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Make cleaning carpets easy

My carpet is seventeen years old, peach colored and had stains that my good carpet shampoo (Kirby) couldn't remove. I heard that Windex glass sprayed on stains and shampooed would remove almost anything. I shampoo with Cleaning Ideas foaming carpet shampoo and spray the stubborn stains with Windex as I shampoo.

Windex even removed the soft drink Big Red that is almost impossible to remove.

My carpet shows some wear, but it is very clean-looking. We have lots of traffic on it, as we have four children, nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, not to mention numerous friends. They all congregate at our home for all family gatherings.

Submitted by Patsy Lynn

Remember to try a test patch when using any new cleaning ideas.

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windex for carpet stains Comments By: starkrazi on 2005-09-05
amazing how this really worked. my carpet had pet urine and vomit since my dog got sick two weeks ago.i wanted to steam clean but i finally used windex and a paper towel and the stains disappeared. i then sprinkled with baking soda let it sit then vacuumed. my carpet looks new again!!!
another carpet cleaner Comments By: Stephanie on 2005-10-13
I had red cool-aid spilled on my blue carpet. I tried everything I could think of to get it out. I tried oxyclean and that just made the spot spread. About 2 and a half months later I tried simply green. I let it set in for about 20 minutes and then shampood. It came right out. You still need to do a test spot first, but it works and it leaves your house smelling good for days.I am going to try the windex treatment though.
awsome carpet cleaner Comments By: marsha on 2005-10-16
awsome it cost a dollar at family dollar it get anything out.
another carpet cleaner Comments By: Kathy on 2008-09-17
use shaven cream it gets out everything and makes carpet shine right back up as if it were new.

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