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Cutting Dust In Your Home

Cleaning your home can be tough as it is an ongoing task.  Dusting is one task that many of us don’t like to do because it seems like once you dust; the very next day there is a coating of dust over your furniture, picture, even on the floors.  Here we are going to tackle some of the best ways to keep dust down in your home so this chore doesn’t become an overwhelming time consuming task for you.

When washing your rags that you use to clean with in the home, be sure to wash them in vinegar to cut lint.  Cutting lint on items that you use to clean your home is going to be a small step in cutting dust but it will help.

Ceiling fans in your home often get dirt and dust stuck on the tops of the blades.  To cut back on the dust that your fans hold, polish the fan blades with furniture cleaner that has bees wax in it.  The bee’s wax will help keep static on the fan to a minimum.  Keeping static to a minimum will mean that dust won’t cling to your fan, which is less dusting!

One thing you can do with your television, your stereo and your computer is to use anti static cleaners on the screens, glass, and the unit themselves.  Because static pulls all types of dirt towards electronics you will find that they are most often going to need cleaned. When buying any type of electronic cleaner, be sure that the label states anti static or at least reduces static to meet your needs. Using a fabric sheet and rubbing over the outside of your computer equipment, along the desk and on the chair where you sit at the desk will help break down static as well.

Using vinegar in your water when mopping the floors and when scrubbing your carpets will help cut down on static electricity.  You can also use a bit of liquid fabric softener in your water when you are washing down your floors, your pictures, frames and other items in the home to cut back on static and to leave a great smell through out your home!

Electric heaters can cause static in your home, making dust cling to pictures, photos and plants around them.  Only running the electric heat when needed will cut down on dust accumulations.

Putting coal into a hopper for a self-feeding furnace will cause black dust in your home.  If possible, use an auger to feed the coal into the hopper, which will cause less dust in the air.

If you have an oil or gas furnace, changing the filter on the air returns will keep the dust down.  Changing the filter at least once every six months will ensure that your air is kept cleaner.

Cutting pieces of nylons and putting them stretched out in the hot air registers in your home will keep dust from coming out of the duct work in your home.

Having your carpets cleaned and raked at least twice a year will keep dust from floating in your home.  The fibers from the carpet are sucked up when they are cleaned keeping them from becoming dust in your home.  This same principle applies to your sofa and chairs, having them cleaned once or twice a year will keep dust down in the home.  Vacuuming off the couches and chairs every time you do the floors will also keep dust, dirt and ‘floaters’ in the air to a minimum.

Cutting down on the amount of dust that you will have in the home means that you have to find the sources of your dust and learn to control the dust.  If you live near a busy highway or dirt road, you may not be able to open your windows as often when you are fighting a dust problem.

If you want to cut back on dust even more, you could spend a bit on an air purifier that specializes in working on allergies and dust problems.  While this can be expensive it may well be worth it if you have major dust problems in your home.

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