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Here are a host of unusual, uncommon and different uses for Blinds

 Use an unrolled blind for an oil or pastel painting. Then roll it up ...

 Craft cloth
 Cover the table with a waterproofed blind to protect its surface.

 Disappearing door
 Conceal clutter by hanging blinds in walk-in cupboards and wardrobes.

 Dust cover
 Drape a blind over your drawing table or workbench to keep off the ...

 Ground cloth
 Keep an old window blind in the boot of your car. Unroll it when ...

 Play mat
 Put a blind down for children to play on � it will protect the floor ...

 Projection screen
 View your home films or slides on a white blind pulled down over the ...

 Room divider
 Roller blinds with their mechanism intact can be fixed to blocks ...

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