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Below are a selection of cleaning tips from this category

 Cutting Dust In Your Home
 Here we are going to tackle some of the best ways to keep dust down ...

 De-fluffing a vacuum cleaner brush
 Here is a great way to clean your vacuum cleaner brush

 Hands. Remove smell from hands
 Are your hands often left feeling 'slimy' after using bleach? Try ...

 Keep tennis shoes white
 Keep those white tennis shoes nice and white!

 Polish leather for a long lasting great shine:

 Mahogany wood. Cleaning, Scratches and more
 Cover scratches in mahogany wood using this great tip

 Make cleaning carpets easy
 Here is a tip to make carpet cleaning easier

 Make your own duster
 Make your own duster using this tip

 Smoke smells on personal items
 Get rid of smoke smells in your personal items using this tip:

 Strip wax from linoleum and vinyl floors
 Here is a tip to strip wax from a vinyl or linoleum floors for a ...

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