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Cleaner you tips Silly Putty in Hair

Submitted by Dan

To get Silly Putty from hair simply spray hair with cooking spray like Pam, and let sit for 10-15 minutes then use a fine comb and comb out.

Silly Putty slides right out!

Visitors comments

Works like a charm! Comments By: maddie's mom on 2004-09-10
My three year old daughter was making necklaces with silly putty and put one around her neck. It got stuck in her hair in several places. This Pam Spray tip worked so easily!


It really worked Comments By: N.B. on 2004-09-17
My 5 yr. old daughter woke up @ 4:30am with silly putty in her waist length hair (older brother left it on bed). A big gob of it was stuck close to her scalp. The cooking spray worked perfectly!! Thanks!
great tip! Comments By: arwinkelle on 2004-11-30
This worked so well!! I thought we'd have to chop the rest of my 5 year old daughter's hair (it's already short) and she'd end up looking like a little boy!! Thank you so much!
unbelieveable Comments By: summer's mom on 2006-03-18
thank god i read this tip! i was so nervous i was going to have to chop all my hair off. and i read at another site to use rubbing alcohol, but that did absolutely nothing. i found this tip, said oh well its worth a shot. im sohappy i tried causenow theres no more silly putty in my hair. (my daughter was playing with my hair and thought it needed a silly putty barret.)
Wonderful Comments By: Shannon on 2007-01-11
its 1:00AM and im online looking to remove this stuff after finding myself stuck to my pillow with SILLY PUTTY. Thanks so much.

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