubbing alcohol yet...my husband suggested base vs acid; making a paste with baking soda, then making a mask for your hands, let dry a little, rub it in (makes a mess), then reapply. takes a minute, then passes. thankgoodness.
Not really... Comments By: Stephanie from Germantown, MD on 2008-09-05
The rubbing alcohol didnt work for me last night... I took a piece of gauze, drenched it with Bactine and taped it to the burn on my finger.

Took 5-10 minutes for it to subside and I could fall asleep. OMG I will NEVER not wear gloves again. That was the WORST pain I think I have felt yet.

Good remedy for burning lips Comments By: Frank Scafidi on 2008-09-06
Our 5 year old accidentally bit a jalepeno pepper, her lips were burning. Our remedy - Baby Orajel. Worked amazingly well.
Baking Soda Worked a Miracle Comments By: Burned By Jalapenos for the Last Time on 2008-09-05
My left hand burned for almost 8 hours from deseeding jalapenos. I used all your suggestions. They all gave temporary relief, but when I finally made a thick enough paste of baking soda and a little water in the 6th hour, I could literally feel the pain leave my hand for good. I plastered it on all over my hand, sat with a paper towel under it and watched a good movie to keep my mind off the pain. It was extremely painful for the first hour or so, then about an hour and a half into it, I could actually feel the pain leaving my hand. It was quite amazing. Thanks everyone for your ideas, but for those of you who are reading this for the first time, don't suffer for 8 hours, maybe only an hour and a half, but make the paste and be patient and let the baking soda do its thing, IT REALLY WORKS! I also burned the inside of my nose just from breathing in the seeds, I guess. I used a Neti Pot to clear my sinuses and then put Vasaline and A&D Oinment in my nose and that stopped the burning immediately.
This was not a fun day.

ice cream Comments By: Amy on 2008-09-06
omigod. i read to use milk, but to try ice cream if you have it, which i did. burning completely gone.
burn from 1 jalopeno Comments By: T on 2008-09-07
I had burn all over my lips, nose and eyes -- DO NOT wash with water - it makes it worse!!! We tried to put a bandage soaked in milk - it helped immediately!!! BUT in about an hour my hand started to burn like it was on a hot stove and all I wanted was to chop my fingers off...I tried baked soda paste(mixing it with water) waiting 10min, then wash it and put it once again - for 6times!!! but it didn't help at all, then I put toothpaste all over my fingers and waited for 15-20min...and finally felt relief...it was 9hrs ago but I still feel kind of stinging on my fingers....ALWAYS put gloves!! don't rub your eyes....
P.S. million thanks to my boyfriend - he saved me...

Dish soap wirks Miracles!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-09-07
My brother got jalapeno in his nose, which then spreaded to his eyes. After several other attempts, he tried washing his face multiple times with dish soap (the kind you put in your sink). After about three washes, the burning had virtually stopped. Worked great for us.
Jalepeno Burn! Help!! Comments By: Freddy Johnson on 2008-09-07
I recently cut up a number of jalepenos and then proceed to use the restroom. Almost immediately afterwards i experienced a horrible burning sensation on my privates (male). I need some help. Ice water only numbs it for a short period of time. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Help!!
THE ONLY SOLUTION IS PREPARATION H!!! Comments By: jess on 2008-09-08
i'm not kidding, on sat. night i tried the following:

rubbing alcohol, milk, white vinegar, butter, tomato sauce, a paste with baking soda and rubbing alcohol, benadryl- nothing worked. not until i bought preparation h on a total whim. slathered that stuff on and in about 20 min. the swelling was down and the pain was over in about 30 min. total. it was HELL before then, trust me- this stuff works!!!!

worked immediately Comments By: venicemama on 2008-09-08
I did not have any milk on hand which I knew was the right way to go, so I just suffered really until I found this suggestion. Worked quite well and immediately.
BAKING SODA ROCKS!!!! Comments By: soooooo happy now on 2008-09-10
I was in soooooo much pain in my hands, tried everything, ice, rubbing alcohol, numbing cream....untill i tried baking soda.....first i tried it for a few minutes but it didn't work, i then soaked my hands in it for 20 minutes and BAM!!!! pain is GONE!!!! be patient with it, leave it on ur hands untill the paste is dry!!!!
Watch out for your nose Comments By: Steph on 2008-09-10
Well if this ever happens again I have enough suggestions to try. But all I have to say is, you think it hurts on hands and fingers, try your nose!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! PAIN!!!!!! Like nothing else!!!
Baking Soda Comments By: mcb_ucb on 2008-09-12
I got owned after seeding some Serranos. Bleach, aloe, alcohol ... nothing worked. Baking soda is a miracle. Make a baking soda slurry with roughly 3 parts baking soda 1 part water. I pretty much used it by intensely rubbing it into the affected areas of my hands and fingernails ~ 2 minutes. Almost instantly, the pain was gone. The pain subsided even after I rinsed it off. Thanks for the great suggestion - baking soda people!
Pepto Bismol Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-12
Slather your hands and leave on for several mintes.
Try everything - accept timeline Comments By: Burnt on 2008-09-15
After hand chopping 60-70 jalepeno peppers for salsa, I had increasing pain from 5pm, and finally fell asleep at 3am. The best advice I have was to try all the remedies offered, accept that the pain will return, howl at the humor in all these entries, watch a movie, and eventually crawl into bed with your hands in a bowl of ice. Essentially, the best remedy is the knowledge that this shall pass, and no my hands will not spontaneously combust.
Distilled Plain Vinigar Comments By: Lynn on 2008-09-20
Immediate relief but short; rubbing alcohol. Use vanilla icecream; feel good but didnt work..
I poured plain distilled vinigar on my hands and let them dry...did this twice. My burn is almost gone; barely sense it.

That was a joke! Comments By: anon on 2008-09-21
I was stupid enough to make salsa with no gloves. 30 mins later my hands were on fire. I tried everything, milk, baking soda, degreaser. Nothing worked. I went to the store and bought rubbing alcohol. That made it burn worse!! I went to WalMart and bought this cleaner in the auto department:
Permatex Fast Oraange hand cleaner. it even comes with a nail brush. I was so desperate that I went to the restroom in the store and used it. It worked on the spot. 2 washes and no burning.

Organice Jalepenos/ Alcohol helped me the most Comments By: Lana on 2008-09-21
I chopped 6 large Jalapenos and deseeded them to cook in a pot of beans..Instant massive pain...washed in cold water...soak in ice cold non-fat milk...run to the PC to google for help.. Thank goodness you guys were here...after 5 hours and trying everything you offered. relief came and exhaustion overcame my stupidity...gloves are the way...the beans caused diahrea..home grown Jalapens have a punch like no other.
etoh does not work Comments By: sarah on 2008-09-23
doesnt work
Works for a little while Comments By: jen on 2008-09-21
then started burning again, tried the baking soda too But the ice pack seemed to work the best. Will definitely wear gloves next time.
Bleach Comments By: Jason on 2008-09-24
First pour a good handful of bleach in one hand and rub it all over the effected hand or hands. Then, take dawn dish soap and work up a good lather with the bleach and soap and scrub your hands for a good minute or two. Then rinse your hands with as hot of water as you can stand for thirty seconds to a minute. follow up with a rinse in vinegar and another hot water rinse. I found this on a hot pepper forum after trying every method mentioned here. I have worked with habaneros and other hot peppers for years and never had a reaction. This year, I grew some Bhut Jalokia(new guiness world record hottest pepper). I picked some and sliced them up for canning yesterday. And about two or three hours later, my hands were on fire. I could hardly sleep last night because of it. All day I have been trying different methods found on this site and none worked. After I found the Bleach, Dawn, Vinegar, hot water trick, I'm back to normal again.....WOOOHOOO!!!
BAKING SODA!!! Comments By: Jason on 2008-09-24
I was taking the seeds out for the garden next year...washed my hands..well missed a spot I rubbed my nose and a few min later. Life sucked, eyes watered so bad couldn't see...googled...found this site...tried the achohol rub did ok but tempary, did the ice cube under the nose for 1 hour, better but if I removed the ice cube 15-20 sec later burn and eyes wattering....BAKING SODA rub, it spred the burning after 3 aplications then I left it off and it was bariable then within 5 min all better. GO WITH THE BAKING SODA, trust me, your body will thank you...
Equate Astringent Skin Cleanser Comments By: 1st Time Salsa Canner on 2008-09-25
The Walmart cleanser worked like a dream! I tried rubbing alcohol first but it only worked for a few seconds. I rubbed the Walmart Cleanser on with a cotton ball for about 2-3 minutes while I read more posts, and I put my hand in front of the fan. I did make one mistake though. Only my right hand was in pain and I itched my left hand with the cotton ball. So now my left hand stings and it didnt to begin with. I was still canning my salsa so I finished with an ovem mitt on, but I don't know if that had any bearing on my relief.Learned a few valuable lessons. 1) Wear rubber gloves when the directions tell you to. 2) Google a problem immediately, I was in pain for less than 2 hours.
Baking soda and milk Comments By: jennifer on 2008-09-25
I cut only 2 peppers and like others dug the seeds out w/ my nails. I dont cook w/ peppers and had zero knowledge. Went from my nose to my face to my neck. Have been reading this site for 40 minutes and tried the Maalox, which worked as temp but the baking soda and milk has been it for me! And my husband is, as I am typing, at the store getting me Dawn to scrub under my nails.
Think I will also take the advise of the RUM guy.....best wishes!!

The best remedy Comments By: Neo on 2008-09-25
First soak your hands in milk.
Then dry it for few minutes this will help initial burning stages. Secondly, take flour and water, and make it into a paste. Then apply to burning skin, and wait till it dries up. Its like a mini facial mask except its for the hands. Once dried wash with cold water. The burn will be completely reduced. (I used indian chickpea flour ).

And the winner is....BAKING SODA! Comments By: Grateful in Minneapolis on 2008-09-27
After 5 miserable hours of trying ice water, warm water, aloe vera gel with menthol, lemon juice, vegetable oil and milk, I finally found this website and tried baking soda. Thick paste of baking soda and water. Apply, let dry, leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off. Repeat 3 times. Then, cover hands with the paste, wrap in wet washcloths, cover each hand with a plastic baggie and leave on until the pain is totally gone (or you finally fall asleep).
Drugs drugs drugs Comments By: Helen, NJ on 2008-10-01
Whoever heard of getting a burn from one seed? I was chopping jalepenos for guacamole, and thought i'd try one seed (as i've always heard that it's the seeds that burn, not the pepper), and what a mistake. ONE freakin' seed. My lips blew up (i looked like a fish), I got an ulcer on the inside of my bottom lip, and wow was i in pain!!! I've given birth 3 times, and nothing compared to this pain. This website was a godsend, as it felt good to have kindred spirits out there. I tried milk, lots of ice, peroxide, alcohol, sour cream, honey, and a paste made of baking soda and milk. In the meantime I took 3 advil and then my husband handed me a Vicodin. I don't really know which one worked, but about 20 minutes after the Vicodin, i'm feeling much better. We'll see what happens when it wears off. And I'll admit, yes, i was so desperate that I was about to try urine on my lips!!!! good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
Laughing takes the pain away!!!!! Comments By: Sylvia on 2008-10-01
I first started reading this site with major excruciating pain on my right hand, and seriously after cracking up at a few of the stories, I forgot the pain was even there. It's gone!! It's a miracle, but true. I love the stories, I am so gonna bookmark this site and share it with my friends, I love it - it's hilarious!!! Good luck to everyone with the burning hands, face, nose, ears, cheeks, etc...
fire between the legs! OUCH! Comments By: holding on to my manhood on 2008-10-03
I had a bad experience last night. After chopping only 2 jalapenos I had to go to the bathroom. So, I washed my hands with soap and did the usual thing. Only afterwards, my "twig and berries" were ON FIRE! I tried everything I could think of: water and soap, Gold Bond, aloe vera gel, lotion and even just blowing it with a hair dryer. Nothing worked, only giving me the most painful 45 minutes of my life. After finding this site, I had to try rubbing alcohol. IT WORKED!!! Instantly my pain was gone. I wouldn't advise bothering with cotton balls, just slowly pour it on there. THANK YOU SO MUCH! All the help saved my manhood.
I can't quit laughing! Crap my nostrils.....911 Comments By: Melissa on 2008-10-03
I didn't read all of these but jumped around on here. I see lots of things bout the hands. I just wanted to keep everyone aware of my jalapeno disaster. I read that the jalapenos can cause your hands to burn so I seeded them over the sink with the water running and nothing burnt so I was pretty proud. I thought I was pretty slick then all of a sudden out of nowhere I started coughing and my nostrils were on fire. I ran to the bathroom and slammed water up my nose but nothing happened. So then I crammed some liquid soap up there thinking that would wash away the burn and that just made it worse. I thought I was going to die so I ran and grabbed the milk and tried to practically inhail the milk. It helped for a minute. The only thing I could think of was neosporin because that is what the doctors told by niece to use when she got 3rd degree burns on her hand. It actually worked for me but took a while. So I was curious if the alcohol would work on the inside of the nostrils? Hum...Now I am scared to death to cut those suckers and I grew about 30 plants to make jalapeno poppers and freeze them. Aaahhhhhhh!!!
Different for everyone Comments By: SAHVANNA on 2008-10-05
Well lets see, I started with the Germ-x, that was very temporary, they I used Maker's Mark Whiskey, let it soak (45% alc vol) still did not work. Then I tried the lemon juice......again just temp. After that I moved on to baking soda paste. Still nothing. I just tried Distilled vinegar and that gave me the longest relief, but I think its comping back. Oh well, I think in the end it will just take time!!!
I Have Found The Cure... Comments By: OUCH!!! on 2008-10-07
I cook with peppers at least once a week for the last 10 years and this has never happened to me... until tonight. The pain has been progressivly getting worse for the last 4 hours. Its is truely unbelievable. I tried cold water and soap, no. I have tried milk, no. I tried vodka (on my hands not my mouth), no. My new efforts are a combination of baking soda, rubbing alcohol and 3 shots of Old Smugglers Scotch Whiskey that I found from a Christmas party 2 years ago. (this time in my mouth). Feeling much better.
Nothing will work! Comments By: Lisa on 2008-10-08
The Burn from the jalapenos is killing. I've tried everything everyone has said on this site but vodka cause it's like 11:30pm and can't get any now! i can't sleep and i feel like I'm dieing!!!!!!!!! Baking Soda made it burn worse. My hands are raw from washing them with Dawn a million times. I feel like they're going to explode. the only thing that helps is keeping really busy to keep my mind off it. I don't think i'll be sleeping tonight.
Baking Soda paste is the real fix Comments By: Karen on 2008-10-08
I'm sitting here with the baking soda paste on my hand. It is the only thing that worked in the past 3 hrs
Rubbing alcohol--no relief. Aloe, milk--very temporary.
Now I can get some sleep tonite.

RELIEF AT LAST Comments By: BRENDA on 2008-10-10
oh no! Comments By: Keef on 2008-10-12
i cut up a few habanero(sp?) peppers. I washed my hands very well. not well enough. i had scratched my nether regions and proceeded to feel an intense burning sensation. lemon juice mixed with baking soda did most of the job. lesson learned... if you have an itch after cutting those peppers, let someone else scratch it! (this is not a joke)
Alcohol helped! Comments By: anon on 2008-10-12
I even used gloves and STILL got a burn! I guess you can't use disposable gloves for more than one pepper session. What didn't work: soap, cold water, butter, aloe vera. The aloe actually seemed to make it worse! So I googled and found this site. Soaked my fingers in the rubbing alcohol; still have some burning around my nail beds but at least my fingers aren't throbbing anymore! And the hot-water burn I gave my hand earlier (has NOT been a good day) is even better!
Pee! Pee! I swear the pain will go away instantly! Comments By: Alexis on 2008-10-12
It's the ammonia in the urine that makes it so unbelievably effective, and I only wish I'd tried it long before the rubbing alcohol, milk, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, cortizone, ice, and paint thinner--all of which only gave here-and-there relief without permanently stopping the pain. Finally, after nearly five hours of waging war on my raw, pruned hands, I took a seat on the toilet, held both of my fiery palms beneath that glorious stream, rubbed them together to get every inch covered, and then let them air dry for a couple minutes before washing with soap and water. The pain was completely, completely gone. That was over an hour ago, and while my hands are still tender (probably due as much to my many attempted remedies as to the original demon pepper), I know I will actually get to sleep tonight... Fellow sufferers, don't go through agony for another minute; pee that pain away. It's free, it's gentle, it's clean, and it works like a dream. I haven't stopped smiling since.
WINE!!! Comments By: Gidget on 2008-10-14
I tried just about every suggestion on this sight, all the while drinking a couple glasses of wine. Ice, aloe, Gojo & Dawn, rubbing alcohol, germ x, milk,baking soda, veg. oil, vinegar, Bacardi 151 soak,I laughed as I peed on my hands. They were still burning, although less. I soaked my hands and little thin cotton gloves w/Solarcaine, that and my wine buzz, slept like a baby. Burn is gone in the morning. Good Luck all!
JUST SHOOT ME NOW!!! Comments By: SONDRA on 2008-10-14
Yesturday I cut and deseeded about 24 jalapenos, I have never worked with them before and never even considered that they would burn my hands, but Oh My God!! Its 26 hours later THAT'S RIGHT I SAID 26 HOURS LATER!!!! Yesturday shortly after the burning began and got very intense I was washing with soap and water which wasn't working I had no idea I was spreading it! I tried soaking in milk and it only provided short term relief due to being cold, then I tried covering my hands in sugar since you eat sugar to take the burn out of your mouth, well that didn't work either, so when I tried to fall asleep the only thing that would work was running my hands under freezing water until I couldn't feel them anymore, and then I would quick jump into bed and hope that my hands wouldn't thaw out before I could fall asleep, I had to repeat this several times before I got about 3 hours of sleep, I woke up and pain was still there, now its about 26 hours later and I have just scrubbed my hands with rubbing alcohol, and than made a paste of water and baking soda and let it dry leaving it on for about 25 min. I am about to repeat this process since its only taken away about 50% of the pain but this time I will mix rubbing alcohol with the baking soda. Thanks for this site its great and I just can't stop laughing thinking about people peeing on their hands to get some relief!! Don't get me wrong if this hadn't helped at all that was the next step lol!!!! Good luck all!
You need me and no one else Comments By: LIme Juicer on 2008-10-15
OK, well we had an incident where my sister was cutting peppers and touched her face by accident. Right away she starting to feel her face burn. We tried everything from milk, lemon juice, baking soda, polysporin, and then after searching the fridge we tried lime juice and within a couple minutes her face stopped burning. After all that writing Lime Juice is the anwser.
this worked the best for me Comments By: Sarah on 2008-10-18
Cuttin jalepenos ~~~ the last few times the burning of cutting jalepenos has only been eased by washing my hand with a de-greaser hand soap. The one my husband has on hand is from NAPA; Waterless Hand Cleaner with skin conditioners. It has worked for me, each and every time. I let it soak in for a bit before I wash it off.
The Nose Knows (MILK)!!! Comments By: Terri on 2008-10-19
My daughter just cut frozen Jalapenos and discovered that even frozen they still pack quite a punch! She made the mistake of wiping her nose after and boy oh boy did she catch HELL! The rubbing alcohol did not work for her at all, she had to literally stick her nose into a glass of milk for about 5 mins. The top lip still tingles but the nose is back to normal.
INSTANT RELIEF! Comments By: LoraM on 2008-10-21
This was the most horrible pain I have ever experienced!! We tried everything my husband could find on the internet: dawn, aloe, germX, vinegar, milk, cortisone cream, baking soda/water paste, soaking in ice water, and lidocaine spray.....NOTHING worked. Ten hours later, he ran to the pharmacy (live in small town & they are not open 24 hours) & asked the pharmacist for advice. He didn't know anything else to try. My hubby bought "STING AWAY"...a spray for Jelly Fish stings. It worked!! It took the swelling down, took away some of the redness, and REALLY helped the pain. Why a pharmacy in Kentucky had Sting Away, I do not know--but it did work!
eyes and nose Comments By: justin on 2008-10-25
i chopped jalepenos and didnt even realize it but due to a cold,i rubbed my eyes and nose.i was going blind and couldnt stand it.logged on,tried alcohol.worked ok.lemon juice was the ticket.if you do not have lemon juice,drive straight to the store.instant relief.
Dip your hands in Urine Comments By: Sophia on 2008-10-24
Urine! Urine! Urine! Is the answer IMO. I tried rubbing alcohol, dipping the finger in Patron (80 proof), lime juice and soap. The urine instantly did the trick. You don't have to be dramatic and PEE on your hands. Just urinate in a cup and dip it in for a couple of secs, air dry then wash with soap and water. Avoid shaking hands for a day or so (just kidding)!!!
The pink stuff works. It's used for poison ivy/oak but works for jalapeno hands too. Desperate, I drove to Walgreens and picked up a bottle. Didn't even wait to get home before I started covering my fingers with it at the parking lot. Drove home in about 10 minutes, washed it off and found INSTANT relief. No more burning. CALAMINE LOTION WORKS
ill start hating jps Comments By: thupden on 2008-10-25
was acting too smart and had two of them with my pasta then the show begins afte 2 hrs when i strat feeling as if i am in hell its already 3 am and i am not off to sleep as yet tried lemon juice, water, alloveracream,beer,mouth wash,hairgel,nothing is aorking at all all i want to tell evey one here is welcome to hell i hate the jps
GO JO Comments By: tara on 2008-10-26
Go Jo hand cleaner was the bomb, followed by VERY hot water
!! BAKING SODA PASTE WORKS !! Comments By: Deb on 2008-10-26
After reading the majority of people say "bakig soda paste", I tried it.
Milk didnt do it, not an anti-burn medication.
I had touched the killer pepper with the back of my hands somehow and was burning all night. Made the paste, left on for a few minutes. Instant relief. I washed off and started to feel again, but at 30%. Probably could have left one and put a sock over my hand....

I don't know Comments By: laura on 2008-11-03
I tried everything... Lemon Juice, butter, Water, Flour, Rubbing Alcohol, I found a little relief when I put Baking Soda IN my Milk... but right before bed when I took off my make up and then put this EYE SOOTHING (cucumber I think) Gel from M.K. on my hands as a "hum... what have I got to loose" moment and it relieved me INSTANTLY!!!!
BURN BURN Comments By: L on 2008-11-03
The Eclectic Approach Comments By: Steve on 2008-11-03
My wife had this experience and tried washing her hands, running her hands under cold water, milk, orange juice, baking soda paste, alcohol, and vegetable oil. The alcohol and vegetable oil seemed to offer the most relief. I think I would recommend the following process if any one of these has not worked:
- Soak in alcohol.
- Wash hands with soap and water.
- Wash hands with vegetable oil.
- Wash hands with soap and water.
- Wash hands with vegetable oil.
- Wash hands with soap and water.
- Repeat

From everything I've read, it seems that dishwashing soap (Dawn, etc.), alcohol, and oil will disolve the oil from the peppers that is causing the burning sensation. My wife's hands are still burning, but have been getting better and better as she continues using the above routine.

She has been at it for approximately one and a half hours. Her hands are much much better.

Lessen the burning pain of Jalapeno Pepper Comments By: Nic on 2008-11-04
I tried just about everything on the list, decided to take things into my own hands and grabbed the peroxide! Soak your hand(s) in a cup full of peroxide for 5 to 10 mins. Repeat if needed after 30 mins. Took the pain away for me!!
jalp n super hot pepper flaming hands Comments By: Shannon on 2008-11-05
took perscription advil, rubbing alcohol didn't work for me, sex helps but doesn't cure, baking soda rubbing with water temp. solution, kept soaking hands in ice bath, drank lots of wine, took another advil, kept holding frozen rags, then held really cold water bottles so I could fall asleep and let it pass through systen it took 12 hrs.!!!!
Time is the cure! Comments By: Hot Hands on 2008-11-09
I tried everything--baking soda paste, rubbing alcohol, milk, orange juice, lemon, vegetable oil, calamine lotion, Dawn dish soap, etc.--none of it worked for me. Each of these provided temporary relief which was valuable, but the terrible pain always returned. I put ice in a baggie and kept it on my hands for hours (alternatively put your hands directly in a bowl of ice water) and got into bed. I finally fell asleep at 3:30 am w/the pain minimized. Time was the real cure.
thank goodness for your advice! Comments By: nicole h on 2008-11-10
rubbing alcohol worked for me -barcadi limon ! i smell like a mojoito but no complaints!
Nail-Polish Remover Comments By: From Egypt on 2008-11-10
I didn't have any rubbing alcohol, so I reached for the nail-polish remover and within minutes my face and hands were back to normal. I'm glad I looked up how to fix the burning I was feeling.
Jalapen in my eye? Comments By: Dan on 2008-11-11
I used one Alcohol Prep Pad applied lightly around my eye. It burned like crazy at first but then after a minute or two was nearly gone.
Habanero is unstopable!!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-13
I made a habanero salsa and accidentally got some on my nose. I spent hours trying every cure and nothing works. There is no mythical habanero cure. The only thing to do is pray.
It happened so FAST Comments By: alex f on 2008-11-14
just got the gnarliest burn from slicing a jalapeno, tried rubbing alcohol first, then milk , then citrus..... it was getting worse, so i tried a clay mask because it just sounded reasonable and i was willing to try anything.....after ten minutes the pain has decreased dramatically and Im now finishing my salsa and writing this blog...this means that i can see and walk and use my hand,,, relief at last
Eased the burn Comments By: Vbrown on 2008-11-15
The rubbing alchohol worked as a temp fix for me.
IN MY EYES Comments By: Candice on 2008-11-16
I chopped up peppers and then STUPIDLY rubbed my eyes. MY EYES WERE IN AGONY FOR SIX HOURS!!! The only thing that worked was crying, cold compress, pacing back and forth, swearing and saline solution. I have never been in so much pain in my whole life. Next time I am wearing latex gloves!
the ONLY relief for burning hands due to jalapeno peppers Comments By: Jo on 2008-11-17
After 5.5 hours of excruciating pain from chopping jalapenos and trying many remedies found here, I cut a piece of my aloe plant and rubbed the liquid on my hand. Immediate relief!!!! Have a plant on hand...comes in handy!
Ow :( Comments By: Jalapenos Are Not My Friend :( on 2008-11-22
So I was cutting up jalapeno peppers and no one thought to tell me to wash my hands BEFORE touching my face. I am now in excruciating pain. I have tried ice, but every time I remove it, the pain comes back ten times worse. I tried aloe vera, milk, almost everything we could think of. I didnt try rubbing alcohol because of the location. Right now, I'm using baking soda and milk, mixed into a really thick paste. It seems to be working for the moment but make sure you really cake it on thick (it didnt work otherwise.)

At the moment. I look like santa :(

we all scream for ice cream! Comments By: Jen on 2008-12-02
My fiance was chopping jalapenos and accidentally rubbed his nose. An intense burning immediately flared up, and we tried milk, then a paste with baking soda, and when these failed to put out the fire, he resigned to put up with it, and as a diversion, had some ice cream. Lo and behold, the burning went away! Maybe it was the combination of all three that finally did the trick, but he'd like to think it's ice cream that soothes all sores!
aspirin Comments By: anne on 2008-11-30
tried a lot of stuff ended up making a paste of asprin and it worked, had to wash hands inbetween drying and reapplying twice but it worked immediately.
Rubbed it all ove my face. Comments By: moe on 2008-11-29
hey there everyone. I try at home facial remeides. I rubbed a Jalopeno pepper all over my face. it activates as an acid peel. my face burned like hell but I rubbed yogurt on my face, and let it sit for 5 mins, then used a tomato, and then Vegetable oil set as the mask, the pain is gone. face is no longer red. take it as is. I rubbed a red pJalapeno pepper all over my face. lol. and now my acne scars are gone, and the pain is gone. try it.
PEANUT BUTTER Comments By: Calburger on 2008-12-03
I swear. I tried cottage cheese, lime juice, vineagar and then I stuck my hand in the ol' PB Jar and smeared a big wad of cold PB on my upper lip (where my burn was located.) This is a good solution for a facial burn because it actually sticks! I have a hot PB mustache and a huge smile on my face. But it's making me HANGRY!
baki g soda and milk!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-12-06
okay, i was being dumb andseeding jalapenos,and first my nose started hurting. then my eye started hurting. SOOO BAD!!! then my WHOLE FACE stared burning.i looked desperately for a remedy.i found one that looked appealing:milk and baking soda. A LIFESAVER! instant relief within 5 mins.trust me it works! such icy goodness.. got to go still soaking.
burning lips and nose Comments By: mel on 2008-12-07
i was cutting jalapenos and i accidentally rubbed my nose and my lips then within minutes it started burning i tried ice for like 5 minutes then i went to walgreens and bought this stuff called burn stuff and its in a red box within minutes the pain and burning was gone and i also took to advils.
phew, worked Comments By: SHayden on 2008-12-07
Wow, my wife and I were having chili and then she said, "Oh my God!" and ran to the sink. What happened, she was chopping jalapanos for a soup earlier and she itched her nose - and then...well I've never heard her cry like that - it was awful. Thankfully I had my laptop near by and googled - until I found this site - tried the alcohol with make up remover pads - under her nose and around the inside - and well - after 2 minutes it did work - I'm so glad I didn't read the reviews. I felt so helpless before it started taking effect. The alcohol on the make up remover pads worked thank God, because the next step was the emergency room.
Mother Knows Best Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-07
After cutting up three jalapenos for a spanish project, my hands felt fine at first. So I went to take a shower, I should have stopped when I took out my contacts and was doubled over in pain for atleast five minutes, but after taking a shower I felt like my hands were engulfed in invisible flames. After running to my parents for help, my dad recommended rubbing alchohol...nope. My mom told me to use milk, it felt like heaven on earth...temporary relief it's true, but after trying basically everything else milk and other milk based products worked the best. I ended up soaking my hands in milk for as long as I could and didn't rinse it off. I'm not sure if it was a combination of everything I tried or maybe it was because I numbed my fingers beyond any feeling at all. I learned that mother really does know best.
Jalapenos = Hell on Earth Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-07
Nothing works....everything either was temporary or didn't work at all.

Good luck.

Yellow Mustard Comments By: anon on 2008-12-10
I cut jalapenos for 2 hours,and thought I was gonna die when the pain set in, I tried milk, baking soda, peroxide, vinegar,burn cream,mud mask,and finally mustard, and everything but the mustard gave me 10 minute relief. The mustard helped and is keeping the pain at a tolerable level. I rubbed it in and left on for 10 minutes massaging it in, and rinsed with cold water.
Vanilla ice cream Comments By: Lisa in Oklahoma on 2008-12-09
I tried all kinds of remedies listed on google, I was at the last resort of cold cottage cheese but had none. I did however have vanilla ice cream and decided to give it a try, within an hour I suddenly notice there was no burn at all. I don't know if it was that alone or all the other remedies along with that.
WD-40 Comments By: Stephanie on 2008-12-13
Chopped some fresh jalapenos without gloves (something I make sure to always do and didn't...) then accidently rubbed my nose. Within seconds, the burning sensation was intolerable. My daughter said "Vingar!" and we tried it... Nothing. Then milk: didn't work. Baking soda: didn't work. Ice: didn't work. Then, my husband, who says you can survive with a can of it and duct tape, proposed WD-40. I wasn't sure at first because I didn't want to feel any more pain, however, I was desperate!! It is a natural lifting agent, so if you soak the burn with it, it will lift the jalapeno away from your skin. Then, just wash the area with soap to remove both the WD-40 and the jalapeno. It really works, trust me!! Just try it, you'll be willing to do anything!
i didn't know! Comments By: kaitlin in kansas on 2008-12-11
making stuffed jalapeno peppers for a christmas party at work at noon, my hands were burning so bad i could stand it only by holding a snowball. looked at this thing and saw all the advice for rubbing alcohol. i have hand sanitizer, so thats what i used. apply, rinse, repeat. it eventually works.
Helps a bit but still burning... Comments By: CDNonFire on 2008-12-13
The fire was on and off but got bad as the night went on. I got instant relief from cold milk and baking soda but the burn sensation returned after a little while. I will try a thicker paste and leaving it on a little longer.
Palmolive Comments By: hot hands on 2008-12-16
I tried rubbing alcohol and baking soda - they only worked temporarily. Palmolive worked!
Watch those banana peppers, too! Comments By: Lala on 2008-12-17
I knew to wear gloves when chopping jalapenos or other hot peppers, but I didn't give a thought to chopping banana peppers bare-handed. Banana peppers arent hot, right? WRONG!!!!! THOSE SUCKERS WILL LIGHT YOU UP! I don't ever remember eating a hot banana pepper, but apparently they will fry your hands. I've tried most of the remedies I've read here and the only thing that has given any significant relief is Sea Breeze. Peeing on my hands didnt help much. Youve got to try and get that oil off with something first, though, so use something like the Dawn liquid then try Sea Breeze. Just pour it on and let it dry. Then sit down and laugh your butt off at all the other dummies on here who did the same thing you did! I don't know when I have laughed so hard! Laughing takes your mind off the pain! I've been thinking--do we really need to be eating this stuff???? If a pepper will do this to your hands, what will it do to your innards?
Thank you so much!! dish soap and honey worked for me Comments By: never again on 2008-12-19
I should have known better, but cut and seeded by hand, 15 J peppers. UGH! It started out as a tolerable stinging, but steadily got worse. When I was out of my mind, I found this website. Thank you! I did the baking soda paste, but made it worse with ice. Desperate, I put on two thick coats of dish detergent, followed by a thick coat of honey and let that sit. After about 20 mintues, I was able to wash it off and the pain is gone. THANK GOD! NO more J peppers for me!
Burn baby burn Comments By: Amy on 2008-12-21
Milk,milk and more milk. Soak and repeat.
the only answe to kill the pain.

I Think Mine Trumps All ( Comments By: Xavi (ha - v) on 2008-12-22
I am 19 and recently started working for AMC. I had to prep some (as in 300+) little plastic containers with that and its juice. I had one little glove and 5 costco sized containers full of jalapenos marinating in its own juices... The juice eventually diffused through the glove and my hand was soaked in the liquid...

I prepped for a good 2 hrs before it started getting busy enough for me to actually do some work. After about seven hours...yes SEVEN HOURS, My hand burned alittle; so I washed it. Then it started burning more...

so I dipped it in a bowl of ice which eventually melted into water. and kept it there...MY HAND IS A RAGING FIRE F*CKBALL!!! I have tried everything but the only thing that worked is milk ONLY FOR MY LIPS...

so while I sit here typing with my hand covered in so much sh*t (toothpaste, baking soda, milk, ajax, dawn, rubbing alcohol, etc.) I can honestly say the only real way to stop the pain is to

1. take codine/a bar/ vicodine
2. smoke pot
3. get drunk (or drink enough so your numb)

Everything else has a slim chance of working.

HoT rEd HaNdS!!!! Comments By: lena on 2008-12-20
okay so i was doing the same thing u all were doing but only difference was i was deseedin g the the red long pointy one whatever they are called say about 50 give or take more give, after deseeding them my mother inlaw told me to dice them into little cubes..... THE FUNNY THING IS i was wearing gloves my hands are screaming fire. Still after trying rubbing alcholol worked for two minutes but it semed as if the burning on my hands came back worse, so i tried lemon juice as stated in this article didnt work one bit and later tried milk worked to some extend until the milk got warm. my adivice is stick a banana in the freezer and take it out and is easily held in ur hand and u dont have to worry about melted ice dripping everwhere worked for several hours until the banana got mushy, so here i am about to go downstairs to try the baking soda.
what was i thinking!! o i wasn't Comments By: Dani on 2008-12-20
i am finding soaking in aloe vera juice is working. I have plant i am going to try the gel. Got to go!!!
Try Bisquick! Has Milk and Bread! Comments By: mulesmurf on 2008-12-21
It is said that milk really helps. Well I too found out the hard way why you are supposed to wear gloves. I got really burnt.

The capaisin is oil based, thats what causes the burning. Bisquick is both milk and bread like, AND you can pat it on and leave it on for a long time. It worked great for me. Both milk and bread are said to help.

Baking soda and alcohol for me! Comments By: UseRubberGloves on 2008-12-24
I tried vinegar,aloe from the plant, ice water, milk and beer. Nothing provided substantial relief until the baking soda. I kept the baking soda on my finger for about 10 mins and then doused my fingers in rubbing alcohol. The alcohol did the trick for me!! But make sure to moisterize your skin to minimize damage after the burn!
Jalepeno burn Comments By: Princess on 2008-12-24
Spraying Tinactin takes the burn away... just a thought
Baking Soda and Booze Comments By: Jeny on 2009-01-01
I made my favorite Chili Rellenos, but this time they attacked me back. I had the worst burning of my life and a New Years Eve Party to get to. I tried alcohol, lime and lemon juice, milk, Neosporin, and ice water, but the burning came back instantly or within a couple minutes. I finally made the baking soda paste and played in that for about 10-15 mins, this gave me long enough relief to get ready, then it burned on the way there so I hung my hands out the window, and finally we got to the party where they had shots awaiting us. I quickly forgot about the pain 8^D
from an EMT Comments By: meagan on 2009-02-01
OK guys so here are some chemical facts. The Oil in the peppers is what burns and yes you are best off to just wear gloves next time but if you are stuck with the burn. Wash the are with the suggested rubbing alcohol to get the oils off and break them up. This may hurt a bit on sensitive skin but it will get rid of the oils after you have swabbed the area with the alcohol soak it in FULL FAT milk, cream, or half and half (full fat yogurt works too) the fats in the dairy will help sooth the burn and inhibit the rest of the oils from hurting your skin. After the burn has almost stopped use some aloe to repair the skin or sunburn reliever with aloe (the aloe is the important part as it will repair the damage done by the peppers and the rubbing alcohol.
Oil, Rinse, Oil, Rinse, Oil Rinse Comments By: ASHLEY RAE on 2009-02-01
I cut 2 habenero peppers, My fingers were rough and dry already from my company's bathroom soap. I tried everything on this page. Some offered temporary relief. For awhile I held onto ice- that helped the pain....Finally I looked up Capsaicin (the reason for the burning!).
It is not water-soluble, so water and most other liquids will only dull the pain by cooling the area. It is an oil based chemical. Rub with vegetable oil then wash with dish soap, rub with vegetable oil, then wash with dish soap again. It stopped and is scientifically proven to help. As for lime juice and baking soda- I did all of those things and they helped a bit- but in the end it was proven- vegetable oil then dish soap, repeat, repeat.

Gloves. Comments By: Tayuechick on 2009-02-01
I tried everything, Lidocaine spray, aloe vera gel, peroxide, alcohol, sugar water, tomatoes, milk, bread, even vicodin. nothing worked. I then saw the comment for the baking soda paste, and DUH! basic chemistry, dissolve an acid with a base! It's the only thing that worked, and thank god for it!
Jalapeno Burn treatment: Baking soda soak, THEN milk soak Comments By: Ann on 2009-01-17
I cut up and handled just 2 jalapeno peppers, but my hands absorbed a lot of them due to being dry (winter). I read the board and combined two remedies. First I applied a baking soda paste and rubbed it slowly in for 10 minutes, then I rinsed it off and soaked my fingers in cold 2% milk for 10 minutes. It has been 15 mins now and they feel normal.
Benadryl anti-itch cream Comments By: calli on 2009-01-18
my hand has been burning for the past 3 hours from cutting out hot pepper seeds and I used everything from bleach to vinegar to lemon juice to milk...finally I dug through my medicine drawer and found Benadryl anti-itch cream and globbed it on my palm and let it sit. The pain was lessened extremely. I imagine this would be similar if you used a baking soda rub as well. It helps to glob it on because it blocks air from getting to your skin and making it worse.
half the story Comments By: matt on 2009-01-24
The burning Jalapeno oil is the problem. Rubbing alcohol followed by soap and rinsing is the key. You may have to repeat a few times but the alcohol sucks the oil out of your skin and the soap binds in so it can be washed off. Again may have to repat a few times.
chiili burn on my member... Comments By: RN on 2009-01-25
to all those who wrote in recommending urine for the treatment of chilli burn - THANKS FOR NOTHING! In desperation I tried it and in so doing trasnsferred some of the chilli burn on to my penis.....Try and keep a straight face after that......
Jalapeno Burns Comments By: Ouch it Hurt on 2009-01-06
Somehow, juice got in my eye and my eye start burning like crazy. I went to the bathroom to rinse my eye clear, and had to take a leak. With that said now I am in excruciating pain and my eye is the least of my problems. I am 30 years old and never knew jalapenos can cause so much pain. I think you can use it as a defense mechanizes,(Cant be too far from pepper spray.
Only time works Comments By: Jan on 2009-01-08
I was making salsa, no gloves. Never again.

Only baking soda and milk gave fleeting, temporary relief, and had to be reapplied repeatedly. I tried alcohol, bleach etc.

If on skin, I would try a paste first to try to absorb as much of the oils as possible - a baking soda or even plain flour, then rinse with milk. You'll have to re-immerse.

Try to sleep it off if you can - it lasted 8 hours on me! Torture.

burn treatment Comments By: alta78610 on 2009-02-03
Oh I know the pain well. I tried washing with soap over and over, I tried lotins, I finanlly tried a bowl of milk for 5-10 minutes. It really helped. later it came back so again bowl a milk 10 minutes. came out great. then I topped it off with blue sunburn cream with the alcohols and camphares or what ever they have for acute burn. it took two doses but all is well now hours later
Milk works Comments By: Amber on 2009-02-04
I burned my lips on a jalapeno, and neither lemon juice or running water helped, but milk did.
urine Comments By: Michelle on 2009-02-07
This is gross, but i promise it works. When you get to the point you will try anything, try this. While you are peeing hold your burned fingers under the stream. Rub. Then rinse. You will thank me.
MILK OF MAGNESIA, IT WILL WORK!! PROMISE Comments By: Chelsea on 2009-02-18
I cut up 6 HUGE Jalapenos without wearing gloves, you live and learn. You can use anything that contains milk of magnesia and it will ease your pain! I first heard of this in Hawaii when i got a sunburn that left my legs fire engine red. It eases the pain immediately and lasts! I used Phillips, yes gross. But after covering my hand in it and then dabbing at it with a paper towel until somewhat dry the pain has almost completely gone away. Works well if you have something to do (I dunno about you but I cannot sit around a bowl of baking soda for 5 hours.)
Awesome Cure!!!!!!!!!!!! Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray Comments By: cjdutchgirl on 2009-02-19
First I'll tell ya what didn't work for me. Might I mention that I'm a huge idiot for seeding these things unprotected. All the while a vioce in my head was telling me I was making a huge mistake!
-White vinegar
-apple cider vinegar
-hydrogen peroxide
-scrubbing hands w/ a sugar water paste several times
-vegitable oil
-hand sanitizing spray
-an enzyme facial mask
-Scope mouthwash
The next things listed gave some minor relief but than the burning returned.
-coating hands w/ vitamin D milk and letting them air dry w/o rinsing.
-finger nail polish remover. Letting it air dry w/o rinsing.
Last and to my surprise, I used a large dose of dish soap. Soaked and coated my hands for about five minutes. Rinsed soap off and sprayed the throat spray on my hands. IMMEDIATE AND LASTING RELIEF!!!!!!!!! Thank the heavens! If I feel any burning or tingling, I spray again and let it air dry. The best part, it's not sticky at all and it smells like cherries!

IT WORKS Comments By: Kyle on 2009-02-22
rubbing alcohol WORKED:)
Another silly person cutting jalapenos without protection. Comments By: Shelley. on 2009-02-21
I was suprised to see how many people are/have delt with this. Did the same thing myself today. Found this site, tried several suggestions, rubbing alchol, baking soda, simple green to no avail. Bless my husand as he somewhat joking offered to pee on my fingers and it truly worked! lol. Thanks for the earlier suggestion to try it.
Cut 15 Jalapeno Peppers and HORRIBLE BURN!!! Comments By: Cindi on 2009-03-01
I was totally unaware jalapeno peppers could burn like this. I cut and deseeded the peppers and wiped my face. Within minutes, I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. I ran to the bathroom and splashed water on my face and hands and it was worse. I even spread the burn on my face to the inside of my nose and other facial areas. Thank God it missed my eyes. Needless to say, I tried alcohol and it gave extremely brief mild relief and the burning came back full force. I found this website and used baking soda and a little bit of water in a thick paste that I allowed to dry and pain was gone. AWESOME!
GET THE RIGHT TOOL Comments By: Brenda Burkett on 2009-03-04
I a the owner of a company called Poppin' Poppers. I designed and manufacture a specialty grill for making stuffed Jalapenos. so when it comes to this subject...I am a pro!

I cut up and dimonstrate on HUNDREDS of Jalapenos a day, using a specialty corer I designed. the great thing about the corer, is after cutting up hundreds of Jalapenos, I am actually able to rub my eyes using my bare hands.

This corer is the Bomb! If you are interrested in learning more, email me at [email protected]

capzasin medicine Comments By: Becc on 2009-03-04
Thank you for your comments. I recently purchased capzasin medicine that you rub on your skin to help ease sore muscles. I thought my neck was on fire tonite. Thanks to your suggestions I put vegetable oil on it and probably saved it from blistering. And to think of all the money they make off of this stuff.
lemon milk Comments By: joe bob on 2009-03-08
my mom was making squid and was cutting up jalapeno peppers. in a few minutes her hands were buring horribly. We tried everything from rubbing achole to calamine lotion. Nothing seemed to work. So i tried mixing milk and lemon juice and her pain went away. Everyone needs to try this cure. Tanks
Never again Comments By: burninghands on 2009-03-09
I made the mistake of making stuffed peppers for my husband. And like everyone eles said my hands are on fire, I tried everything nothing works, the paste work for a little while but the pain is back, I think I might try the crazy ideal of peeing on them. Ill try anything
Tried everything on this page Comments By: melanie on 2009-03-14
Here is the deal: I tried them all. In the end, they all offer a moment of relief, and provide distraction. Unfortunatly, it just takes time. Do it all...and wait it out. The GOJO seemed to provide some comfort but so did all the options for a temporary time.
Relief...FINALLY!! Comments By: Crystal P. on 2009-03-16
Last night I was making stuffed jalapenos, and I didn't even think about needing to wear gloves while cutting and de-seeding them. While I was cutting one of the peppers, I cut my ring finger. It started burning right away, but nothing that was unbearable. So I finished making the stuffed peppers, ate dinner, washed dishes, and sat down to relax when all of a sudden, my ring finger, both index fingers, and thumbs were on FIRE!!! I tried soaking them in cold water...didn't work. Then my boyfriend made his own formula of milk, water, and apple cider vinegar. It made my fingers stink, but didn't stop the burning. I put an ice pack on my fingers, kept washing the crap outta them with degreasing dish soap, and when that alone didn't work, I tried the baking soda paste. Wasn't instant relief, but with each treatment (I did about 6 or so and left the paste on my hands each time for about 3 minutes), the burning got less intense. In between treatments I'd wash the baking soda off with the de-greaser dish soap and let it sit til the suds began to dry on my hands. Then repeated the baking soda treatment a few more times. After my last baking soday application, my hands still burned, but not as bad as before. So I got a bowl and poured some reeeeaaallly cold milk in it and just soaked my fingers in it for as long as I could stand to. (The milk was super cold, so when my fingers would go numb, I'd take them out and let them thaw for a little bit, and then right back into the milk!) I did this a few times, and finally at around 1 am, my fingers stopped burning!!! Boy was I thankfull!! Who knew such a tiny pepper could cause such pain!!!??? Well I guess I, (and a lot of other people, apparently) know now! I'll definately use gloves next time!!
Yogurt worked better for me Comments By: Amy on 2009-03-20
I tried the rubbing alcohol as well as other suggested items none of which worked for me. I finally ended up trying yogurt, I used plain left it on about 3 minutes. It felt about 50% better and about 10 minutes it was 100% better. Hopefully this works for someone else because it was pretty uncomfortable.
only time will tell Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-22
I deseeded and cut a jalepeno pepper about 3 hours ago and wiped my nose without thinking, I tried ice packs and nothing else and only now has my nose stopped burning. wierd.
OWEEE Comments By: Dummy#232323 on 2009-03-27
Well if I had a typest going man it would of been an enjoyable laugh a' whine athon. After a concauction of alovera plants, baking soda, toothpaste, lemon juice, vinegar, multiple various burn ointments, honey and milk I QUIT. For the final urine test, man did that burn and my pain subdued to a sutle bareable pain.... now I am back in full throttle KnightRider through my finger tips I'm done. I give up AHHHH I give up (again with reassurance) WAAAHHHHHH. I GIVE UP.
Helped some! Comments By: Sarah on 2009-04-01
My little boy got jalapeno pepper around his mouth and the rubbing alcohol did help some, but MYLANTA helped even more.
PEE on it Comments By: anonny on 2009-04-02
My employee was cleaning banana peppers with no gloves. I noticed only after 20 minutes or so. He didn't feel the heat until about an hour later. Boy was he in pain. We tried everything from milk to cornstarch. Then I read to "pee" on it. He did it and he said within minutes the pain was gone!
killer scotch bonnet!!!ouch............only 1? Comments By: jay on 2009-04-04
wel i cut an seaded 1 scotch bonnet,15mins later sat down 4 lunch an felt a sensation in my hand argghh it got worse an worse,anyway tried all of the segestions wich are good 2 kno but they didnt do much i found colamile lotion an soaking in cold milk good an painkillers,went sleep 10hours after woke up and all gone,thank god the pain was unbareable,gloves alway always
rescue remedy works Comments By: julie on 2009-04-16
i was careful cutting up a jalapeno pepper but still managed to get some on my nose. it burned terribly! i tried baking soda, milk, other remedies - none worked. i then took rescue remedy - a homeopathic remedy you can buy at Whole foods. It worked!
Pee Works Miracles!!! Comments By: Kiz on 2009-04-23
I deseeded some chilis to make my husband hot sauce. I remember burning my hand years ago from pepper but i didn't think these were that hot. Boy was I wrong!! I made the sauce at about 6pm, what started as a mild tingle had me in unbearable pain by 10pm. I tried everything!! At 4:30am, after not being able to sleep and even taking pain meds, i peed on my hand! After that i made a thicker Baking Soda paste and still have it on, it's the most relief i've had all night. Still tingles a bit but it's better than feeling like i repeatedly caught my hand afire! Pee on it!!
Jalapeno Pepper Burn Treatment Comments By: Peepeeth on 2009-04-23
My wife made salsa and cut Jalapino without gloves. She felt horrible couple hours. Using aloe vera, toothpaste, etc helped but not so long. I asked her to use ash (from our barbecue grill) and mixed with water then applied on her hands. She felt significantly better. You all should try and see if it really works for others.
Burning Laughter - And Now For Something Completely Different - That Works! Comments By: Angie on 2009-04-26
So, after chopping ten million jalapenos (yes, I know, it's infuriating that I got burned so badly using a pepper not as hot as others that I've eaten/cooked with before!) I washed my hands and went on my merry way...until the tingling/burning started.

I immediately set off and tried the multiple remedies recommended: ointment - nope, Pepto Bismal - nope, milk - nope, baking soda AND milk - no, no, no. A whole long line of failures (or brief reprieves until burning again) until I finally did the most dunce-headed thing in my desperation to cool the firey flames of hell from ravaging my hands: ICE.


I know you're reading this and rolling your eyes - now we're all adults here and we know that ice and pepper burns just don't go along. But think about it - the next time you're in the hot seat with burning-hot lava hands without any insurance in sight - you'll end up doing something completely foolhardly as well.

The ice was magnificent to my hands at first touch - I gleefully applied more and more - despite the fact that my fingers were getting number by the second and the pillow I was using to prop my hands was getting drenched by the rapidly melting ice. This rapid defrosting caused my hands to go into an awful cycle of burn-numb-burn after I fetched ice in several different intervals.

Finaly after several hours of irritating pain - I slathered on every moisturizer in my aresenal. Which is where I re-discovered my cuticle cream 'Lemony Flutter' by LUSH.

Now if you don't know LUSH products, they're these all-natural rather flashy-earth friendly products that claim a lot of stuff, which mostly work and mostly just smell really nice.

This one was a Godsend - Oh Holy Heaven and all His Sweet Angels - Sweet Relief!

The 'Lemony Flutter' did the trick - I'm guessing since there were many diffrent comments on how 'lemon juice' supposedly helps (I didn't try as I figured my hands had given up the fight) and this cream has a lot of citrus ingredients, it's probably why it worked.

So go run and grab a pot if you've got a store near you somewhere - if not - Good Luck during your 15 hours of torment, I wish you well!


OMG Comments By: Deanna on 2009-04-27
This is torture, I was cutting fresh peppers and when you eat them they aren't even hot they taste like a bell pepper. Thankfully I used a spoon to get the seeds out or I would be drunk by now. The only thing that has seemed to given me any kind of relief is the baking soda paste, I have tried mixing the baking soda with milk,then with rubbing alcohol and with mylanta, I am still in some pain but it is tolerable luckly the benadryl is kicking in so maybe I can get some sleep. Good luck to the next pepper victim and thanks goodness for this website.
Pepper burns Comments By: Been there done that too on 2009-05-07
You must first get rid of the peppers essential oils left behind on your skin. You can acheive this by first soaking your hands in ice water and then rub with sugar two-three times and rinse in the ice water. Be care to get anywhere where the peppers made contact with skin. You can do this under nails too. Rinse and repeat two-three times this time with baking soda and rinse in cold water. This worked very well. Stay away from oil and oily lotions as it could make the burns worse. Simple ingredients work best for these type of burns and I already had them in my kitchen.
BAKING SODA & ICE Comments By: on fire no more on 2009-05-08
I soaked my burnt fingers & tips in a thick baking soda paste in a small bowl -with ice cubes dancing around in it to alleviate immediate pain. You can pour the water off the top as ice cubes melt, because it separates. Takes a little while for pain to go away completely, but it works. Thank goodness for this site!!
Minty fresh Comments By: Jinx on 2009-05-12
I've tried just about everything listed on this page and nothing worked longer than I could keep my hands in it. At this point I was willing to try anything that might make the burning go away and decided to see what toothpaste would do. The burning has greatly decreased! I've heard people praise Colgate for it's powers, but anything mint-flavored should help give you a respite from the burn.
Fire Hands! Comments By: Tired Husband on 2009-05-17
My wife had the idea of taking Jalepeno Poppers to my brothers birthday party. About an hour after cutting and preparing almost 30 peppers she started complaning about her hands being on fire. I found this site and I must say I have never laughed so hard (probably because my hands weren't on fire). Before I found this site she had already stuck her hands in a bowl of ice water, bad idea. We then tried the following:

Milk-only helped when her hands were in the milk.

Baking soda and water paste-helped for a little bit but the pain came back.

Rubbing alcohol-felt better for a second and then got worse.

Hydracodone-my idea!

Peroxide-no help

Vodka(on hands)-only helped because the vodka was in the freezer so it real cold. Didn't last long

Gasoline-made it burn worse and made the whole house smell

Lemon Juice-Nothing

Urine-Since she was pretty loopy from the hydracodone she gave it a shot. Also a very temporary solution but it made for a great story at my brothers birthday party the next day.

At this point it was getting pretty late and she was pretty messed up from the pill and she decided that the baking soda probably worked best but we used it all. So I ran to the store at about 1am to get baking soda and beer.

When I got back we decided that we would try putting a baking soda and milk paste over layer of toothpase and put loose gloves on over that. The gloves weren't helping so those came off.

The pain was still there but the mixture of the hydracodone and a few beers was really taking a toll on her as she was stumbling around saying "I have fire hands" while acting like she was throwing fireballs all around. This combination was the only thing that made it possible for her to fall asleep. She slept with the toothpaste/baking soda and milk paste on her hands and she said she felt about 70% better when she woke up. I think the moral of this story is almost everything worked, very temporarily, but in the end the best idea is to take a hydracodone and have a few beers and you can at least sleep and feel much better by the time you wake up. Hopefully this helps or at least gets a couple laughs...it was a hit at the party.

Bakeing Soda Paste Comments By: Teddi on 2009-05-17
Another burn victim saved by this sight! I guess we all needed to learn this lesson the hard way... ONCE! I too tried everything (except the pee) the baking soda worked well but I had to reapply the paste about 3 times , let it dry and rinse off. I threw some aloe on about 2 hours after and now I have the softest hands around and only a very mild sting. The burning had been so bad I almost went to the hospital. Glad to have found this site! thanks.
THIS WORKS, Organic Rice Vinegar Comments By: ET on 2009-05-21
I was cutting jalapeno pepper and accidentally touched my lips after. At first they just kind of tingled but soon it felt like I was holding my lips over an open fire. The burn spread to just under my nose. I was frantically trying to find things that stopped the burn. I tried rubbing alcohol, milk, yogurt, cold water, baking soda, etc. NOTHING helped but then when I was desperate and just trying anything i started to wipe my lips with organic rice vinegar and literally within 3 minutes the pain and burn was totally gone, like nothing ever happened. It not only quit the burn but it didn't ever return. It was one of the biggest reliefs I have ever felt, to totally get rid of the throb and burn that fast was incredible. I recommend this to everyone who gets jalapeno burn.
TRIED IT ALL!! Comments By: JULIE on 2009-05-23
IT WORKS Comments By: kbeckman on 2009-05-23
I was in so much pain. For hours. Tired first aid spray and washing my hands. Cold water was nice for a bit. But the rubbing alchol really worked.
The only reason i can type is isopropyl alcohol. Comments By: Carlos on 2009-05-23
I am an idiot. I cut, handled, and de-seeded twelve hot-a-penos with no gloves this morning. Fifteen hours later i found this site. My hands have been burning all day. I tried hand lotion, no luck. Then i found some technical grade isopropyl alcohol(91%) and poured it all over my hands like five times and the pain is nearly gone. I imagine regular rubbing alcohol(70%) would work the same. Thank god for this site or else i would not be sleeping tonight.


11 YEAR OLD SALSA MAKER Comments By: Kate on 2009-05-24
My 11 yr old son was busy making his killer salsa this afternoon and after cutting three habaneros (first time he put these in) his lips and eyes were burning like hell. He was screaming in pain. My first thought was baking soda which didn't seem to do anything then I found this website and we tried the alcohol which just bothered him more. MILK did the trick, used cotton balls for his eyes and he drank the rest, only took ten minutes to calm him down. That was the worst burn I've ever seen. No more habaneros in our house.
destin baby diaper rash cream works Comments By: Mary on 2009-05-24
my hand burned so bad. Tried:baking soda,alcohol,milk soak( felt good but burning continued when I took it out).Then went to the store and tryed zyolcaine spray -burned like hell,aloe vera. Nothing helped. Here is what worked. I smeared DESTIN baby cream-a thick white paste and then put on a white cotton glove. The gloves are by the bandages. RELIEF
MILK , Balsamicvinigar, salt mix well!! read desc Comments By: Ash on 2009-05-24
I tried EVERY THING and I came up with this!Get a coffee cup and fill it up half way with milk, and about a half an inch more of balsamic vinigar and a tbs of salt or more. I repeatedly dipped a cotton swab in th mixture and rubbed it on my burning lips from jalepenos. Soothed in about 5 min. now very tolerable!!!!!!!
What works Comments By: S.J. on 2009-05-30
Wearing gloves in the future!!!! My hands burn so bad.
Glycerine is best remedy Comments By: habaneros on 2009-06-01
rubbing glycerine will help reduce burning sensation
coconut oil Comments By: habaneros on 2009-06-01
coconut oil is also the best remedy, just rub it and voila pain gone
rubbing alcohol works! Comments By: anon on 2009-06-05
I used a hand sanitizer (67% rubbing alcohol) and it worked like a charm. My hands had been burning for hours before, with no relief from ice, aloe, or vegetable oil.
burns like he**!! Comments By: jalapeno_lady666 on 2009-06-07
Rubbing alcohol sounded the most practical, to me. So I tried it. It definitely lessens the burning and aids in riding out the pain.
You're all crazy!!! Comments By: agonyintexas on 2009-06-07
Nothing works. Peppers are grown by the devil! I am in severe pain and NOTHING ON HERE WORKS!!! I've tried EVERYTHING!!
Back into that fiery hole....beast Comments By: shawn on 2009-06-15
I've learned to condemn this beast back into the fiery hole it crept out of-oops, I ment embrace it with outstretched arms. Really, I find loving the sensation of the intense heat slowly eating away at the hands, nose, and eyes far much easier than running a fountain of pee-pee across your hands and on your face to trickle off your nose like a faucett. I've found no permanant hope than that of time. And in the process, better to love the burn than to hate that miserable, persisting, acid eating, deceptive thing they call habanero. Well, never learned to wear gloves yet. So, it looks like another night that I shall be sleeping soundly. At least there's not a cold pepper. I hate cold.
Oil Removing cleanser worked for me Comments By: Jonquille on 2009-06-16
Strange I know, but it actually worked. Last night, I made lunch for my mother which was shrimp fajitas.(I'm 17) I chopped up a jalapeno pepper first, followed by a vidalia onion, tomatoes, and a bell pepper. Little did I know, you're best off using gloves. After I was done, I washed my hands and made the HORRIBLE mistake of touching my eyes. I suffered through the pain all night long and tried alcohol this morning. No help at all. Soon I started to think of oil removers and used my ClearSkin oil removing pads. They worked! My hands aren't torches anymore. Next time I'll get gloves x.x
BAKING SODA Comments By: ari8787 on 2009-06-16
I tried all the tips and Baking Soda worked within five minutes. I simply rubbed my burns with it and a little water for a few minutes and "presto" burning gone!

Thank you so much!

Aloe Comments By: Heather on 2009-06-17
I tried everything on this site to relieve my jalepenos burns and only one things worked...aloe vera sunburn gel. I liberally covered my hands and scraped some up under my nails, put my hands in front of the air conditioning vent and within thirty minutes, I was completely pain free!
LOLZZZZZ Comments By: PASTY PASTE LOLLZZZZ on 2009-06-18
Ok This may sound dumb Comments By: Dan on 2009-06-19
I try the lemon juice the milk and still burned like crazy i was cooking on the grill as i was reaching across it it was very hot almost intense and after i was done cooking i noticed it was gone so i dont know for sure but try adding more heat ,,,But yes i will be using gloves next time so i wont be back to tell you if that is what made it stop or not
Baking Soda Paste allowed me to sleep!! Comments By: ang on 2009-06-21
I tried everything as well and the baking soda was the only thing to give me relief other than holding ice on my hand. I got was cooking late in the evening when I made the rookie mistake and was worried I'd be up all night. Put on the baking soda paste, wrapped my hand in a bag with a rubber band and slept a couple hours- I'll take it! :)
baking soda paste thank you Comments By: Oksooner on 2009-06-20
used the arm and hammer baking soda out of the freezer..mixed with a little water let it dry washed it off worked like a charm . thanks so much from oklahoma
Combo did the trick for me! Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-21
So I ran to the internet when I realized what I had done, and looked for a quick solution. Tried vinegar, baking soda, alcohol, milk, but the best combo was putting the baking soda in the milk to make a paste and repeatedly dunking my hands in the goo. Worked! I added ice to the mix as needed, and then when most of the burn was gone, I applied a sunburn aloe treatment and Lanacaine spray, and now my hands still burn, but very mildly, and the swelling has gone down quite a bit. Whew!!!
jalapeno noes burn Comments By: anon on 2009-06-21
my mom was cutting up jalapenos in the kitchen and i walked in and all of the sudden my noes was on fire to get rid of the burn i bathed in ice cold water!
Green Tea worked for me Comments By: HeideW on 2009-06-22
Was out in RV and tried everything but the Rubbing Alcohol. Soaked hands in baking soda, but wasn't aware of letting it dry on my hands as a paste. After five hours of extreme pain and one step away from packing up and going to the ER, steeped 2 bags of Green Tea in cool water for about 10-20 minutes. Soaked hands in tea water for about 15 minutes and pain was gone! Was on my third Benadryl as well. I really feel for burn victims! And I will never, ever work with peppers again unless I have my gloves on!!
after you wash your hands and before any other remedy, take tylenol or ibuprofin Comments By: Amanda on 2009-06-25
Take the maximum allowed dose of tylenol or ibuprofin right now. I had worsening burns between my fingers and around my finernails when I got worried and googled "jalapeno burn." I had already washed my hands and gotten an ice pack from the freezer, and on the advice of this and other forums I tried milk (although I only had 2%), butter, hand sanitizer (same active ingredient as rubbing alcohol, and more likely to be in a colege student's medicine cabinet) and antacid. Just about anything provided at least some short term relief, with the exception of the antacid which wasn't cold. At some point in this process I took a tylenol and two ibuprofin. I burned through some more googling, and then put on some cortizone cream. The burning diminished and I headed off to Walgreens for more cortizone cream, sure that it was what had done the trick. When the burning began to return a few hours later I reapplied the cortizone cream and, appalled to find its powers diminished, rushed out for technu and burn gel. I tried both, and when the pain got worse took another two ibuprofin, which had me feeling more comfortable withing about 15 minutes. Looking back, I think much of my initial relief with the cortizone cream was actually just the ibupfofin kicking in. So my conclusions: anything cold will help and coritzone cream does soothe some, but take an ibuprofin first and think of the rest as providing temporary relief until the pills kick in.
Baking soda did the trick Comments By: Katie on 2009-06-26
I tried the alcohol and I am not sure if it would have worked because I was not patient enough for it. I went to the baking soda as soon as my hand started to heat up again and created the paste like suggested. I left it on while I continued to read and after about 10 minutes, I washed it off and there is no more burn.
this is what POISON CONTROL said: Comments By: Kevin on 2009-07-01
wash with vegetable oil then warm soapy water, repeat 5-6 times.

This was the ONLY thing that helped me.

A reminder of boot camp. Comments By: Nee on 2009-07-02
While working with jalapeno's one day I started having a sneezing fit and to keep from sneezing on the food I went to put my head in my elbow but must of somehow come in contact with the oil. My nose and face were on fire, my eyes were watering so hard I could barely see. It gave me a flashback of boot camp and the gas chamber nose running and every breath felt like fire on my upper lip. What really worked was the baking soda rub after the first application my face felt some better I was starting to see more clearly and with the second application I could feel the burn easing some in my cheeks. I took some Tylenol and then scrubbed my face with more baking soda. Finally the pain subsided. One thing I did do is after each wash use a different area of a towel or a completely different towel for the simple reason that the oil is coming out of your skin and going straight to the towel.
baing soda paste YES let it dry Comments By: Tammy Ray on 2009-07-04
I de-seeded 15 peppers. OMG really painful. not exaggerating. acttal pain! I tried: milk, butter, vegetable oil, iodex ointment, rubbing alcohol, lotion, soaking fingers in beer, drinking beer, different kind of lotion, dishwashing detergent like 15 times, baking soda, more washing with bar soap, drank more beer, vinegar, bleach, THEN......I tried a baking soda paste, allowed it dry while my friends and family drank more beer and pointed at me and laughed, and then the angels sang (ahh ahh ahh) and the burning slowed to a tolerable level. and now I can hold a beer bottle again.
Rubbing alcohol works Comments By: lorelie on 2009-07-04
Rubbing alcohol works for me thanks!
habanero sauce on my nut sack Comments By: pete h. on 2009-07-04
i put habanero hot sauce on my "boys" here are some things to NOT put on it to relieve the pain: aloe vera, milk, bread, baby powder,....cornstarch worked for a few minutes, basically you have to wait it out.
I tried everything and got a night without sleep Comments By: Holly on 2009-07-06
Im 15 and i was making salsa Ive made it a thousand times before and i have never used gloves and nothing happpened but I cut the jalepenos and then my eyes burned so i went to wash my face bad idea it spread to my whole face but eventually that subsided then 30 min later my hands were burning sooooo bad I ignored it and i thought it would go away, it got worse and worse finally it had been hours and I couldnt take it anymore it was midnight and I was trying to go to bed on a count of I had to wake up for summer school. I woke my mom up and we looked it up together.I was in horrible pain and my hand were all red looking I tried milk, lime, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol,and some weird lotion my mom gave me. Some gave temporary relief. Finally my mom went to bed and I was left with two hands that were on fire it was 3 in the morning and I was desperate.I looked online and found baking soda paste just take baking soda add a little water then rub it on your hands and leave on for ten min then rinse with cold water. One hand stopped burning but the other was still on fire.I redid it on the hand that was still burning and it finally stopped now I can finally go to bed at 4am. good luck!
Tried A Few Things Comments By: Jerry V on 2009-07-06
I had badly burning hands from peppers today, tried alcohol, soap, milk, they all gave temp relief. I then read that if the pepper oil is in your pores, you need to wash and scrub in HOT water to get your pores open. It HURT LIKE HELL, making the burning much worse at first but then, about 30 mins after rinsing in cold water, all burning is gone. Whew!
If your hands hurt, burn your tongue .... Comments By: Island Girl on 2009-07-09
Tried everything ... rubbing alcohol, milk, baking soda, aloe - only temporary relief. I found that soaking in my swimming pool for an hour along with a glass of wine was most helpful. Oddly enough, I also had some spicy potato chips, and that seemed to dull the pain on my hands. I'm thinking that this somehow gave my brain a reference point as to the pain. I was wondering how the pain of pepper burn compares to a real burn (ie. Third Degree?). Took about 4 hours for the pain to truly subside.
try this instead! Comments By: ANON on 2009-07-12
I tried the alcohol, salt, and milk- only VERY temp relief. I even tried toothpaste. I finally used the anti-itch lotion (active ingredients pramoxine 1% external analgesic and zinc acetate skin protectant)- it's been about 30 min and it feels okay- I know I will have to continue applying until it heals.
AN ENT'S ANSWER to jalapeno burn Comments By: erin on 2009-07-16
I had to call my friends dad who is an ear nose and throat doctor bc i thought i was going ot have to go to the hospital .... my entire face and nose felt like it was being burned by acid.

Answer: saline solution, or salt water. just dump salt in a cup of water and shoot it/sniff it up your nose or wherever it burns..... alamost instant relief. that was the worst thing ive been through jesus

Nothing works perfect! Alcohol Comments By: Michelle on 2009-07-19
After deseeding hundreds of jalapenos, my hand began burning about an hour after. Didn't think much of it until I couldn't sleep! After reading this wonderful site, I tried baking soda, oil, milk and lastly, alcohol. It was amazing how much oil was coming to the surface. My hand is not 100%, but much better. Thanks for all the tips!
Nothing Helps! Comments By: Carwile 2 on 2009-08-04
Once, My mom and I were chopping jalapino peppers and I felt no burns at that time, but then the heat came on a while after I was done. I chopped for about an hour and she for an hour and a half. (Me being A child)

Heres what makes it worse:
1 being outside in the heat
2 touching anything hot (even your own skin!)
Heres what helps:
1 putting a breeze on your skin
2 if it is on your hands try waving your hands around

At that night I had a pain so bad that I had to sleep with an icepack on my hands and somehow went to sleep. My mom stayed up all night because of the sharp intense pain
I've tried yogurt, baking powder, alcohol, a cream I can't remember, but I do recall saying "Mom I'd try anything to make it stop"

The next morning I woke up and it was just fine, then it came back, though not as painful, but then full force! we had planned to go to the locl waterpark that day, but my mom's pain was so intense!

so here I am typing with my hands burning up. and remember, Never grow half a bed of jalapeo peppers and cut them without gloves.

STOP HERE....TRUST ME, UR SCREWED! Comments By: Nichole on 2009-07-22
I was in the middle of cutting up fresh jalapenos for an appetizer to take to a party later that evening....I got to jap #18 and my throat started burning... along with my hands. I had been running warm water while I was de-seeding and I think this opened my pores for the chemical to soak in deeper. So I was thinking ok, they burn, yeah, but all I have to do is soap and water and its fixed right? WRONG!!!! My hands felt like someone had set my oven to broil and were holding my hands in it and there was NOTHING I could do about it! I thought, ok don't panic surely I can find some quick remedy online?? WRONG AGAIN!! I tried EVERYTHING listed on this freakin site and NOTHING worked! I even had my husband piss on my hands (because I didn't need to go at that moment) and that only felt like I was adding fuel to the fire! So here I am with my hands in a baggy of ice water waiting and laughing thru my tears until 5 hours later (after trying everything in my pantry, fridge, and husbands pants) it finally subsided....thanks to tylenol and TIME.
TRUST ME: you can try everything on here...and I know you will in your desperate attemt to stop this HORRIFIC pain, but it won't work. My only advice is to take tylenol, drink alcohol if possible (I can't because I'm pregnant), and even if they say not too- keep your hands in the ice water....because that will be your only relief for the next few hours. GOOD LUCK...hard lesson learned!

Benadryl works! Comments By: T. on 2009-07-23
I was canning banana peppers this morning and didn't even think to put gloves on.. about 30 minutes later the burning was so bad I was ready to go to the ER. I went online and found remedies and tried them all; alcohol, milk, ice. They would would short term but once my hands were dry the burning was back! I went to Walgreens and the pharmacist told me ice was the only thing that would do it. I didn't believe him so picked up Benadryl in gel form. Put it on in the car and the relief was instant and is still working! Next time I'll wear gloves!!
I tried it all and... Comments By: teresa on 2009-08-04
I tried every single treatment given on this page... not one of them worked!
I slathered on on TONS of gel aloe and it soothed the burning enough for me to relax.. try it tons and tons of it

Vegetable Oil and Dishwashing Soap Comments By: Amy on 2009-07-26
The thing that worked the best for me was using vegetable oil and then dishwashing soap and repeating several times. That took the burn out.
pepper burn pain relief Comments By: JA313 on 2009-07-26
I scratched my nose, so my nose and upper lip area were on fire. I tried Milk, Alcohol, baking soda, olive oil and soap and water. Nothing helped so I ripped off a leave from my ALoe plant, split it open and rubbed the whole thing over the area. Magic! Took it away instantly.
US POISON HOTLINE--------MAYONNAISE!!! Comments By: Burning ring of fire on 2009-07-29
MAYONNAISE WORKS! After 6 hours of incredible pain and trying all the others I called the US Poison Hotline and she immediately suggested smearing my hands with regular mayo, not diet or miracle whip. The pain subsided almost iinstantly. The Hotline phone is 1-800-222-1222. Write this number down. It saves lives.
Wash hands Comments By: Gail Stewart on 2009-08-02
I was burned by jalapeno peppers yesterday. I tried cool water, ice, rubbing hands in alcohol and in milk. What worked for me is wash hands in warm to hot water with dish detergente (I used Ivory) and bleach for several minutes and scrubing with a sponge. Rinse in cool water. Then soak hand in a bowl of milk for 20 or more minutes. I did not dry my hands after the milk. This stopped the burning
SHOUT!!! Realy does take out everything!! Comments By: jas on 2009-07-30
Pain started at 4:30 I started with washing and scrubing with hot water and dawn then cold water then milk, the baking soda with water then baking soda with milk, none of which seemed to faze it except the cool relief for a min.,then alcohol-works while wet,bologna,salt,vinegar,lotion,soaps,1st aid burn ointment,germ x,and as a last resort-even peeing on my hands! Did NOT work! Went to the pharmacy and bought landacain burn spray, still NO relief,Now at 7:30 headed 4 bleach and saw the SHOUT, It takes out EVERYTHING right? So I tried it,sprayed it on and INSTANTLY gone!!(the choir was playing)lol Thought I found the soulution but it DID come back but not as intense and still the LONGEST RELIEF I got Im waiting it out now at 8pm saving next treatment of shout till I try to sleep. Hope this helps.
Use Clean and Clear Comments By: cg2521 on 2009-07-31
Advanced Acne Spot Treatment small silver squeeze bottle. I accidentally touched my nose near the edge of it, because I had an itch. I tried Baking soda, ice, peroxide did not work. These cream worked right away!
Jalapeno pepper burn treatment Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-02
I tried many things--ice water, alcohol--and it just got worse and worse as the evening wore on! Finally I did the "baking soda paste"--and went to sleep with it caked on my hands (hands resting on a towel on stomach)--plus a couple of shote of tequila and an 800 mg. ibuprofen! The next morning--pain gone!!
IT BURNS! Comments By: Katie - age 13 on 2009-08-03
The same happend to me as well, I decided to make salsa, and what do you find in salsa? the dreaded Jalapeno Pepper!(dun dun dduuuun)Of course I have handeled these little buggers before so I told myself "No Sweat!". As I was chopping my ingredients I decided to leave the peppers for last, so when time came , I would be ready to face them one on one! After I was done chopping the peppers I decided to keep a few seeds for planting in case the peppers turned out good, so I used my fingers to pluck a few off the lump, and threw the rest away. I finished making my salsa, and put all the garbage in the trash(WITH MY BARE HANDS). Hours later I began to feel a stinging sensation on my fingers, then when it came time for bed my hand felt like it was sizzling, but I thought this feeling would just fade away during the night. I woke up to a BURNING feeling in my hand! I told myself that maybe its about to leave and its just making its last imprint on my tender fingers. Later I sat down on my couch and and just put ice all over my hand(still in immence pain). But after a few hours of laying on the couch in agony, I decided to finally do somthing about it! (yay!) So I went on the internet and looked up several different ways to stop the evil jalapeno wrath on my hands. I found many suprising ways to stop the pain, like milk, water, petroliem jelly, rubbing alcohol, ice, olive oil, hand lotion, dish soap, running water, and even mud, I even found a site where someone was in so much pain that they couldn't spell "fingers", they spelled "Jingers", I couldn't stop myself from laughing, it took my mind off the pain. The only thing that worked for me was soaking the quivering hand in milk! MILK GLORIOUS MILK! Milk is the key for me!!!! After soaking my hand in a glass of milk all day, I finally felt some relief! So if you're going to use my method make sure you don't have any plans for the day unless you want to walk around with your hand in a glass of milk!
Ouch! darn jalapenos :( Comments By: Alex on 2009-08-03
well after working with about seven jalapenos for a homemade salsa my hands began to burn, so i decided it would be a good idea to wash my hands of with dish soap which proceded to do nothing. I then decided the best thing do with a burn was put my hands in a bowl with ice water which made my hands fell beter but when i took my hands back out and in the room temperature my hands felt horible so next i tried everything from milk and baking soda to urine which was suggested finally after hours of attempting to get rid of the pain i finally tried benzoly peroxide which relieved my pain so i did that a couple of time and my pain was almost completly gone so i put somemore on and went to sleep i woke up the next morning and feltfine but not after a great lesson learned USE GLOVES!
hope this is of help to someone

Waited it out . . . Comments By: ECHO on 2009-08-09
My husband was out of town and I was in charge of his garden. Picked over 100 jalapeno peppers and decided to freeze them like I had seen him do. Cut 'em, de-seeded 'em with my nails, packed 'em (did you know a big bowl of them will make you cough uncontrollably if you sniff them???) ... even touched my fingers to my tongue to SEE if they were REALLY HOT. Oh, yeah, they were HOT. After I got 'em bagged and in the freezer, WASHED MY HANDS but my fingers started burning like crazy. I had to go to the store for stuff and was putting on my make up -- OMG, put highlighter around my eyes -- you can guess the rest. I was SMART ENOUGH NOT to put in my contact lenses!! Had to walk my dogs who pull a lot and the pressure from the grip on their leashes causes my fingers to burn like they were lit on fire. It's been about 2 hrs. now and I decided to GOOGLE this great site. I don't know if it's the humor of most of your "stories" or what, but my fingers actually aren't as bad now. At least I can MOVE THEM ! ! ! Just in case, I'm gonna pick up a few of these suggested items at the store. You guys have been great. Thanks for sharing.
WOW Comments By: Angie on 2009-08-09
The only other comparable pain to this that i can recall was when I had kidney stones! I cut up 1 Jamaican Hot pepper and the misery has lasted so far for about 8 hours now. Yogurt brought relief but when washed off the pain came back within 5 minutes. I'm going to try some other things and report back. It can't get worse than it is!
YEOUCH! Comments By: Cid on 2009-08-11
I cut up two scotch bonnets bare handed. Never thought a thing of it until almost five hours later! The burning started on my index finger then moved to my middle finger and thumb, at that point it was about midnight and I was desperately wanting sleep. Tried washing it with soap which didn't work, tried several things on here individually and found that just doing them all helped. Soaked my hand in baking soda paste, rinsed with lemon juice, then rinsed with milk, then rinsed with alcohol, then after that took two benadryl and held ice on my hand till I could get to sleep. Woke up with no pain, I can't believe how much it hurt! I know some people swear by bleach but its just too corrosive for me to want to put on my skin!
Alcohol worked very well Comments By: anon on 2009-08-11
Alcohol worked very well after putting milk all over my son's face (who was helping and accidently touched his face). He got relief from the alcohol for sure!
Thanks for the tips, but you'll never believe this one... Comments By: Homer J. Simpson on 2009-08-11
Okay, so I'm making a salad to take to work in the morning. I love hot peppers and have never had any issues with them until tonight. I chopped up a beautiful Habanero pepper and put it in my salad, gave my hands a quick rinsing off and went on my merry way. A couple of minutes later, walked into the restroom to relieve myself and all was well...

Within about 5 minutes, I had this horrific burning sensation in a place where men should not have burning sensations!! Me privates were swollen, red, and burning! It appears as if yours truly had failed to wash his hands thoroughly enough prior to touching his man-parts... OUCH!

As I sit here, my manly parts are covered in yogurt, and I'm wondering just how stupid I really am. In addition to the yogurt, I tried milk (which helped somewhat), baking soda (which helped a little more), and urine (which seemed to do nothing).

Now, I'm debating on whether or not I'll ever rinse the yogurt off because I'm not burning anymore.

So here's the best tip you'll find on this page... WEAR GLOVES WHEN HANDLING HOT PEPPERS!!!

Milk is your friend, kinda? Comments By: Kanstali on 2009-08-15
I cut up 14 jalapenos to dehyrdrate and my hands were fine, but without thinking I rubbed my cheek, OMG!! I was drooling like a rabid animal it burned so bad.

I tried lemon juice, baking soda, tomatoes, milk, baking soda paste, ice, onion, garlic.

About the only thing I didn't try from all these posts was urine, I couldn't bring myself to pee in a cup and put it on my face, lol!

What DID WORK was sour cream. Milk alone is not thick enough to help if its on your face, BUT sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt(plain) etc will help. I used great value (walmart brand) fat free sour cream. Worked great, It went from oh my god I want to pull my skin off to a mild dull pain i felt every so often. After about 15 minutes I wiped all the sour cream off and put another batch on, I was fine within the hour.

I think ill use gloves next time, or put my hand in a plastic baggy or something.

Lol boy my husband came home and thought i looked hilarious... pst men =p

baking soda and milk Comments By: Shane on 2009-08-14
Cut up my first jalapeño tonight for salsa. I told my wife that it was the spiciest salsa I have ever tried. She didn't think so but my lips were burning. A bit later I went to the restroom and wowzers! My frank and beans were on fire! It only lasted about 20 minutes and I thought it was all gone. Then about five hours later I take a shower and my fingers start burning. I was fine until I got water on them. Needless to say I found this site and am currently typing with one good finger. The rest are cover with a baking soda/milk paste...
burning lips Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-14
Last night my lips and fingers burned from jalepeno seeds. I wetted 2 wash rags and put them in the freezer. take one out and hold on the burn until the rag gets warm, then alternate with the other, repeating the process. If you put ice directly on the burn you'll get frost bite from numbing the tissue in your skin. After several hours of pain and cold rags the burning went away when i put some moistureizer lip balm on my lips. *Aloe Vera Did not work for me. And the rubbing alchohol idea didn't sound too good for my lips. hope I helped!
Aloe Vera Comments By: Karen on 2009-08-14
I was stupid enough to clean home-grown jalapenos without gloves also. I soaked my hands in pure Aloe Vera juice, which gave relief immediately, but as I soaked, the pain started creeping back. I refreshed the juice and kept doing this for about a half hour. Finally, no more pain. Gloves are the prevention for sure!
pepper BURNS Comments By: Jeff on 2009-08-18
after picking and seeding about 100 peppers to can. my hands were burning so bad I thought I stuck them up the devils a s s . I tried every remedy on here not one worked,I'll think I'll sit back and let the endorphins kick in and get off on the pain
Vegetable oil for a burn?! Comments By: Jennifer on 2009-08-18
Are you people mad?! If you put oil or butter on a burn, it will get worse! I cook with chilies a minimum of 4 times a week, and I have felt the sting of pepper juice on my skin many times. If you sprinkle lemon juice on the burn, let it soak in for a few minutes, wash with soap and cool water, then repeat, it will take the burn out. It has always worked for me. (Next time, try splitting the chilies down the middle lengthwise under cold water and get the seeds out before using them; that's where all the oils are! You'll still get all the flavor of the pepper without the burning sensation. You can hold it by the stem and the juice never even has to touch your hands!) Good luck!
shortening!!!!! Comments By: Juli on 2009-08-20
I tried everything too !!!! everything worked for a few but buening came back. My mother-in-law said to rub in shortening into my hand. I thought what can it hurt. worked great until i draped my hand over the edge of the couch, and the dog licked it off.
Oxiclean Comments By: Dr pain on 2009-08-22
Well oxiclean the stuff bill mays was selling late night just got the burn out. I made jalapeo poppers and cores all the peppers by hand every thing I touch was on fire. I took a hNd full of that cleaner and washed my hands with it. Instant relief but I had to do it serveral times when the burn came back
have a better solution Comments By: fromthegetgo on 2009-08-23
After trying all of the treatments in these comments, I discover if i simply applied dry baking soda to my dry hands and rubbing it all over,helped more than anything. Leave the powdery residue on hands as long as posible. It has a cooling effect and absorbs the oils. Repeat later if necessary.
Worst Night of My Life Comments By: Jen on 2009-08-24
Decided to make jalapeno poppers for dinner, I cut and seeded about 20 peppers, wo a glove. With in 20 min, the pain started in my hands. About 24 hours later, the worst pain I have ever experienced finally ended. Through out the night I tried lemon-lime juice, rubbing alcohol, milk, and baking soda but nothing worked. The only relief I got was leaving my hands in ice water the whole time. It didn't take the pain any by any means but it did help bc once I took my hands out of the water, the pain increased. The milk felt good for a short amount of time but I think it was just bc of the coldness. What did help was reading all these postings and seeing that I wasn't the only one that has experienced this pain. So, I would say try all the remedies...it passes the time bc u def can't sleep and some make bring relief. You should take a advil and some benadryl, and I would try the bleach idea. Other than that, I couldn't go anywhere in my house without the tubberware bowl filled w ice water.
FAST ORANGE WORKS AMAZING Comments By: Glenn on 2009-08-25
I had this burning hands problem last week, and a little bit today when I forgot to wear gloves with some mild Serrano peppers.

Use Fast Orange hand cleaner. You can usually find it at any automotive place, it's generally used for cleaning you hands after you change your oil, that sort of thing. It works miracles.

Best way to use it is to use a big tablespoon or so, and work it into your hands with NO WATER. Do this for like 3-4 minutes, then rinse with COLD WATER. Shake excess water off your hands and repeat, this time rinsing off with WARM WATER.

Guaranteed solution, nearly instant relief.

Wesson Cannola Oil works Comments By: Wesson Cannola on 2009-08-26
Wesson Cannola Oil works
Try BEER! It works Comments By: Roger on 2009-08-26
My wife cut up a ton of Jalapenos without gloves and her hands were on fire. She tried Milk,Baking Soda, Cream, Lotions, Ribbuing Alcohol, Aloe, Salt, Peroxide and O.j......ALL were temporary! Soaking in Budlight was the longest temporary relief.
NOTHING ON HERE WORKED Comments By: natalya on 2009-08-26
I called poison control and they told me olive oil and then rinse... sure enough 10 min back to normal after 2.5 hrs of burning
makes it burn more Comments By: m on 2009-08-27
burts bees lip balm worked on my lips.
I FOUND THE REMEDY!!! Comments By: cori on 2009-08-29
cutting jalapeno's My hands were burning like crazy!!!!! I tired this rubbing alcohol...didn't work...I tried milk...didn't work....I tried water and baking soda...didn't work...I washed them several times...held numerous ice cubes...I tried brun cooling gel...didn't work. WANNA KNOW WHAT WORKED??? BUTTER!!! I thought this prob wont work either..but I grabbed a handful...rubbed it all over nice and thick..let it set a lil bit..started melting off my fingers...I DID NOT RINSE THEM...just wipe hands with paper towel...suprisingly..within about 1-2 minutes...MY HANDS NO LONGER BURNED !!! AMAZING!! I am in such releif!
Vinegar saved my sanity!!! Comments By: Sophie on 2009-08-29
I actually found this link after I'd started soaking my fingers in a bowl of white vinegar, so I never actually tried the alcohol, but I thought I'd just add that NOTHING - not butter, milk, yogurt, olive oil, dish detergent - worked and my hands were KILLING me... and then I busted out the vinegar and soaked my fingers for about 10 minutes... they felt better almost immediately, but would begin to warm up a few minutes after I took them out of the bowl. I just kept soaking and then testing my hands and each soak diminished the pain a fraction until after about 30 min. of soaking I was feeling MUCH better. Another important thing I learned was to NOT let your hands get warm/hot. I kept trying to wash them in hot water and have since learned that heat re-activates the capsaicin. Hope this isn't redundant!
tecnu stops the burning Comments By: ted on 2009-08-30
Tecnu is a poison oak wash which washes away strong urishoil that causes poison oak and ivy rash. The substance that causes burning from peppers is also an oil. Tecnu worked within minutes to stop the burning just follow the directions on the bottle.
Goo Gone - Thank God Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-31
I tried...

water, two 10 minute baking soda paste "soaks," and Dawn with minimal relief. I finally got to a Goo Gone suggestion and thought "what could it hurt." A squirt of Goo Gone followed by washing with Dawn done twice and I have NO PAIN! Ye-haw! As others have pointed out... lesson learned... use rubber gloves.

How to get rid of Jalapeno oil burn on you hands! Comments By: Erica on 2009-09-03
Use and antacid Liquid!
Maalox's works wonders...soak you hands in Maalox's for a half hour and take them out if the burning comes back soak them again and again... the burning will ease and will get more tolerable. it wont work instantly nothing will but this is described by a nurse. Any nurse will tell you to go home and use Maalox's.

aquafresh toothpaste Comments By: lovethepeppers on 2009-09-04
i swear to you know who that i have tried everything on here plus the kitchen sink and to no avail it was all temporary upon looking for some peroxide i couldnt find any. my last ditch effort was to use toothpaste. just put some where it burns and the pain will eventually go away. rinse it off and then do a rinse with alcohol.
Milk of Magnesia Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-07
i cut about a pound of these peppers (15) and my hand was on fire for about 6 hours. ice water helped with the temporary pain but then you run the risk of giving yourself frostbite, so i had to stop after about 5 hours. Milk of Magnesia worked with in 15 to 20 minutes and the pain was gone for good. just fill a latex glove with Milk of Magnesia and stick it on your hand. it'll burn for a while as it gets the acid out of your hand. (i stuck my hand in an ice pack just to help make the temporary pain leave). i am soooo happy that this worked because my hand was ON FIRE!!! almost worse than when i broke both bones in my arm
Sour Cream. The thicker the better Comments By: JustSayNoToJalepeno on 2009-09-06
I only suffered for 20 minutes before hitting google. The first site I found said Sour Cream works so I spent 10 minutes at the sink coating my hands and the pain is much more tolerable now. Don't expect instant relief, I kept applying it over and over because the cold would help and then the burn would start back up but once it began to subside I was able to sit down and allow the sour cream to dry into a paste and have not needed to reapply. I still feel a mild burning sensation but certainly nothing unbearable.

Good to know I am not the only "delicate flower" out there.

Wife was in Jalapeno Hell like all of the others - Baking Soda Paste worked Comments By: Tamined from SC on 2009-09-08
Both of us have cut jalapenos numerous times before and never had such a severe reaction as tonight. So I found this thread using Google.
We tried the alcohol and during the application it felt better but the pain came back almost immediately.
The BAKING SODA PASTE (baking soda and cold water mixed into a thick paste) did the trick. I feel so relieved that my sweetheart's pain is gone.

FINALLY BURN FREE Comments By: anonymous on 2009-09-08
After 3hrs a mixture of baking soda, dawn soap, and vegetable oil worked. I left it on for about 5 minutes. I tried everything under the sun..even pee! Can't wait to get some sleep. GOODLUCK with ur burn!!!!
doesn't work Comments By: anon on 2009-09-12
my mom was making salsa-with not gloves-and so i went on this site and we tried everything-rubbing alcohol, baking soda, soap, milk- nothing works...
heavvvvvvvvvvvvvvven Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-12
yea tried everything on here nothing worked I wanted to chop my hand off.so tried stuff around the house.and there it was childrens liquid motrin yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh poured it on my hand sat there and there was a tiny burn but what can i say a big smile on my face
Vanilla Yogurt!!! Comments By: Renee on 2009-09-12
Yogurt has been the most helpful for me. I made salsa tonight- with several hot peppers from our garden. I have done this before, but tonight was the first time I had so much burning on my hands, it was like they were on fire. I read a few different remedies, and tried alcohol, baking soda paste and finally vanilla yogurt. This has been by far the best relief. It's been about ten minutes since I took mt hands out, and still no returning of the burning. Just in case, I put the used yogurt back in the fridge, so I can use it again later tonight it need be. Anyway- next time I will wear gloves!!!! Hope this helps anyone searching for relief!
BAKING SODA is king Comments By: Marilyn on 2009-09-13
I touched my nose/lip/cheek after chopping jalapeno peppers and a paste of baking soda and waterapplied to the area and air dired did wonders. The pain went away in 5 minutes, enough to fall asleep. I awoke 1hr later, rinsed of the dried crust and felt great!!!
Holy Hot Peppers Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-13
Why dont peppers come with warning lables when you buy the plants????? After cutting up jalenpeno peppers from our garden my hands were fine( I washed them afterwards with dawn dish soap maybe that helped)but my chin and upper lip was on fire. I am not sure what really worked baking soda & alcohol paste, hand sanitizer yogurt or what but the pain immediately stopped after using Mary Kays soothing eye gel. Sheesh....thank God!
Rubbing alcohol did work at all. Comments By: Peg on 2009-09-14
What I did was do the kitchen dishes for ten minutes in cool water with Dawn dish soap and the burning went away completely.
hands on fire! Comments By: Hanna on 2009-09-14
Purchased a case of peppers on the weekend. Supposed to be sweet peppers. Turned out they were hot peppers. 20 lbs of roasted hot peppers, skinned and seeded later, my hands were absolutely on fire. Heat increasing as the hours passed. Tried everything listed on this site - except for the urine! I was also told to try listerine. That too proved futile. Finally I tried Zinc ointment and put cotton gloves on my hands in desperation for some relief and sleep. This finally worked. Had a great sleep, no more pain!!!!!
Thank you for the help Comments By: Mary Brown on 2009-09-14
Just ended 30 min of AGONY the irritation was my upper lip, nostrils. I immediately took a Benadryl and 4 ibuprofen. All this pain from a pepper? A poblano no less. I did not even know this was possible! I used the baking soda paste which immediately felt worse but after I wiped it off I felt better than before. I also used the milk on my face- alternating 2 paper towels soaked with milk alternately putting them on my face or back in the freezer. Not sure what helped the best but I am out of pain.
Rubbing alcohol and vodka did the trick!!!! Comments By: Amy F. on 2009-09-14
I made the mistake of cutting jalapeno's without gloves on my hands tonight, within a half of an hour the pain was almost unbearable. After trying Dawn dishsoap, milk, vinegar, aloe and solarcaine I was still in severe pain. I found this site and tried the rubbing alcohol, that definately took the edge off. I would use cotton balls and switch them out after each swipe of my hands. Then I got out the vodka and that did the trick...no I didn't drink it, I poured it in a glass and soaked my hands for about 2 minutes each. I then rewashed my hands and within 15 minutes I was pain free!!!
In the Process Comments By: GK on 2009-09-15
At first I didn't know what was going on. I googled burning hands and then it all came to me...I had been chopping the stuff! Well, I have tried the vege oil, olive oil, vinegar and butter...NOOOO! I am able to type this 2 minutes after using rubbing alcohol! :)
Baking Soda Mixed with Orange Juice Mix Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-16
Baking soda mixed with orange juice worked well when I left it on for atleast 5 minutes at a time. Had to do this many times.
Rubbing Alchol not the best remedy Comments By: Chrissy from Sarver PA on 2009-09-19
I cut a 1/2 bushel of hot peppers for canning and didn't wear gloves, never do that again!! My fingers on both hands were on FIRE! I tried the rubbing alcohol several times, only cooled the skin did not cure. The best cure was to lay an ice pack on my hands and apply the Aloe Vera with Lidocaine Gel. This releaved the heat agony pain and the swelling. I will always were gloves from this day forward, even if I am only cutting one pepper.
baking soda paste vs.alcohol Comments By: cressida-EMT-B on 2009-09-20
Alcohol rub was only minimally effective.
Baking soda paste with a 5-10 minute application, worked nicely. By the way if you are unfortunate enough to touch your eye hence the very sensitive membranes, flush with water first then get multi action relief eye drops. FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH!

it helped and thats good enough Comments By: anon on 2009-09-24
i made a mexican stir fry with a boat load of jalapeno's and bananna pepper/jalepeno hybreds. my hands felt the burn after about an hour or so. god i must have washed my hands like 70 times last night, i tried soaking conditioner in the shower this morning. i noticed when i came into work that the hand sanitizer helped for a few seconds so i tried hydrogen peroxide and it helped for about 30 min. i think you just have to do whatever you have to to dull the pain and heat. there is no miricle, it just has to wear off. if you use harsh chemicals on your skin, it dries out your hand so bad it itches and hurts, not much of an improvement to the burn.
Jalapeno Nose Burn Comments By: ~*alicia*~ on 2009-09-24
I was cutting up Jalapenos for homemade salsa & even though I washed my hands afterwards I obviously didn't get everything. I rubbed my nose & somehow the burn spread up my nose! Didn't think it was possible, that has got to be one of the worst feelings ever! Tried water not realizing that makes it worse, then I found this site & tried milk. I just put a little in a bowl & then put my nose in it & breathed out my mouth for a while. It worked for now...we'll see how long it lasts!
relief finally!!!! Comments By: lia on 2009-11-06
thank you all so much for giving me a laugh and making me feel like im not the only dummy who didn't know to wear gloves. never again!!!! i tried the baking soda,milk,burn cream, the rubbing alcohol, i even peed on my hands! (so gross) anyway it looked like nothing would work. it just kept getting worse. im at home alone with my baby and i was starting to panic that i really wouldnt be able to pick her up my hands were burning so bad. i took some tylenol with codine and wraped my hands in gauze soaked in the rubbing alcohol, i dont know if it was that, or the four hours of all the other stuff but suddenly im feeling fine. thanks again for all the advice.
milk! Comments By: laura b. on 2009-10-14
Got jalapeno juice in and around my nose and it quickly spread when I tried to rinse it off. I tried the rubbing alcohol, and it helped but probably only because it was cool. Then I drank some milk and blotted it on my face where I was burning and it helped immediately! The inside of my nose still burned a little bit but it was much more bearable.
Wonderful cure Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-05
Thank God I found this web site. After reading all comments and having found what I had in the house this what I did.
In small dish put 3 Tb spoons of Baking Soda. Added 70% Rubbing Alcohol just enough to make paste out of that mix. Rubed onto burning skin for 1 min. Waited till it dry. Washed away. Repearted untill burning stopped.
After you done don't forget to put generous amount of lotion to preserve your skin from cracks.

no gloves did I wear Comments By: Deby1955 on 2009-10-06
I de-seeded over 100 med to hot peppers, along with several fire pepers, 18 lbs of onions, and my hands feel likke they are going to catch on fire. I have washed my hands several times then I put a healing lotion on my hands this has made them burn worse. I do not have alcohal so I am going to do the baking soda one and dawn dish washing liquid.Wish me luck
How little did I know... Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-08
I was cutting up jalapenos yesterday for my home-made pico, and some juice got under my thumb nail. Ouch! It has been hurting since yesterday! I did not know this could happen or I definitely would have worn gloves. I did everything, water, soap, ice water, neosporin, milk, etc. I find it crazy because when I stick my thumb in my mouth my tongue burns like I am sucking on a pepper, and I have washed my hands repeatedly since touching them! I am going to read over these comments closely and see what helps the best, this is very weird.
milk of magnesium Comments By: the clock on 2009-10-12
i was making some salsa yesterday and used 1 and a half jalapenos and my hands were on fire. i tried everything; sugar, milk, baking soda, lemon juice, hydrocortizone, peroxide, salt (which provided the best instant relief), soft scrub bleach, peanut butter, etc... finally after a few hours, my brother was talking about when he touched the pepper plant and scratched his face and then had to soak his face in milk of magnesium. my mom went to the store and bought some and i rubbed a little on my hands and let it sit for about two hours. i washed it off and rubbed some more on and woke up this morning and my hands feel great! milk of magnesium has intant and lasting relief. i definitely suggest it.
Dumb Peppers Comments By: Pepper Dummy on 2009-10-15
So I was seeding fresh jalapenos and didn't know you could get a burn from them. I promptly rubbed my nose with the back of my hand and woosh - my top lip was on fire.

I tried alcohol, milk, baking soda, yogurt, and ice - all of these helped temporarily.

I was desperate so I tried something called staphaseptic - an OTC gel used to prevent infection similar to triple antibiotic only with natural ingredients. Voila. Instant and lasting relief.

Habanero BURNS!!! OUCH! Comments By: Sara B on 2009-10-17
I've cut up jalapenos many times without really any problem, but our habaners started ripening in a HUGE amount at a time so I decided to cut them up and make a paste out of them to freeze and use all winter. Cut up 20-30 or so this morning. No prblem until about 2 pm. Hands started BURNING. Got worse when I got my hands wet. I used dish soap but obviously that didn't work as my hands feel no different at all. Used my husband's GO-JO degreaser soap. No help. Silvadene cream helps while it's on but actually burns worse if you try to put gloves on to keep the cream on and off everything else. Baking soda paste does help but only while it's on. It's the middle of the afternoon and I've got 5 kids playing at my house so I can't be sitting around with paste on. My hands are red but that's just because I've been washing my hands like crazy trying to make it better. Can't take benadryl or pain pill cuz I will get sleepy and that's no good with kids around. Took a combination of 500 mg acetaminophen and 400 mg ibuprofen. Hope that helps soon. Will just keep alternating applications of silvadene and baking soda paste. Geeze. Never thought it could hurt like this. How do people with arthritis stand to use that capsacin cream made out of peppers. This is agonizing!
Here's the fix for jalapeno burn. Comments By: Sheila on 2009-10-19
I'm in Puerta Vallarta on vacation and yesterday I cut up a jalapeno to make salsa. Long story short, thirty minutes later, I had a burning hand. I tried milk, hydrocortisone cream -- nothing worked. I finally went down to the lobby to see if someone could get me baking soda from the kitchen. They called the captain in the kitchen and he said he'd be right out. He walked out with an egg in his hand. He said, separate the egg and coat your hand with the egg white. I did and the pain was immediately gone. I soaked it in the white for about 20 minutes, blotted my hand off, didn't rinse it off until hours later and the pain never returned. When you want the solution, ask an expert.
... not too sure.... Comments By: Bec on 2009-10-22
I had some jalapeno's on a sandwich the other day. (makes it worse that it was an awesome sandwich - let me tell you!)
I didn't think much of getting a bit of the Chili on my lip, its happened before, and i haven't had any bad reactions. The next day I have this blister on the corner of my mouth. Freaking out I go down to the chemist - he says its just a blister and proscribes me with some Zovirax for cold sores treatment. I've used that for days now, stressing it may actually be a cold sore - I've never had one before, so its doubtful. Thinking back I started doing some research, it is possible to have a chili burn that blisters isn't it? There was a whole lot of chili on my food, and it doesn't look like the pictures online of a cold sore... :S

BORIC ACID !!!!! Comments By: jsc331 on 2009-10-22
Obviously the sooner you use any remedy the better... That said try 3 Tbs Boric Acid powder made into a thick paste. Rub into hands under nails leave for a few minutes.

Have tried all the other stuff this works best especially for the rub off factor to your lips and eyes. Repeat later if necessary.

Help fire in nose!!!! Comments By: Brenda on 2009-10-26
I read a few of these remedies. I was deseeding the peppers without gloves. And my nose itched on the inside. So I scratched it(disgusting I know). A few minutes later my nose started burning. Having a high tollerance for pain, I simply thought to wait the burn out. But the pain was getting more intensed as time went by. About 2 hours later I run to the bathroom to rinse my nose out with cold water (big misstake there) burn got worse. So I looked up this site and saw Milk helps. I took a cup of cold milk and Q-Tips and rubbed cold milk all on the inside a few times and the pain stopped.so far so good, burn is still gone.
26 jalapenos and 3 hrs later Comments By: DoeDoe on 2009-10-26
Oh my. Thank goodness for this site. After suffering 2 hours I took 2 advil, and then tried icewater, milk, alcohol, nothing worked. I went to buy some baking soda,and I have made a thick paste, left it on about 10 minutes each of 4 times, scrub rinsed off each time. I kept reading about oil and fat, so I have now rubbed heavy cream on my hands. so the last hour with the soda paste, and then the cream I am having good relief. Worst burns I've ever had. I think the soda paste several times and cream off and on will take care of it. Reading all the stories have kept me laughing in between applications. We are so funny. And stupid. Did I mention stupid? Use gloves.
Try baking soda instead... Comments By: Farah on 2009-10-27
My left hand was burning last week from jalapeno burn...I used a cup of baking soda and added a small amount of water. PAIN GONE immediately!! :)
Aloe Vera Sunburn Gel Comments By: Bobbi on 2009-10-31
I tried sour cream it felt good for a few minutes but aloe vera sunburn gel and I MEAN COAT YOURSELF in it, but it works....also I went into the cold air, not gone completely but sure feels much better...I will never ever do this again
Dishwashing Soap Really Worked! Comments By: Erin on 2009-11-01
After reading the other suggestions, I tried baking-soda paste. It intensified the pain; I was almost in tears. I kept reading about other suggestions and read about Palmolive and other dishwasing soaps. All I had was Green Works dishwashing soap, so I rubbed it all over my hands and left it on for several minutes. The pain instantly subsided to my complete shock. This is the first time in hours that I feel little to nothing. My husband is at the store buying rubbing alcohol, but I do not think I need it now.
Yogurt Comments By: EFOX on 2009-11-02
I tried everything! The only thing that I could do in order to sleep was to put yogurt on my hands and put them in a gallon size baggie so it wouldn't get on anything. The pain is gone this morning but my fingertips are very sensitive.
Zanfel Comments By: Jessi on 2009-11-02
Zanfel is the answer ... my sister got some jalapino juice under her nose and wer tried EVERYTHING on this list and nothing workd so we tried some Zanfel, worked like a charm! She rubbed it for like 3 minutes then rinsed and shes fine.

Zanfel is for poison Oak, it's like $30 a tube, but we have it on-hand for poison oak all the time, it draws the poison oak oil out of your skin and worked the same for jalapino oil, you can find it at most pharmacies.

Raw Bacon then Baking Soda Comments By: MyWifeGotItInHerEyes on 2009-11-06
The Capsacin (not sure if it is spelled right) isn't water soluable, but it is fat soluable. Rubbing the bacon on the affected area will take away most of the burn because of the bacon fat. Then pour baking soda in your hands and rub it all over your hands. Then wash off with soap and water.
15 haberenos, no gloves Comments By: 2jsquiltn on 2009-11-08
Yes, I cut 15 haberenos with no gloves because occasionally I cut A jalapeno with no gloves and no problems.....so I'm invincible, right? Wrong! I was lucky and didn't touch my eyes but my hands were on fire for over 6 hours. Thought I did good by washing afterwards with lemon handsoap. Found this site and starting trying all remedies. Here's what I think...you'll have to do everything...rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, milk, baking soda. I think it's the combo that works. So by the time I got to lemon juice it really helped....followed up with coating my hands in mayoinaise. This was 6 hours after cutting haberenos.

Baking Soda Comments By: DeWayne on 2009-11-11
Nothing worked for me till I made a baking soda mixed with a little water paste and rubbed it all over my hands and let it dry. This worked for me.
dint work any way!!!!!!!! Comments By: jalpeanosxhurtx4x5x6x7 on 2009-11-14
well my mom got jalapeno in her finger nails and then rubbed her eye. well her eye burn imeadiatly. we looked at this site and tried almost everything..... vinegar,ice water,milk,sugar water,half and half,but none of it worked. so future refrence next time wear gloves!!!!!
Pepper Burn treatments Comments By: Why-did-I-think-roasting-habaneros-is-fun? on 2009-11-15
After my surgical gloves got a hole in them while I was slicing habanero and serrano peppers, I treated the burns on my hands with the following results:
1) soap and water- no relief
2) gel hand sanitizer (Purrell)- a little better but still on fire.
3) running alcohol (a little better)
3) a deep cleansing facial mask made with Clay by Clinique on my hands for about 7 minutes. result- a lot less painful but still burning
4) sunburn relief cream with Lidocaine and aloe vera- better still feel burning under fingernails
5) vinegar rinse- temporary relif
6) vinegar with baking soda paste- a little better- still burns under fingernails
7) back to the sunburn gel with aloe vera and lidocaine (much better probably I should have not been impatient and just kept reapplying the sunburn gel (I have Banana Boat brand)
8) took an ibuprofen and am waiting to see if that helps- but as I am able to type you can see it's manageable now.

Baking Soda Comments By: Kelli on 2009-11-14
Baking Soda is the trick...mix with water for a thick paste and rub on hands and let sit for a few mins...miracle!
Fingers on Fire For 18 hours... Comments By: Kia on 2009-11-15
I was making Chili 4 my brother in law last night around 10pm and I started 2 dice up habaneros, jalapenos and chili peppers and about 30 mins later my fingers were on FIYAAA..I tried rubbing alcohol,lemon dish detergent,bleach,milk and a salt scrub.By then it was 2:30am and Im still in pain so I take some tylenol with codeine and I go to the kitchen and get a pan and soak my fingers in milk, so remind you its 6am now and finally I get a little sleep just up until 12:30pm as I wake up 2 lesser pain, but the minute I removed my hand from the milk it comes back so Im trying the Baking Soda again just making it a little thicker, so yes people Im typing with one hand because the arm&hammer is working at the moment and hopefully it stops it completely..I wont be foolish and use my bare hands again if I ever go near those "Demons" again...I don't think they were grown in Mexico, I believe they were grown in Hell and shipped 2 the grocery stores. "WEAR GLOVES EVERYONE"!!!
not just any milk--breast milk! Comments By: anon on 2009-11-23
5 hours after my jalapeno encounter, i had tried everything on this list, with the exception on pee and gasoline. i was about to though. everything on this list worked while it was being applied or would relieve the pain temporarily. i tried regular milk and that helped for a while. then i remembered my kids pediatrician telling me breast milk was best for minor burns, acne or even eye irritations, so i mixed some (i happen to be a nursing mommy) with baking soda to make a paste, and viola! no more pain! now, run on out and make best friends with a nursing mommy! IT WORKS!!!
jalapeno Comments By: john on 2009-11-25
jalapeno in the nose hurts like crazy!
Potatoes Comments By: mia on 2009-11-25
Has anyone tried potatoes? When I was burning with jabeneros, I used potatoes, I found that these worked pretty well.
First off Why don't the recipes tell you to wear gloves Comments By: CAMACHO on 2009-11-26
This thanksgiving I decided to do Jalepeno Poppers, so I got like 30-40 large jalepenos and started seeding them, and all that stuff.. HOLY COW.. 2 hours later my hands are on fire.. I looked at this post and tried Milk (2 second relief, nice but only 2 seconds), no baking soda in the house or rubbing alcohol, so I went the oven cleaner route.. nice relief but not to long so now i'm sleeping with germ X at my side.. Yes Jalapeno Poppers, No on gloveless poppers.. I vote for Rubber gloves..
THIS WORKS! Comments By: london on 2009-11-26
use hand cream Comments By: Cindy on 2009-11-28
I had to endure excruciating burning pain for the whole night and of course, was unable to sleep at all.

I did everything. Rubbing salt. Milk. Calamine lotion. Alcohol. Hell, I even tried toothpaste.

Only cold pak eased the pain a little but the one that really did the trick?

Cream. Hand cream. It took away the pain quickly. Even I was surprised. You gotta try it. The relief is AMAZING!

Jalapeno burn on face Comments By: Ashley on 2009-11-30
I used milk, vodka...both had NO result...Ice helped while I HAD IT PRESSED ON MY FACE. I then used a thick mixture of baking soda and water (like a paste form) and let it dry while i fanned it. then i proceded to wash it off with cold water and it helped a lot! so I repeated it a second time, then put some aloe vera on my face and the pain was gone!!!! It took away the pain and the redness on my face...what a miracle!
The OIL/DISHSOAP TRICKWORKED FOR ME Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-01
I, like everyone else, set my hands afire cutting up jalapenos. I tried honey, baking soda, lemon juice, dishsoap. I don't think I left the baking soda on long enough and the other things didn't work.

One poster suggested rubbing vegetable oil in, then using dishsoap to wash. Repeat a few times. Totally worked for me!!

jalapeno pepper burn Comments By: Lauren on 2009-12-01
I had a burn slightly on my fingertips - but stupidly (was my first time using jalapeno peppers) scratched my nose and upper lip after washing my hands - about 30 seconds later it felt as though my nose was on fire - milk and baking soda paste helped for a minute but even after repeated applications, did nothing really - i tried the alcohol - it didn't make it any worse but not any better either - finally I was desprate for relief and I saw my clay face mask - I have had it on for 5 minutes or so and the pain is totally gone!
Sweet Sweet butter Comments By: Cassie on 2009-12-04
Put margarine all over your hands and let it sit for a while. It is really weird walking around with butter on your hands but it is working for me. If you have latex gloves put it on on top of the butter. I used country crock margarine. I had no idea that jalapenos could burn your hands. It's really helping me hope it helps you.
Use gloves before not after it make it worse!!! Comments By: Cassie on 2009-12-05
Okay I wrote to put butter on your hands which worked extremely well. But then I said to put gloves on the outside to keep butter in and you can still walk around and use your hands. DO NOT PUT GLOVES ON AROUND WHATEVER REMEDY YOU USE!!! The jalapeno oil leaked out of my burns and then went down to my fingertips and under my nails. Holy crap under your nails is much worse. You could so use this to torture information out of people. So I let my husband pee on my fingers and it worked well, then I went and washed my hands with bleach. The pee and bleach helped a little but what got the pain go all the way away was spit. Think about it your spit has enzymes to break down the food we eat. So I spit on my nails and rubbed it in and that's what got the last of the pain to go away.
ALOE Comments By: KRISTEN on 2009-12-05
Was out of rubbing alcohol Comments By: anon on 2009-12-05
I tried paste of baking soda and it seemed to help some. I also put Dawn dishwashing detergent on my hands. It helped a little as well. The last thing I put on my hands was a deep cleansing peat facial mask. The burn stopped. I do not know if it was the mask or a combination of all the things I tried. My hands burned for about 5 hours after taking the seeds out of 12 peppers without gloves.
good relief Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-09
I was very stupid and handled peppers bare-handed and then picked my nose and touched my face. I snorted a dilute solution of salt and baking soda and showered my face With soap, for a very long time the pain has not returned yet!
Jalapeno burns hands Comments By: Noula on 2009-12-14
This was a first for me. I love all hot food but have never felt the effect on my hands before.The burning became worse as time went on. By nightfall my hands were on fire and no amount of washing would help. Tried lemon---but that did not help, tried yoghurt, milk etc but the relief was very short. Then I started with any cream I could find. Finally in desperation I rubbed a cream called "DEEP FREEZE" used for muscle injuries---it contains 2% menthol. It was like magic. The pain vanished and did not return.
One Hot Jalapeno!!!! Comments By: Angelia on 2009-12-12
We were at our friends for a BBQ and I helped make stuffed Jalapenos. We cut like 40 and de seaded them about 15 min later my hands were on fire swelled up and red, I thought I was gonna die!!!! I tried everything, MILK,BAKING SODA,SALT,Carburetor CLEANER, Washed MY HANDS A MILLION TIMES, ALCOHOL, LISTERINE, MUSTARD,COLD WATER,ICE You name I tried it!! Nothing worked I had my husband take me to ER they gave me Benidryl helped me a lot I can now function and not want to cry So if anything like this happens again just take over the counter benedryl.... My hands still Burn but it is now livable>>>> Good Luck .....
First time First Burn!! Comments By: Felicia on 2009-12-14
I tried cleaning Jalapenos for the first time. I don't know what I was thinking cleaning them with no gloves. About one hr later my hands was on fire! Since this the first time I ever clean Jalapenos I didn't even bother to think of the side effects of this. Well since the internet provides good information, I googled this website to find out what to do. I tried the milk, cold water, baking soda, and alcohol with no relief. I was nearly in tears when i found one of the messages instructing the use of peroxide 2 rinsings for 2 minutes and then applying hydrocortisone cream. This was my last hope. I also added a Loritab to help with my stress so I could eventualy get some sleep. 45 minutes later, the pain was not gone but it had improved about 40%. I also was holding a cold pack which help subside the symptoms. I will never ever ever do that again!!
Nothing worked but VODKA and VALIUM Comments By: Jeska on 2009-12-17
I tried everything, even peeing on my hands...nothing works. Don't waste your time, just drink fast...After 6 shots of vodka and 2 pills, my 7 hour torture session ended with me holding on for dear life. At this point my whole body was numb and the pain was finally gone!!!


after trying almost all of the remedies Comments By: Donna on 2009-12-18
Thanks for all the tips. I tried them all except the bleach and they all only gave momentary relief at best. At the end of the night I put a small icepack (for food containers) in a plastic baggie, and fell asleep with it between my hands. I was fine in the morning except my hot cup of coffee felt hotter on my fingertips than usual. All this from cutting open and dicing ONE jalapeno pepper. Rubber gloves for me!!!
dish shap Comments By: allison on 2009-12-18
The only thing that helped me relieve the jalapeno burn on my nose and upper lip was ajax dish soap!
OMG!!! R E L I E F!!!! Comments By: Mia on 2009-12-18
Finally, after 12 hrs of burning hands, I tried everything, except the bleach... BAKING SODA, BAKING SODA, BAKING SODA. Make a paste and cover all your hands with it, not just the fingers, and let dry. Place a sandwich bag over your hands (I tried plastic gloves but the paste keep falling off) leave on for 30 minutes or more. Repeat the process and try to leave it longer. Thanks to everyone who recommended the baking soda.
WOW it worked!!!!!!!!! Comments By: mary on 2009-12-19
I am so reliefed to have found this website. I tried the baking soda solution and it worked instantley. Thanks Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baking Soda + Ambien Comments By: sgit on 2009-12-22
Made the baking soda paste and took an ambien. The baking soda was instant relief and then when I started to feel sleepy, I rinsed of the baking soda paste and slept the full night. I woke up pain free!
This works for the pain ....an hour after the burning horror show started. started. Comments By: Squirming victim of demon-spawned peppers. on 2009-12-24
Dried powdered milk and sugar,a tablespoon of honey or corn syrup, an ice cube and a few tablespoons of COLD water. Add all ingredients, except the water. Have victim add water until you make a slurry, then just a bit more. Goal is to have it liquid enough to dry, but thick enough it dries fast (so you may want to try 91% rubbing alchol instead of the cold water. The ice cube is for relief until the sugar kicks in, which is almost immediate) The honey syrup seems to make it stick best, but less is better than more. The sugar deadens your nerves. The lactic acid adds a carbon chain to the pepper chemical, neutralizing it to some degree. The damaged skin nerves will hurt for a while, but the sugar will keep the pain down.
If you just noticed the pain, put 100% detergent, laundry or dish, on the area and rinse and repeat at least 10 times. Use an old tooth brush for the nails and make a paste out of baking soda and alcohol and brush under your nails. For nose you may try a tampon soaked in concentrated skim milk mix and a bit of baking soda (NO alcohol up noses).
We tried pretty much everything mentioned. The mangos tasted pretty good and rubbing their skins under the finger nails helped a bit, but we tried it an hour or two too late.
Baking soda, washing with strong detergent and lots of rinsing always did the trick before, but my daughter didn't know .... and did not use gloves. And now, 3 AM and we have the sugar stuff dried on and am wrapping it up to go to bed.
Good luck! Do try the sugar if you have tried everything else. Be generous with it, meager on whatever liquid you choose. Witch hazel also provides relief if you have it, but is much like the alcohol.

!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-25
I had an intense burning feeling in my hands after working with about 40 jalapenos. Cold water and ice made the pain go away temporarily, but the pain came back as soon as the water turned off or the ice was removed. After hours of pain, I found this site. I used hydrogen peroxide (because I couldn't find alcohol) and poured it all over my hands. Then I rinsed it off and soaked my hands in a bowl of baking soda and water. I rinsed it off and washed my hands with Palmolive soap. I soakd my hands one last time with baking soda and water. The "heat" is still there, but is now tolerable.
EGG WHITES WORK! Comments By: Happy at last on Christmas Day on 2009-12-25
Pepper burn from cleaning Jalapeno and Serano peppers. Tried rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, baking soda, milk, ice water, rinsing with detergent over and over, and none of them worked. Finally, tried soaking hands in bowl of egg white and it worked!!!!
Instant Relief -VODKA Comments By: Hoogenakker on 2009-12-26
Got the baking soda ready, but thought the alcohol might work. I think Isopropyl alcohol has too much water and would just spread it around, so used vodka in a glass, dipped hands in glass, rubbed around, then dried with a cloth about 5 times. no water!
Funny thing is I only had Absolut Vanilla vodka, so my hands don't smell like vodka, just like vanilla. Sleep at last.

IT'S BURNING Comments By: JESSI on 2010-01-01
Weird Comments By: anon on 2009-12-28
Whenever i handle jalapeos, my hands dont burn at all, only when i rub my eyes or something. I must be Lucky
BAKING SODA! Comments By: Ouch on 2010-01-01
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! After trying everything from dish soap to milk to oil to eye makeup remover, baking soda is the ONLY thing that worked. I soaked my hands twice for about 10 minutes at a time and it worked a miracle! I thought I would never have the feeling go away!
Rubbing Alcohol Comments By: Tom on 2009-12-31
Made some salsa about 2 hours ago. Only handled about 5 of these peppers, but the burning has been intensifying. Just tried the alcohol, and it does bring quick but short relief. Will keep applying and hope this works.
Corn starch and olive oil Comments By: Peter on 2009-12-31
After trying out all these suggestions, none work. My theory was that rubbing oil into my hands would mix with the spicy oil in the peppers, then corn starch would simply absorb all of the oil. I was right. it works ten times better than every other suggestion. I am the man
texan Comments By: Linda on 2010-01-01
i'm a texan so jalapenos are a staple; tried everything. alcohol is the only thing that works. 70% rubbing. and a few Bloody Bull drinks.
Honey is it! Comments By: Jen_is_burned on 2010-01-01
I tried dawn like 10 times. Then I tried baking soda paste for hours over and over again. Finally after crying for 20 min I tried honey. Left it on my hand for 20 min, washed off. Took 2 benedryl... I feel soo much better! The pain is basically gone!
one word alcahol Comments By: daniel s on 2010-01-05
never bin in so much pain rubbed vodka into my hands a couple of times did the trick
Jalepeno Burn on Nose - Ouch Comments By: Cherealy on 2010-01-05
I tried ice first and then aloe vera (which had rubbing alcohol in it) and it worked great - 10 minutes = pain gone.
Dawn Dish Soap!!!!! Comments By: Brewski on 2010-01-05
I did a doosy! I cut a jalapeno and in the middle, stopped to blow my nose. The burning started in minutes! I tried - Milk, malox, cold water, ice, and shots of tequilla- nothing helped! I finally read about dawn dish soap, I slathered all over my face and relief was on its way. I put on heavy amounts of dawn and let it sit for 5 minutes at a time. After the third time, I felt a million times better:) I finished off the night with a baking soda mask and felt human again! Good luck!
Baking Soda All The Way!! Comments By: Kayleigh on 2010-01-08
After chopping up some scotch bonnets, my nose was itching, gave it a rub with out thinking, before i knew it my whole face was on fire, i tried milk then vodka.. no improvement, after covering my face in baking soda and water, i finally had relief and the burning was gone!!
Lemon and Baking Soda!!!!! Comments By: Kristi on 2010-01-07
i barely touched the two jalapenos i was cutting last night and 2hrs after my fingers started burning mildly, but the more things i tried the more they burned. then i read that lemon juice draws out the oils from the pepper. im 23 and im not patient especially when im in pain so here's what i did step by step for the fastest and longest relief:

1)take a fresh large lemon, cut it in half and squeeze one half over one hand and then the other half over the other hand.
2)put ur finger in the squeezed halves themselves. one half for each hand.
3)keep fingers there for 10 minutes. NOTE: it will tingle and slightly irritate your already burning fingers but it's worth it.
4)rinse off with cool room temperature water(IT MUST NOT BE TOO WARM TO WHERE IT MAKES UR FINGERS BURN MORE)
5)WITHOUT whiping hands dry pour baking soda over them and wait about a minute then LIGHTLY rub where it burns on your hands.
6)rinse with same temperature water and repeat AT LEAST 3 more times.

NOTE: burning will continue after a few minutes of this, but give it 20-30mins and the burning will start to decrease and before u even fall asleep ur hands will no longer burn.

HONEY killed the burn !! Comments By: bugbug on 2010-01-09
After trying almost everything mentioned in this thread ....HONEY worked for me. I put honey on a bandage and tied up my fingers , went to bed , this morning the burning is gone !!
Dawn (original) and Milk of Magnesia !!!!!! Comments By: Love my chilies on 2010-01-10
I was chopping VERY HOT chilies and was in so much pain for hours until I read this thread.... and a combination of Dawn (blue orginial) and MILK OF MAGNESIA worked instantly and I did not have to repeat it.

I first lathered my hands with Dawn first. Kept the lather on for 15 minutes then washed it off.
Then I lathered my hands with MOM and same thing...kept on for 15 minutes and washed it off.

Was pain free...

Combo of home remedies does not work Comments By: Nathan Hall on 2010-01-10
It would certainly appear that grammar is sadly not a strong point for the vast majority of people on this site. Only time helps: I can however report that trying all of the food remedies tonight (mayo, mustard, peanut butter, butter, etc.) you will have the strangest smelling hands in the world. Bizarre beyond description. Hands still burning...
Soak ten minutes in cold water for any superficial burn (like a jalepeno burn) Comments By: Brenda on 2010-01-12
i just soak my hands in cold water for ten minute then rub myself with baking soda let that sit on my hands for 2 minutes then poor tiny amount of milk over hand. :) i never tried rubbing alcohol. i feel it would make it worse.
baking soda worked for me! Comments By: Anna on 2010-01-13
have just tried baking soda! relief at last! I was in intense pain! - I though there was something seriously wrong with me!
My hand is now useable again! Hooray!

Rubbing alcohol is bad for your skin and it did not work for me. Comments By: Starsia on 2010-01-13
i tried every single thing here and i was in escruciating pain all night. Plus I have an unusually high tolerance for pain so it must have been a bad burn. The oil kept coming out of my skin on my fingers. Then after ten hours of torture I tried high quality vodka. It took a few soaks but it worked. I will never cut hot peppers again without gloves.
Lime Juice and Baking Soda Comments By: Cara Vicks on 2010-01-14
2 tablespoons of baking soda + 1 tablespoon of lime juice. This works soooo well. Apply it for about 2 minutes. You'll start feeling results immediately!!!!! Trust ME!!!
WARNING: Chemical Reaction will occur.... just don't freak out.....

Poison Ivy Scrub works Comments By: Cindy on 2010-01-17
After reading these comments are finding it was an oil causing the pain I realized that my poison ivy scrub works because it "binds" to the poison ivy oil and washes it away. Cortaid Poison Ivy Care Removal Scrub worked for me right away. Wash hands with scrub and leave on for a minute or so and rinse. May need more than one application, but blessed relief!
Thank u for all of the much needed advice!!!!! Comments By: Kendra on 2010-01-16
I only had the burning on a few fingers after crushing a few Tye peppers. I couldn't imagine that pain on all of my hands.My sympathies!!!! The alcohol and oj held me over until my husband got back from the drug store with the baking soda. I mixed it with the oj that my hand was still in and and made a paste it cooled it rite away to a much more bearable heat. Thanks again to all of you now I can get some sleep.
Jalapeno pepper burn treatment Comments By: Paul Bennet on 2010-01-18
My wife recently fell victim to the jalapeno pepper pain. We tried just about all the remedies listed and some not listed above with no relief. We went to the doctor and the physicians assistant prescribed Prednisone pills. 2 pills a day for 5 days and 1 pill a day for 5 days so totally flush the pepper oil out of her skin. We got the perscription and within less than an hour my wifes pain was almost totally gone and she was able to sleep after over 36 of being awake in pain. She didn't have to keep taking the pills for 10 days. By the second day that pain was almost none existent.
Jalapeno Pepper Burn Comments By: Macy on 2010-01-18
when your mouth is burning, drink milk and eat yogurt! Jell-o also helps! But if your lips are burning dip a washcloth in milk and cover the washcloth on your mouth!also, use your hands to fan your lips!
Hair Comments By: Amazed on 2010-01-21
Hair is the best!!! A co-worker suggested that I used her hair to wipe my eyes after touching them right after handling habanero peppers. I thought she was crazy but I was desperate and right away the sting was gone. Today I was handling jalapenos and my hands were on fire I was reading this site for suggestions when I remembered what I had done about 5 years ago. I started rubbing my own hair and then I started petting my golden. I can't believe it. Its gone just like that.
What worked for me Comments By: Brian on 2010-01-24
I burned my hands from a mix of Garlic and Habenaro Peppers. I tried Whiskey (alcohol) then milk and it seemed to make it worse. I tried concentrated Lemon Juice and it relieved a lot of the pain
MILK IN MY NOSE Comments By: tiffany on 2010-01-26
I was cutting jalapenos and I touched my nose like an idiot and it instantly started burning. Tried ice, no bueno, tried rubbing alcohol still no bueno, the i tried milk up my nose, aaaah relief.
severe burning,relief with olive oil and baking soda. Comments By: esha on 2010-02-03
i was cooking and i cut only 2 chilies and after like 10 minutes i had the severe burning sensation in my hand and then i tried all remedies alcohol,cold water,ice,milk,paste but nothing worked then i tried putting some baking soda paste mix with lil water a think waste i felt relief and then again i had the burning in my hands now this time i washed my hands and rubbed some olive oil its getting lil better and under control its nor worst but still burning.
Baking Soda worked for me! Comments By: tami on 2010-02-06
After reading all of the comments, I decided to try baking soda first. It worked! i was unsure how much water to add, so at first made a watery paste. my index finger and thumb were on FIRE so i made a thicker paste for that. in the end....15 minutes = relief! Thank you all for the advice :)
Vinegar Comments By: Yankee on 2010-02-08
I tried everything and it wasn't working. So I tried scrubbing with the baking soda which offered some relief. But, what really worked was white VINEGAR. Instant relief to the burning within a few minutes. I even poured it on my hands just incase. I couldn't believe how much better I felt. I wished I'd done it earlier in the day instead of suffering for hours.
mask Comments By: Maria on 2010-02-13
okay-so just got relief from pepper to the face after making salsa; milk is an insta relief but not for long; tried baking soda and that was awlful. Did a mixture of pasty baking soda & milk; took the dogs outside where it's freezing and now have a mask on my face and FINALLY feeling a relief that's lasted longer than my fingers that are still in pain!
Baking Soda and Milk in bowl Comments By: Helen on 2010-02-18
Tried allergy pills, tried aqeuos calamine cream(made hands burn more in excruciating pain !!!).

Seriously milk and baking powder in a bowl and then bathing my hands in it for about 10 minutes took the pain away, what a miracle, I swear by it.

OMG thank god Comments By: Burning Balls on 2010-02-20
Wash with alcohol. I was reluctant to put alcohol on my balls, but i am so glad i did.
Oil Comments By: Susan on 2010-02-21
I used the hottest water I could stand and washed and rewashed my hands with oil (I used veggie oil but baby oil may work)...I washed and rinsed my hands several times with the oil and hot water and eventually the burn and sting went out of them....and did not come back....the oil turns white when you first start doing this...I tried this because I read that the capsacium is oil soluble so I thought what the heck it couldn't hurt....doesnt dry out the skin and irritate it more like a lot of other things would...try this..you may have to "wash" your hands in the oil several times to get it to work....I also washed my hands during the process with Dawn dish soap alternating this with the vegetable oil....
i hate everything! Comments By: melissa in antigua on 2010-02-28
so far, the only thing working for me is the laughter from this site. yay! i am not alone! i wish i had baking soda....i am currently soaking my hand (that has a mud mask on it) in thick whole milk creme and soy milk. i have also tried, sugar, honey, olive oil, flour, dish soap, vinegar, ice water, yogurt (plain and blueberry), hand sanitizer, rum, lemon juice, pineapple juice, hot water, cold water, salt, peroxide wipes and pee. so far the milk combined with mud mask is working but i may need to pull an all-nighter with this one. last time this will ever happen. at this point its funny and this is all from cutting ONE old jalapeno!
French green clay mask Comments By: Snowman on 2010-03-04
I tried all kinds of stuff, my nose was on fire. The only thing that worked was my green clay powder mixed with milk. I think most masks will work because they are meant to draw out oil from the skin. I let it dry and washed it off and the burning is completely gone. :-D
THIS SUCKS!!!!!! Comments By: Libby on 2010-03-02
After laughing hysterically at the remedies suggested.......I of course tried them all to no avail (with the exception of the pee!). I will offer what finally helped me. Let me just say preparation H doesnt just help burning butts!! Laughing as I slather more onto my poor fingers!
anti inflammatory pills! Comments By: ap on 2010-03-04
after trying all the rediculous suggestions on this site..and after laughing my butt off..I decided to try advil, or ibuprofen...otherwise known as an anti inflammatory over the counter pill.
it worked like a charm!! good luck to all...

BAKING SODA - 3 times Comments By: Lauren on 2010-03-10
Make a paste, rub it into your hands, scub, rinse, repeat all over. Use it like soap. It is the savior.
Alcohol & Table Salt Comments By: E.H. on 2010-03-15
My hands were on fire all day. I tried everything that I could think of. I would get some relief then the burning would return. Alcohol & table salt worked. Thank You. Soaked in Alcohol then rubbed with table salt then soaked in Alcohol and table salt. I got relief immediately. The burning did not return.
I Have discovered the solution Comments By: Maria on 2010-03-16
My hands burned for hours, I tried EVERYTHING.. Let me just tell you that most of the liquids only "help" because they are cool feeling, cold metal feels just as good. to get rid of the actual oil that is burning you which is soaked into your flesh is impossible. you have to neutralize the burning with an absorptive mixture. This is going to sound weird but urine is the only thing that can do this. I thought it was crazy but it absolutely woks, 100% neutralization in about 15 seconds. I wouldn't admit to doing this to my friends but i will share this with you and hope you can benefit from my plight.
this helps - Comments By: anon on 2010-03-24
used Goop hand cleaner to remove the oils, then liquid diswashing soap,then alcohol, lemon juice and soaked in cold water
Serano Pepper Burn Comments By: Nicole on 2010-03-24
About an hour after cutting only 2 Serano Peppers, my hands were on fire. I immediatley found this site and have tried milk,vinager and baking soda (I don't have any rubbing alcohol). Using a small brush, I scrubbed my hands with baking soda and a little water for about 5 minutes. The pain is gone.
IN MINUTES THE PAIN WAS GONE! Comments By: deedzie on 2010-04-08
only 3 ingredients you'll need

baking soda + rubbing alcohol + prayer

first I rub my hands with baking soda paste then rub my hands with alcohol then I prayed. after that it was gone! it was indeed a miracle!

instant Comments By: med on 2010-04-07
aveeno 100% colloidal oatmeal (skin relief bath treatment) works instantly
i know i'm mexi-can..lol

it worked very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: clifford tuchinsky on 2010-04-09
lips burnt so badly...used baking soda and milk it cooled it but wouldnt go away so took rubbing alcohol and rubbed it 8-10 times every 2 min then used the baking soda and milk and stuck on and got rid of all the burning
Tricolore Garda Comments By: E. on 2010-04-10
This is a small ornamental garden pepper! I had peeled a few non-toxic (or so I thought) tiny peppers to replant the seeds. After an hour I wiped the corner of my eye and immediate burning commenced! After prying my eyes open to pull out my contacts and rinsing my eyes beneath the faucet, I found my face was burning too! OUCH! I tried rubbing alcohol-which burned my eyes and nostrils, but cleared up the pain on my skin. Now, I'm still dealing with burning in only the corner of my eye.

Thanks for suggestions.

works with time Comments By: Skm on 2010-04-11
After cutting up 15 jalapeno peppers my hands are on fire! NOTHING is helping. I read about rubbing alcohol and am soaking my hands on it. Forget dabbing my hands with cotton balls! I NEED RELIEF! !! Seems to be helping it will just take time.
Milk works Comments By: Sharon on 2010-04-20
Soak your hands in milk with baking soda. That was the only thing that work for me.
Lesson Learned Comments By: spicy fingers on 2010-04-22
I bet anyone reading all the entries learned the lesson...wear a glove! I did!
RUBBING ALCOHOL NOT FOR SERRANO Comments By: Paradoxcake on 2010-04-23
I tried the first tip, use rubbing alcohol on the "burned" area. That really really made the burn worse and seemed to spread the burn around the places. I also tried lemon juice. No luck. I tried the milk. No luck. I tried bleach (since its toxic I'd never recommend someone else do it, I only tried a diluted amount out of desperation). Finally I took a washcloth, wet it with cold water and just held that with the burned hand. That really helped while I was holding it but after a while I'd have to re-wet it and when I let go the burn came back. After about 3 hours of this I went in the kitchen and realized I left my rice in the rice cooker and it was sticky and kinda starchy on the bottom. I washed my hands thoroughly and began to break the chunks apart with my fingers. I did that for about 10 minutes. Once I was done with it I had the rice starch and pieces stuck to my fingers but.... coincidentally the BURN was GONE! I washed my hands and the burn returned muuuuch more mildly about an hour later and then it faded away.

I will NEVER forget to wear gloves (or at least plastic baggies on my hand) when handling peppers again. After reading this thread I will probably use them to deal with jalapenos too, which usually don't bother me.

Good luck to all those Chili Burn Victims out there!!! Try taking a handful of rice and rubbing it in your hands (if that's the part that's burned) for about 10 minutes. It strangely helped me and I hope it helps you too.

Cilit Bang! Comments By: Alice on 2010-04-27
For me, the baking soda did provide some relief - milk, ice, water only provided temporary.

Cilit Bang (kitchen degreaser) was the one that had most effect.

I will never touch a chilli with bare skin again!

So far so good Comments By: The Wang on 2010-05-01
I tried nail polish remover, baking soda paste, salt and lemon juice (together), a cleaning product called Gumpton (paste/cream cleaner) and finally clothes washing detergent.....I think I covered all bases and my seriously painful burning hands are just a bit sensitive now. Not sure what worked, but try all or any.
jello Comments By: Mary on 2010-05-05
I tried all sorts of things and none worked for more than moments. Eventually I soaked my hands in jello with baggies on my hands. My hands are stained, but after around 30 minutes, I was able to take my hands out and get some sleep.
ground coffee, alcohol Comments By: Lisa on 2010-05-05
was trying everything nothing was really working well, took some ground coffee and with a little water and starting rubbing my hands for about 3 minutes or so and then rinsed them in rubbing alcohol helped a lot. Then covered them in vitratox water base salve. Did this twice, Stopped the burning
Engine Degreaser Comments By: Michigan on 2010-05-16
Tried most of the above. Milk was temporary. Engine degreaser turned out to work. Left on hands for about 30 seconds then rinsed/scrubbed for a few moments and the burning pain subsided.
Milk & Dawn did it for me Comments By: Anna Reed on 2010-05-16
I chopped up 4 raw jalapenos earlier this evening for some pico de gallo I was making. No, I didn't use gloves even though I'd read many times to never handle raw jalapenos with your bare hands. About 15 minutes later both thumbs and forefingers started burning. The pain got so intense (felt like someone was holding lit cigarettes against my skin) in such a short period of time, I didn't know what to do except plunge the offending digits into a glass of ice water. This helped tremendously as long as I kept them in the water, but as soon as I took them out (I was making dinner) the burning returned. Every minute or two I had to stop what I was doing and dunk my fingers back into the icy water. The burning continued for over four hours, so I finally jumped on the Googlemobile and found this site. I have to say that rubbing some whole milk onto my hands a couple of times, and then washing them with a handful of Dawn and rinsing them well has really taken the pain away except for one very tiny spot on my left thumb, and it's just a mild burning (actually, not much more than a tingle). It's managable now. I didn't have any of the other treatments I saw here (degreaser, baking soda, rubbing alcohol), so I'm really glad the milk and dishwashing liquid did it for me.
Baby Powder! Comments By: Danielle on 2010-05-17
Nothing worked for me! My whole Sunday night sucked until my husband was digging frantically through our bathroom and found some baby powder! Poured that all over my hands and voila! Magic...it's like they were never chilli burned at all! I love my husband! yay!
Out of Everything!!! Comments By: M on 2010-05-19
So I was completely out of pretty much everything everyone had listed so i improvised. Used vodka (only had 30 proof), toothpaste (tarter control), olive oil, mayonaise, cooling facial scrub wash, palmalive dish soap. Nothing worked for more than 3 minutes.

Finally my boyfriends roommate suggested sugar with a little bit of water and scrub. So i tried that... relief has lasted me 30 minutes. Only problem was I thought the pain was just on my finger tips, now that it's gone I realize that my finger tips are now the only thing that feel normal. Back to the sugar I go!

Try Maalox with a baggie Comments By: mh on 2010-05-19
I started with milk (temporary relief), then vodka (very very temporary relief), and the baking soda paste wrapped hand (so-so relief, but longer lasting than the other methods). I then scrubbed down with liquid dish soap and my hand was still fiery. So I tried the Maalox remedy and it worked for the most part. I doused my hand with it (i had the loathsome cherry flavor in the cabinet) and then stuck it is a hefty gallon bag. I just kept smearing my hand around in it for about 20 minutes. Out of impatience I took it out and dabbed my hand dry. I'd say most of the heat is gone, but I bet I would feel better if I had left it for an hour or so. Definitely try Maalox!
Nothing helps! Comments By: Terri on 2010-05-19
I was cutting serrono peppers and I didn't feel the burn till I washed my hands! I tried to do everything from,aleo, lemon jucie, someone said peanut butter, honey and soap, milk, milk and baking soda, alocohol,mustard someone said, proxide, burn cream,bleach, ice, cold water, and vinager. NOTHING!!! The thing I found out was DON'T use anything cold. The oils in the peppers set in the pores when you use cold stuff. Don't soak your hands in cold water or ice. That's the worse thing you can do. Bleach may help, but once you use cold water or ice forget it your screwed.Some people don't agree with bleach, but it reliefed me for ten mins.and that helped. Aloe Vora does work if the burn hasn't set in. I would say Aloe Vora is the best! After I ran my hands in warm water I put Aloe Vora on and it finally worked!!! Yay relief after 15 hours, no joke. Never sleep.
Rubbing Alcohol worked for me Comments By: Desiree on 2010-05-22
After about 4 hours of firey skin, I looked up this site and decided to give rubbing alcohol a shot. I soaked a cotton ball and rubbed it all over my fingers. It started to work immediately. I also rubbed my hands with hand sanitizer gel for good measure. I rubbed again with the soaked cotton ball when I felt the burn start to return. Went to bed and woke up this morning with no pain but my skin still feels a little sensitive.
jalapenos Comments By: anon on 2010-05-22
i used the rubbing alchol and that didnt seem to work for me but i did wash my hands with dawn dish soap and i scrubbed (even though it hurts) and then i rinsed off with luke warm water and honestly within seconds it felt better. later it started to get burning again and i didnt do anything and it went away within minutes. so that is what worked for me... good luck
SERRANO PEPPER Comments By: whackospedacko on 2010-05-23
Bought a big bag of these at the Mexican Fruit King for one dollar and decided to make Pico de Gallo for church lunch. I cut and seeded about 20 and it took a little while before my hands started to burn and I brushed a couple of stray hairs back and parts of my face started to burn, too. I went to store and bought a lemon and rubbed that on my hands and face. this morning I slightly rubbed the area between my nose and lip and started to burn there. Anything to do with water only makes it worse. The lemon slightly deactivates the burn. Now I am thinking of NOT taking the dish to the church because of what might happen!
Goo Gone!! Comments By: Anonymous on 2010-05-23
I literally tried everything. 7 hours after chopping/deseeding jalepenos, my hands were on fire and my whole family thought I was overreacting. Here's what I tried: ice water, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, dish soap (Palmolive), dish-washer soap (Cascade), normal hand soap, milk, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, St. Ives, hydrocortisone cream... I finally decided to try Goo Gone, which is used to take off things like sharpies and gum. It's worked the best so far--only a faint burning in the finger that I stupidly used to remove the seeds with. I don't know if I'll ever cook with jalepenos again, but if so, I'm wearing gloves!!
Not much worked Comments By: Jen on 2010-05-24
I spent more than four hours trying everything I could last night. Well, finally, I took some Bendaryl, two motrin, and some stop stinging spray. Those didn't really work either. Finally, the Benadryl made me really sleepy, so I passed out (with a sock on my hand so as not to spread the stuff) seriously considering peeing on them in the even they woke me up with searing pain. Now it's the morning, my hand is raw, swollen and little sensitive to touch. I'm wondering if I should take a shower or pass on that today. I really don't want to spread this stuff!
Burn Cream WORKS! Comments By: Sally on 2010-05-26
I never could be believe hot peppers could burn so much!!!!
I TRIED EVERYTHING! milk, lemon juice, yoghurt, salt, salt water, alcohol.... keeping my hands in cold water all night even when I slept was the only thing that really helped.... as soon as I would take my hands out of the water, in a few minutes the burn would return like someone set my hands on fire!
FINALLY the thing that really helped was using BURN CREAM. My fiance went out in the early AM and found any good cream used for burns and cuts. It is cold so it helped soothe them, and any pain left was somewhat tolerable.
Really try it, it helped me! It was my last option and helped.
Unfortunately it takes a bit long for the burning to fully disappear.... good luck!

THEY ALL WORK, TOGETHER! Comments By: Sandy Fincher on 2010-05-31
i read thru all these and tried all of the suggestions, because my burn on my hands was really bad, and i found out that putting them all together works. well doing them all works. dont put them all together!!!! baking soda did do a lot more than the rest of them tho! try it!
AH FACK! Comments By: FosL Ego on 2010-05-31
same deal here, along with all 500 of you other gringos- i cut up jalapenos to makes stuffed peppers...... and now my hands have been burning for hours.

i sprayed bactine on them and washed them several times with baking soda and now they feel better. ahhh relief.

Jalapeno and "that time of the month" Comments By: Cuzin "Flow" on 2010-05-31
So hubby and I made up this wonderful recipe that included one very small Jalapeno pepper. I was the smart one that cut it up with no gloves (had no idea you were even suppose to wear them when handling these peppers). So I touch my mouth and instantly started to burn. Mouth on FIRE! I ate a piece of bread and drank some juice and the burn eventually went away. BUT... cuzin Flow was in town and it was time to use the ladies room. I washed my hands with soap and hot water thinking that the peppers would be completely off my hands... but was sadly mistaken!! My kooter was on FIRE now!! Thought I was going to have to go to the hospital for sure! The pain was ridicules! the only thing that helped was powder and time. Eventually the burning stopped but I still for the life of me can't get the oils from this damn pepper out of my pores! HELP!!!!!
Oh my My hands are in hades. Comments By: Some hot pepper lady. on 2010-06-01
I tried EVERYTHING. Mouth wash, alcohol, bleach, dawn dish washing (three different kinds) cold water, ice water, Ice, Milk heavy cream, tomatoes, cheese, banana pudding, urine, Yes I was desperate, Baking soda paste chloraseptic, anti itch cream, vegetable oil, solarcaine, the only thing that really seemed to help was the baking soda paste, the first couple of times I played with the baking soda just scrubbing on my hands, the last time I mixed it with the cream, this does actually help releive the pain some, finally I used honey, Yep Real honey, smeared it all over my hands and wrists, addeded some chloriseptic and rubbed it in then put socks over the hands. fell asleep holding ice packs in each hand. took 2 benadryls and motrin and two lortabs. YES i was still in pain. but was able to finally fall asleep after 9 hours. Woke up and pain was better but still really sore, Noticed, I have no wrinkles on my palms and barely can see finger prints anymore at all. Talk about a chemical burn. Now 26 hours into this still in pain but tolerable.. Thank goodness for the honey. Wish I would of tried it sooner, My mom swears buy cucumbers and tea. but I aint ever touching another pepper to try her remedy.
Tucks Hemroid Pads Comments By: Ass Pains on 2010-06-05
After cutting five peppers my hands were on fire. I have tried everything including urine on the hands. I rubbed my hands with tuck pads and instant releif. I thought if it would cure the pain on my ass it would work on my hands. Best of luck to all of you pepper cutters out there.
Pepperhead Says Baking Soda Comments By: Billy Hirsch on 2010-06-06
I just read about 4 threads like this to no avail. I am a huge pepper head and cut peppers without gloves all the time. Some soap and water works fine...usually. Tonight, plain old jalapenos (I eat bhut jalakias, red savinas, etc...but these were just jalapenos) burned me fingers so bad I couldnt sleep for hours. After reading and trying citrus, tomato, alcohol, aloe, petroleum jelly, hydro-cortisone, etc FINALLY I found this thread and tried baking soda. Made a slurry and the relief was instant. Its been about 10 mins now and I'm still feeling fine.

Dunno what this was, but it was waaay different than the normal capsicum burn from handling peppers. They were also unusually hot for jalapenos. Weird, glad its over.


Stupid Mexican Food Cook-Off Comments By: Ashley on 2010-06-06
So, we have this fun summer cook-off club, right? Tomorrow I'm presenting my Mexican spread. Tonight I started making an amazing salsa--pineapples, mango, red bell peppers, red onion, cilantro, avocado, and, yep, JALAPENOS. I deseeded just two of those suckers, and only cut up one and a half! I noticed a little bit of pain, but didn't think too much of it. I started cutting up a lot of mango after that and didn't notice any pain, so I think that mango must help. As soon as I finished up that, I washed my hands again and oh holy hell. I couldn't figure out what it could have been for forever, because it didn't even cross my mind that just little jalapenos could do this. Like everyone else, THANK GOD FOR THIS SITE. Milk helped temporarily, liquid hand detergent also helped temporarily (I just have some organic kind, so I don't know how close it is to Dawn...wish I had some!). I don't have any baking soda in the house, OR rubbing alcohol, OR rum or most of anything anyone else could try. I didn't want to wake my boyfriend up to bother him, so I went digging in the bathroom for ANYTHING. I would have probably peed on my hands by that point.

I've since sprayed my hands a few times with some maximum strength Lanacane, a first aid cream which aids for pain from sunburns, and "minor burns" etc. The first time I washed it off my hands because, well, I don't know why. Habit, I guess. Well, that was a BAD IDEA. Right now it seems to be working...I can still feel the pain under it, but it's manageable right now and I'm not going to wash my hands again. I also have 2 Tylenol PMs and a beer to help. I feel so sorry for anyone who cut up a ton of those little bastards, and for those who are suffering from burns on more than just their hands! I did get a few laughs from this page, though, and that helped distract me a little bit.

All I know is I'm going to keep spraying this Lanacane and that I better win the cook-off challenge tomorrow, or I'm going to be tempted to throw my salsa all over their faces!

So try burn aid stuff if you have it!

Band Aid Anti Itch Gel with Analgesic... Comments By: Kara on 2010-06-08
This is the first sense of relief I got that worked more than 5 seconds, I am ready to put more on about 20 minutes after the first. I tried the milk, water, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, powder, and nothing helped, it burned for 2 hours then was getting worse
Works ok, but a more immediate solution is... Comments By: Timothy Fox on 2010-06-09
my process when i touched my face after cutting jalapenos was this:
1. scratch face like an idiot
2. wash with water
3. wash with dishsoap
4. wash with facewash
5. look online for solutions
6. wash with milk
(at this point the burning had spread from one small spot to my entire cheek)
7. wipe area with hydrogen peroxide
8. dab area with lemon juice
LEMON JUICE WORKS! still hurts after a bit but no longer burning.
9. soothe with aloe and tell all your friends about how dumb you are.

cant stand it no more Comments By: Luette Perdue on 2010-06-09
i was cutting up jalapnos to make some jalapno poppers and didnt wear gloves my hand were burning all day i tried everything on the list and none of it worked it would relieved the pain for a few mins and then it would start burning again the one thing that worked for me was milk-of-magnesia
RUBBING ALCOHOL DOES WORK! Comments By: YVETTE on 2010-06-09
rubbing alcohol Comments By: aaron on 2010-06-12
it did work for me after applying twice. i cut jalapenos and then touched my nose. the oils then spread to my mouth and eyes when i was using ice. i washing with dr bronner's soap, then applied rubbing alcohol, it didn't seem to work, then did it again, and nearly instant relief! SERIOUSLY give it a shot!
hand sanitizer Comments By: Scott P on 2010-06-13
My wife made jalapeno poppers at around noon. Here it is now 7pm and nothings eased the pain. One little squirt of generic waterless hand sanitizer and instant relief. Some people need different things so try them all
hydrocortizone Comments By: sfsfsf on 2010-06-14
hydrocortizone works for kids very well. my kid is in cooking class and made salsa today and got burned. he's good now.
Tried three methods Comments By: J cook on 2010-06-18
Tried using liquid soap with sugar to scrub the oil off. Worked for two minutes. Next tried the rubbing alcohol. Worked for a few minutes. Even tried after shave lotion which helped. Now pain is back. I'm looking for milk an baking soda. Damn the pain.
I've cut these peppers before. Don't know why they are hurting me this time.

Baking soda and green tea Comments By: Tracy on 2010-06-17
I never felt such pain in my whole life! I don't know what I would have done without you all. I tried just about every idea on this board. Ha! The only thing that worked for me was the baking soda mixture, plus I added green tea. "Make a paste of baking soda, water and green tea. Cover your hands completely, let it dry, then peal it off". It took several applications to get the pain to go way. (I fell asleep last night, with hands still covered in the paste). The pain is gone this morning but my hands are still feeling prickly.
really works Comments By: becca on 2010-06-19
I hadto gut out some peppers for a dinner party i'mhaving...i had washed my hand aftr touchingthe pepers to prevent burning myself but sadly i didn't work. i used sour cream on my face and afterabout two mintes i was able tog in the shower and wash it off and ow i am perfectl fine...do't use water or milk t stopss the burning only while you'rin it the secndyou take it awaythe pain returns. hope this helps ;)
peppers= burn. duh Comments By: Texas on 2010-06-24
baking soda works. just use it.
didnt have the alcohol but.... Comments By: Jared Wayne Castle on 2010-06-28
i used plain yogurt. probably anything with dairy would do. worked sooooo good. touched my face after seeding and had burning all over my nose and lips and close to my eyes. took it away fast. leave it on for as long as possible. i took it off after 5 mins and a slight burn came back, but not nearly as bad... longer the better.
honey!!!! Comments By: Me on 2010-06-24
I licked a pepper and my tong and lips started to burn. Milk helped after a while, but the burn kept comming back on mt lips. I smeared honey on it and THE BURN IS ALMOST GONE! I don't even have to hold anything onto it! YAY!!!!!!
Alcohol- NO! Comments By: Courtney on 2010-06-25
I tried alcohol, milk, aloe vera plant (from my front yard), ice and nothing took the pain away.

Then I washed my hands in HOT water with dish soap (yes, it hurts like hell) and then I squeezed lime and lemon juice on my hands. My pain had SIGNIFICANTLY decreased! Seriously it works!

Baking Soda and Milk Comments By: anon on 2010-06-26
Baking soda and milk. Instant relief. I used canned milk, have no idea if that might make any difference.
MUD MASK WORKED! Comments By: Lisa on 2010-06-27
I chopped 2 jalapeno peppers for homemade salsa and having never done it before, I didnt wear gloves.
1/2 hour later, my left hand was on fire as if I had burned it on the stove! Searing pain!!!
Thank god for this site!
I tried:
baking soda
cold water
lemon juice (helped a bit)
rubbing alcohol

then I did this: soaked hand in vodka for 2 minutes, then put Dawn and baking soda solution on hand and scrubbed and rinsed. I did this about 10x.
Finally, I used a mud mask.
My husband couldnt find St. Ives at the store, so he just bought any facial mud mask.

It burned worse for about 3 minutes, then slowly lessened for about 5 minutes. Within 10 minutes, the pain was GONE!
From 9/10 to 0/10!
thank god!
never ever ever again.
now I am afraid to eat the damned salsa for fear of that pain in my mouth!

Nail Polish Remover is the only thing that WORKS!! Comments By: ZHAR on 2010-06-27
Jalapeno leaves & salt water Comments By: Shirley Bermudez on 2010-06-27
I was in pain for about 16 hours and tried pretty much everything posted here, and the pain didn't go down one bit. I tried ice cold water and that helped a little. I went to visit my dad and he took around 5 leaves of jalapeno plant, chopped them into pieces and made a paste: instand relief but the pain had not gone away. Me made me soak my hands on salt water. 2 minutes later I was pain free. I have been pain free the last 6 hours it feels amazing!!!!!
ITS TRUE PEE WORKS!!!!! Comments By: joaquin on 2010-06-27
Im a industrial mechanic and i was preparing a hot sauce to keep it on the fridge with jamaican peppers and some jalapeos, firts i was ussing gloves but they get broken because were too small, after i finish with my hands, i felt my hands burned and i try everything that says, and my left hand gets better, but for my right hand the only thing that works was to pee on it before shower and miracle the burn goes away in less than a minute, its a desesperate measure but it works, try it......
PEE!!!!! Comments By: Jake on 2010-06-29
I had chopped 1 Jalapeno Pepper for a spicy mexican taco salad for dinner. Within 2 hours my hand was on FIRE!! We tried everything from milk to vinegar on this website. but then i finally just pissed on my hand. it worked instantly!!!! here are the directions:
1. pee in a cup.
2. Leave your hand in the pee cup for about 10 minutes. Then Leave in a bowl of ice for 1-2 hours.

Then the pain will be gone.

one MEAN jalapeno! Comments By: Lace on 2010-06-29
i only deseeded and cut up one big jalapeno and my hands were on fire. I tried everything i read to do, and the only relief i got was peroxide then hydrocotizone cream no water esspecially hot that made it worse for me.
jalapeno bacon wraps.... Comments By: Haulepeno on 2010-07-02
i was so happy and determine to finally make some jalapeno bacon wraps.And i did'nt know your supposed to wear gloves n e ways i didnt feel n e thing till i rubbed my eye on accident! ya try getting it in your eye...then washing your eye...making it spread to your face!my nose mouth eyes everything burned.IT WAS ON FIRE!For instant relief you need ICE!!!then use the alcohal or baking soda tecnique.Honestly it's not going to completely go away.so try everything possible just not one thing.i took all the advice here and it's working alittle but it just looks like i'm going to have to wait till the pain goes away.
Tomatoes!!!! Comments By: marie on 2010-07-02
Omg! seriously use tomatoes i tried everything there is to try and nothing works better then tommtoes!!!!the burning went away...thank god!!!
LEMON JUICE, LEMON JUICE! Comments By: Erika on 2010-07-03
My husband was cutting jalapenos without gloves or a milk wash as some suggested. He somehow got it into his nose. For this state of emergency he stuffed sour cream, milk, and baking soda up his nose. The cure-all was LEMON JUICE!
Interestingly Enough... Comments By: JALLI on 2010-07-05
My hands had been burning for several hours from chopping serrano peppers (not super excruciating as much as it was annoying...plus I was afraid to touch my baby or my 3-year-old...I didn't even realize these peppers were so hot). Anyuway right after I read this page it was time to go outside for fireworks, so I put some BUG SPRAY on my arms (the 'natural' kind with citronella oil) and the pain in my fingers was GONE. FOR GOOD. No idea what the mechanism would be there, but it WORKED.
PASS ON IT! Comments By: anon on 2010-07-05
Ok I can't say I would recommend this one for the lip burn victims (ewwie) but after several hours of my niece in agony, she finally tried the pee tip. IT WORKED!!!! Things that did NOT work were : Lemon juice, baking soda, aveeno oatmeal, vinegar, TECNU poison ivy oil remover, germ x, milk, dawn dish soap. I remember having burned my fingers on jalapenos about 6 years ago, and if I had found this site then, I would have tried it! So glad she was brave enough to do something a little um...strange haha...because she feels so much better now. The best part was when she came out of the bathroom and wiped her wet (washed) hands on her sisters face as a joke! Now her sister wants tips to get pee off your face! LOL JUST DO IT!!!! If you cant bring yourself to do it, hey, at least you can get a good laugh reading some of the other comments!
The pain is unreal!!!! Comments By: Feeling Silly on 2010-07-09
I made the (now I know) HUGE mistake of chopping, what are called thin chillis on the pack, with bare hands. I've never had any problems chopping chillis before, but these are the teeny tiny ones which I now have the ultimate respect for! I tried milk, baking soda but the only thing which worked was scrubbing and scrubbing my hand with washing up liquid. The pain has started to subside. I can't tell you how pleased I am, and if you're reading this with hands on fire, my sympathies.... non of us will make this mistake again!
kinda worked Comments By: aalindsey100 on 2010-07-09
It stopped the burning a little and at least made it bearable for the moment
milk relieved the burning sensation Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-09
I have never heard of this hot pepper burn before. I chopped three jalapenos peppers while making ceviche and about after an hour of my hands burning I realized it was serious and not about to go away. I was home alone and called my brother, he googled, 'jalapeno pepper burn relief' and found this website. I tried everything he read over the phone to me; vinegar, juice from an orange, washing my hands with baking soda, and soaking my hands in milk. Milk gave me instant relief, but as soon as I took my hands out of the milk the burning returned. I spent the following six hours with my hands in a pot of milk with a couple ice cubes and still have a mild burning sensation but can now return to regular activity. Thank you for sharing these burn relief tips.
TEQUILA!!! Comments By: VK on 2010-07-10
I tried all the other remedies and they didn't work for long. I had tequila around and it worked AND the burning didn't return, DON'T WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER let the tequila air dry on hands...
WD-40 Comments By: Kiss the WD-40 Genius on 2010-07-11
I cut up fine chop jalapenos and serranos weekly (for my husband's breakfast burritos). Generally I cut up about 5 jalapenos and 2 serranos, and I know my fingers will burn somewhat (but bearable), and that it will gradually increase as the night wears on. Today, I cut up ten Anaheim chilis, ten jalapenos and ten serranos. Before I even finished the serranos, I asked my son to google "How to make your fingers quit burning after cutting up hot peppers," because I knew I was going to have some seriously burning fingers in a few hours. That brought me here. I tried alcohol...no good. I tried the baking soda...temporary.

Fortunately I kept reading because the WD-40 tip made sense. It worked amazingly well. AMAZINGLY well. In fact, as we were sitting around the table with our guests, I kept remarking that my fingers didn't burn at all, and how amazed I was by that. All of my guests like peppers, so I told them all the WD-40 tip. That's the answer. Just be sure to wash and wash and wash and wash again before resuming cooking so you don't flavor you food with something icky.

A big, big thank you to the woman whose husband was smart enough to think of this. I would likely still have hot fingers if not for him. Give him a kiss.

2 Remedies Comments By: Leela on 2010-07-12
I've tried every single remedies that everyone dished out and I was in pain. Literally everything I used on my hands made it at least 10x worse.

I just finally gave up and took 800mg of ibuprofen and washed it down with orange juice. I took a little nap, woke up and the pain was gone. Although now that I touch anything warm I still freak out about it burning, but so far it's day 1 since I took the ibuprofen and my hands feel great.

Bourbon Comments By: Superben on 2010-07-12
I agree with Charlie, who suggested RUM. After soaking my scorched hands in vodka, Goo-Gone, ice, 3 x 10 min baking soda pastes, they are still on fire. It seems to me the only remedy is excessive boozing so as to forget said pain. I blame myself - I've watched enough Bobby Flay to know better.
Half & Half...after lots of other stuff Comments By: Lynnie on 2010-07-16
I only burned three fingers (thumb, fore and middle fingers) on my left hand, mincing and seeding a garden-fresh jalepeno. I'm not a spicy food person but was making a first attempt at mole' sauce...dang meh!

After alcohol, medicated body powder, baking soda, salt, vinegar, olive oil and even my own wee-wee...SOUR CREAM, lathered on and sitting for 10 minutes, wiped off with a paper towel, then a 30-minute soak in HALF & HALF...the pain gradually subsided to just faint sensitivity. Fingers are a bit raw and pruny but now, all is well. Hot Peppers BAAAD.

chilled olive oil and milk Comments By: James on 2010-07-17
After reading through all the things on this list, we tried the vodka - didn't have rubbing alcohol -, backing soda - but I think it's a little diluted with other stuff in Spain, yoghurt. The frantic trips to the shop and hunting round the kitchen were worth it when I came across the one with chilled olive oil and a bowl of milk.

1. chill some olive oil.

2. pour it slowly over the hands and rub.

3. dip your hands intot eh bog bowl of milk below. The olive oil will be floating on the top so raise your hands to pick up the loive oil again.

Repeat with fresh olive oil and it seemed to take most of the burn out.

Baking soda/ Alcohol / Technu Comments By: BB on 2010-07-18
First I tried baking soda (5 times) and it helped but the burn kept coming back.
Then Alcohol a couple times and then at last I tried a poison oak remedy called technu which removes the poison oak oils and it work best. No more pain after 2 hours!

Worked a little Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-19
After my hands were burning for about 3 hours, my mom told me to use lemon juice. I rubbed my hands with it for about 5 min and it worked. My finger tips were lightly burning, buy nothing compared to what they were.
By the time you read all these posts, you might be healed! Comments By: itbgc on 2010-07-22
After stupidly not wearing gloves (I actually forgot--but never again!), I was burned after working on three jalapenos. The things I tried were keeping my hands in cold water for about 20 minutes, followed by baking soda for about 20 minutes, followed by washing with Dawn dish detergent, and then cold water bath again for about 20 minutes. My hands were still burning once they warmed up again, so I began reading this website to write down some more remedies I might try based on what I already had on hand at home.

By the time I had read EVERY entry on this site and had written down TWELVE more things I'd be willing to try (that burning makes you desperate!), my hands were no longer red and were no longer burning. No need to try anything else! Yipeeee!

I was fortunate. I noticed the burning was gone at four hours out. Good luck, and keep reading! :)

Yellow Habenero Comments By: Denice on 2010-07-23
We just cooked some Jalapeno Poppers stuffed with cream cheese, and the one i ate was way too hot for me. I drowned my pain in glass of coconut rum and juice. I felt much better. My husband, the pepper man (ain't no pepper too hot for him!) decided the he could pound a yellow habenero popper. He's been whining now for the last 15 minutes. And after 2 beers, he's chatting alot and wandering around the carport. So, maybe eating something HOTTER than a jalapeno is the solution?
Tea Tree Oil Comments By: Madrene on 2010-07-24
My dad said I did not need gloves for cutting up 5 jalapeno peppers but he was wrong. Right after I cut them up, I started to wash up the dishes and my hands started to burn immediately. I used Melalucca tea tree oil on them. It took about 30 minutes but the burn went away completely and it has been over an hour and it is still gone.
Sour Cream and Benydryl really helps Comments By: Terry on 2010-07-24
I was cutting up 3 jalapenos for a salad and didn't wear gloves. I used my fingers to scrape out the seeds and everything. About 10 minutes later, my hand started to burn, 10 more minutes later they were on fire. I immediately came to this website and read user comments. My husband went out and bought rubbing alcohol, baking soda, calamine lotion, and benydryl. I tried all of these and none of them worked. I called poison control and they told me to use vegetable oil as the oil dissolves the chili oil in your skin. I tried that and it made my hand burn 100 times more to the point i started crying. This went on from 8 p.m to 1:30 a.m. Finally my husband suggested we try some sour cream. He went to walmart at 1:00 in the morning to get some sour cream. I applied it to my hand and INSTANT RELIEF!!!!, however if my hand started to warm up again it would start burning again. However as long as I kept my hand in cold sour cream the pain was instantly gone. I took a benydryl wiped the cold sour cream off in 30 minutes and fell asleep. At 6:00 a.m I woke up and the pain was completely gone.

Best thing to do if your hand is too far gone and the oil won't come out is cold sour cream and try to fall asleep.

Pee on your hand Comments By: anon on 2010-07-25
I had a terrible jalapeno burn. I tried:Baking sodaDish SoapWhite vinegarBleachHoneyAloeIceMilkSour CreamCoconut OilNone of these helped for more than a minute or two. Finally in desperation I peed on my hand. The relief was instant. I was able to sleep all night with no pain and woke up this morning completely better. It's really gross, but it works!
Skip all of these and go straight to Acetone..... Comments By: dragonfly on 2010-07-25
AKA fingernail polish remover..... strips all the oils from your hands. DO NOT USE ON FACE! Also gives a temporary cooling sensation. The polish remover works, but may need to reapply. The sooner you remove the pepper oils the less of the after burn you will have. If you can use pure Acetone, once should be enough. Make sure you wash hands with soap after and moisturize, your hands will be dry. WARNING: Highly Flammable!
Pepper juice in the nose-ooooouuuuccchhhh Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-25
Was chopping peppers and removing the seeds for pepper sauce and rubbed my nose with the back of my hand. I also inhaled vapors from the peppers. I immediately washed my hands and face but the burning was unbearable. I tried witch hazel, face wash, alcohol and vaseline. I washed my face and nose 3 times with Dawn and applied a washcloth soaked with milk . It was the only relief. It may come back but at least I know what to do.
Listen this is the remedy to stop the burn!! Comments By: Laura Ann on 2010-07-25
My mother way canning peppers and after a couple hours of constant misery and pain we decided to search the World Wide Web and found that Beach is the cure. I know what your thinking, BLEACH, NOT UH, NOT ON MY HANDS!! She was the same way, but when your in pain you'll try anything, so we went and filled a medium sized bowl half full with cold water and pour 1/2 to 3/4 cup of bleach. She dipped her hands in the solution and the burning stopped! The burning kept coming back milder and milder then it completely quit after a three or four washes. A little bleach will not hurt you hands, but if your still worried, use hand creme after.
mixed peppers ... the burn :( Comments By: lynne on 2010-07-25
this is the second time this has happened when I handled "sweet peppers" thought the first time was a fluke..it hurt just a lil bit foe 2 days ..,this time it really burns ...have found some relief ...butnot complete ..I tried alcohol -- worked for moments (seconds) ...lemon juice seems to be working...
Terrible burn frm 1 pepper Comments By: ber on 2010-07-28
I hurried to my computer and began reading and trying one after the other idea. Tried baking soda, cottage cheese, aloe. Then I tried soaking my hands in plain milk and then making a baking soda paste and leaving it on. After 2nd time....no more pain. Thank you all so much.
Warm water really helps! Comments By: Autumngal on 2010-07-27
Can't believe so many suffered from same fate
Just tried soaking in warm water... It helps... The pain is almost gone! Try it!

Try baking soda Comments By: Brian on 2010-07-27
I made some baking soda paste and left it on my hands for awhile and it definitely cooled my hands down considerably, even after I rinsed it off.
FINALLY FOUND RELIEF AND SLEPT Comments By: Susan on 2010-07-28
I tried milk (worked only while my hands were submerged in it), I tried lemon juice (no relief), and I tried baking soda paste (only temporary minimal relief). Then my husband read on this site that it is the oil from the peppers that coats the hands and causes the pain, so he got his degreaser stuff that he uses to get the oil off his hands when he works on his cars. I washed the baking soda paste off, then washed with the degreaser. More baking soda paste rubbed onto my hands and then washed right off, then another wash with the degreaser. A quick wash with dish soap, then another round of baking soda paste rubbed onto the hands, followed with degreaser and the dish soap wash. Finally I put on as thick a layer of baking soda paste as I could manage to make stick, then I slept with a towel across my belly where I rested my messy, sloppy hands. I think the degreaser and/or dish soap took the oil from my skin - I forgot to mention that the degreaser was gritty, and maybe that helped it to get down into the layers of my skin - and then the baking soda soothed it enough that I could sleep. Anyway, this is what worked for me. Now I have to clean up the mess in my bed!
if this works try it Comments By: omgno on 2010-07-30
i sat here with my hand in an ice bath after seeding five pounds of jalapenos....laughed at some but tried them all. i am now holding a frozen tomato when it thaws i will scrub with it. after that i will try to pee on my hand without touching my woooho/
another useful remedy Comments By: Sheri on 2010-07-31
The advise was helpful but I took it a step further and spooned milk mixed with baking soda into the tips of the fingers of the gloves (which I should have worn in the first place) and then put my hands into the gloves for 30 min. This stopped the burning.
St. Ives face mask Comments By: Dawn on 2010-07-31
I tried everything including the baking soda but nothing worked. I didn't wear gloves and cut up a habanaro. I then rubbed my lips. They burned for over an hour until I grabbed my daughters St. Ives face mask, left it on for about 30 minutes and it is completely gone.
The burnnnn! Comments By: April on 2010-08-02
Hydrogen Peroxide! Eases the pain to make it tolerable, gone by morning!
Duh! Small red pepper burn Comments By: Patty on 2010-08-02
Rubbed my nose when I inhaled the fumes while cutting one very small red hot pepper... needless to say, it burns! Hydrocortisone anti itch cream is working for my nose! I will let my hands go for a bit to see how unbearable they get. Ugh... no time for gloves but will make time to get some next time!
Baking soda!! Comments By: Christi on 2010-08-03
I burnt my nose with jalapeno seeds. I stuck an ice cube on the side of my nose and proceeded to Google possible treatment. This was the first site I hit and I tried alcohol (temporary relief) and then the baking soda paste. I mixed it to a fairly thick consistency and caked the side of my nose and felt instant relief. I let it dry, cleaned it off and hit it again. Twenty minutes later and three liberal doses and no more pain! Thanks for the tip!!
Relief, finally! Comments By: MVL MILW on 2010-08-04
I inadvertently touched my nostrils and found my whole nose/mouth area on fire. i tried witch hazel, soap and water, only spread the problem. i tried milk on a cloth which gave instant temporary relief. i made a paste of baking soda and water and scrubbed, then used dish washing liquid and the burning is finally gone. Whew. thanks all for the ideas!
Have a new remedy that worked for me Comments By: WEAR GLOVES on 2010-08-05
I read all the comments. Tried everyone and then some. Some of the remedies temporally worked but the burning kept comining back until I tried A SALT AND WATER MIXTURE (thick consistancy) it actually worked. So you should try it.
Little Girls Faces on Fire Comments By: Danielle Cawley on 2010-08-06
So here I am making Dilly Beans. Mild & Hot. I decide to cut up Jalepenos & some Banana Peppers. I always save a small bowl of the seeds & some of the core. I set that bowl aside & turn my back to wipe off the cutting board. No sooner did I walk away & my 3 & 7 yr olds get a child's curiosity. I have warned them before @ hot peppers, but they decided to be curious anyway. A few minutes later they are crying hysterically I thought they cut their fingers off. To my surprise & shock they both stuck their mouths & fingers in the seed bowl per my 7 yr old. And to make matters worse they then touched their noses. I tried the milk first & it only provided temp relief. Washed them w/ some hand soap & no relief. Then I remembered capsician is oil based. So I immediately busted out the Dawn dish soap & Ajax. I made a mixture of lemon juice, Dawn & Ajax. Carefully scrubbed their faces with it. Rinsed well is cool water & scrubbed again. This provided half relief. Then since I was canning I remembered how cooling cucumbers are. I cut the ends of the cucumbers (thickly) off & had them hold these slices on their eyes & mouths. This covered their lips up to their noses. Within 15 minutes of mixture, scrubbing & cucumber presses the pain was gone. A little numbing left, but that was it. Nothing is worse then seeing your little ones in such pain & feeling helpless. So I am a STRONG believer in this remedy. I had a little burning on my hands & eye lid as well. And only used the Dawn & cucumber compress. It worked like a charm. Didn't want lemon juice in my eye. Had enough burning LOL....
vitamin E Comments By: chris Marth on 2010-08-06
If you get liquid gel tablets that are ment for swallowing; you can smash them in your hands and let set for ten minuets then rinse, and repeat.
Milk of Magnesia Comments By: rosemaryanon on 2010-08-07
I tried all of the tips in this and nothing stopped the burning. Well, I didn't pee on my hands (YET),but I will after I drink some water.
The most relief I got was liquid Milk of Magnesia.

HONEY AND PENUTBUTTER Comments By: Dizzle on 2010-08-09
Honey and Penut butter although, looks ridiculous,works wonders and tastes great!
alchohol works!!!!!! Comments By: sskka on 2010-08-08
use the alchohol but pore it on dont dab and stuff
There is only one solution Comments By: emily on 2010-08-08
I just got over a 3 hour burn. I had jalapeno burn on both my hands. I ran a little experiment. On one of my hands I tried every solution listed (baking soda, alcohol, milk...). On the other I did nothing. The hand I did nothing to stopped hurting after 1 hour. The hand I tried remedies for was still in agony three hours later. Finally, I realized that the only solution is to deal with the pain by doing nothing (do not ice, do nothing other than a light breeze from a fan on it). I can also recommend taking 2 Advil and a few glasses of wine to get through the interim. The intense pain (without cooling liquids) will last about 40 minutes. Good luck.
Half n Half creamer WORKS! Comments By: AH on 2010-08-08
Soak in half and half creamer for 1/2 an hour. It was the only thing that worked for us after trying other ways.
Rubbing Alcohol helps only temporarily Comments By: twig on 2010-08-09
Made Jalapeno Poppers tonight without gloves. My daughter and I have burning fingers! The only relief we found was anything cold. Then we tried milk but that did not work. Found this website, so we tried wine vinegar (the only vinegar we had besides balsamic) but that did not work, then finally we tried rubbing alcohol and that took away the pain within a few minutes. Now I'm having the burning again as I type this. :(
GERM-X WORKS!!!.... Comments By: Victor casillas on 2010-08-10
Germ-X Hand sanitizer worked for my face....i was cutting some habanero chiles and rubbed my nose and upper lips on accident...i tryed ice, milk, salt, lemon juice all kinds of stuff...n the end germ-x made it go away quick, 1-2 minutes...
Help Comments By: Wesley Ann on 2010-08-16
TEA LEAVES make a loose paste and stick your hand it. It will take 5 or 10 minutes, but it worked for me.
TRY RUBBING ALCOHOL Comments By: dumb for not using gloves on 2010-08-16
Cut up a jalapeno pepper without gloves (stupid).. not a lot of burning, but I could feel a slight burn. Rubbed my lip and my lip was on fire, this was an hour later after washing my hands with soap and warm water several times. Washed my hands with milk, but that didnt help. Used rubbing alcohol and soaked my nails a few seconds .. WORKED LIKE A CHARM! I will be using gloves next time! :)
a little surprised no one tryed yogurt Comments By: Bob on 2010-08-11
Yogurt any flavor is in the new england school of medicine handbook
Baking Soda Relief!!! Comments By: T on 2010-08-17
I never post comments, but yesterday was so painful and frustrating that this forum was my saving grace at 2:30am last night! I cut and deseeded 2 hot peppers at about 3pm (without gloves - NEVER again) and the pain started at about 6pm, under my fingernails and most of my fingers. I tried water and ice which only provided relief when my hands were in the ice/water. I tried bleach, aloe vera, toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, lemon..NOTHING worked. Finally I did the baking soda paste because I needed to go to sleep so I could wake up for work and RELIEF!! Lesson learned!
Sweet Relief... Comments By: kjbphotogirl on 2010-08-14
So I thought "it's just one jalepeno..." Now I'm here looking for remedies for jalepeno burns like the rest of you...after 2 hours of trying different tips, and getting no relief I decided to go all-out and lo-and-behold I found some sweet relief... Here's what finally worked for me... I made a paste of equal parts of the following:
*baking soda
*vodka ( I think you could use any alcohol...)
*half-n-half creamer
Then I poured it into the gloves I should have been wearing in the first place and put them on...ta-da...SWEET LONG-LASTING RELIEF.
On a side note...I also took and Aleve and 650mg Tylenol which helped in the long-run!
Good Luck!!! :)

miracle solution Comments By: lisa on 2010-08-14
Miracle Mineral Solution MMS W O R K S!!!
-wash hands thoroughly
-rub with baking soda to clean well
-rub a few drops of MMS over skin

grass?? Comments By: lora on 2010-08-14
i tried pretty much everything on here except peeing on my hands...which was next. i went outside to water plants and for some reason, started pulling grass and rubbing it all over my hands. now, i don't know if the 4 tylenol and 3 beers had kicked in or if my lawn really saved me. it'd be kinda weird if it did, but right now, i don't give a f**k. alls i know is the pain is FINALLY started to subside after 4 hours. YAY!! i feel so happy right now. who'd have thought that 2 little itty bitty jalepenos would have caused such intense pain!
Rubbing alcohol Comments By: Cookster on 2010-08-17
I used 90plus proof of rubbing alcohol and it took it away complete. I had to apply about three treatments but it worked
Worst pain ever!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-18
Nothing worked for me I did everything rubbing achohol, lemon juice, ice cream, ice water,degreaser, I even put my hand in mayo it actually was the first thing i did.The pain is terrible! Now i have my hand in a bowl of milk.Ijust drank a beer to numb some of the pain I feel but maybe I need a few more!! Never again!!!
Eureka!!! It works!!! Comments By: Eric & Laura on 2010-08-18
Wife cut up some peppers tonight. She has done this millions of times over the years and always used alchohol to cure the burning if she didn't use gloves. This time it didn't work. We looked on this site and tried the baking soda. IT WORKS. Scrub your hands for about 3 minutes.
FAST - PERMANENT RELIEF *Less than 30 Minutes* Comments By: Heather on 2010-08-18
1. wash all affected areas & hands with dish soap thoroughly(Dawn, Joy, ect.)
2. Make a THICK paste by adding a small amount of peroxide or rubbing alcohol (NOT WATER) to baking soda & spread it thickly over entire affected area
3. WAIT 10 minutes. This was the hard part for me I was in so much pain when I first tried baking soda after 2-3 min. it hurt so bad I wiped it off to try something else. Mistake. NOTHING else worked. Out of desperation & having read so many people say soda worked, I tried it again & forced myself to leave it on 10 minutes. After the initial few minutes I felt increasing relief to the point that I would say it was less of a burning sensation & more just irritated. Redness gone, swelling almost gone (only my lip stayed a bit puffy).
4. After 10 minutes, gently wipe/brush dried soda paste off of your face using a dry washcloth or one dampened with peroxide or rubbing alcohol. No rinsing, no water.
5. Rub vegetable oil onto affected area. Don't worry if there's still a little soda dried on, just gently massage oil onto skin & you'll find instant, permanent relief. No more burning, no more redness. Gone. Back to NORMAL skin!!

At least I hope this works so well for you as it did for me. So many of the others I read on this site were in pain for HOURS. . . I was only in pain about 90 minutes prior to having found this to work. THANK YOU THANK YOU to the person who commented that the burning agent in peppers is soluble in fat & THANK YOU EVEN MORE to the person who suggested olive oil!!!

To be fair to the others who shared their stories, and to provide entertainment to those reading this, here's my story:
I have 3 pepper plants in my garden. I was certain they were all red bell peppers (I bought the plants from a store this spring). The green peppers turn red when ready, I picked them & brought them into the fridge. One day I chopped one up & put in some scrambled eggs that my 10 & 3 year olds ate. I grabbed 3 peppers out of the fridge to add to some meat I was cooking & sliced them, tossed them in the crockpot & headed out to run errands. About 5 blocks from home my nose started to burn. Within one minute it was so painful my eyes were watering so bad I couldn't see clearly. Needless to say, I drove right back home. By the time I got there I ran inside the house & shoved my face into cold water (my first reaction to try and relieve the pain!). That wasn't working well so I soaked a washcloth in cold water, wrapped it over an icepack & headed for my computer to Google it. I came across this site & tried MANY of the remedies listed.

Here is what I found:
burn relief aloe gel - useless
rubbing alcohol - under 10 seconds relief
cold water - HONESTLY DOES MAKE IT WORSE, it offers relief while it is running over burn, but when you stop it comes back worse, I found the ice pack with damp cloth worked better than running water, but was still MISERABLE
washing with dish soap (like Dawn, Joy, ect.) did help lessen the intensity, probably would've helped more if I had done it immediately, but my instinct was to relieve pain, not wash myself, lol
cold milk - same as cold water, relief ends when contact ends

I now pledge to (somehow) figure out which of my pepper plants is/are the offending one(s) and rip it out of the ground. I just can't get over the fact that not only do the plants look identical, but the peppers do as well. . .

How I stopped the burning on my hands!!! Comments By: Lenka The Show on 2010-08-20
I honestly tried every single remedy, cold water, cold ice water, cold milk, cold milk with ice, lemon juice, vinegar, toothpaste, tomato juice, vegetable oil, alcohol,baking soda,washing my hands with dawn, then finally I came to this site, and saw someone write that they combined alcohol and baking soda, and that it helped, SO, I finally decided to try it, and OMFG, it worked! I made a thick paste of baking soda and alcohol, and I rubbed it all over my hands and took two NyQuil, and I fell asleep, and then I woke up and the pain was entirely GONE!!!!
I honestly was thinking about cutting off my fingers because the pain so crucial. So if you think your pain is worse than mine, its probably not. So try what I did and good luck!

Hey Ladies Comments By: Playin with my pepper boy on 2010-08-21
I cut 5 lbs of habeneros. My hands burn but thats part of it. Why not trying to just suck it up ladies. If you can't stand the heat don't play with your pepper.
I FOUND THE CURE!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-21
First let me just say that I am allergic to latex...I didn't have any gloves, but i have handled jalapenos before, just not the quantity i did tonight. My hands were on FIRE!!!! I read several sights and someone on another sight called poison control and was told to hold your hands under hot water to open your pores and expel the capsasian..First it hurt sooo bad!! But keep the water as hot as you can and keep your hands under as long as you can. Next, and this is not for the weak at heart....I peed, that's right I PEED on my hands(Also came from another sight)Then washed them a slong as I could under the hot water, and the burning stopped!! It is gone!! It sounds GROSS, but OMG! I wish i would have tried this 5 hours ago, before the milk, yogurt, ice water, bleach,etc....Water and pee, who knew? I guess you have to hit rock bottom before you resort to this one, but IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!Hope it helps!!!!
I wore gloves! Comments By: regina on 2010-08-22
I know to wear gloves , but couldnt find my dishwashing gloves I keep just for jalepenos I did have some latex gloves left over from hair coloring kit. DO NOT use these my hands burn as if I never wore anything. I seeded and chopped 5 lbs of peppers . Ive done evrything . The baking soda seems to give longer relief after each use.
It does work. Comments By: Ethan on 2010-08-23
BUT... Jalepeo peppers aren't really that bad. I just tried to get a sense of what it felt like... nothing. Not on my arms, legs, and only a little sting on my face or in my nose. Only when I got it in my eyes was it really painful. Then I tried Habeero peppers, shit burned like crazy on my face and in my nose, aw man it was soo amazing though.
I know the Cure! Comments By: Jen on 2010-08-23
I tried all the lil remedies and I found out the only cure... u eat those damn jalapenos with a couple of shots of tequilla and the burning goes away!
Straight rubbing alcohol for Jalopeno Pepper burn after making salsa. Comments By: kay on 2010-08-27
My hands were burning up and water, ice, detergent made it worse. I had been burning for more than an hour and it was getting worse as time went on. Soaking in a bowl of Straight rubbing alcohol for 5 minutes took the burn completely away.
It worked! I think. Comments By: Julie on 2010-08-27
Surprisingly, the peppers didn't burn my hands (I cut up about 7) but when I accidentally touched my nose it began to feel like it was on fire! I immediately did a search on the internet and found this site. I tried the rubbing alcohol. At first I didn't think it worked because it didn't bring instant relief, but after 5 minutes the pain was gone. Previously, I had also used ice, vaseline, and coconut oil. I was just getting ready to try milk when the pain suddenly subsided. Not sure which remedy worked, but the rubbing alcohol was the last thing I used.
baking soda paste!!! Comments By: burnin fingers!! on 2010-08-26
i tried everyone of these for the past few hours,.. fresh aloe every few minutes took the intial sting away but kept rubbing with bakng soda with a little water added took a bulk of the pain away now waitin for the asprin n rum to kick in thank god i didnt touch my face and im not the only one to do this. dont use milk doesnt help or cold oil or suger water or peanut butter none helped at all... use the baking powder paste rinse, use again, scrubbing, rinse and so on until its bareable!
WHAT! Comments By: Tim on 2010-08-27
I was making Jalapeno pickled eggs and putting piles of chopped peppers in different jars. I am about to DIE! Never heard of anything like this, INSANE!
Salt works the best Comments By: hot-hot-hot on 2010-08-28
Obviously, I got myself into the same jam as everyone else on this forum. Never again without gloves on!!! Salt took away the burning for good, though I tried the alcohol, the milk, the baking soda too.
Try Poison Ivy Cream & Calamine Lotion Comments By: Cyndi on 2010-08-28
I made a salve of calamine lotion and poison ivy cream put directly on the area to relieve the stinging.

I put my hands up to my mouth and nose after accidentally cutting up a jalapeño yellow pepper (I thought it was a sweet yellow pepper). It took nearly 2 hours from the time I "burned" myself for the pain to subside. Although the pain under one fingernail still lingers.

I tried everything Comments By: toni on 2010-08-29
I tried everything. Lemon juice, milk, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and burn cream. None of that worked. Then I remembered my mom always used mouth wash! That worked like a charm!
THIS WORKS!!! BAKING SODA!! Comments By: anonymous on 2010-08-29
I tried everything from lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, gasoline, dish soap...none of that worked...Then I tried BAKING SODA! at first i tried scrubbing and washing my hands with it and gave up bc it wasnt working...but thennn i got a bowl added a tiny bit of water and added the BAKIN SODA... i caked it on my hand and had it sit there for about 2 hrs..THIS WORKED it burned for about an hr in a half with it on my hand but stick with it i was going to give up bc i thought it wasnt doing anything but it did work!! dont even try the other stuff use BAKING SODA! I WISH I DID FROM THE START SOOOOO FREAKIN PAINFUL..I WILL ALWAYS USE GLOVES NOW!! UGHHH
hot pepper burns Comments By: anon. on 2010-09-02
I tried all of the remedies..The only thing that gave me some temporary relief was alcohol but the burn came back I then decided to try mouthwash to wet my hands with , applied a thick layer of colgate tothpaste and continued to read solutions.I had no vodka but I thought ok why not Gin.Hey guess what, I wiped the toothpaste off with a paper towell and rubbed the gin on over top and so far so good , I will just continue with the gin rinses, it's helping.
Jalapeno burns Comments By: Stewart on 2010-09-03
I got the burns after doing the peppers....Why didn't I wear gloves? However, take pure aloe vera and make a paste with baking soda fill it inside gloves.
Put an outer glove over that once you have the plaster glove on.......Leave on for night hours (5 plus) take off next day...rinse well with milk and liquid soap mixture!!! Next time wear gloves!!

The ONLY thing that worked! Comments By: DeeDee on 2010-09-05
being my first time using one, i had no idea jalapenos could cause such pain. my nose started running and i ran to the bathroom to blow it. not even ten min later my nose began to hurt. i have never felt such pain. i tried everything in this sight except peeing on my face, but then i mixed milk and baking soda together and caked it on the inside of my nose. it wasn't an instant relief but after about fifteen min i realized it didn't hurt any more. afraid to rinse it off with water, i used rubbing alcohol. it burned slightly because the skin was so raw, but it has been an hour now and it still does not hurt. THANK GOD!
Time Comments By: donna on 2010-09-05
Time....just time. Thats what it took for the pain to go away. I tried, milk, cold water, alcohol, aloe, oil, air, you name it. Just time.
LIES! Comments By: Josh on 2010-09-06
Rubbing alcohol only works while its submerged. Unfortunately for me, I went to the bathroom after slicing up about 30 peppers. The object on fire was not something I could walk around with submerged in alcohol. Taking a shower about dropped me to my knees. the only thing that worked was time.
Hydrogen Peroxide Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-06
Hydrogen Peroxide worked to take pain away a little.
Noxzema Cold Cream Comments By: Randy - New Castle, PA on 2010-09-08
Got this tip from my mom.

I tried strong soap, degreaser, baking soda, alcohol, cold water, Lanacane Cream, none of it worked for more than a few minutes and the burn came back.

I called my mom and she said Noxzema (in the blue jar) worked for her when she handled Hungarian Hot Wax peppers. Tried it on the Jalapeno Burn and it worked. Took about 15 minutes to get full relief. but it WORKS!!

Baking soda, aloe vera, muscle relaxer & sleep Comments By: Isa on 2010-09-12
That is my prescription! I tried a lot of stuff here. What didn't seem to work: olive oil, alcohol, vinegar, dish soap, and yes I even tried pee!

Baking soda seemed to work. I took the suggestion of creating a thick paste in a big bowl, rubbing it in really well and letting it dry 3 times. It took about 45 minutes to do it, I just watched tv and tried to relax.

The thing is, there was some immediate relief but it didn't totally go away. I'd say on the pain scale it went from an 8 to a 4. I used aloe vera gel once my hands were dried and that brought it down to about a 3. It stayed that way for about an hour, but when I went to bed it started up again.

The thing that really worked was to treat this like a burn. Don't keep your hands resting on anything, keep them palms up at your side. I took a muscle relaxer and kept the aloe vera close-by and I was able to fall asleep. The pain was at about a 4 when I dozed off and I woke up pain-free. And with the softest hands in the world, I might add!

Comments By: Xile on 2010-09-14
Jalapenos???? LOL! Ive been working with Red Savina Habaneros, they have been burning for 14 hours now, with no relief. Feels like my hands have third degree burns and around the knuckle area, its red
100% CURE FOR JALAPENO BURN!!! Comments By: Hilary on 2010-09-14
BAKING SODA! Just wet your hands with water and then dip them in baking soda. It neutralized the burn INSTANTLY and permanently. I looked all over the internet trying to find a cure, nothing I read about worked. Trust me, you will thank me later!
this works great Comments By: Gena on 2010-09-14
after my nose/upper lip was on fire for about 30 minutes and trying soap and ice, hopped online found this and used the rubbing alcohol twice in a 10-minute period - the burning is gone, works like a charm
Milk of Magnesia Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-15
I cut 30 peppers w/o gloves, not smart. I used this website and tried several of the remedies suggested. The only one that worked for me was soaking my hand in Milk of Magnesia. I had been in severe pain for several hours before doing this and the pain was gone almost immediately and has stayed away for a couple of hours so far.
Fatten Up!!! Comments By: Liz & Tammy on 2010-09-15
Okay, so my roommate decided to make homemade salsa and like everyone else on this site her hands starting burning!! We seriously tried EVERYTHING! Soap & Water, Aloe, Lemon Juice, Salt, Baking Soda, Rubbing Alcohol, Eggs, Mayo, Honey, Random Foot Scrub and Assorted other Beauty Products, Toothpaste, Finger Polish Remover, Dawn Dish Soap & Large quantities of alcohol (to drink!!)...

and THEN we decided to actually research the matter...

Turns out the capsaicin (what's in the peppers that's making your hands burn so bad) is neutralized by fat. So rubbing butter (or baking grease leftovers if you have some) all over your hands works! BUT you have to be patient it's not immediate; it takes time for the neutralization to happen. So apply the butter, wait 5 minutes, rinse and repeat until pain is gone!


Baking Soda paste stopped my burning when nothing else would! Comments By: Danawillnevedcutpeppersagain on 2010-09-16
After trying every remedy listed here, nothing worked EXCEPT: baking soda paste. Seriously, take some baking soda and make a thick paste and slather it on whatever burns. It worked for me so it's worth a try. Let the paste dry. I first try just scrubbing my hands with baking soda but that didn't stop the burning. So, go with a paste and keep in on there.
Baking Soda has finally done the trick Comments By: Kris on 2010-09-17
In the hour since I cut up a jalapeno (yes, just one) and managed to get burning all over my lower face, I tried all of the remedies. Milk first - felt good while I had my face dipped in it but as soon as I took it out, the pain was back. Hydrogen Peroxide - nada. Rubbing Alcohol - nada. Wine - nada. The first paste of baking soda and water did nothing but I don't think I left it on long enough.

Finally in my desperation I tried the baking soda paste again. It's been on my face now for 20 minutes and finally the pain is gone. I'm almost afraid to go wash it off.....hopefully the pain stays away.

Baking Soda - thank you.

Removing hot pepper oil from your hands Comments By: Donna on 2010-09-22
I tried mike,tomatoes,tons of cold water,dish soap straight ( worked for about 10 mins!!)rubbing alcohol ( great untill it dried then 10 times worse!) toothpaste, shampoo. Vinegar is on now, and seemed to work for a while. The burn is coming back so I'll soak again. Lasted about 10 mins and felt great!
Removing contact lenses during treatment, use two dry Q-tips. Put one on each side of your iris and slide them toward each other like chop sticks. Use two new ones if they get wet from your eyes. They need to be dry to stick to the lenses. It may take several attempts.
Have to go use more vinegar, getting bad again, but the best I've tried so far!

Hot water works!!! Comments By: Hot hands on 2010-09-18
After 5 hours of searing hot burning pain I can say that washing my hands in hot water with Dawn did the trick!
Hot water seems like the LAST thing you would want to do, but it works!

It opens up the pores and allows the dish soap to break up the oils that are causing the pain and washes them out!
Try it!

Pain relievers ASAP Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-19
Tried the baking soda, then took a vicodin! Lips are finally subsiding and fingers got worse cause of the water I started using. Trying not to think of it.
hydrogen peroxide and baby powder Comments By: brooklyn on 2010-09-19
Hands were ablaze. Poured hydrogen peroxide on hands then immediately coated in baby powder, creating white film. Kept rubbing in more powder until hands dry and smooth. This worked very well 90% of burning gone and not coming back. General advice: DO NOT WASH HANDS
Hydrogen Peroxcide, Vinager, Rubbing Acohol Comments By: Kristi on 2010-09-20
I usually wear gloves to peel peppers and was at my boyfriends house and didn't have any. So I decided I will try and just peel the two I need really fast. Yeah right. I am bring at pack of gloves to his house now. I was buring till the next day when I came apon this site. So I read a lot of these comments and decided to try equal parts of Rubbing Acochol, Vinager, and Hydrogen Peroxide. Then put my hands in the mixture for about five meinutes and cleaned with Dawn Dishwashing liquid. I even put a little bit of burn cream on my hands. Anyways, the burning stopped finally!
burns! Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-22
Didnt have rubbing alcohol, so dont know if that worked. Any dairy products take away a lot of the burn though, but you can still feel it
It worked! Comments By: Patti Cota on 2010-09-21
Baking soda and water totally worked - it took about 15 minutes, but the pain is gone!
Relief!!!! Comments By: Donna on 2010-09-23
I posted about all the things I tried earlier, Vinegar was the one that worked. It took three times but it worked! I used a soup bowl and soaked my hands for several minutes while basting them with the vinegar and gently pulling my fingertips back so it could get under my nails. I dried by wiping the oil off with paper towels ( I don't want my laundry infected with the stuff!) The first time a mild burn came back about 10 mins later. I did the "Bath" again using the same bowl of vinegar for a few minutes, and paper toweled again. That lasted about 30 mins. It was so mild when it came back I wasn't sure that it had! I did it the 3rd time, same way, and was great the rest of the night and today!. I had the burning for almost 10 hours straight! They only stopped burning while they were wet. I finally complained to my hubby. He suggested the vinegar. All day I tried milk, tomatoes, salt,constant hose water, washed too many times to count!, hand sanitizer,straight dish soap, rubbing alcohol Vaseline, hand lotion, burn cream. I got many ideas from this site. I was combing the kitchen looking for baking soda when hubby asked what I was doing! I told him I needed him to take my contacts out so I could go to bed! That's when he told me! He said "you should have asked me earlier" Oh how I wish I had! What a day!
tried lots but.... Comments By: mc on 2010-09-28
I tried the baking soda paste (but it stung like hell), aloe vera gel, vaseline, ice pack, ice, neosporin, salt scrub, sugar water, nail polish remover and exfoliant...even now, it still kinda stings, but after 5 hours, as i don't have any rubbing alcohol, the strongest alcohol i had was patron. i dipped my fingers one by one and the pain lessened. after which, it kinda returned... and so, i hoped to avoid it, but i peed on my hand, and the pain subsided a lot. now i'm waiting for the rest of the heat and sting to subside. so thanks for this site, and thanks to everyone who has commented!
Rubbing alcohol worked for me. Comments By: Jennifer on 2010-09-23
Thank goodness for this site! I poured rubbing alcohol on my hands a couple of times and rubbed it in. I then let it dry and did not wash it off. This did the trick, no more burning! Lesson learned I will use gloves next time!!!
nothing worked untill Comments By: Laura on 2010-09-25
I've cut up jalapeos a lot never had a problem till one from yesterday afternoon. I tried to cure the HORRIBLE pain with:
lemon juice
sour cream
hot water
degrease dish soap
hydrogen peroxide
nail polish remover (no rubbing alcohol avail.)
cold water soak - DO NOT DO felt better but proven worse in the long run of healing
ice - DO NOT DO (same as above)
baking soda scrub
baking soda mask x3
sour cream mask x2
white vinegar
wind/fan/airing it out
milk with baking soda
olive oil
burn cream
first aid cream
4 ib profen
aloe vera gel
THEN FINALLY about 9 hours later I read about a mud mask working, the closest thing I have is a Avon rose clay facial scrub. I used it like a mask x2 and put a little aloe vera gel on it afterwards, and finally the pain went from wanting to cut my fingertips off to being able to sleep. It's about 18 hours later and after a good nights sleep my fingers are only sensitive and not on fire. Who knew the power of mud. If your hands burn I seriously would suggest taking pain meds asap either pill or alcohol like another post said. The time it takes to swallow a couple pills is nothing compared to going through the list above. I sympathize with anyone that experienced this. Good Luck!

Green Tea Moisturizer! Comments By: Kim on 2010-09-25
I too foolishly cut up jalepenos and habaneros with bare hands a bit later experience painful burning - washed thoroughly with soap and water and then applied moisturizer with green tea - relief was almost instant. Thank goodness!
thanks Comments By: mary on 2010-09-25
after 6 hours of burning hands i found your web site. you people are brilliant! used hydrogen peroxide followed by a quick Purel waterless soap rinse ... then the St. Ives hydroxy mask. Worked like a charm. Pain free at last. thanks to all.
veg oil worked! Comments By: ohiofarmgirl on 2010-09-25
did all of the recommended.. but then tried veg oil rubbed around like soap. washed off with DAWN, then soaked in vinegar.

finally! relief!

WINE! Comments By: Heather on 2010-09-25
I cut up A LOT of hot peppers for my home canned salsa ... it took until I was finished cutting them all up for the stinging to kick in. My fingers hurt so badly!

I tried ice water, baking soda paste, yogurt, milk, vinegar, sour cream, the baking-soda-with-milk suggestion, the baking-soda-with-ice suggestion, alcohol, even the ice cream suggestion.

The things that provided temporary relief were: ice water, yogurt, sour cream, ice cream, and baking-soda-with-ice. Once I washed them off the pain came back, and also after about 10 minutes even if I kept my hand in the material. The sour cream probably worked the longest and most effective temporary solution.

I kind of gave up on keeping my hands in these sticky, messy materials though after about 4 hours. After that I held onto an ice pack for awhile. But honestly, the only thing that provided much continuous relief was a glass of wine I poured myself to self-medicate. I drank white wine, adding ice as necessary so the glass stayed cool, and held the glass in my affected hand as I drank. Double effect: alcohol for pain relief and ice-cold glass in hand for some topical relief.

pepper burning Comments By: cherake on 2010-09-25
after I cut a pepper I had a teriouble burning on my hand I tried every thing alcohol, milk Baking soda and water totally worked it is like miracle thank you everybody
Redi-whip also Ora Jel for my lips Comments By: Carole on 2010-09-26
I was cutting up green bannana pepper given to us by a neighbor. My daughter commented that they looked like Jalapeno peppers. I said no, they are just green peppers, see? and Popped one in my mouth. Instantly my lips started burning. I had taken the seeds out of the peppers with my bare hands, but only my lips burned. I looked on line and found some suggestions. I tried all of them, lemon juice, milk, rubbing achohol, washing with soap and water and also using baking soda paste. Nothing seemed to help. I held ice on my lips but that only helped a short time until the ice melted. I knew dairy helps take away the heat from spices, so my daughter applied Redi-whip to my lips, (cold and dairy). It helped especially when sticking a paper towel over the now, running melted cream. Then I thought I would try Oral Jel and that seemed to save the day! :0)
time cures Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-27
I de-skinned chili's for 2 hours without gloves (stupid!!)..anyway I tried alcohol, baking soda paste washing and wearing gloves with baking soda paste, dawn dish detergent, ice packs on both hands (which hurt more than before after 20 minutes). None of these worked for more than 10 minutes. Although they may have worked to rid of oils from my hands from the pepper. Cold milk every 20 minutes and soaking for 15 minutes seemed to curb the pain for temp. relief. It took 12 hours for the excruciating pain to stop. Time and cold milk helped me, and over the counter pain meds. Never going without rubber gloves again. I won't even chance it with latex.
New Treatment for Pepper Burn Comments By: MLF on 2010-09-27
My hands had been burning for about 45 minutes when I decided to pull up the web. Read all the tips, but didn't have alot on hand. While looking in the closet saw some nail polish remover. Rubbed it on and the burn stopped immediately. About 10 minutes it kind of started again. My husband handed me a cold can of coke and told me to hold it. It was great. About 1/2 hour later put a little more nail polish remover on and my hands have not burned since.
Vodka Comments By: JKLWOOD on 2010-09-27
Not intense, but certainly uncomfortable burning after stupidly cleaning 20 or so jalapenos sans gloves. Tried baking soda and rubbing alcohol, but only temporary relief, so doused my hands in vodka. Applied three times over 30 minutes, with considerable but not total relief. It's feeling like I will need to apply it again pretty soon. Still much better than an hour ago.

I can think of better uses for good vodka, but not at this moment!

Burns like the dickens Comments By: Donna on 2010-10-01
My burns were small and on my fingers; but the bunr was intense. I cannot imagine intense burns. I used Colgate toothpaste and kept it on for 10 minutes. I rinsed it off a bit in cold water a little bit and the burn was gone. I had to redo it a few times the next day.
Burns like the dickens Comments By: Donna on 2010-10-01
My burns were small and on my fingers; but the burn was intense. I cannot imagine large burns. I used Colgate toothpaste and kept it on for 10 minutes. I rinsed it off a bit in cold water a little bit and the burn was gone. I had to redo it a few times the next day.
The HELP! The BEST CURE! Comments By: anon on 2010-10-01
Hello! Today After School Me And My Friends Were Outside And We Saw My Friends Peppers VERY Hot Pepper Like Jalapenos , My friend tried them Then Me and i got seriously burned By Them My Whole Mouth Was Burning Really Bad! So.. I Tried Some Cures And I Found That Lemon Juice Cures Some People So... I Tried I Cuted A Lemon In Half And I got one half and rubed it on my burning place And It WORKED! Lemon And Ice Water Really Help! Bye
JalapenoCreamCheese Wontons Comments By: WEAR GOVES on 2010-10-03
I cut one measly but fresh jalapeno and then touched my mouth. Burned up . Red as can be. No Ice. Milk with Ice. Milk worked a little. Baking Soda rinse was great. After i cooked them My thumbnail started to pain I soaked in baking soda paste, the just covered it with honey. I forgot then put thumb in mouth to taste honey it tasted like jalapenos , the honey absorbed the jalapeno oil and bough it to the top. Had to baking soda rinse my mouth again and re-apply honey.
after hours in agony, tried everything Comments By: anon on 2010-10-07
i must write this. after hours in agony, tried everything i possibly could. Milk, yoghurt, soaked hands in rum for 20 mins, ice etc. NOTHING helped. couldnt sleep or move or think. Well you all know what i mean. And then instant help! unbelivable! instant! i just went to the toilet and weed on my hands. Urine is the remedy. Sounds disgusting, i know, but helped so much.
Alcohol worked for me..... Comments By: HighPlainsMom on 2010-10-07
BUT, I have to say that any treatment applied time after time and/or scrubbing hands again and again is probably only going to exacerbate the problem. It will only make the skin raw and inflamed underneath the original problem.

I cut two roasted Anaheim chilis for dinner tonight and I guess I just wasn't thinking. I'd never had a problem before with other peppers.

I soaked my hands in cool water and milk but the pain came back when I took them out. After reading this board, I doused each hand in rubbing alcohol, let it sit for a minute, rinsed them under tepid water and patted dry.

I can still tell I've handled peppers but the pain is MUCH decreased. I didn't figure anything would make it go away immediately.

Definitely gloves next time!!!!!

sorry wish I had better news...... Comments By: Arin on 2010-10-05
if you're searching here it's probably too late:( I removed seeds from Jamaican hot peppers while I was making a batch of chilli, casually rinsed off my fingers and went about my day. After about an hour intense burning started and did not stop until 3am. I tried everything on this post-milk, baking soda paste, vinegar 2 kinds, bleach, mud masks, veggie oil,alcohol-rubbing and drinking kind, yes pee too....tried it all...and unfortunately I have to report nothing works.
What I can suggest is take some sort of pain reliever (a good one if you've got it, drink (I can't so that wasn't an option), I did take 3 benadryl to pass out and wrapped my hand is a milk soaked towel inside a baggie. Cold milk does help BUT does not make it go away! Sit tight you're probably in for a 6-7 hour ride. Sorry reading this b/c I know you're in pain like I was last pm-do know that it will eventually pass.....

Baking Soda PASTE Comments By: Fancy_Pink on 2010-10-05
I only deseeded 2 jalapeno peppers and couldn't believe the terrible burn I had for hours!!! I tried the recommended rubbing alcohol, ice, lemon juice and milk. I'm glad I read farther down on the blogs here because some people recommended baking soda. When I made a paste with it and left on my hands for about 25 minutes and then scrubbed and rinsed, the pain was soooo much better!!!! Almost back to normal now. Thanks to the first person here who recommended this specific cure!
MOFIBA the one and only solution! Comments By: jess on 2010-10-06
thank you for this reminder! if the alcohol alone doesn't work for some then try this trick that we use to use for pepper spray burns MOFIBA Mineral Oil Followed Immediately By Alcohol. I do mean immediatly because the oil by itself will only make the pain worse but it will draw the oil in the peppers up and then wipe it away with alcohol... my nose is a thousand times better now after i foolishly chopped up a hot cherry pepper then blew my nose (damn cold)...
GOJO in the ER Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-09
I finally went to the ER hoping for some relief, and they weren't sure what to do either. The doctor looked it up online and found that GOJO might work (since I'd tried everything else suggested). I washed my hands about 15 times with that stuff and it worked out all of the oils of the peppers, and finally made my hands not burn so bad. So, if you're reading this, go buy some GOJO, wash your hands a gazillion times and save yourself a trip to the ER.
works like a magic! Comments By: burned on 2010-10-09
Apply Ghee (Oil) liberally. Within minutes the burn subsidies and cures. Milk or it's bi-products also generally work.

A thousand burning suns Comments By: purple goo on 2010-10-10
After cutting 3 jalapeno peppers and 4 serrano peppers I found my hand burning beyond belief. My boyfriend came up with the bright idea, after many failed, to combine yogurt, toothpaste, sunscreen, honey, and Dawn to make a nasty gooey paste which ended up working. I soaked my hand in the vile concoction for about 20 minutes and the burning started to go away. Definitely recommend it.
one, small, jalepeno... Comments By: lenny on 2010-10-11
it was one, small, jalepeno for my girlfriend...

but one, GIANT pain...

for mankind.

yes, ladies and germs, my sweetie did the nasty, and de-seeded a jalepeno (one, small, red, unobtrusive -- cute, even).

she is describing the pain as "having fire shoot out of her fingertips."

let me tell you up front: you don't want to be around my baby when the flames are flying out of the fingers. Yikes!!

after using every remedy in the house (including apple cider vinegar "with the mother") -- we went to the store, and, based upon the advice in this thread, we got the milk (grade A, whole), baking soda (harris teeter brand) and rubbing alcohol (again, harris teeter).

the milk provided only temporary relief, and we are now on to the second remedy: trader joe's "octoberfest" beer (12 oz., orally) and rubbing alcohol on the hands.

((looking back, maybe we should have used the milk on the hands))

she is now undergoing the rubbing alcohol treatment, in conjunction with another trader joe's octoberfest.

she actually tasted some of the soup that she was making with the jalepeno, which we both described as "hot."

more to follow.

one, small, jalepeno (part II) Comments By: lenny on 2010-10-11
the rubbing alcohol is providing no relief at all, and my sweetie writhing in pain.

i'm on my second bowl of jalapeno-vegetable soup, and i'm helping her sip her beer. in fact, every time a take a slug of the brew, she completely forgets about her hand pain.

she's having trouble breathing now, and she just asked me to remover her bra. (i reluctantly agreed, but only after using proper draping techniques for chemical burns).

we've decided to move on to remedy number 3, the baking-soda paste alternative.

it's important to mention that, earlier today, she smashed her right-hand ring-finger against a pencil -- and she's (honestly) believes that a piece of lead is lodged into her hand.

while i believe that the raw jalapeno-juice would have a positive effect on the lead "situation," she insists that the jalapeno-juice is exacerbating the problem.

the good news is that i've learned how to spell jalapeno.

one, small, jalapeno (part III) Comments By: lenny on 2010-10-11

milk - mild relief (5 out of 10)

rubbing alcohol - could have done better with a shot of jagermeister. (3.2 out of 10)

baking soda - don't try this at home (1.5 out of 10)

Yogurt Comments By: Mary Beth on 2010-10-14
I tried rubbing alcohol- didn't work for me. Was going for the milk when I came across some vanilla greek yogurt. Perfect. Sticks to the skin, relieves the pain. And since it's the skin under my nose, it smells much better than the alcohol!
sour cream Comments By: anon on 2010-10-12
tried all the remedies toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, dawn, etc... soaking my hand in sour cream for 15 minutes did the trick!
Jalapeno juice in the eye Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-17
Burn is very painful! water did not work but milk did it took a few minuets but it did work!
Technu Scrub for poison ivy Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-18
Tried milk, alcohol and lotion but the burn came right back. Then I used Technu Scrub for poison ivy. It removed the oil and the burning stopped.
baking powder Comments By: e on 2010-10-20
I tried water, ice, milk and baking powder. The baking powder is the only thing that helped. Thanks to whoever said it first.
Whole Milk Yogurt Comments By: KD on 2010-10-23
Cut up 20 or so jalapenos and my whole hand was burning. Tried a few of the tips here, and finally tried soaking my hand in some whole milk yogurt, I left my hand in until the burning stopped - plus some, probably 1/2 hr. Enjoying the relief! Just hoping it lasts.
Face wash Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-23
Use a deep clensing face wash, rinse, and repeat about 3 times.
Vodka Comments By: Aimster on 2010-10-23
O my GOD!! MY fingers were on fire!! I made stuffed jalapenos for the first time. They were sooo yummy, but my fingers were burning like a emmer effer!! I read all the posts on here, I soaked my fingers in milk, ice water, peed on them and did the baking soda rub. None of it worked. Drank several vodka cocktails. Whaaa laaa.... pain is gone!
OMG! Absolute fix!!!! Comments By: Jenn- California RN on 2010-10-23
I cut and removed seeds from 4 lbs of jalapenos and holly duh, I have been getting worse all day. Burning did not start immediately but got really bad later. So I googled the comments to find help. After trying alcohol rub with no help I combined this awesome almost instant relief.

Dish soap all over my hands with a handful of sugar. Make a paste (and rub rub rub!) leave on for ten minutes. Almost instant relief within minutes. I did it twice and 95% cure Amen to all your comments because I thought I was going to cry. Good luck! :)

Baking Soda is, unequivocally, THE answer! Comments By: Sarah "I Will Wear Rubber Gloves Next Time" C. on 2010-10-25
Rubbing alcohol turned my horrible burning hands into MUTANT BALLS OF FIRE. Vinegar helped for a second. However, baking soda worked like a miracle! You MUST create a paste with the baking soda -- mix in just enough water to moisten all of it. Cover the entire burn site (in my case, both of my hands) in a heaping helping of the paste, let it sit for 10 minutes until it's pretty much dry, and then rinse and wash. MIRACLE! I really thought I was going to have to take a Darvocet I was hurting so bad, but this did the trick. You may have to do another round or two of the baking soda to cool it all the way down, but one worked for me as I was working with anaheims.
Cured!!! Comments By: JDR on 2010-10-27
Taking time to read this cured my burns,,, Times the best cure is my guess. Its pick your best way to numb the pain till time takes its toll.
nothing is working Comments By: bobby on 2010-11-01
nothing is working for me i have tried everything rubing achocole, hand sanitiser , ect. what should i do
Tried it all Comments By: Jen on 2010-11-01
After chopping 2 gallons of jalapeos and causing a forest fire on my hands, I was desperate to try anything. I tried rubbing alcohol, vinegar, germ-x, baking soda paste with milk and coffee creamer, lime juice, etc.... Nothing worked. Last resort was TEQUILA! I grabbed my tequila out of the freezer and one of my hubby's sleeping pills. I was too screwed up to care how my hands felt, lol. Woke up the next morning with my hands still a little sore but I was thankful that I slept through the night. Tequila fixes everything!
Dont soak hands in vodka...drink it! Comments By: hayley on 2010-11-02
I bought, chopped up and deseeded what i THOUGHT were peppers only to find that they were CHILLIS! I usually buy the big long light green ones and they are never hot but I must of mixed them up with the darker burn your fingers off ones.

All of a sudden my fingers we on fire! I tried, water with ice, lemons, castor oil, baking soda, olive oil, butter, salt, washing up liquid, moisturiser, after sun, soaking my hands in vodka (which actually made the pain so much worse don't do it!!) toothpase, colgate cooling mouthwash (this actually worked for a little bit then the pain came back)

Eventually I was is so much pain i called a friend to take me to the pharmacy and there they gave me an anesthetic cream which brought some relief but the BEST CURE WAS TO GO GET DRUNK.

This morning I have a lil hangover but all is finally good.

Palmolive/Dawn Comments By: Nitiwat on 2010-11-02
Try squirting some Palmolive/Dawn or any other dish detergents and rub them over your hands or burned areas. Leave them covered for about 5 minutes, then rinse and repeat. The more times you do it, the less it'll burn.
Dawn... really did take it away... most of it anyway! Comments By: Jess on 2010-11-05
I had to cut 15 Habanero (sp?) peppers for a large batch of chili, and who knew?! Apparently one should arm themselves w/ gloves before starting the cutting process! My hand literally felt as if they were on fire! It hurt really really really bad, and I almost went to the doctor. I tried a few of the suggested remedies, to no avail. However, one of the suggestions was Dawn dishwashing soap. I washed my hands a few times (the burn would come back after 20 mins. or so) and now, finally, the burn is almost completely gone. Still a bit of tingling, but nothing that I can't handle. I think I washed about 5 times, and it is the only thing that helped. Not the baking soda, not the rubbing alcohol, and definitely not the hand sanitizer. Give Dawn soap a try, and then let your fingers rest!
Nothing. Comments By: Lauren. on 2010-11-06
helped me except for heavy whipping cream.
and I tried EVERYTHING!
I tried:
-milk...helped for a little bit, but the burn came back
-baking soda
-ice cream
-peanut butter
-lemon juice
-veggie oil
Lets just say I tried everything and the only thing that helped was the heavy whipping cream.

I was up till 12:30 in the morning in pain and wanted to chop my hands off it hurt sooo bad. It was the worst pain in the world, and the worst part was I had to go to school the next morning.

At first, Palmolive and milk..... Comments By: Jen on 2010-11-07
At first Palmolive and milk did the trick! My hand was instantly better and for several hours. Then I stupidly took a hot shower and all the pain came back x2!! Tried rubbing alcohol and vodka but my hand now hurts from drying out so toothpaste is next...
fast relief Comments By: Mary on 2010-11-11
I turned to this site after cooking with hot peppers. I had cooked with peppers before but used a different type this time and my hands started burning like fire when I was done! I tried many of the suggestions - milk, baking soda, rubbing alcohol - they worked somewhat but only temporarily and the burning returned quickly. Finally I covered my hands with vegetable oil. This too worked for a short time so I covered my hands with Palmolive dishwahing soap to wash the oil off and immediately, the pain went away completely. I left it on for about ten minutes then rinsed it off. The burning was almost completely gone and did not return!
This worked for me Comments By: rbbened on 2010-11-13
I couldnt take the pain in my hands! I got out some very cold skim milk and i soaked my hands...after a few min they still burned, but i put them back in for about 45min-hour and i wiggled my fingers around every now and then..it worked! Thank god cause it was painful!
ahhh Comments By: eve on 2010-11-18
tried lemon and salt,,nothing...soaked in milk burning came back...soaked in oil ... soaked in dawn.. now onto toothpaste cause i have nothing else in the house and snowed in...yup im about too pee on em
Alcohol and Dawn Dish Detergent! Comments By: HOT FINGERS! on 2010-11-18
I am not sure if this will work for everyone...but I had massive burning on all of my fingers from cutting jalapenos without gloves (I had no idea). The burning lasted probably about 5 hours..I tried milk, ice, neosporin(DONT USE MAKES IT BURN MORE!) then I read on here about the alcohol so I doused my hands in alcohol several times then I put Dawn on my hands like 5 times and let it get really soapy and scrub my fingers with a dish scrubber...the pain is less but still faintly there...so much better though!
Tequila and baking soda! Comments By: Jacklyn on 2010-11-19
It really works! Rub baking soda on the burn and take a shot of tequila.
Baking soda goop and mindless TV. Try it. Comments By: Freelee on 2010-11-24
I don't tend to post on any types of boards, but on this Thanksgiving Eve I am so, so thankful for having found this thread.

After having deseeded and chopped a few jalapeos, I felt a mild burning in most of the fingers of one hand. Since I've worked gloveless with jalapeos before, I figured it must be a combination of the peppers and all the citrus I zested and squeezed afterwards. As my fingers got a lot hotter I wrapped them in a wet washcloth and kept them cool and wet for about an hour. DO NOT DO THIS. In hindsight I realize that this only spread the oils around and caused the base of my fingers to hurt too, instead of just the tips that actually touched the peppers.

I thought I might nap through the pain but it went from mild burn to unbearable searing and in tears. So I cried a little and then after a carefully worded search, came across the tips here. I didn't have rubbing alcohol so I went for the baking soda tip, first scrubbing and washing my hands with it. When that didn't work I took to the paste. I could never really get it to dry because I did't have the right consistency and I couldn't keep my fingers still long enough. (I found that moving my fingers helped push the pain away A LOT, but of course, only momentarily.) So I washed my hands a few times with the baking soda paste and in between each washing I doused my fingers first in lemon juice, and then the second time in vodka (it's like rubbing alcohol right??). Each time the pain seemed to lessen slightly, but still not enough to make me functional. Finally I added some milk to my baking soda mush and settled on the couch with some mindless TV. Instead of trying to get it to harden and make a mummy hand, it helped to just keep moving my fingers around to the cooler parts of the bowl. After a couple of hours the pain has subsided enough for me to function (and type!) but still comes back a little under hot water. I will probably try soaking my fingers again before I go to bed.

Thanks again interwebs and fellow sufferers for your tips! You've kept me from feeling like a jerk in the ER.

Alcohol worked for me Comments By: Nay on 2010-11-23
my hands were burning badly i cudnt sleep. I soaked my hands in alcohol for less than a minute and it worked and pain didnt return in the morning
Ouch! Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-23
I always cook peppers and last night i didnt have any gloves. Later on that night, both of my thumbs were just throbbing and burning. This morning when I woke u my hands started burning. They have been on fire all day and nothing works! I tried milk, baking soda, rubbing alchohol and everything! The pain goes away for a little whle but it just coes back as it is now! DO NOT USE PEPPERS WITHOUT GLOVES!
didn't try the alcohol yet,, Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-26
I have a chemical burn that went through my nail beds. I am currently soaking my nails in apple cider vinigar and it seems to be helping. I may try the alcohol next if this doesnt work.
Got little relief till I mixed a few suggestions together Comments By: Ohio girl on 2010-11-29
After trying milk, olive oil, sour cream baking soda, lemon juice and extremely hot water. I decided to try the baking soda again and saw the lemon laying there and thought why not, so I squeezed the lemon juice over the baking soda (and got an instant vinegar/soda reaction of bubbling), I received almost instant relief! I repeated it 2 more times and then finished off with Vaseline before I crawled into bed and fell asleep with my hands away from my body because even my body heat would start the fire again. I cleansed my contacts before putting them in this morning and still received a nice little burn, but it was short lived, thank God.
Dawn Does It Again! Comments By: Chilly Jilly on 2010-12-03
I briefly scanned all suggestions listed here as my face and hands were burning and decided the Dawn Dishsoap was the fastest first try......headed to the sink, drench hands with Dawn and rinsed with tepid water. Instant relief! Soaped up my face and the same results!
Alcohol and milk Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-03
I alternated soaking my hands in rubbing alcohol and milk ... so far it's been 15 minutes and the burn is gone ... I followed with hand lotion because of the drying effect of the alcohol. So far, so good ...
It burns!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2010-12-09
I have tried soap and water, wrapping my hands to keep the air off, vinegar, milk, toothpaste, aloe vera, lemon juice, and salt. All but the toothpaste offered temporary relief and the toothpaste made it worse maybe it was the kind I used. I have finally given up and have my hand in a bag with an ice pack my hand is numb and I can't feel the burn.

I cut up some penners and hobinaro peppers the burning didn't even start for a few hrs. I think these remedies work best if applied immediately and not hours later, but good luck everyone wish i could add some good advice other than numb is good, maybe i will apply some ambasol????

Finally its over Comments By: Lovin my Jesus on 2010-12-09
Yesterday afternoon I made 30 jalapeno poppers not thinking things thru, however when finished with the peppers I washed my hands and O my goondness, I was on fire. I found this sight and repeatedly washing my hands with soap.Then I took a hot bath, washing my hair.... "Lord have mercy"! I did the baking soda and milk solution for 5 minutes, pour lemon juice on top of my hands over the solution before washing my hands "Ouch"!I washed my hands with soap let my hands dry, finished supper on fire, I poured alcohol on my hands air dry. Washed my hands again with dish soap, I did the baking soda solution again, then my husband gave my some off brand orange hand degreaser a big glob I just worked it im my skin the way you do lotion, and finally it was over. however I didn't wash it off about 20 minutes later they stopped burning. I did not wash my hands nor the dishes last nite. I think the combinations of all these things is what worked. All together it was about 3 hours of "Hell on my hands.
I felt your pain.

Ooooowwww Comments By: Jess on 2010-12-10
I seeded 8 fresh jalapenos yesterday to make some cold queso...which turned out amazing btw. I have never had this happen before. But after I made it, I took a hot shower, and when the hot water hit my fingers, it burned horribly. When I got out of the shower, my fingers burned even worse. I was dying and about ready to chop them off. I did a search online and found this site as well as another one. I tried milk first and this seemed to help A LOT. I let them soak for only about 5 min (I had things to do!). And I didn't wipe off the milk when I took my hands out. The pain subsided for about 10 min. And then it came back. I rubbed olive oil on my fingers and put them back in the cold milk. This provided the best help yet. I decided to spray on some burn stuff and that made it a million times worse! Ugh! I ran back to my sink and dunked my hands in the milk again. I also took 2 ibuprofens. I found relief for a few hours and then after I applied hemp lotion to my boyfriend's back, the pain came back and was a trillion times worse, but only in my right hand. I dunked in in cold water because I didn't have milk. This didn't help much but it was better than doing nothing. I took an 800 mg ibuprofen and tried to finish my meal. I had remember reading about a girl who peed on her hand and it seemed to help. I was desperate, okay? So my boyfriend proceeded to pee on my hand. There was some relief, but it didn't last long. My hand was immediately washed like a hundred times-even though pee is sterile. Ew. I spent the rest of the evening with my hand in a pitcher filled with cold water and ice. When I got home, I put my hand in a cup of cold milk after rubbing it in olive oil. It wasn't helping much this time. I took a Darvocet and fell asleep holding a bag of frozen corn. The pain is pretty much gone this morning, but my fingers feel sensitive and I'm scared to touch anything for fear that the pain will return. I don't know, what happened to make it hurt so bad, but I think it may have had to do with the lotion. It was horrible pain. I even decided I'd rather break my leg again than feel that. I'm thinking time is what helped me most. That, and a great painkiller. And sleep. Ugh. Good luck guys, and from now on, I am ALWAYS wearing gloves or I'll just get someone else to do the seeding...lol
Milk works Comments By: meangene59 on 2010-12-10
that milk idea works, my daughter rubbed jalapeno on her face,we poured milk over it and instantly worked...Thanks
Coconut oil Comments By: Jillian on 2010-12-10
I tried the 1 part bleach 5 parts water, then rubbed coconut oil on my hands a couple of times, and now they seem fine. Was burning like crazy for a while.
Orange Oil Comments By: SWT on 2010-12-12
I had some orange oil (delamine, spelled phonetically) and it worked better than alcohol for me. Notice I said better as it did not completely remove the burn.
Milk worked :) Comments By: Mari on 2010-12-12
I just soaked my hands in cold milk and it has relieved the pain. My hands had even become swollen.
Dr. Boudreax's BUTT PASTE Comments By: mommadonna on 2010-12-15
Tried everything!!!! Seriously started with washing my hands with palmolive to coating them with honey to most of the suggestions on here and also tried ponds cold creme and even lansinoh nipple cream, all provided some relief but only temporarily. It wasn't until I slathered dr b's butt paste all over my hands that I was able to sleep and woke up burn free
turkey sausage fat Comments By: Tucker on 2010-12-16
maybe any fat but that is what i was cooking at the time and it was amazing, worked great... incredible
2-Day Jalepino/Serrano Burn Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-15
After cutting up some jalepino and serrano (much hotter) peppers, I made the mistake of touching my eye... I took my contact out which obviously made it worse - for my eyes cold whole milk (because it's the fattiest) worked great!

However, my fingers took much longer to heal - I tried ice water which relieves some heat pain but ultimately makes it worse, rubbing alc which I guess works for some ppl but not for me, the baking soda paste worked temporarily but the real idea is to find what works for you and use that to wait it out. I'm on hour 8 and using cold yogurt to help with the burning. This is my second hand this happened to (do not attempt to wash anything used during cutting the peppers)and my other hand took about 9 hours to subside. Don't bother with the hospital unless you can actually see the burns because they'll likely have you try these remedies. Good luck!

RUBBING ALCOHOL - TIPKING IS THE SHIZZLE !!! Comments By: Jalapeno Inferno on 2010-12-24
Generously soak down the burning area with rubbing alcohol. Let it dry, wash hands, and repeat with more alcohol. After seeding a few dozen of the offending peppers, my hands were jalapeno infernos. Long story short, just go with the alcohol for fast relief.
Tecnu poison ivy oil removal worked! Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-23
I was cutting jalapenos and went to blow my nose. Long story short I managed to get it all under my nose and around my nostrils.
While frantically trying to find the rubbing alcohol I noticed the Tecnu Poison Ivy oil removal. I rubbed it all over my fingers first (so as not to spread) then around my nose. I had to apply it a few times but the burn is is gone!

Wow was that painful though!

baking powder seems to work Comments By: fi on 2010-12-29
I was making a curry for my family and chopped up about 6 peppers with no gloves - was in absolute agony, have never felt quite such an intense pain! then, stupidly left hand in ice cold water for about 4 hours - DONT DO IT!! it makes the pain get worse when you take it out! in so much pain i was going spare at this point, tried everything - milk helped a little bit, then tried baking powder ( i didnt have baking soda) with water - this really stung at first but kind of helped. then tried baking powder with milk which was better and didnt sting - seems to work ok at the moment but im not sure whether to take my hand out so i can go to sleep and risk more chilli pain! i completely sympathise everyone - didnt think one tiny little plant could cause me so much pain!
bag of frozen peas Comments By: ksy on 2010-12-29
If you have time on your hands, pass around the bag of frozen peas...it works, until you stop
actually worked Comments By: caitydid590 on 2010-12-30
I just cut some jalapenos to add to my chili well sad to say my boyfriend helped we both ended up hatin ourselves after forgetting to rewash our hands after we finished he got it in his nose then after he started to yell about that i decided not to be paying attention... my eye then started to itch and i obliviously itched it and oh my goodness i was sobbing as if i was stabbed so extremely painful its unable to be put to words anyways im not sure exactly why but i grabbed hydrocortisone cream and it actually worked for both of us i hope this helps whoever comes to this page hoping for relief
Antacid works! Comments By: Debbie on 2010-12-30
I had habanero pepper burns on my fingers.... (didn't wear gloves ... dummy!) I called poison control center after 5 hours of doing everything I saw on the internet ... vinegar, aloe, alcohol, baking soda ... they told me that I didn't allow enough time for the "capsacian" to neutralize. He told me to soak my hands in an antacid like Milk of Magnesia or Mylanta and keep it on my hands for at least 20-30 minutes. I followed the instructions, but the first 10-15 minutes were so painful I wanted to quit and put my hands in ice water!!! But, I pressed through with the help of my family and finally my hands stopped burning!!!! I bet that most of these remedies work ... but you need to allow "time" to neutralize the capsacian!!! Good luck ... and wear gloves next time!!!
YOU ALL ARE SO WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: B SULLY THE IRISH SPICK on 2010-12-31
Growing up in New Mexico you are subject to every meal being extremely hot. Try making the mistake of skining 50lbs of green chile then using the restroom. Yes grabing your man junk before washing your hands. SUCK IT UP PEOPLE!!!!
milk works for me hot pepper and clearicil in eye Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-05
I had this experience with hot pepper on mouth, lip, genetal and anus and I used milk as a remedy. For me it worked. Those who tried all the different remedies and either did help or did not may be allergic. So, take care.
Baking Soda Helps Comments By: Christina on 2011-01-05
After cooking with peppers, my fingers began burning me. I decided go on Google and look for a solution. Thanks to the responses, I tried baking soda and afterwards washed it off with cold water. And the burning vanished!.
Wash hands before peeing!!!! Comments By: Carey on 2011-01-07
Okay this is legit, I was cutting up jabanero peppers for my burritos, immediately after I went to the restroom...BAD IDEA, I didn't wash my hands before going, my scrotom was literally burning for 20 minutes. Just from me going to the restroom!!!

Learn from this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cotton swab thing works when you use cold/cool aloe vera. Aloe is the only good thing you can put on a burn next to "burn creams".

Milk and Tylenol Comments By: L on 2011-01-13
rubbing alcohol didnt work well for me and neither did olive oil. milk was a lifesafer - for about five minutes at a time. I immersed my fingers in milk all evening and was grateful for it but when it was time to go to bed, I didn't know what to do! After a couple hours of torturous BURN, getting out of bed to put on more milk, trying to fall asleep, etc, I finally took two tylenol. After about half an hour or 45 minutes, I realized I wasn't feeling BURNING anymore, just pins and needles/tingling all over my fingers. That wasn't pleasant of course, but so much better than hands-on-fire. I was able to fall asleep soon after that and woke up in the morning PAIN FREE!!! My skin is still very sensitive (lukewarm water still hurts!) but I have no pain.
The best cure is not to get it in the first place Comments By: Brenda- The Jalapeno Lady on 2011-01-17
Hi, my name is Brenda Owner of Poppin' Poppers Jalapeno Grills and Acc. I have to core out hundreds of peppers a day and quickly invented my Popper Corer so that you don't get it on your hands in the first place. But accidents do happen so let me give some REAL advice.
#1 NEVER USE WATER water inhances the heat so ICE is out
#2 NO ALCOHOL! Alcohol rubbing or otherwise is very dangerous to use with the acid in peppers you can turn your pepper burn into real 3rd degree burns, so again bad idea.
#3 Milk is indeed my third choice, it actually cools it and moisterizes the area, unfortunately it takes a while.


ICECREAM! Vanilla prefered.

Fist it is cold and actually helps to numb the area, the vanilla and milk will moisterize your very tender skin, but the eggs awww the eggs are key, you see eggs have a natural ingredient that nutrilizes the acid in the peppers. See these and more tips on my website

nothing Comments By: MoRgie on 2011-01-23
maalox.... Comments By: Aide Pineda on 2011-01-31
I did to get jalapeno burns on both my hands the pain was excruciating no matter what I tried it wouldn't go away I tried rubbing alcohol nothing.. I tried mustard it worked for a lil then the pain came back worst I even tried ketchup nothing so I ended up in this site and tried some maalox like some of you said and it worked I left it there I didn't wash it off just in case and now I'm pain free:)
burned my nose with serrano pepper Comments By: angela on 2011-02-03
i had cut a serrano pepper and taken the seeds out, without washing my hands i proceeded to blow my nose because i have bad allergies right now. somehow to peppers juice went through the tissue and began burning my nose and a bit of my top lip. it hurt SO BAD!! i tried baking soda, putting yogurt in my nose (dairy product) and just trying to wait it out. my nose was swelling up on the inside and it was AWFUL!! after 20 minutes or so of crying and pain i decided to sleep it off. after i woke up from a 30 minute nap i felt completely fine. but it was definately a horrible experience
LEMON JUICE!!!! Comments By: Robase on 2011-02-07
Yea, lemon juice absolutly did the trick!!! Just do not take a leak before applying the lemon!!! Dumb idea!!!
HONEY did it for me Comments By: Chewy on 2011-02-11
Burnt my lips eating a jalapeno, tried milk, lemon, baking soda before trying honey, which finally worked for me. It seems pretty clear it's a trial and error thing for most people
Cutting Jalepeno Pepper w/out gloves had open cuts Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-14
I tried several of the remedies. Ice Water Works 4 a bit, then did alcohol (hand still on fire) so tried cream for burns, no luck,
then soaked in milk and then baking soda paste & I got some relief but it hurts now again back to all 3 again, really tired &
want 2 sleep, going 2 take anti-anxiety pill & hope for sleep

Lesson Learned! Comments By: Christy on 2011-02-27
I have read through alot of these comments, not all of them. The baking soda is definitely something I would try. However, I used shaving cream. I lathered it on my hands and let it dry for about 10 minutes. It helped ALOT along with a pain killer (Alleve). Hope this helps you!
Chilli Burns Comments By: Monique on 2011-02-28
After cutting up a variety of chillies my hands were on fire - oh the agony - tried all the remedies on the site, milk, salt,lemons,alcohol,and baking soda. The baking soda helped a little but not for long - I than found a tube of Voltaren Emulgel in my first aid box. I applied that and within half an hour I had total relief from the burn - I can truly recommend
The Voltaren Emulgel

Funny yet sad Comments By: Ben on 2011-03-06
Last night, around 2 am my girlfriend decided to make jalapeno poppers. She was rather quite typsy. She only cut up and de seeded 4, but that was enough. She's been laughing and whining all morning about the burning. Apparently taking a shower is the worst thing you can do. The mixture of hot water and shampoo made it worse. The baking soda seems to be working, but until it does, I can't stop smiling! The real remedy is obviously to get completely smashed because until she was sober...she didn't even notice the burn! My suggestion...when making anything with peppers...screw the gloves...have someone else cut the peppers!
Still trying! Comments By: Sarah on 2011-03-06
Thanks for the tips and advice. I cut up 15 peppers earlier and didn't even think to use gloves. Grrrr. I'm paying now! It's been 5 hours and my hands are still on fire. Also, I touched my eye lid, so that's hurting too. I've been soaking in baking soda, milk, used rubbing alcohol, cider vinegar, all to no avail. I'm going to resort to peeing on my hand soon, followed by washing with Dawn dishwashing soap. I hope one or the other works! Never again will I even touch a jalapeno pepper!
Ouch!! Comments By: Karen on 2011-03-06
I have had a bit of a cold the last few days so after I cut the jalepeno I accidently touched the inner edge of both of my nostrils simultaniously (thumb and pointer). What an idiot!! But I must say the only thing that gave me any relief was the rubbing alcohol. I tried a cold wash cloth but decided to google remedies because I was in so much pain. I'm glad I did. Alcohol really works. It doesn't hurt to have a glass of wine to dull the pain too. I'm just sayin'.
I have to say Comments By: riley on 2011-03-11
This is by far the funniest thread I have ever read, literally crying as I imagine all of you and your girlfriends going through this. I guess for myself the burn didn't bother to much I just didn't wan to spread it to my 2 year old so as I tried washing it off nothing worked so I found this thread and a laugh so hard hard I'm afraid to wipe the tears out of my eyes cause I don't what to end up taking a face bath in juice. To priceless I'm putting this link on Facebook.
Rubbing alcohol and milk!! Comments By: Liz on 2011-03-12
I ended up with jalapeno on my effing lips! I first used isopropyl alcohol (on cotton balls)then after, dipped my lips continuously into a small ramekin of milk for a couple of minutes. Burn went away in a few minutes.
the cure for pepper burning hands. Comments By: C.A.P. on 2011-03-12
lemon helps but orange juice cold from the icebox.Works wonders,wash hands with juice then with OJ done deal no more burning hands.
the cure for pepper burning hands and anything else Comments By: C.A.P. on 2011-03-12
lemon helps but orange juice cold from the icebox.Works wonders,wash hands with OJ done deal no more burning hands.be sure to rinse your hands with water real good.
chili burn INSTANT relief. Comments By: tinka osborne on 2011-03-15
after cooking with red chilis. ( no glovers )i washed my hands with soap and water. my hands were not burning just yet then and after 3 hours i had a hot shower,,, then the pain began. my hnds were on FIRE. awful pain! I googled the crap out of it and found a few methods to try.... vinigar, rum, milk, iced water, salt, bleech, tomato juice... etc etc. nothing worked... another 2 hours later it was getting worse. so i thought i would try my body shop milk bath... i soaked my hands in it for about 5 mins then let it all dry up on my hands and i got instan relief..... i went to bed with the dried up milk bath on my hands then in the morning the pain was completing gone and hands were only a little tender. i think it soaked into the pours and once it was dried it must of worked like a sheild!
What worked for me Comments By: Alyson Self on 2011-03-19
I tried everything from alcohol to milk of magnesia and nothing worked. So I called my uncle who a retired professional chef and he told me anything diary. Since I was was in the middle of cooking, I took the last little bit of Greek yogurt from the container and rubbed it all over the areas of my face that were insanely burning, then let it dry. I was pain free! And now 1 hr after washing the crusty mess off my face, I'm still pain free!
Clinique Sun-Care Aloe Body Balm Worked Comments By: CSP on 2011-04-20
I bought Clinique sun care body balm years ago because I live in the South. I once burned my finger and applied the balm because it was the only aloe based product in the house. Worked great. Today I forgot to wash my hands after seeding japapeno pepper and took a bite of food and my lips were on fire. Milk did not help. Put aloe body balm on my lips and the pain lessened right away and was gone within a couple minutes. THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT not only as a soothing moisturizer but as a very effective treatment for burn pain. Love it.
The Clinique website shows a product that's replaced the body balm. It's called After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe - probably the same thing. Great reviews.

try degreaser if you have it Comments By: mark on 2011-04-22
My daughter cut up a serrano pepper and about an hour later started complaining that the skin under her fingernails was hurting. After another hour, she was really hurting. Tried milk, bleach mixture, alcohol (she didn't like that one at all). The milk and the bleach solutions seemed to help as long as she kept her fingers in the solution but as soon as she took them out the pain came back. Finally tried shop degreaser from the garage. She said it felt better within minutes. Reapplied. 20 minutes later, she said most of the pain was gone. It's 11pm, and about 4 hours since she cut the pepper, so will have to see how things are in the morning.
face burn!! Comments By: mandy on 2011-04-23
I ate a small piece of jalepeno pepper whilst cooking the dinner and had a reaction instantly! my lips started to burnm which spread all through my mouth, up into my nose then across my whole face, when it reached my eyes they started to water which streamed down my face and actually felt like boiled water running down my cheeks. my whole face burning and then my eyes started to sting and i went blind for about 30 seconds. Horrible, so much pain - never felt anything like it, thought i was having an allergic reaction. then i googled it (through holding a wet cloth over my face). I found all these comments - milk worked instantly. drank about a pint and its gone!! awful pain.
USE PEPPER SPRAY CREAM Comments By: anon on 2011-04-27
Hop in your car and drive to the closest fire station. The paramedics have pepper spray cream. It was made for pepper spray burns and it works fast.
Let time heal it Comments By: J_girl on 2011-05-01
Just around 2 hours ago i accidentally pour chili sauce to my poor hand. I did a lot of things. Rinse it, rubbing with salt, alcohol and make up remover. Everything only works for just a while ( at least until it dry out) and the pain come back. So I just give up and try googling. Now, after 2 hours passed, the pain is getting better without me doing anything. Just make sure the room is cold so it would not be very painful. Be patient, and before you know, the pain is already disappear.
This is the funniest thread. Comments By: wm on 2011-05-07
I got a few habanero's last night to experiment with. Id made some sodium free hot sauce with dried red peppers and vinegar and liked it, so I thought Id try some other pepper and see what happened.
Holy mother of.....yeah, habaneros are complete and utter evil.
My hands STILL burn this morning a bit. I found out too late that I should have used gloves.
Wow. Never experimenting again :-D

Burt my face, noseand hands with jalapino pepper juice Comments By: michelle on 2011-05-22
I cut up about 20 peppers with no gloves never agian,I did the milk no help ice pack made it burn worse,alchol and malox and even buttermilk then i did bakesoda and water mask should have seen my hubby face when he walked in my eyes were red from pepper juice and crying my whole face was on fire, after a while it stopped burning
E-Cig Comments By: ritu on 2011-06-01
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If you are a smoker of conventional cigarettes which are harming your health and the quality of your life you should probably switch to e-cigarettes.

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Ouch!!! My hands are on fire!!! Comments By: Heidi on 2011-06-04
I made salsa w/out wearing gloves. Huge mistake. Im in so much pain that I feel like I'm going crazy. The alcohol did not help....what gives??
White toothpaste WORKS!!!! Comments By: ANON on 2011-06-06
Alcohol, milk, hand cleaner did not work.
My wife just got habenero oil on her lip and face. The only thing that wored, was usinf WHITE (not gel) toothpast. Relief was not instant, took a few minutes. Now shw sears by it.

When you'll try anything...try this! Comments By: Kalani on 2011-06-06
I have learned from reading ALL these comments that each of us is different in what works. Maybe it is the chemistry of our skin, natural oils, or pain levels. I was slicing peppers before work. What the heck can I find at the office to help with the pain. I have to say...I was impressed with myself for this one (after trying EVERYTHING)...I thought about what could pull the oils from the peppers out of the creases of my finger tips? Then I went on a hunt for good 'ol ELMER'S GLUE-ALL the same kind we buy for .25 cents a bottle when our kids are in grade school. I lightly coated my hands (palm surface and fingertips) to get a nice smooth layer on every place that burned. I let it dry (a fan helps), then I gently peeled the layer of glue off my hands. I could see my fingerprints in the peeled glue. I immediately had INSTANT relief from the burning. I was on the verge of going to the emergency clinic. The MAJOR heat was gone. I had a little mild burning when I touched something...so I repeated the steps to remove a little more of the peppers oils from my hands. I can't tell you what it means to be able to share this with anyone suffering. I hope it helps you. If only one person finds it successful, then my post was worth my time writing it. GOOD LUCK. Again, it seems like we all react differently to some of these remedies. ELMER'S spells RELIEF for me.
None of this stuff works. Comments By: anon on 2011-06-11
I tried everything listed on this site. baking soda, alcohol, vegetable oil, dish soap, lemon juice, juice even all of these mixed into one concoction. the only thing that worked for me was Aveeno Stress relief lotion. which has lavender, chamomile and oatmeal in it.
IRISH SPRING Comments By: D. Diamond on 2011-06-12
Totally as a fluke...my hands had been on fire for 12 hours, and were getting worse not better....I had to wash my feet after taking the dogs out...'surprise!'...and the Irish Spring mens body wash finally did the trick...at first it was gone for about 5 minutes...it did come back but not NEARLY as bad....vinegar, hand sanitizer, nothing else worked.
never again Comments By: tj on 2011-06-20
nothing is helpiing. the only relief m getting are from the icepacks that the maid is giving me.
Milk/Yogurt/Baking Soda Paste is the way to go. Comments By: Drue on 2011-06-20
Oh man, this site is amazing. All the laughing I did reading the stories of my jalapeno comrades probably did just as much good as my home remedy.
I cut a couple of jalapenos for cornbread and didn't feel any stinging for probably ten minutes...after I had touched my face all over. I was bad, oh the pain. I tried just ice water and then just ice, but that was just temporary relief and then insane pain. Finally I dumped a bunch of milk, plain yogurt, and baking soda in a bowl, mixed it up and made a paste that I put on my hands and face. The pain wasn't gone right away but it was bearable almost immediately. I kept the paste on for an hour and the pain is 100% gone now. Thank Jeebus!!!

Nothing works! Comments By: knows better... on 2011-06-22
I tried them all - still burning the next day. Stupidly tried to put in my contact lenses oh holy crap that burns!

Now starting to itch in places that haven't been contaminated. How long does this last?????

Antiseptic Spray Comments By: heartsafecooking.com on 2011-06-24
I do cooking videos and wearing gloves hinders certain things that I need to do. I am not saying don't wear gloves, you should, however if you did not, and have a pepper burn, Bactine or other antiseptic spray to your hands only, works. Pain begins to deminish fast but still takes a little time to completely go away. It becomes much more bearable though
OMGWTFBBQ! Comments By: fingerso'flame on 2011-06-25
Like all you other lovely folks, I was chopping some jalapenos without gloves. Everything was fine until one squirted me and I stupidly wiped my face with my jalapeno covered hands. Mind you, I was in the middle of a <Brand Name> Canning party (teaching people how to can food) and didn't feel like I should cancel the party because of my own stupidity. I wiped my face with a towel and used a milk soaked washcloth to dab my face. It still burned like crazy and I was sweating up a storm, but I persevered.

9 hours later, my fingers are BURNING! I must have gotten some oil under my fingernails and while the rest of the pain has gone away, this has only gotten worse. I've tried milk, baking soda, milk + baking soda paste, lemon juice (helped for about 5 minutes), lime juice, a cold pack(helped for a moment, and corn starch. I'm so glad I found this site because it actually helps to know that I'm not the only smart person doing stupid things :D I'm off to try the vinegar and then maybe some Jack Daniels to help me sleep.

A CURE! Comments By: fingerso'flame on 2011-06-26
Disclaimer: I am not trying to sell anything I'm just stating what worked.

I posted earlier about how I was going to try vinegar and then liquor. I did. It helped for about a minute each.

Then, I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, and put lotion on.

A specific lotion.

Avon's Skin So Soft Summersmooth lotion.


Upon further inspection, the lotion boasts that it contains cucumber extract, aloe, and milk.

Now, you are welcome to try and find some Summersoft lotion from your local Avon rep, but I think you could mix aloe, milk, and cucumber together and get the same result.

The burning is not completely gone, but it has toned down to the point that I can relax and drift off to sleep. After trying everything else, this seems to be as good as it is going to get for a while.

Don't be dumb! Comments By: Amanda on 2011-07-01
I have used jalapenos before in salsa and never had a problem with burning. Tonight I was cleaning 10 jalapenos to stuff and never imagined what pain I would be in hours later. I went to wipe my nose and my entire face was on fire and my hands. I tried tips on here like rubbing alcohol, baking soda paste, noxema, dawn...nothing works!! The only relief I found that was instantaneous and lasts is St. Ives Hydroxy Mask. It immediatley took away the burn from my face. I left it on for over 30 mins and peeled it off, reapplied for another 30 mins, peeled it off and the pain was all gone! I tried it on my hands as well but didnt have any luck. I guess its just good for the face. My hands are still burning, but only time will heal.
Next time I won't be dumb and wear gloves!!

URINE Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-04
It's gross but it works, I tried every single thing on here, read a few of the ones that said to pee on yourself, waited 10+ hours before I broke down and did it. But it WORKS. It worked instantly for me.
Weeweeafire Comments By: Jeremy on 2011-07-05
Dawn dish soap followed by "gold bond medicated triple action relief body powder". Long story short. Washed hands, chopped Jalapeno peppers, went to the bathroom, washed hands, ten minutes later washed genitals repeatedly, thought about dawn soap, washed genitals with dawn soap, applied powder, washed hands one more time for good measure... THE END :) hopefully.........
Florida Water seems to work... Comments By: Tiffmiester on 2011-07-16
Any of you out there who have kids who play soft/baseball in the south know what this is.... They put this in an icechest of icewater and towel down the players with it when hot... IT called Florida water.... I used it straight..It kills it instantly but the tingle does come back.. gotta do it a couple of times....if it doesnt go away it will keep the pain down if you put your hands in the ice water with florida water also
Toothpaste Comments By: iMomma on 2011-07-19
Wash the burn away with toothpaste. Works every time.
Butter Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-20
I was cooking peppers, which I do all the time! And for some reason, today the smell and smoke burnt my face, it was on fire! So, I rubbed a stick of butter all over my face! And it stopped hurting in 5 mins! Oh yea!!!
Jalapeo pepper burn treatment Comments By: Mr. Magoo on 2011-08-19
Called poison control after using hot water, yogurt, aloe, vinger, milk and lime. They told me to use Milk of magnesia and leave on for an hour. It brought it down from 10 out 10 to a 2 out of 10. WHAT RELIEF!!!!!!! it work after the first 10 or 15 minutes it was cured. Good luck to you hope it works as well for you!!!!
HONEY it is!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-23
I tried everthing - milk, alcohol, alovera, salt water, olive oil - nothing worked. HONEY was my savior. Just apply a generous portion to the affected area and let it stay on for 20mins and the burning sensation vanished!

I slit open 8 jalapeno peppers and removed the seeds without wearing gloves. This was the first time I actually bought them. Lesson learnt - use gloves!

Lips on FIRE Comments By: Debbi on 2011-08-01
I bit into a Hugarian wax pepper - which I was told was a SWEET tasting pepper - and wow! The burn was like nothing I have ever felt! Tried ice, but after reading this site, I put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and carefully applied it to my lips. It took about 15 minutes, but at this point the burn is bearable. PRAYING it does not return! Now, what to do with the tip of my tongue ... ouch!!
slowly but surely but not all together Comments By: Desperate Mom on 2011-08-02
We've tried everything on here. Nothing. Well, it's been 12 hours and at least he's not crying any more. Toothpaste works for a few minutes, 80 proof rum to soak hand in works for a few minutes. My 10 year old had decided that the rum is "holy water". Even tried a "nerve cream" to deaden the pain. uugh. sucks
Alcohol worked the best Comments By: Carol on 2011-08-20
My girlfriend gave me sweet peppers (or so she said) and even though they looked like jalapeno peppers, I believed her. Well, it didn't take long until I realized she was wrong. I tried all the remedies listed, and the one that gave me the most relief was the alcohol. The burning is at least bearable now, thank goodness. I might reconsider her as being my best friend!
sleepsleepsleep Comments By: marion on 2011-08-21
Nothing worked for me- aloe, cold milk, baking soda paste, salt, alcohol, nothing and my hands had been burnin for about 4 hours, i took a sleeping pill so i would at least fall asleep with this living hell on my hands. I slept like a baby and by the mornin everythings back to normal again, like nothing happened.
So, once ur starting to lose ur mind, try going to sleep. If the pain keeps u up n if u happen to have the sleeping pill that helps u fall asleep faster, take it.

Felt like it would never stop.... Comments By: apprenticechef on 2011-08-05
I was in excruciating pain after cutting and deseeding about 30 home-grown peppers that were NOT supposed to be hot. YEAH RIGHT!
Stupidly got the oil on my mouth and eye lid...but that pain subsided in like 20-30 mins without applying anything to them. But my poor hands swelled and were super red with the fiery pain! I washed my hands several times no relief. I tried rubbing alcohol -worked temporarily and then stopped working, ice worked like a dream and I used this for several hours thinking the pain would wear off naturally (we had people over for dinner!) but the minute I stopped icing the pain returned 10 fold! The ER said to wash with hot water and soap and to scrub my hands....absolutely the worst thing I did. It had my screaming in pain and running from the sink. NEVER APPLY HOT WATER! I tried lotions, aloe, jumped in the pool BAD IDEA! The chlorine killed! Lime juice was another temporary fix. Went online to get ideas and tried cold milk that provided some serious relief (lasted about 5 minutes after removal), but sure enough the burning returned.

I read online that repeating milk dunking and baking soda pasting worked, coupled with washing the oil off with dawn in between. And sure enough an hour or so later after using this thick baking soda paste letting it dry (even though painful), washing it off with dawn, dipping in cold milk and pasting again, several times...the pain stopped and I finally got to sleep. Unbelievable! 10 hours of pain!

(Don't think anyone understands the level of pain unless you've experienced it.)

The plastic gloves I should have used to cut the peppers with, I ended up using to fill with the baking soda paste and putting my hand in to try and keep the mess under control. I've since heard of people sleeping with their hands in these and waking up pain free.

Good luck all those reading this in pain!

this was rediculus Comments By: Leah Martin on 2011-08-08
I cut up jalepenos and my hands feel fine. But I few minutes later after I washed my hands I rub my nose. All I can say is thank you God I did not rub my eyes. Well my nose and upper lip is on fire. I can't very well pour milk up my nose. I washed my face 3-4 times with a cool wash cloth to scrub oil out of pores. Then put a aloe Vera all around my nose and lip area and fanned area and took 4 ibuprofen and minutes later I feel serios relief. Now I want to go eat my jalepenos!
hot hot hot hot Comments By: hot betty on 2011-08-11
seeded and cut two jalapenos 5 hours ago.
since then:
tried cold water. meh. ice pack. temporary relief.
milk - good until it got room temperature. milk/baking soda paste. temporary relief.
rubbing alcohol. temporary relief.
lavender essential oil. temporary relief.
i am now toying with (literally playing with chunks of solid oil) in a bowl of refrigerated coconut oil, baking soda, honey and lavender essential oil. so far so good, but i'm sure once the oil warms up and melts, i'll be in agony again.
even took about four vicodin, which have provided no relief.
next, i will pee on my hand if i have to.
this sucks! so glad its not both hands or face! and yay for the internet!

NO SLEEP FOR ME Comments By: Terese on 2011-08-12
I thought banana peppers were like a green pepper. Wrong. My hands have been burning for 11 hours now. I got on this site around 3:00 pm and tried everything to find some relief. Everything gave some type of relief for about 5 minutes but the pain returned with a vengence as every hour ticked by. It is now after 1:00 a.m. and I am back on this site looking for a miracle cure that I may have missed. Oh...Preparation H ...
stung worse than ever. Wait...Peroxcide and hydrocortisone....same 3 minutes of somewhat relief. Nothing....I mean...nothing has worked. I will give this site a perfect rating though. It has kept me busy for hours trying all the different remedies in sheer desperation. I will be spending the remainder of the night cleaning off my key board and mouse and desk from all the dried baking soda, tooth paste, sticky sugar and honey residue, hydrocortisone etc. etc. etc. grease (as I'm holding onto my ice pack).

call poison control Comments By: ashlie on 2011-08-13
My husband touched his man junk after cutting jalopinos, I called poison control they were so helpful and told me even though cold water feels better that to take a shower in Luke warm water and massage with regular soap for at least 15 minutes, she did say alcohol does work as a second option.
This concoction worked for me Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-13
Rubbing alcohol soak for 10 minutes, "its a 10" keratin hair conditioner then a cucumber lotion. This was my wifes idea and it worked. Go figure. Maybe it was helped by the two Corona's, my idea. Really this worked with out my idea.
Burning hands..go away Comments By: Cristina on 2011-08-14
So I wanted to make stuffed jajapenos on the grill and to my surprise the pain of them became unbaearable afterwards. So I soaked my hands in a bowl if cool (not cold) water for a couple of hours. Hoping it'd go away. It didn't. My bf went to get baking soda from the store and while he was gone I took a tylenol pm to try to sleep but before I did I washed my hands THOROUGHLY with a fragrance free soap. I left my right hand in water while I slept and my left hand had to suffer. When I awoke the pain in my left hand was gone but my right hand was burning only at the finger tips. So dipped it in baking soda and water .. Still burnt. Pleaded for another Tylenol pm .. He said no. And made myself go back to sleep. It's morning now and I'm tender but pain free to type this message. BOTTOM LINE: Wash jalapeo before using. Wash hands with plain soap thoroughly and God be with you for the next 5 hrs :/
Hungarian Pepper oil on my nose Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-14
I googled it& found BEER! I tried ice, alcohol, Dawn soap & water and finally, Foster Lager Beer did the trick....no I didn't inhale or drink it, (just a swigg)...I put it on cotton balls and dabbed my nose and upper lip...it took about 20 min & a few applications but voila! No more burn...next time I will wear gloves...
mud bath Comments By: suzie on 2011-08-15
after having my hands on fire for hours....I tried everything mentionned....still burning....so I thought for a bit and remembered that stings from bees stop with mud so got a cup of dirt and put cold water and rubbed my hands for about 15 minutes....the whole time the mud is on...I could not feel the burn....it kind of started back after i rinsed so I did it again and kept the mud and gloves on for hours....it saved me...lol
I too got jalapenos from my garden and decided to make jalapeno poppers about 20 cut and deseeded, (NO GLOVES)I will never do this again, my husband had never seen me cry this long. (NOT GOOD) I read all of these comments and went through all of the same pain as them. Jalepeno burns are pure hell.... My daughter told me to put my hands in tomatoe sauce. It did feel good temporary., but it might help someone else. I also tried tea. I made some hot tea from tea bags and then cooled it off and soaked my hands, this felt good for as long as it was soaking but once out it still burned. I was up most of the night I think I just past out.. out of tiredness. I will defenitly try these other remedies....
TRY THIS!!!! Comments By: Tracy on 2011-08-24
If you have any DIAPER CREAM WITH ZINC in the house, put it directly on the exposed areas; even in your nose. IT WORKS IMMEDIATELY!!!
baking soda.... finally! Comments By: stupid canner on 2011-08-28
so i chopped 6 cups of banana peppers for pickling without gloves. dumb! left hand starting burning around 5pm. wasn't so bad at first, managed it with ibuprofen and ice. but i know the oil was still on my hands so i tried: half and half, lemon juice, aloe vera gel. did not help. then tried afterbite for the ammonia - that helped a bit - took the edge off. i was still worried about the oils being in my skin though, so i scrubbed with salt and castile soap. huge mistake! burned worse than ever afterwards! got seriously worried and thought about emergency room. thankfully found this site and tried olive oil - took the edge off thank goodness but not perfect. then did the baking soda pack and scrub. by this time it was almost midnight. with the third baking soda on my hand i fell dead asleep and woke up at 2am with my hand STILL on fire. washed the pack off on the burn was gone. PRESTO! thank you baking soda! thank you series of tubes!
Ultimate resort to burning hands !!!! Comments By: Bambi on 2011-08-30
Starting wth rubbing flour , ice water, milk, baking soda paste, honey dips and oils ... Nothing worked for 8 hours .... Finally I have relief from mixture of xylocaine jelly and betnovate lotion. This is for all those in real trouble. I hope someone benefits from it .
Burning fingers and hands on fire from cutting up peppers Comments By: janie clinton on 2011-08-30
I tried all of these remidies none worked for almost 4 hours i loritab and sleeping pill went to bed 4 hours later with my hands still on fire that was almost 2 in morning when i woke up at 5.30 severe fire and pain was gone but fingertips sore and hand swollen i tried bleach baking soda ice pans of water only worked when hands were in it i have canned pepper every year last year jalepenoos javeneros cheyene never done this before and these were large hot bananna peppers.all iam saying is i passed out asleep still in fire ball pain.!!!!but i was glad to find this site the yogurt helped the most and cold!! or maybe i did not give other stuff enough time i was in so much firy pain barely could type on computer
Rubbing alcohol worked!! Comments By: Ali on 2011-10-21
I made a salad and had chopped up some jalapenos....Two hours later my hands were still on fire!!! I tried oil, cold water etc...nothing worked. Then tried rubbing alcohol like suggested and it worked! I poured it all over my hands and let it sit for a few minutes then about twenty mins. later poured it on my hands again...No more burning!
Baking Soda rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Morgan on 2011-10-22
Tried every damn thing on here only the baking soda worked. Mix a thick solution of baking soda and water. Soak your hand in it for a couple of minutes then wrap them in a baking soda pack soak two rags in thick solution and wrap them around your hands. I left them on for about 20-30 minutes but the relief was instant. I left it on longer to make sure the pain was gone for good and 20 minutes later it is.
dry shampoo! Comments By: mj on 2011-10-24
I tried everything finally got desperate and just started trying random stuff on the cabinet...and sprayed dry shampoo on my hands 95% better now. Apparently it not only absorbs oil from hair but it works on hands too.

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