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Nicotine stain remover from your fingers

Submitted by Nic-Away

"Nic-Away" is a speciality wipe that will be coming to market soon. I have been using it for a few months and works very well. The solution/wipe removes the nicotine and moisturizes the fingers and gets rid of the smell as well.

Visitors comments

Could you tell me more about the product? Comments By: Jamie on 2006-09-11
Hi there,
I'm a smoker who is quite conscious of the smell of smoke on my hands. I'd like to know more about your product i.e. when you plan on bringing it stores, where I can buy it, etc.... What a great idea!

No such product! Comments By: George on 2007-01-08
Apply lemon juice to the nicotine stain and gently rub with a pumice stone.

So much better than relying on a non-existant product

Nicotine stains Comments By: Anon on 2007-04-23
Where can I get this product called Nic-Away and how soon?

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