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Tips on how to deal with hazardous waste

Submitted by Richard

Leftover paint, household cleaner, insect spray and weed killer are all hazardous wastes. Flushing them down the drain can damage sewage treatment systems. And putting them out with the rubbish means that they are sent to the landfill, where they eventually seep into groundwater.

If you can't use up a potentially hazardous product, think of someone who can. Schools, neighbours or churches may be pleased to accept your extra paint, insect spray or cleaning solution.

Call your local environment health department, a recycling centre or an environmental agency to see if they organise collection drives. If they do, make sure the wastes are in sealed, watertight, labelled containers. If a container is rusting or leaking, put it in a larger, secure receptacle.

Comments by: rohan from india Feb 15, 2009
ive been searchin for the tips but noone delivered it properly.........atlast i came across this nd is very pleased thank you.....

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