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Tips for Carpet Stains

Submitted by Southern Belle

Windex Window Cleaner works great on stains even helps remove red wine.

Carpet Cleaning Machines ::: add regular cleaners and then add some of the following to really get the dirt out!

Oxy Clean [Dollar Tree Brand Works Good]
Awesome Cleaner [Can find at Dollar Tree Stores, Clear White Spray Bottle Cleaner is Yellow ]
Color Safe Bleach [which ever brand u use]
Formula 409 

I usually mix my own brew before adding to machine, MAKE SURE TO USE HOT WATER TO POWDER OXY CLEAN BEFORE ADD TO MACHINE! make sure there is no powder dilute - dilute - dilute!

Mix in a Huge Plastic Pitcher add 1/4 -1/2 cup of ingredients in hot water then add to machine.

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awesome Comments By: marsha on 2007-10-19
awesome will work great not only on carpet i put a cup in every load of wash.for unseen stains.

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