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Cleaner you tips Remove highlighter from skin

Submitted by Amy

To remove highlighter marker from your skin, just use nailpolish remover containing acetone!

It comes off quickly and easily. Just use a tissue or cotton ball.

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doesn't work Comments By: anon on 2006-05-25
I scrubed it for 5 minutes and all it did was smear.
Highlighter Comments By: anon on 2006-08-06
It works but now I smell like nail polish remover, it took a good long shower for me to be sure to be rid of the stink
Doesn't Work Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-15
While it removes the highlighter, it left an awful rash on my skin and I wouldn't recommend it!
STAIN REMOVAL QUESTION Comments By: Mary C on 2008-11-20
Removing Yellow Highlighter From My Daughters Cotton Sweatshirt Comments By: Mary C on 2008-11-22
I tried your suggestion; using RUBBING ALCOHOL to remove the yellow highlighter from my daughters grey cotton {hoodie} sweatshirt. It absolutely worked; and it was virtually effortless. Thanks for your helpful solution.
dont work Comments By: marcy on 2010-10-09
it does not do nothing but it does take off pen ink
THAT DOESN'T WORK!! Comments By: Lori on 2011-04-19
The best thing I found that worked is to use baby wipes. Seems they have a magical ingredient that takes off pretty much anything and its not harmful to your body. I know from experience because I just cleaned a lovely blue off of my 2-year-old's face! It also helps take off pen marks!

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