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Strip wax from linoleum and vinyl floors

Do you see flakes of wax from your linoleum or vinyl flooring when you are sweeping it? This means it is time for a deep cleaning. Or, maybe your white linoleum or vinyl floor has a yellow colour to it, then this means it could be time to strip the wax from your floor leaving a clean shine.

Here are a few tips for when it come to stripping wax from linoleum and vinyl floors:

  • Use isopropyl alcohol to strip wax from linoleum or vinyl floors. Remove old wax by mopping with a mix of alcohol and water, mix a solution of 3 pans water to 1 pan rubbing alcohol. Scrub this in well and rinse thoroughly. Most likely you need to do this on your hands and knees with a good scrub brush to get all the wax off. Be sure the area is well-ventilated and wear gloves to protect yourself.

  • You can also strip wax from your vinyl and linoleum floors using club soda and scrub brush.

  • Remove wax from your linoleum or vinyl flooring using vinegar and a scrub brush with just a cup of cream of tartar added to your water.

For regular cleaning and to keep your wax build up to a minimum, use one cup of vinegar, one cup of amonia and a gallon of water. Mopping your floor with this mixture will keep the wax build up to a minimum. This mixture also works to keep wax off of tile floors.

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stripping vinyl flooring Comments By: Connie Jones on 2004-12-30
I love this page on stripping vinyl flooring and would like to keep it handy on a hard copy. I've tried to highlight it so I can copy it to another program to run off and I've tried print screen. Neither seems to work. Is it possible to print?
TipKing Says: There are features at TipKing that prevent the copying and pasting of the tips. I am sorry that you are having problems, however the page will print as it is if you select print from your file menu

copy the info Comments By: anon on 2009-03-01
all you have to do is hold your left click while moving the mouse over the text you wish to copy. then when the text you need is highlighted, you right click to open the dialog box, and left click on "copy". go to the start menu from there, and find and open "notepad", right click to open the dialog box, and left click on "paste". the file tab in the upper left corner of that window will drop down to give you a "save as" option. you can store the file anywhere on your computer, and cut and paste the info into another program (like ms works word processor) and print out a copy, if you like.

TipKing says: Yes the features mentioned in the earlier comment have been lifted

dirty floor under wax Comments By: krystal on 2011-02-18
Help me:) my floor has lines in it and dirt gets down in there and mom used mop and shine and it did make the floor look better but I cant get the dirt out of the cracks? thanks

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