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Jalapeno Peppers - More about Jalapeno Pepper Burns

Submitted by Andrea Edmonds

I was making peach salsa last night which required me to dice 4 jalapeno peppers. I didn't have gloves, but it didn't worry me too much as I've never had a bad reaction and hardly ever wear gloves. NEVER AGAIN!!! I diced the peppers around 5:30, my fingers were burning so much I could barely finish canning the salsa. I tried cold water, lemon, ice cubes, cold packs, washing and rinsing, washing and rinsing....NOTHING WORKED. By 9:30 I was beside myself, so decided to Google and found this site. I did not have rubbing alcohol so I tried several other suggestions. What finally worked for me was:

1. Soaking my hands in cold milk for 4-5 mins.
2. I also made a thick paste with baking soda and milk, which I applied in a thick coat after taking my hands out of the milk.
3. Let that dry for about 15-20 minutes.
4. Scrub mixture off and start from step 1 again.

I did this about 4-5 times (relief started with the first application) and then left the last coat on all night and washed my hands this morning. My fingers are still tender (and visibly red and a bit swollen, but the baking soda and milk provided great relief. Without them, I'm sure I would not have gotten a bit of sleep.

I'll NEVER cut peppers without gloves again! Thank you for all the helpful suggestions...I was able to find one that worked for me!

The following was sent in by Jann Lewis

Jalepeno burns.. I burned three fingers and two thumbs by cutting peppers and pulling out the seeds. It was excrutiating for three hours, I tried everything recommended, and then came to a site that suggested Colgate toothpaste, and remembered my daughter tried that. I rubbed some all over my fingers and waited, approximately 30 minutes later the pain was completely gone, it was amazing!!!!

The following was sent in by Krystal Korpalski

After cutting up lots of peppers, half hour went by and fireballs felt like they were in my hands!! Tried milk, cold water, ice, toothpaste and different forms of alcohol!! Some may it worse or only gave few minute relief. Then tried store brand antiacid, soaked few minutes on an off and gave the best relief temporarily for long periods of time but when i stopped it came back full fledged. Lastly, scrubbed hands with Dawn dish soap and rinsed with lukewarm water...fantastic!!! Hands got very oilly and sticky from all the oils coming out so did it again in 20 minutes and hasn't returned, best remedy out there!! I only mention the antacid because I think that was a good first step to the soap.

The following was sent in by Ophelia

I just had the pleasure of a Jalapeno burn on my nose, lips and cheeks for the last 45 minutes. I started with alcohol, ice water followed by lemon and baking soda "mush." Alternating the ice water, lemon and baking soda put out the "fire" in about 40 minutes. Relief was immediate with each treatment but the "fire" returned in seconds, I kept alternating the water, baking soda and lemons eventually the symptom went away as fast as it came. I did not get a chance to try the rest of the tips like peroxide and dawn.

The following was sent in by Angel Avila

Aloe vera, not from the bottle, but from the plant gave me some temporary relief... also baking soda paste on my hands then dipped them into vinegar helped for a little bit, as well as Vodka wash. Nothing seems to stop mine, but I can blunt the pain for a little bit.

The following was sent in by Nicole

I also came under attack from the burn of these peppers. I tried all of these remedies and some did not work at all and some only provided momentary relief. What finally worked (and I mean that the pain was not taken away but made it reasonable for me to get to sleep with the help of a sleep aid.) was making a baking soda paste and sitting with a large bowl on my lap and just rubbing it in for about an hour. I would stop after 20 mins. rinse and start using the paste. After about an hour I did a final rinse and went to bed. The burning was still present but when I woke up this morning i have no pain at all.

The following was sent in by Barbara Pearson

Just wanted to send in this tip to maybe help someone else with jalapeno burns to their hands ! I made salsa today & chopped up ( & seeded ) like 10 jalapenos, needless to say they burnt my hands really bad ! I tried all the recommended " cures" but nothing really relieved the burning EXCEPT some burn ointment called either Silvadine cream or Silver Sulfadiazine Cream. You can buy it over the counter, I forgot I had it, then remembered & tried it & it was THE ONLY thing that STOPPED the burning!

If you are planning on handling jalapenos please make sure you have some of this stuff for the burns. From what I have heard & read even gloves don't stop you from getting burnt ! This is a very painful burn, will never do jalapenos again, that little task will be left for someone else to do, not me ! Hope this post helps someone else, it's good stuff ! I tried ice, milk, aloe straight from the plant, alcohol, nothing worked but this cream !

The following was sent in by cjk

I just had this happen for the first time ever. I took a hot shower which made the burn feel worse, but it takes hot water to dissolve the oils of the pepper. I then called poison control. They recommended washing with hot water and then using vitamin E on the burning skin. I just happened to have vitamin E capsules, so I cut one open and spread it around. Some relief almost instantly and continues to improve over 10 minutes or so.

The following was sent in by Lisa Levine

Today I made the horrible mistake of thinking I could slice just one or two jalapeno peppers for my salsa without gloves. It led me to your site because I was screaming in agony. I had already used ice, ice water, milk and shop soap to try to relieve the pain, to no avail. Thank goodness, I first tried the alcohol, which helped a bit. But then not really. Then I read the tip about Colgate toothpaste and I just happened to have a tube the dentist had given me a few days ago. I squeezed the entire small tube into my palms and rubbed them together. The pain was still excruciating, but I distracted myself for 30 full minutes with some British Comedy's in Afternoon Tea. Lo and behold, the pain subsided and when I washed my hands the pain was completely gone. Halleluia. A miracle. I highly recommend the Colgate toothpaste...something in the stuff absorbs the oil of the peppers and then you can wash it away. You saved me from the emergency room.

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Take the burn out of your eyes jalepeno
Comments by: Dora Tello from Athens GA Aug 19, 2011

Old family remedy passed down from my husbands grandmother in Mexico. Use your HAIR! It really WORKS!!! I've used my hair in my eyes. It took the sting out instantly. Worked on my hands as well. A miracle.

Comments by: Neil K from California Jul 28, 2011
Was having some bad burning on my lips from some jalapenos and toothpaste turned out to be the cure. Note: I used Crest while others had mentioned a different brand, so I don't think brand matters that much.

I canned 8 jars jalapeno's
Comments by: Michelle from Atlanta, GA Jul 10, 2011
My hands were burning like fire....I put the Colgate on my hands for about 5 minutes and then rinsed in left over hands feel 100 percent better....great advice!

Colgate WORKS!
Comments by: KHH from San Luis Obispo, CA Jun 29, 2011
Horrible pain on my lips, so I checked the site and found two people recommended Colgate. Don't know if other brands will work, but I can say Colgate worked immediately. I left it on for fifteen minutes, because I was scared the pain would return. When I washed it off, the pain was completely gone.

Jalapeno on lips
Comments by: Mark from Las Vegas May 10, 2011
Vaseline really helped. Gob some on, wait 20-30 seconds, wipe off. Repeat a few times and then leave it on your lips for a while.

st ives on nose
Comments by: Ellie from Canada May 10, 2011
Thank you so much whoever recommended st ives exfloating scrub! I spent almost an hour close to tears, milk worked on my lips but holding a kitchen paper soaked with milk to my nose didnt work. I also stuck a piece of bread to my face for 5 minutes and that did not work. I had no colgate or dawn but read the st ives answer. At first i didnt think it would work but ten minutes later its completely gone! THANKYOU SO MUCH, i can never thank you enough. I still have a little burning under my nails but it is NOTHING compared to my nose and lips, thanks to this site i can sleep tonight, i will always have caution eating those red thai peppers again.

Cure for pepper burn
Comments by: dumbcuttingpeppers from Canada Feb 18, 2011
I cut one pepper and one finger felt like it was on fire about five minutes after cutting it. Tried hot water, which made it worse, then cold. Put it in a shotglass of milk for fifteen minutes and it worked great until the milk became warm. Tried rubbing alcohol, worked for a minute or two.

Colgate toothpaste was the only thing that kept the pain away. Thanks soo much

Use Soft White Bread
Comments by: Karen L from Columbus, OH USA Feb 15, 2011
I had pepper oil on my noise - awful. I used a piece of soft white
bread to absorb the oil. This worked like a charm. First I tried soaking my nose with cottonballs soaked in milk. Not much relief. The bread worked.

Jalapeno pepper burn
Comments by: B. McCarty from Wilmington, DE USA Dec 29, 2010
Great tips, the only one I tried was colgate toothpaste and it worked immediately.

Saved at last !!
Comments by: Nora from Beech Grove, Indiana Nov 13, 2010
Yesterday, was my first, and last time working with these peppers. I tried, vinegar, bleach, lemon juice, Ponds cold cream, and last, Milk. I came close to an emergency room visit. After about 40 minutes of soaking my hands in milk, the burning began to stop. I hope this will help someone else find some relief from these burns. As these were for a Christmas gifts, I sure hope no one asks for another jar of, Salsa. If so I will give them the recipe, along with a pair of rubber gloves! Thank the Lord for the, INTERNET!!

Comments by: Lizzy from Sacramento CA USA Nov 12, 2010
4 20 minutes I was running around the house yelling and
screaming cuz the burn was originally on my tongue but I used a washcloth on my lips and it spread all over my face in an act of desperation I poured milk on my face that shut up the burn 4 10 minutes and I tried Benedril (the allergy stuff) and it killed the burn 4 good. Pouring water or milk around ur eyes is good if it burns in that area (believe me it sucks to have it there!)

Comments by: Jonathan Lam from LA, CA Nov 01, 2010
Well, the ingredients to the apricot scrub exfoliating cream includes:
Water, Walnut Shell Powder, Gyceryl Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth Sufate, Corn Kernal, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, PEG-100 Stearate, Cetyl Acetate, Ceteareth-20, Titanium Dioxide, Polysorbate 60, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Carboner, Fragrence, Phenethyl Alcohol, PPG-2 Methyl Ether, Limonene, Linalool, Methylisothiazolinone, Glycerin, and Apricot Fruit Extract

Comments by: Jonathan Lam from LA, CA Nov 01, 2010
Just hopped on the computer trying to find remedies for my situation (japapeno burn on top of lips and on my forehead).... Spent about 20 minutes in bitter chaotic excruciating pain... Used my 7-11 drink to cool it down for a while. Tried some hand sanitizer, didnt work, tried soap, no go, even tried toothpaste oh no! Lol. Toothpaste actually made it worse for me.

I found some "St. Ives Exfoliating Cream" in the bathroom and decided to put that on. About three little dabs for me on the forehead, a bit on the cheeks, and around the mouth.

Feels really good, no water used. No burning sensation at the moment, and i'm cleaning my face at the moment (haha)... Might feel like your face is dry cause my face sure does feel dry at the moment.

BUT IT WORKS! TRUST ME! I feel like I was just born again.

Here's a picture of it:

I don't know why it feels so good but it does!

DAWN ...thank you
Comments by: betsy d'ambrosia from Boston Sep 28, 2010
Thank you to everyone who recommended using Dawn. I managed to get the pepper burn on my chin and above my lip as I was cutting up the jalapeno. I tried cool water, fresh lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, but they were only temporary relief. Luckily I found this web page for help and used the Dawn. Not only was it immediate relief, but it lasted! Thank you again to all who recommended the Dawn!

Vinegar for pepper burn
Comments by: Anonymous from Not specified Sep 02, 2010
If your hands are burning for hot peppeers, soak them in vinegar! It warks great!!

Hand Sanitizer and Noxema
Comments by: Mystical79 from Jasper, GA Aug 27, 2010
I tried everything to get rid of the burn after making some jalapeno jelly. Finally I ran across this site and decided to try the alchohol, but figured out I did'nt have any. So, I used hand sanitizer and it was instant relief, and just to be on the safe side I used Noxema after remembering I had used it as a kid when I had a sunburn. It was just what the burn called for!

all tips will work a little or alot but follow this
Comments by: Salsa mistake never again Donna from Kentucky Aug 09, 2010
I tried almost all the tips, then I read about the hot water, after washing my hand with dawn and running hot water over my hands several times then finally relief. If you will notice the water wont seem as hot on your arm (like testing for baby bottle) when its just a little hot on your arm but knowing it wont scald run it over your hands. It will seem like it is going to scald you, but it will not. Tough it out for about 10 min. of putting dawn on then rinse repeat over and over until water does not seem as hot. And this will help you get the relief you want.

Dawn does it !
Comments by: Chrissie from Murfreesboro, TN Aug 09, 2010
After trying milk, butter, burn cream, rubbing alcohol and trying the "if I don't think about it, it will go away" methods.....I tried DAWN and it was amazing! I coated my hands in it....let it dry, and relaxed....the heat started coming back in about 30 min, washed off the Dawn, dried my hands and reapplied the Dawn. I repeated this process about 3 times and the burning was gone. Now, when I took a hot shower this morning, it came back a little bit, but applied the Dawn again and it was good all day. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TIP !!!

Jalapeno burns
Comments by: Robin B. from Harrison, AR Jul 30, 2010
I found that Dawn dish liquid or pepto bismol generic seemed to do the best job. It even beat out burn antiseptic gel. But you have to put it on without water and let it sit for about 10 min. You will immediately feel relief. Also wearing latex gloves does work. I only had 1 glove and that hand was free of all burns. Hope this helps!
Even better idea, let some else do it! :)

OMG the Dawn Dish soap worked wounderful...
Comments by: joanne from usa Jul 27, 2010
chopped some peppers this morning for some salsa and dear god what pain and burning my hand was on fire. tried burn cream nothing then tried the dish soap and got much releif..

Dish soap
Comments by: Andrew & Anastasia from Cheyenne WY Jun 30, 2010
Thank the Gods for Dish Soap!!!!! My wife almost had bad jalapeno burns on her face for her B-Day... But Dawn knockoff saved the day!

DAWN dish soap - works instantly
Comments by: DP from Cleveland, Ohio Jun 19, 2010
I cut the jalepeno peppers and touched my nose - which immendiately started burning. I melted an ice cube on it and then ran to the computer for relief!

I read all the posts and then decided to start with the easiest one. I put the DAWN on and let it sit and within a couple minutes the burning stopped. MIRACLE WORKER!

I never would have thought to use it! Dawn is amazing - my jeweler even recommends I use it to clean my wedding ring!

Pepto Bismo - replacement for Maalox worked quick
Comments by: Mike from New York City May 31, 2010
Thanks for the Maalox tip. I went to several sites before finding that unique tip. I didn't have Maalox, but had a generic version of Pepto Bismo and it has seemed to do the trick.

Pepto Bismo stopped the burning sensation from Jalapeno within 15 seconds.

I suffered for 5 hours after making a Jalapeno Sauce which required a high concentration of Jalapeno seeds.

Here is what I tried prior to the cure:

Milk - Good relief while you are soaking and for 5 - 15 minutes afterward.

Lemon Juice - mild non lasting relief

Vinegar - mild non lasting relief

Rubbing Alcohol - slight relief for a minute

Aloe - mild non lasting relief

Baking Soda - mild brief relief

Baking Soda Paste with Milk - the best remedy until I found out about Maalox/Pepto Bismo.

worked 4 me
Comments by: Toy Garcia from San Antonio TX Apr 04, 2010
This was my first time cutting up jalapenos. And I will never forget it! But I finally figured out after hours of burning that hand sanitizer works wonders!

He ate a bunch of jalapenos at one time
Comments by: MLP from Omaha Nebraska Dec 07, 2009
His mouth was on fire. None of the tips I saw were for mouth burns. One tip mentioned a burn on the lip.

Did I miss the right page? I didn't find any help for jalapeno burns inside the mouth

wonderful page
Comments by: Rosalind Reine from brooklyn ny Oct 13, 2009
many treatment suggestions, many experiences related.

pepper burn on face & in nose!
Comments by: MPB from Thomson, Georgia Aug 31, 2009
milk/baking soda paste worked well for a few moments but the
burning returned. VASELINE caked inside your nose worked permanently after only moments! use a q-tip and don't skimp on the vaseline! breathe out of your mouth if needed. i kept it on for about 30-45 minutes and it has yet to return. the burning stopped after just a few moments...really! i will NEVER allow another pepper into my kitchen!

Thanks for the Tip
Comments by: Sherry from Colorado Aug 31, 2009
I have a garden and just cut up about 30-40 peppers. OWWEEEE. I had a feeling this would happen, but hey I like to live on the wild side sometimes. Tried one of these remedies, the baking soda and milk. Also, took an antihistamine. I am sure the antihistamine has not hit my system yet, so I am thankful for the baking soda and milk suggestion. It takes about 10 excruciating minutes and doing a dip in it twice but now just slightly burning. THANKS!

I've got it
Comments by: Joan from Not specified Aug 16, 2009
Histamine blockers, wash your hands and take Allegra, Claritin or Benadryl !!! Go for a walk to keep your mind of the burn within 30 min all gone!!

Poison Ivy treatment works too!
Comments by: Pam from Sgt Bluff, IA USA Aug 07, 2009
I used gloves when chopping hot peppers, but I still ended up with burning fingers. I used Zanfel which is a treatment for poison ivy. You can purchase it over the counter and it gave INSTANT relief.

Glove don't necessarily work
Comments by: Malinda from Corpus Christi, TX Aug 01, 2009
I'm working on trying these various treatments. The alcohol didn't work.
I used gloves while cutting up fresh jalapenos for pickling. I still got burned. First I used the yellow dishwashing gloves, then used gloves that are a combination of latex and nitrile. Both these gloves allowed the juice to penetrate to my skin. If anyone has suggestions of gloves that truly protect from burns, I would appreciate it as I hope to pickle more jalapenos in the future.

jalapeno pepper burn relief
Comments by: Patty from Florida Feb 11, 2009
I have cleaned lots of jalapeno peppers as we love to fill them w/ cream cheese and wrap them in bacon and bake them ..yummy ...never have I had more than a mild warm feeling until tonight hands were on fire I googled this site but I didn't have any rubbing alcohol but I have always used Paul Mitchell The Conditioner for oven burns, or sunburn I tried that and it helped for a few..I washed them in Dawn and it helped for a few...then hubby suggested mouth wash ...Blue Mint antiseptic mouth wash ...then I applied the Paul Mitchell The Conditioner ...took a few minutes..feels so much better ....

Jalepeno IN the Nose!!! Ouch.... :/
Comments by: Stephanie from Stockton CA Nov 26, 2008
OH, my goodness. I have never felt so embarrassed about something so trivial. I cleaned and sliced in half A jalepeno (1st time ever in my life) this morning along with an onion. I went on my marry little way, did what I had to do and went to work. A few hours later, I blew my nose at work and couldn't figure out why my nose felt so clear and burning. After about 15 minutes, I figured it out. I had jalepeno and onion in my nose. I tried putting a moistened kleenex in my nose, only for that to make it worse. Then a friend gave me a nasal spray, that worked briefly. I finally googled and found this site that mentioned rubbing alcohol. I have a bottle, so I dipped a q-tip and swabbed the inside of my nose. It's been about 10 minutes. It seems to be working ok. Whew. That is not a nice feeling.

Jalapeno Pepper Juice in the Eye.
Comments by: Mary Bratton from Westtown, New York Nov 09, 2008
Use a Warm Tea Bag. Will take the pain away almost immediately.

Comments by: LH from Texas Nov 04, 2008
i know the pain. that stuff BURNSSS so bad. for HOURS yes. i will wear gloves forsure next time.

jalepeno burns on lips
Comments by: jessica greenbaum from nyc Oct 03, 2008
some raw jalepeno oil must have gotten on a piece of cauliflower I ate. My lips burned so fast, they bled within a moment!

YES to toothpaste. Thank you, thank you

Maalox worked well
Comments by: Krissy from Philadelphia, PA Aug 11, 2008
I was cutting jalepeno's and scraping out the seeds last night, and was in horrible pain for over 3 hours. I tried vinegar, Extra Virgin olive oil, milk, toothpaste and nothing worked. I finally saw this site and ran out to get maalox. I soaked my hands for 22 minutes and although the pain did not disappear completely, it did soothe the burning for the most part. After pulling my hands out of the maalox and drying them (but not washing the maalox off) I put Gold Bond Powder on them and the pain lessened even more (i was sure to scratch the gold bond under my nails, as the jalepeno juice seeped in under my nails). This concoction sooted my hands enough to allow me to fall asleep. Oh yeah, I also took 3 motrin IB's before i went to sleep.

Cure from poison control
Comments by: Sarah from Washington, DC Feb 21, 2008
Okay I know the answer to chili pepper burns on your skin. I called poison control. The lady knew right away what I was talking about. She said to soak my hands for twenty minutes in Maalox. Does something to the nerve endings. She was absolutely right. After hours of burning and trying cold water, rubbing alcohol, vegetable oil, and vitamin e oil, Maalox did the trick for good. ALWAYS wear gloves when cutting up hot peppers.

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