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Baking soda for burns, burnt skin

Submitted by Kira Rhodes

When trying to treat a burn you name it, I tried it.

  • Mustard
  • Honey
  • Prep H
  • Vinegar
  • Toothpaste
  • Potato...

Nothing seemed to work. Until I tried baking soda, I simply sprinkled the powder onto dampened burned skin. Very soothing.

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baking soda !!!!1
Comments by: ELAINE from USA Aug 14, 2011
awesome remedy! HELPED WITH THE PAIN...

God Bless You Kira!
Comments by: desperate 4 relief from California Jun 20, 2011
Thank you sooooo much. I have been soaking my fingers. In cold water and ice for hours, and the minute I remove them the pain returs immediately. I decided to look up home remedies on the internet
And I saw yours about the baking soda. It worked like nothing else. I appreciate you taking the time to put this on the internet so someone else who was in pain could get relief. Thanks Again!

Comments by: nicola from pittsfield, ma Jun 21, 2011
i was making ribs and 300 degree "rib juice" spilled on my right hand...damn it killz. this tip worked amazingly.

thank you

Comments by: Michael from Tacoma, WA May 31, 2011
I burnt my hand on a heating coil, and it hurt more than you could imagine. After maybe a minute or two of thinking, I decided 'internet', found this page, tried it, and it felt great at first, no more throbbing & I could hardly feel any pain. After a few minutes with baking soda on my hand, the pain started coming back, not as severe, but still painful. and now I'm typing this with one hand, getting ready to rinse my hand off & try agin :]
I looovvveeee you.
My hand feels sooo much better, after I'd rinsed off my hand and sprinkled Baking Soda on it.
Thanks again,

Honey with baking soda!
Comments by: Julia from Berlin Feb 15, 2011
Burnt my finger pretty bad during the process of making coffee. Tried all the tricks I know to no avail. Found this tip about baking soda and mixed it with honey. Worked perfectly!
Feel Better Soon!

child burn palm of hand on stove
Comments by: Anonymous from eden, n.c Dec 29, 2010
no help at all he just cried even more

Comments by: Anonymous from oklahoma Dec 18, 2010
burned my finger in my cast iron skillet, tried this and it hurts worse!!

2 yr. old burnt palm on stove
Comments by: BROOKE from UTAH Dec 02, 2010
My 2 yr old burnt her palm while I was making dinner...og...she screamed for what seemed like an hour..I looked this up and tried everything!! Baking Soda last...Baking Soda worked!! ThNK YOU!!!!!

Toothpaste Rocks
Comments by: td from Seattle, WA USA Nov 08, 2010
I tried lavender oil, ice, baking soda, vinegar and the best thing for me was the toothpaste. All the other things help but it seems like you have to continuously apply them. The toothpaste lasts a bit longer.

Fire Place 101, Little people will always be curious
Comments by: Christine Smith from Gravity, IA USA Oct 28, 2010
Just this morning I had 3 children all getting ready for the day 2, in school when the little one stepped on a fire place tool. It was very quick and burn very small area, very small... but it was hurting and stinging. I immediately turned to the internet when I saw this. I most certainly agree with the above that it provided immediate relief, no more crying. He feels much better. Put loose small sterile bandage on and he is doing fine

no help at all
Comments by: deni_valcory from port angeles, wa usa Oct 29, 2010
poured boiling water on my hand...not a bad burn but it really hurts. baking soda giving me no relief....in fact it is intensifying the pain

Comments by: Heather from Richlands, NC Oct 17, 2010
I burned my fingers earlier today and have been in agony every time I try to take them out of the cold water - in desperation I tried baking soda and fabulous! Instant relief... THANK YOU!

Comments by: Dana from Huntsville, AL Oct 17, 2010
I burnt my finger about two hours ago. It was driving me crazy and I was about to drive to the store for aloe. Glad I read this tip first. The baking soda worked really well.

Comments by: Lorenzo from SoCo, Ca USA Oct 03, 2010
My little was bit by a fire ant outside, and its sting hurt her so bad to the point of tears. I remembered your baking soda tip about burns, and decided to try it. My little was immediately soothed,,, thank you so much for the advice!!

Comments by: Meredith from Tennessee Sep 29, 2010
Finally some pain relief!

Works..took sting and throbbing away
Comments by: Tiff from USA Sep 20, 2010
Baking soda worked for some of the pain and throbbing in my
burned finger. I always burn my hands cooking and I am very sensitive and have tried everything. Baking soda is a great tip!! Thank you. I am typing w/my burned finger covered in baking soda powder..really helped.

Really works!
Comments by: Anonymous from Arizona Sep 15, 2010
I burnt my thumb 3 hours ago and have been icing it but decided it would be hard to sleep holding frozen vegetables. The baking soda made the pain much more bearable.

sorry didn't work for us!!!!
Comments by: Kari from usa Aug 30, 2010
MY little screamed a few seconds after sprinkling baking soda on her finger!!!!! IT was a minor burn too!!!!

Comments by: Rexie from NY Aug 10, 2010
Tip worked! The advice/ article is helpful more than any thing about jalapeno burn relief.... most other sites just tell stories. You gave the antidote. Sincerest gratitude for my ring and middle fingers' sides only were turning inflamed red, but whew... they were burning... now I feel okay! Thank you.

WOW Thanks for the Tip
Comments by: Christina from Ohio Aug 07, 2010
oh my goodness I tried ur baking Soda tip for a 2nd degree burn I got on my arm and AMAZING how much relief it gave I had tried aloe, burn cream,and no relief until this post. Thanks Again

Baking Soda for a Hot Water Burn
Comments by: Rebecca Ortiz from Huntsville, Alabama Jul 05, 2010
When preparing my morning tea, I accidentally spilled some boiling hot water on my hand and read your recommendation to use Baking Soda on the burned area and it worked immediately.

Thank you,

Really helps
Comments by: Desire k from Florida Jun 27, 2010
Tried mustard and a first burn spray. Baking soda worked

Baking Soda Hand Burn
Comments by: Cory from Coconut Creek, Fl. Jun 12, 2010
Burnt palm of hand on electric stove. Followed instructions re
baking soda, worked like a charm. Terrible burning sensation eased almost immediately. Ice first then baking soda on moistened palm. Good advice. Thanks!

baking soda burn remedy
Comments by: Peggy and Jack Smith from Hot Springs, AR May 09, 2010
We tried everything from burn cream to diaper rash cream. Nothing made a dent in his pain until we tried the baking soda. It soothed him just enough to let him get to sleep.

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