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Here is a collection of recent visitors tips that as yet have not been added to other sections.

 Bad breath and body odor cured by chlorophyll
 Chlorophyll is the chemical that makes plants green and is essential ...

 Chewing gum removal
 Rub on some paint thinner. The results are spectacular!!

 Children and Deodorant
 Growing children often do not realize as much about hygiene as you ...

 Chlorine made it dissapear immediately
 I recently had a leaking inkjet printer's cartage that stained my ...

 Clean and soft hands with brown sugar and olive oil
 A little brown sugar and a spoon of olive oil is very good for ...

 Cleaner hands after DIY
 Dried wood putty, paint, and other fix-up materials can be easily ...

 Cleaning grubby hands after decorating or gardening
 Mix sugar or salt with neat washing up liquid and use to clean hands, ...

 Cleaning onion and fish smells off of hands

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