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Drainage in the garden

Submitted by Richard

To test how well your garden soil drains, run the hose on the surface at different points around your garden. Then observe what the water does. If it drains away immediately, your soil is too sandy for most plants; dig in some compost, or other organic matter, or apply a mulch when the soil is wet to help it retain water.

If the water stands for 30 minutes to 1 hour, the drainage is ideal for vegetables and flowers. If it remains in the hole for several hours, your soil drains poorly. Either dig in some sand, manure or compost, or construct raised beds of improved soil.

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garden floods
Comments by: irene cooperthwaite from North East England Jun 11, 2011
every time it rained hard my garden was under water eventually creeping up towards the house.
we dug a hole about 3ft. deep put in a plastic barrel with holes. then imersed a pump which switches itself on when water reaches a certain level. from the pump we let small drain pipes to outside of the garden (we had no drains nearby). now our garden gets the rain it needs and never floods

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