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Cleaner you tips Foot odor cure

Foot odor, soak feet in a bowl of dark water tea (the tannin). At a moderate temperature.

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Cure for Smelly Feet Comments By: Stanley Ng on 2004-08-05

I am Stanley from Malaysia. Incidentally, I had smelly feet problems many years ago. Ambarassed by the problem, I tried using the cologne "DENIM" onto the sole of my feet each morning before I wore my socks. Within 2-weeks, my problems were gone. I continued applying the cologne until I completely finished the whole bottle. The smelly feet problem never returned. I am not sure if other brand of cologne would have a similar effect but it is good to seach for the brand "DENIM" and try this method if your have the smelly feet problem.

I have since recommended this solution to many and it works.


Best regards,
Stanley Ng

foot odor tip Comments By: Vicky White on 2005-06-10
I have heard that if you use a fabric softner sheet in each shoe it totally elimates odor.

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