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Fever blisters and Vit C...take it from me...the fever blister Queen!

Submitted by JJ

After years of suffering from fever blisters, I have FINALLY found the cure.....I recently had surgery and my MD had me on Vitamin C everyday 2 weeks prior to surgery.  Well, for 2 months, preceding the beginning of Vit C, I had a blister everyday.  As soon as one would be gone, another would pop up.  I was using Valtrex, to no avail.  I was about to go to my doctor and have her put me on a prescription, that's how bad it was getting.  So when I started the Vit C, I had a blister coming up....but by the next morning, it was gone. 

I swear, I have never had anything work like this....and I've tried it all.  Since vit c helps your body fight viruses, it is only natural for it to help fight the herpes virus that causes the blister.  Think about it, vitamin c helps throw herpes back into a dormant state!  I missed taking my vit c yesterday and guess what?  I felt a fever blister coming on tonight...so I ran and took the vitamin c and the tingling was gone within 2 hours....no lie!  It's really worth a try!

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fever blister hater
Comments by: Judy Schneider from Sacramento, California USA Aug 15, 2011
I am 65 and have suffered at times with horrible bouts of fever blisters. I have had my entire face swell. I have been taking vitamin C most of my life ,sometimes twice a day per doctors instructions. I was told to switch to vit.c w/rosehips. I still get them. If I get too much sun they appear from my nose to my chin, and everywhere in between. No treatment is a miracle cure. But I have found that Carmex does help the pain and itching. It also keeps them from getting worse or spreading. You just have to wait for the virus to run its course.

Heat works, vit c
Comments by: Scot from NC, USA Jun 23, 2011
I have been getting fever blisters since I was very young.
When u feel the initial tingle, try a hot wash rag or hot shower as hot as u can stand for as long as u can over and over. The water will not damage skin and not make it worse. As far as the vit c goes, your body uses and needs different amounts on a constant basis. Use a higher dose. I usually take 1500mg a day for years, so don't worry about ODing its not possible. Your body simply gets rid of what is not required.

it works for some people sometimes.
Comments by: travis from china Feb 15, 2011
ive tried the vit c for my fever blister and it
works sometimes but not always. my friend tried it and said the same thing. im wondering why??

PS: dont try the heating methods. it worsens it.

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