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Grants - Tips for applying for a grant

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Do you need money or equipment for a photography project, a community garden or theatre, or a youth recreation hall? Grants for an amazing variety of projects are available from government and community agencies, foundations, corporations and other organisations. Here are a few tips on getting the funds you need:

Consult the many reference books available at your public library, including 'A Guide to Major Trusts', published by the Directory of Social Change.

Once you have decided which grant to apply for, find out as much as you can about the organisation providing the funds. Call and ask for the trust or charity's brochure or an annual report. Try to make personal contact with someone at the organisation, especially if it's a local donor.

Keep your grant proposal clear, simple and brief, with the most important information at the beginning. Explain how you're going to make the best possible use of the money. Include information on the support you already have for your project. Try to get endorsement letters from people well known in the community or in your field. Once you have submitted your proposal, ring and make an appointment to discuss it in person.

If you're turned down, consider applying to the same donor again. It often takes three or four tries to gain approval.

Apply for many grants. If you're lucky enough to be approved by two donors, decide which offer is better. Explain the situation to the other source - you may be able to receive two grants, either in succession or at the same time.

thank you
Comments by: olivier from SF CA Sep 23, 2009
excellent tips/ thank you for taking the time to give them

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