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Submitted by Ben Leefield

There are quite a number of free and fee-based people search engines, but it’s simple to carry out a search for people on the web without paying anything for it. The most popular free search engines are listed below.

You can also use the best known Search Engines like Google and Yahoo, but because they aren't particularly focused they tend to return very broad results sometimes resulting in millions of results. If you haven't got a lot of time,you are probably better off using a specific People Search website.

The sites below are free and provide highly categorized and filtered results including photos from social media, social networks and the deep web.

Tracing Friends

To trace friends or relatives using the internet, it is best to use a free internet people tracing service. The easiest one to use is on WikiWorldBook and its called Trace.This enables users who are looking for someone to create a unique website page which is indexed by the search engines like Google and Yahoo and then displayed in their search results (SERP’s). These results display whenever someone searches on that name, so in effect, you are using Google and Yahoo like noticeboards. This is quick and simple to use - you just type in the persons name and they do the rest.

Reasons for a People Search

Thereare many reasons to know what's on the web about you, your family, friends or acquaintances:

-Find old friends, relatives and work colleagues you have lost contact with.

-Know what prospective employers can find out about you on the internet.

-Find information about famous people like celebrities and politicians.

-Find out what old classmates or ex boyfriends / girlfriends are now doing.

-If you're dating - be prepared!

-Vanity (“self-Googling" or “ego-surfing" is common, but rarely admitted to).

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i am looking for my friend
Comments by: felix from lagos nigeria Aug 20, 2011
my name is felix, i am looking for my friend her name is precious, she lives in lagos apapa, i saw her in camp last weeek, plz helpn me, [email protected]

Comments by: Laura Clarke from Milton Keynes, UK Aug 01, 2011
Hi I am looking for my real father - I only know he would be in his late 50's - his name is Stephen Patrick Turner with parents called Janet and Dave if they are still together. His brother is called Anthony. Steve worked at Bedford and Arlesey Hospital and lived in bedford. His parents lived in Hitchin. Please someone help - this is all the information I have. you can email me at [email protected]

who is my dad
Comments by: shauna from nottingham Aug 07, 2011
i know my real grandpa's name but only 1st and ive
met him once. im 13 and have never met me real papa. i know me papa is tall and Italiano and gypsy and has an another boy older than me. i feel scared to ask me mum bout him. HELP ME...this problem is really annoying me

Find my dad
Comments by: Aimee from UK Jul 14, 2011
Im 15 and never seen my dad once im at that ag i really want to get in contact with him but dont know how? all i know is his name is Richard Coombes he may have changed it and i believe he went cripin school in street i believe he has lived in the somerset area in the past 5 years please can someone help me xx

Looking for 1st Cousin
Comments by: Charles from Malta Jul 12, 2011
I am looking for Gloria Smith nee Samuel formerly from Southampton UK. Till late 80's living at Havant UK at Langstone High Road. Possibly now living in Oxfordshire with Gordon Hamms. please contact [email protected]

I am searching for my biological family!
Comments by: kee kee gammon from wheelersburg, ohio Jun 27, 2011
My name is Kee Kee and I am searching for my biological father, James Erwin Riley, last known him to be in Tampa Florida. He has a sister and brother, Aunt Terry, Uncle Trip. I would just like to reunite to find out how the family is. I live in Ohio, I am on facebook and yahoo. If you know them or possibly they read this I would love to say Hello and that I miss you.

looking for my dad
Comments by: danny allan from england May 31, 2011
i have never seen him i am only 13 his name is craig cowman plz help me !

Trying to find my son
Comments by: Ray Boyd from New York May 26, 2011
I am looking for my son Raymond Washington he was born 11/9/1989 and he was adopted in 1997 and his name has change to Raymond Rodriguez. If you know him E mail okay or go to facebook.

Thank you !!!

looking for someone special
Comments by: iva moore from shelby north carolina May 12, 2011
i am looking for david riley. he was stationed at norfolk naval base in1965-poss1969. he walked shore patrol outside the main gate would like totalk to him and catch up about our famlies.

looking for half brother
Comments by: paula lawrence from hampshire uk May 20, 2011
i have been trying to look for my half brother.. richard dring last known off farmingdale new jersey usa.. i believe he is now 45!!! is unsure if he is still alive or deceased... would hope him to be alive,so if anybody knows of him or his whereabouts could they please let him know that i am still trying to find him thankyou !!

from caoline liverpool england.20th may 2011
Comments by: caroline from liverpool May 19, 2011
my name is caroline and i am looking for my boilogical father.His name was pete and he served on the uss thomas jefferson or ss thomas jefferson in 1945 at that time the ship was in liverpool england.While in l/pool he met my mum hence this plea to find him or any other family.My mums name is kathy, she has a picture of my fathers friend who was also on the same ship,his name was Ray i have a picture of my dad. I Believe Ray was a sparks and pete was officer.Please help before as time is precious. thankyou. please [email protected]

hunting 2 never met half sisters
Comments by: sue from usa May 10, 2011
i live in ga. and was told i have two half sisters living or born around tampa florida,one would have been born around 1962. father r.c. anderson of georgia. i am his oldest daughter and was told this information about 10 years ago. whoever you are you will be kin to the edge's from tampa florida and we have almost the exact same name psa

looking for my dad
Comments by: jeanette mcging from London,England May 10, 2011
Looking for my dad..John Michael McGing he is about 56-59 yrs old.Think his family were Irish and know he lived in Whitechapel,tower hamlets in London. If you have any info pls contact me on 07949871314

im looking for my biological dad
Comments by: nicole anne elena rollog from philippines May 10, 2011
my dad's name was darren george he lives in anilao mabini, batangas. I never see him only on pictures and they say im a xerox copy of his face not included on his eyes . i hope you can help me.

i hope i can find him T.T

help find my sister
Comments by: sarah from uk May 10, 2011
hi my name is sarah lee im from coventry uk. im looking for my sister jackie lee. i havent seen her since are dad terry lee died in 1985

trying to find my bio father EVANS
Comments by: Roger Grossman from Spain May 10, 2011
Im trying to find my bio father his name is or was Frank or Francis Evans in 1952/3 he worked at BRS Blenheim Street or Road and would have been 30 or 40 years old, he lived somewhere near or on Old Kent Road London, anyone remember any of this please contact me at [email protected] Thanks

lauren from turkey
Comments by: peter from Blackpool England May 10, 2011
my name is peter and i am looking for someone named lauren that lives in manchester with a sister called chelsea lauren is 14 and i met her in turkey would be nice to find her again :)

my dad isnt here
Comments by: sophia from astley ( tyldesly) May 10, 2011
im looking for michale john stevenson im his daughter sophia ellis stevenson, i hope my dad will please come and find me im still where i was im in the same house send me a letter or something let me now that you care please. thank you

Comments by: Anita Swinson from united kingdom May 10, 2011

Searching for my dad...
Comments by: Becs from England Apr 12, 2011
Hi im searching for my biological dad, his name is Glynn david evans, he was living in the lichfield area the last time i heard, he should be around 52-56 years.. his mum was scottish his dad was welsh or vise versa not really too sure, comes from a big family, he married a margaret elisabeth hall around 1987 or 88 i think... Not really too sure..
But if anyone knows anything please get hold of me, my email address is [email protected]
Many thanks...

I want to find my family
Comments by: jess hamilton from kent, uk Apr 01, 2011
I have been looking for my dad for 1 year. I know his names Matthew hamilton, and i think he is stil living around the kent area. I alo want to find my nan in wales (his mum) her name is june, i dont know if it is hamilton, and his brothere in wales james hamilton, he also has sisters, sandra hamilton, with a son lewis, and possibly another sister. if u have any informtion email [email protected] thanks

looking for my dad timothy rutland
Comments by: danny buron from oxfordshire ox44tz uk Apr 04, 2011
hi my name is danny buron lookin for my bio dad doesn't kno i exsist, i am 24years old and i have never met my father i dont think he even nos i exsist, his name is timothy rutland based around oxfordshire area uk, my mothers name is eden esley buron, all i no about him is that is name is timothy rutland i would like to meet my father and c what i have taken from him and what my kids have taken from his side i would like my kids to grow up knowing who there grandad is and i would like to no who my father is.if anyone nos of a timothy rutland or heard of a timothy rutland around oxfordshire could you please contact me thank you email: [email protected]

I want to meet my sister
Comments by: Rachael from Scotland Feb 18, 2011
I have never met my sister but I would like to meet her. I don't know her full name, I just know that it's Karen, she used to see my dad but once I was born she stopped going to see him. She was young then. She'd be about twenty now and she's from Scotland. I don't know if she knows I exist but I would love to meet her. My name's Rachael, My dad's name is Liam and my grans name is Ann. If she read this she would hopefully know who I was. She could find out my surname from her mum and add me on facebook. Her old surname used to start with an F but I think her name may have changed. I'm 14. I hope this post helps...

Comments by: ANGEL from USA Feb 19, 2011

Serching for my twin sister, TERESA DYER from Scotland...
Comments by: Anonymous from Burnie, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA Feb 09, 2011
I am searching for TERESA DYER ( SHEALS ) married to MICHAEL DYER
I am BERNARD SHEALS ( Snr ) Twin brother to TERESA.............
Please send any infoto me at email, [email protected]
I live in AUSTRALIA, now xxxx
Any help will be very very gratefully appreciated.

Serching for TERESA DYER my twin sister, SCOTLAND
Comments by: Bernard SHEALS (Snr.) from Burnie, TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA Feb 09, 2011
Teresa Dyer ( SHEALS) married Michael Dyer.
I am yoyr twin brother Bernard Sheals, Snr... I live in Australia...

Any helpful information, please e-mail me at [email protected]

looking for my dad after 24/25 years
Comments by: shona mclaughlin from uk Feb 09, 2011
hi my name is shona, i am looking for my dad, his names paul sharman, i am told his d.o.b is 5/5/55 and he was born in hull although i am not sure how true this is, its been about 24 years since i see him last and would give anything to find him, i tried all the sites but nothing is for free, please feel free to email me [email protected]

abbey mitchell
Comments by: Anonymous from Not specified Feb 01, 2011
hi i know a man called mark seggers, (seogalutze) im
not sure if hes the man you are looking for but thought id try anyway, could you tell me your mums name and if you have a brother or sister? the mark i know is not from scotland, hes 35 years old!

looking for aunt
Comments by: emma from Not specified Feb 01, 2011
hi im looking for my dads sister! her name is
laura leanne soregina, she was born april 5th 1960 in dachau germany, her real mothers name is anna soregina! her adoptive parents are theresia berta huber and william taylor beaty! he was a usa service man stationed in dachau between 1960 - 1968! laura had to be taken from her mum due to it being bad times in germany then, if you have any info please email me at - [email protected] many thanks

lookin for david bellemy
Comments by: a.whelan from ireland Jan 31, 2011
lookin for my bio dad doesn't kno i exsist living some where in uk around the 65 age group im 23 and would like to know more about him

finding my sister
Comments by: Angela Guerra Lewis from Trinidad Jan 31, 2011
I am Angela Guerra looking for my sister Carmen Webb,and at the time was married to Eduardo Rosario
from Rio Piedras Puerto Rico.She have two children
Natalia and Paul.I do hope someone out there see this and let me know,i will be very thankful.

Looking for John Eldridge possibly South Africa, born 1938
Comments by: Jason from Hastings UK Jan 24, 2011
Looking for John Eldridge possibly South Africa, born 1938 Hastings UK.
Please contact Jason if you have any information thank you.

[email protected]

Trying to Find Biological Father
Comments by: K.J Salii from Republic of Palau Jan 24, 2011
NEED HELP...Been Tryin to find biological father by the name of Kenneth A. Peck who was stationed Angaur in 60's a US Coast Guard, Communications and was transfered to Guam around year of 1965/66. Never met him but have a picture that was taken @ Angaur beach. Please contact me [email protected]

Lost friend
Comments by: Svetlana Rybina from Moscow Jan 24, 2011
Hi,my name is Svetlana.I look for Branka Zdravkovyz.He was born in 1972.He was born in Bulgary.Now he lives in London.If you have some information about him,please write to me [email protected]

Comments by: Louise Alker from Liverpool Jan 24, 2011
Love the site. I have just found out i have an adopted sister.Her name is Doreen, born 23/12/1944 in Liverpool Walton Hospital Liverpool.Her birth mums name was JINNIE MICHELS formaly Globe her birth certificate states W S BAILEY was registrar.Mums address at the time of having Doreen was 13 KIMBERLY STREET LIVERPOOL 8.I do not know her adopted surname.I dont know why she was adopted and i am so shocked to find i have had an adopted sister.I am now 59 myself,Doreen if you reconise this could be you please call.Louise

Comments by: RAY BOYD from MANHATTAN , NEW YORK Jan 12, 2011

trace my father
Comments by: chris roberts from england Dec 30, 2010
i am trying to trace my father his name is alan john
turner he's about 44-45 and lives in birkenhead merseyside, u.k if any1 could let me know anythin that would be great my email is [email protected] thanks

A friend who is like a big brother to me
Comments by: Charlotte jackson from Uk Dec 22, 2010
I'm looking for a man called Jody lathwell i don't know if he has married at all but if any one know Jody can u let me know. He used to work in steady Simpson in Leighton buzzard my mum used to work with him and I used to call him big brother which was his nick name

Dylan Hendricks searching for Danny McCall
Comments by: Dylan Hendricks from Southampton, UK Dec 18, 2010
i was born to caroline hendricks and danny mccall in
southampton, i have never met my father as he and my mother did not stay in contact with each other, i believe he was from ayrshire, and that his mothers name is ann mccall although this is all i know, know this is not alot to go on and a bit of a long shot but sureley worth a try, contact me at [email protected]

Comments by: Leanore from Washington, DC Dec 03, 2010
I have been looking for my grandfather. He married my grand mother who just recently passed away. My father has not seen him in 60 years. My grandma was an immigrant and they got married around 1948. I do not want to meet him is he is still alive. I despise him. I just need some sort of death certificate so that my Grandma's last company will pay my dad for the insurance policy because the funeral was very expensive. they are trying to find my grandma's husband to pay him when he was not even there for 60 years!!

looking for my stepsisters and brothers please help !!!
Comments by: alexandria from lindsay ontario Nov 23, 2010
my name is alexandria hull I'm 20 years old my fathers name is jon hull he raped my mother and many other women I have several stepsisters and bothers I've never met I only know two of their names shianne- middle name blaze and jesse my mom tried to contact them but the mothers did not want them to met me because of our father please if you know my father anything about my lost family contact me at [email protected]

Richard is looking for Dad
Comments by: Richard Ian Botting from Horsham West Sussex.UK Nov 20, 2010
If anyone knows the whereabouts of Andrew Robert Bell aged about 47/48.Born in Cheltenham Gloucester 28th November 1962.Last heard of in Bodmin Cornwall,Used to also live in Worthing West Sussex,may have moved back there.Was,or still is,married to a Mandy .Richard,his son,would like Andrew to get in touch as soon as possible.Andrew knows Richards'grandmothers home no.

Chloe Sparreboom tracing father
Comments by: Fay Davies from UK Nov 13, 2010
Please email [email protected] or phone 0208 449 8756
I have information about your father via your aunt Elleke in Holland and also your grandparents in Holland. Your father lives in Peterborough. I do not have his address but you can easily find this via the above people. Please contact me, I have tried to get you before but no luck yet.
Best wishes Fay Davies
I went to school with your grandmother.

help me find daddy!
Comments by: vivienne promise from UK Nov 13, 2010
i am searching for any information about my father last contact 1989 in lagos,Nigeria.
his name is Victor Anthony Babatunde Soares born may 19, 1944 in lagos Nigeria nicknmae Azua attended Igbobi College lagos, Nigeria.
for any further information email me on [email protected].
Thanks & God bless

Find my Dad
Comments by: Laura Thompson from isle of wight Nov 10, 2010
Hi, i would like to find my dad Andrew George Thompson, i have never met him, i would just like to know what he looks like. I dont mind if he doesnt want to know me afterall its been 20 years. I have wanted to look for a very long time but now im pregnant, i know its time. If you can help he was born in 1973 in Glenmorgan (Wales). so he will now be 37yrs old. He met my mum Isle of Wight and im still here please email any info you can [email protected]

Looking 4 Yonger Brother.......
Comments by: Danny Irvin from chicagh ill Sep 15, 2010
My name is Danny Irvin my father name is Henery Irvin I'm looking 4 my yonger brother his name is tommy thorne his mother name is barber'ann he is in his mid 20's and last I herd he was living in mississippi..... Help me if U can please

Very verly helpful
Comments by: Jean from Australia Sep 08, 2010
I am trying to trace relatives who have moved from nz to aus

Comments by: Anon from England Aug 11, 2010
I'm trying to find my 3 uncles. All brothers. Keith Taylor was born in 1948, Alan Taylor 29th december 1949 and Paul Taylor 1955. Can anyone please help? .

looking for info on my late father
Comments by: mfitz79 from glasgow uk Aug 03, 2010
I'm looking for any info on my later father robert mcphee muir originally from bridgeton area born in 1962 ,13 brothers and sister .I think some of there names is catherine,george,yvonne and alexander not sure of any other names.He died in morecambe sept 1990 and was buried in clydebank ,any info would be much appreciated.

Please help me find my dad.
Comments by: Jade Helena Ashton from Douglas, Isle Of man Jul 27, 2010
Hi I am looking form my dad Michael Ramsey could be spelt Ramsay who I think lives in Northern Ireland, he was in the Isle Of Man around the years of 1984-1986. my name is Jade Ashton and I was born in the Isle Of Man on April 12th 1985, my mums name is Lynn Ashton. I do know he had a sister that was living in the Isle Of Man and work in Nobles hospital there around 1987 I am not sure of her name. i think he will be around 44-48 years old and was origionaly born in Ireland, my mum took him to court in the Isle Of Man for maintenance when I was a kid but can find any records. if any one know any information please help me am 25 and really want to meet him he knows I exist. email me on [email protected] or find me on facebook am under bournemouth network. I really dont have any other information but if any one know anything I would love to here. thanks any one that help me in advance. And I hope ever one sucess in finding who they are looking for.

Find staff at Public Records office London
Comments by: Rachel from UK Jul 25, 2010
Does anyone remember Barbara Preece who worked here in 1966? She worked with Johnny New and worked near Victoria, alsom a member of staff called Winston?

I am looking for my daughter Jamila
Comments by: Jamal Abdullah from Yamen Jul 8, 2010
Hi i am looking to my daughter her nam is Jamila and her mam is Jean Rothwel and her mam's friend is Lisa they live in Manchester. Jamila i am missing you and your mam very much.Please write to me.
[email protected]

Looking for Robert Bell, Rag and Bone man of Possilpark
Comments by: Robert Bell from Glasgow Jul 7, 2010
Does anyone have any information on a Robert Bell? He used to be a sdeficate metal merchant / rag and bone man in about 1965 of the good old horse and cart variety. I think he lived in Stonyhurst Street and was married to Rachel Thompson at about the same time. Any information about his family or himself would be gratefully recieved as i think i might be related to him.

Robert Bell - email [email protected]

Comments by: gennara from uk Jul 07, 2010
SEARCHING for nigel skyrme from worcester born 1960------------- please get in touch with gennara

Finding my father
Comments by: Chelsea from Stevenage Hertfordshire Jun 28, 2010
Hi i am trying to find my dad all i know is his name which is Kevin Williams he is either 34 or 36 around that age gap and i think he still lives in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.
My mums name is Emma Tucker i have never met my dad as they split when i was very young my name is Chelsea Jade Tucker (was williams) and my D.O.B is 28/08/1993.
If anyone knows anything about my father PLEASE contact me i am desperate to meet him :) thankyou

Looking for my dad
Comments by: samantha carver from Newcastle upon tyne, united kingdom Jun 13, 2010
I'm looking for my dad, who i aint seen for 24 years. His name is kevin francis and is in his early forties. He lives in gateshead, newcastle upon tyne. My name is samantha carver an my D.O.B is 16/02/1986 if you know this man could you please contact me thnx

find my dad
Comments by: Jade Louise Moore from UK Jun 14, 2010
I am looking for my Dad, I have tried all different sites but i have had to result in asking my mom the information (which did upset her) all i know is that his name is Andrew Mark Moore and his birthday is 03/09/1965. He was born in halifax and his moms name is Brenda Gilderthorpe. All i want is to see thim again and iv got loads of questions to ask. I want him to know i still love him and he will always be my dad and i can i can try to forgive him! Please if any1 knows him!! or even if he reads this! leave me a comment i will be sure to get back to you.

Thank you.

Searching for David Roberts
Comments by: Anonymous from Birmingham Jun 9, 2010
Hi there

I'm helping out a friend of a friend (Eugene Plant) - looking for the above man who would be aged around 50.

Lived in Haringay road in his teenage years.

Sisters Gina and Maxine.

Mother's name Pamela (known as Pam).

Lived next door to "The Quinns"

Worked at Hill Top (Hilltop) Golf Club in the 1990's.

Can anyone supply any information at all?

Many Thanks for checking and thanks in advance if you can.

trying to find son and daughter
Comments by: Scott J W Donaldson from Shropshire, England Jun 04, 2010
trying to find my son Dean james ian Donaldson born 20/03/93 and my daughter Chloe Donaldson born 26/06/96. lost contact when split from X-wife. Both born in Aberdeen Scotland. have not seen them in 10 years as they moved shortly after we split. Have been trying all the time to find them. x-wife family wont help me.if anybody has information e-mail @ [email protected]. Always thinking about them love them loads cant wait to see them. cheers

looking for samantha
Comments by: becky peters from malanda qld May 31, 2010
hello im looking for my younger half sister her name is samantha daughter of lisa and brian... any information please contact me at [email protected]

Looking for lost dad
Comments by: Unika from Maryland May 23, 2010
Hello my name is unika henry and I have been searching for my father cliston henry for the last eight years.The last I heard from him he was living in los angelas california. If any knows any information of his where abouts please contact me via email [email protected]

help finding my sister
Comments by: alan jump from england May 23, 2010
im trying to look for my sister i lost contact with her and i would like to see her again her name is cathrine jump it could have changed now as she could be married last time i hurd from her she lived in peasly cross parr st helens meresyside i would realy like to find her please help

looking for wayne judge
Comments by: trudi judge from england Apr 28, 2010
am trying to trace wayne judge last known in the maidstone area but maybe moved to the nottingham area in the mid 80s, his birthplace was chainhurst and he was born in 65

Desparately searching for my nephews
Comments by: Josephine from Puerto Rico Apr 11, 2010
hi my name is Josephine and its urgent to me to find my two nephews his name is Alberto Millan and my niece's name is Alicia Millan i dont know much of them cause when they were born i was in New York now i'm located in Puerto Rico and my sister which is there mom is very sick and hospitalized and all she yearns to see is her kids which she has'nt seen since they were babies there last location was in New Jersey. Any information contact me at my email([email protected])i would very much appreciate any information thank you. My sister's name is Antonia Colon Ramos and there younger sister's name is Arleen de Jesus located in Puerto Rico.

trying to find my dad
Comments by: honoria waimarama raerae from new zealnd,hamilton Mar 30, 2010
im looking for my dad by the name off dennis tamatea who once was married to my mother patricia edwina manawanui raerae he knows of us 3 children me the oldest marama,vinnie,and freeman he's from gisborn but do not know where he is located now please contact me if any info [email protected]

help me pleaseeee
Comments by: michael gibson from swindon wiltshire uk Mar 30, 2010
hello im looking for my father michael gibson my name is Michael Junior Gibson and my mum maria mazzotta the last i heard he lived in cardiff wales and i really need to find him please help me. My email address is [email protected] and my d.o.b is 13/3/1991

message for chloe sparreboom
Comments by: ellekesparreboom from netherlands Mar 25, 2010
cloe please contact [email protected]

please help
Comments by: vadeficatea bell from usa Feb 24, 2010
my name is vadeficatea bell and i am looking for my brother and sister from the philippine islands we lost contact 20 years ago when my house burned their name is brian and bicenda bell from manila philippine i have a uncle ding and aunt pejada and theresa if any one can help me my father was an ex marine if that will help contact me at [email protected] my fathers name was kenneth bell

Looking for lon lost cousins
Comments by: Mark from England Feb 03, 2010
My name is Mark Schaefer I live in Lichfield England my sister is Judith, I am looking for my cousins who may still be in New Zealand . They lived/ or may still live in Christ Church New Zealand but may have moved on now . The names are Gavin Doughty , Ann Doughty and Catherine Doughty the females may now be married of course . Their fathers name was Goeff Doughty . Any information please contact me [email protected]
Thank you

Comments by: Chloe Sparreboom from UK Feb 03, 2010
I am trying to trace someone by the name of Peter Abraham Sparreboom. His date of birth is the 27/12/1967. He is my father and the last time I saw him was when I was 2. I am now 17. As far as I know he is originally from Holland.

Information on Father
Comments by: Maureen from Munster Ireland Feb 01, 2010
I am seeking information on my Father Patrick James Mcgivern I never knew him but for passport purposes I need a copy of his Birth Certificate, all I know is he was born in the South of Ireland about 1923 and I only know the name of two of his sisters, Gladys and Muriel, I would be grateful for any information if anyone knew of him or his family. I can be reached at [email protected]

Comments by: laura mcgowan from scunthorpe england Jan 24, 2010
i am looking for a man called donald mcphee who could either be in grimsby or scottlaqnd as far as i know he has two children called megan mcphee and william mcphee who are my brother and sister this why i am looking for him i ahvent seen them since i was about 8 years old and i now 15 i miss them soo much please help if you have3 any information please email me at [email protected] thank you

looking for dad
Comments by: girl from market deeping linconshire uk Jan 09, 2010
hi i am 12 and my dad left 5 years ago and i have looked all that time for my dad and i just want to see and talk to him again his name is tudor daniel waters if you know him or have ever met him please email me at [email protected]
plz i just want to know why he left

plz help
Comments by: katie from manchester united kingdom Jan 05, 2010
hey i am 15 my name is katie dowling i am looking for my father peter dowling he lives in manchester and thats all i know i have just turnd 15 my bday is 30/12/94 plz help i have been lookin for him for 3 years and got no were if this dont work i will proply give up just help plz !!! i dont wana cry any more ...x

Comments by: Jessica from Liverpool UK Dec 21, 2009
I am trying to find my dad who left when I was 2. I want to see my younger 1/2 siblings but can't find him. His name is Craig T Dahl and is aged between 35-39. He lives with Tanya E Dahl and their 5 children in Southport. The websites recomended were no help so am still searching.

Comments by: dianne muirhead from uk Dec 02, 2009
im tryin 2 get in touch wi my farther av got a baby girl now and she hasnt got a grandad, id love 4 her 2 meet him if its only once its better than never. he lives in scotland [dumfermlin] his name is robert muirhead. id love 2 see him aswell its been along time so if any1 can help me id b more than grateful. thanx love dianne n charli

i am looking for my sister
Comments by: wendy jenkins from uk Nov 28, 2009
i am looking for my sister,her name is kim mckeown{she may have re-married}. the last i new she was living in birmingham that was about 15 years ago. she is 52.
if any one can help me please e-mail me at; [email protected].

Comments by: claire freeman A.K.A HOOD from UK Nov 08, 2009
Hi, im trying to find my aunty, her name is dawn freeman her date of birth is 9th of june 1960, loved daughter of sylvia freeman and late billy freeman, has 3 children, last seen around 24 years ago, we were last informed around 6 years ago that she lived in liverpool? she did live in shaftsbury a fair few years ago, she did mary a mick ladelaw but sadley divorce, please if anyone knows her or if you are reading this please get into contact, thankyou

Comments by: Kelly from UK England south west Oct 06, 2009
My name is kelly walker i was born in feb 1983 I am looking for my dad, I have never met him I am 26, I just want to meet him and know who he is. I have wondered for years if i have brothers or sisters out there. I am not angry that I have never seen him and do not want to question the past it's fine I'd just like to know him. All i know is that he was in the army based in Colerene about 1982, his name is either Andrew or Adrian surname is Grey I'm not sure how old he is. I know of a cousin called Nathan Phillip Grey born in 1982 I think, and thats about it. I have very little ti go on. Please help me. Email on [email protected], please only genuine information.

Comments by: Sophie Webster from Glasgow G33 3NN Oct 06, 2009
hi im looking for my sister charlene duncan dont no much about her i last saw her when i was a baby my name is sophie webster we last lived with our mum diane duncan but me and my sister jade got took away from her and we are now looking for our sister she is 23 years old i think i dont no where she stays but i never stop thinking about her any i just want to see her aggen her birthday is on the 20th of navember if you see her give her my email adress [email protected] plz help i love u were ever u are x

Eric Glen
Comments by: Shirley Paterson from Fife Scotland Aug 02, 2009
Hi my name is Shirley D.O.B 08/09/1960 i am looking for my dad Eric Glen born in Dundee Scotland. The only information that i have is that we lived in London where i was born. I think he still lives in England he has a brother John who lives in America and another called Raymond, If anyone out there can help me please email me at [email protected] My mums name is Madge if this helps

Comments by: stef byrne from manchester Jul 12, 2009
I looking for matthew kevin snape (last known as) his birthday is october 1988 born in tameside. mother called lisa and a younger sister lorna (maybe). last address i know of is in manchester, grandma wendy and uncle maybe called michael. matthew has brown eyes and dark brown hair. last seen feb 1997. if you know of this person or you are matthew please help i have been looking for 6 years i am now hoping as your 21st is coming up your get in touch. [email protected]


I am looking for my dad
Comments by: Alyssa Dowland from Flint, MI USA Jul 12, 2009
Hi my name is Alyssa Dowland, and i am looking for my real father. He never showed up for the birth of me and never claimed me to be his kid. I know he lives somewhere here in flint where i do. I would like to ask my mom where he stay's at but i dont think she will tell me. But what i am scared of is that he still might not care about me. Soo please anyone who talks or hears from Antonio Lonnie L. Massie will u plz give him my e-mail its [email protected]. Just please someone help me out i cant stand not knowing why really he didnt want to stay and be my father. Only because we never got to talk because we have never met. I am the only kid in my family that does not know what there father looks like. Maybe i am hoping for a miracle or maybe just someone to please speak up and say something. Right now it is 4:25 a.m. and I just really wish that someone will come forward.

I would like to find my dad called mark segers
Comments by: Abbey Mitchell from Margate Kent Jul 12, 2009
Hi my name is abbey and im 13 years old i hav been trying to find my dad for the last three years please could you help me hes name is mark segers he lives in scotland and thats all i know about him i would really want to get to know him because i have never had a father in my life or if he did'nt want to see me i would like a pitcher of him and i could give him a pitcher of me just to see what he look's like

my birthday is on 2nd augast im 14 this year i dont think i could wait no longer i need to no what he look's like cos evern no i have never seen him parts of me loves him .

please if your out there send me a letter or send me an email cos i need to know

if you see him or your reading this please help me .