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Cleaner you tips Chewing gum removal

Submitted by Moe

Rub on some paint thinner. The results are spectacular!!

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Great Tip Comments By: Sherry on 2004-08-30
Gum come right out. Gum had been on jacket for a little over a month, I finally decided to look for a way to save one of my favorite jackets. Thanks so much for the great tip.
seriously works so good Comments By: Jared on 2004-11-18
had a gum stain on my car seat, rubbed some paint thinner on it, took it out completely just by rubbing. didnt fade the material at all, looks brand new.
chewing gum removal Comments By: nadia al-zanki on 2006-01-18
but peice of cloth on top of the spot and iron it

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