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Two Glass Bowls Mated for Life

Submitted by Leigh

The cast of characters: 1 glass bowl once belonging to my deceased mother-in-law. A second, slightly smaller glass bowl, pressed glass, engraved, awarded to my husband by my his Masters Swim team. The 2nd bowl was slipped into the 1st bowl to make space. We tried everything to disengage them. FINALLY,

1. Mixed ice cubes and salt in the smaller bowl and filled with cold water to the rim. Let sit for about 5 minutes.

2. Filled sink with hot water to the rim of the outer bowl. (Also put a towel in the bottom of the sink for protection.)

3. Squirted dish soap around the rim of the inner bowl.

4. Let sit for about 5 minutes.

5. Firm grip on inner bowl while slipping a thin knife blade in between the two bowls and continuing to work the inner bowl out.

MAGIC !!! They are now separated, never to be stacked together again.

Thank You.

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YAY It worked!!
Comments by: Lainey from PA, USA Jun 11, 2011
Thanks so much for the tip. I had two bowls the same size stuck together. Had them outside for the garbage, but tried one more time with this tip. It worked. Thanks so much.

great! but add some oil
Comments by: DB from Montreal, Canada May 31, 2011
it works fine, but I had to add some vegetable oil in between the two stuck glasses. thk you.

Comments by: Clare from traveling Apr 02, 2011
This is not true for me. it did not work, neither did the others. D: ):

This really works
Comments by: Anonymous from MI, USA Mar 25, 2011
I had two large glass bowls stuck together. Nothing I did worked to seperate them until I tried this suggestion. It worked perfectly! Thank You!!!!!

Agree that salt is the key
Comments by: Cristina Romero from Mexico City - Mexico Mar 12, 2011
Left five minutes with water, ice and salt in top container, slipped point of knife in one corner. Top container moved and lifted easily. Had tried other methods and only this worked but without placing in hot water.

thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Comments by: Jane from Los Angeles, CA USA Jan 11, 2011
After trying hot & cold water to no avail, I thought my bowls were destined to be thrown out or broken stuck together. The secret of ice/salt for 5 minutes followed by soak in hot water/soap for 5 minutes finally got my bowls apart with simple prying with a thin bladed knife/spatula. So happy!! Thanks for the great recommendation

Be Caeful with temperture change on glass
Comments by: Mustang from Colorado Dec 20, 2010
While this works, [the heat expands the outer bowl while the ice contracts the inner bowl], there is some possibility the temperture change from cold to hot may crack the bowls - in the end it may be the only way to get them apart - just be aware that there is some danger of cracking the bowls.

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