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Cleaner you tips Remove wood stain from skin

Submitted by Petua

I tried unsuccesfully to remove wood stain from my skin using hand soap, dish soap, Goop, and nail polish remover. When all of those attempts failed and left my hands sticky I turned to the web and read some suggestions including vinegar, lemon juice, and bleach. Unfortunately I did not have any of those items on hand so I kept searching. Finally, I found a suggestion of using vegetable oil (which I DID have). To my surprise, it worked great! Of course it's a 2-step process because then you need to remove the vegetable oil, but that's done easily with ordinary dish soap.

Note: Supposedly, vegetable oil also removes paint and grease although I haven't tried it yet.

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awesome! Comments By: [email protected] on 2005-02-13
googled this question and the tip worked perfectly. just got finished staining a bunch of wood and wasn't able to get the stain off... the vegetable oil worked perfect. good tip!
I can't belive this works... Comments By: Jeff on 2005-08-06
Good work son
Genuis Comments By: anon on 2006-08-08
worked like a charm in seconds. Thanks!
thank you! Comments By: Lilly-PA on 2007-01-15
We didn't have veggie oil - so we used corn oil instead. It also did the trick. I can't believe how quick it came right off. Thanks for your help!
Thanks... Comments By: Anon on 2007-04-22
Canola oil works too!
? Help ?? Comments By: Kevin on 2007-06-11
After removing polyurethane and varnish with varnish remover, the stain left on my fingers will not go away. I tried the oil and dish soap, did not work. FIngers are still bright red. Any ideas anyone?
Thank you! Comments By: Angela on 2007-07-08
I also didn't have vegetable oil, or corn oil... Olive oil works fantastically!
It worked! Comments By: Holly on 2007-07-13
I tried bleach and soap at first and it was not working. That is when I did some research and found your tip. In seconds it was all off, even around the finger nail. Thanks!
Perfect! Comments By: Sarah on 2007-07-22
Worked just like you said. Just rubbed the skin with vegetable oil and then washed with regular hand soap and I'm as good as new! Thank you so much
WOW! Comments By: Woodstock on 2007-08-17
I can't believe this worked. I tried everything and nothing worked until I tired the vegetable oil. Thanks!!

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