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Cleaner you tips Cleaning onion and fish smells off of hands

Submitted by jennifer & Tom Pethtel

  • After cutting up all the onions you need - take your salt shaker & put about 2-3 shakes of salt onto your hands - rub for about a minute - then wash your hands with soap. This will cut the onion oil & smell off of your hands. I learned this from my grandmother!

  • Get rid of the bad odors on your hands, example raw fish or onion with a few drops of pure vanilla. Keep all kinds of animals out of your trash bags, spray pure bleach or ammonia directly on the bag after it is outside ,no kind of varmit will touch it.

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cleanling onion and fish smells off of hands Comments By: nadia al-zanki on 2006-01-18
by rubbing hand with a peice of lemon
Not the most effective way ... Comments By: Sue on 2010-01-08
The most effective way to get onion smells off your hands is to wash them afterwards by soaping your hands then rubbing them round a metal ice cream scoop or the like - I believe in some outlets you can purchase metal "soap" bars for the purpose !
pig muck Comments By: Julie Bailey on 2010-01-11
my son works on a pigfarm and cannot get rid of the horrific smell of his hands, please can annyone tell me how to remove the horrifc odour.

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