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Toothache and oral abscess try garlic

Submitted by Denise Lancer

Get two pieces of Garlic from the garlic bulb and split each garlic piece in two (cut off the ends as well, after skinning them)

Now place each piece (four halves) into the mouth and chew.....to build up a saliva mixed with garlic. Then quickly rush over to the infected tooth and swill around. You will feel a burning sensation but this is natural and painful!!!

As you are doing this, every now and then (if you can) stop.....let the garlic saliva sit in place (over the infected tooth).

Do this for 5 to 30 minutes (depends on your pain threshold!). The longer the better because this can hold of pain quite easily for one day. YES! One day.

Read about garlic on the web....it is a natural antibiotic. You will get a nice numbing affect.....not a dentist numbing affect but an affect as those you never had tooth ache.

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Comments by: skylabrat from trinidad and tobago May 10, 2011
i was in sooo much pain i couldn't sleep the pills weren't working...it was a bit gross but it helps a lot thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much,i really appreciate this.

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