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Removing Dirt and Grease from gardening or working on cars

Submitted by Jim

My hands get dirty and callused from gardening and working on my car. I use the Personal Pumi Bar to remove grease and dirt stains from my hands and skin. I wet the bar with soap and water and then rub it on my hands in a circular motion. Best product I have found to do the trick. I bought it from Teregen Personal Proudcts.

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I use it too! Comments By: Ted on 2005-07-08
I bought the Personal Pumi Bar too, I am a mechanic and my hands get really dirty and greasy, when I come home from work I use the Personal Pumi Bar as I was the grease off my hands and around my nails. My wife is so glad I bought it.
Excellent Product Comments By: Bob on 2005-07-16
I work as a landscaper and my hands get full of dirt and extremely calloused from digging and lifting heavey stones. I use the pumi bar to remove the dirt and grass stains. Plus it does an awesome job on my callouses. I recommend it to anyone.

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