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Here iis my migraine and headache tip

Submitted by Steve Lord, Santa Barbara, Ca.

Staring at tv snow or static with the sound off rapidly totally eliminates migraine and headache.

Several people I know have rapidly eliminated both ordinary and migraine headaches, and I have used it to improve or cure a number of ailments quite miraculously I would say, that couldnt be cured any other way, by staring at the so called random white "noise" created by the television static or snow that older tv sets create on the screen)( analogue tv screen only, the newer digital tv sets are not fully random and will not work and most of them wont get a snow or static screen), To get the visual static, or the set is tuned iunscrew the cable or just turn off the cable box and tune your tv set nto a non broadcast channel. that gets nothing but static, the black dots jumping on a white background, turn the sound off and simply look at it.

One woman I met who tried it had had a literally continuous, so she said, migraine for 30 years, due to some kind of structural problem in the back of her brain, and she said that in between 15 and 30 minutes she estimated, for the first time in 30 years her migraine was eliminated. A similar experience was related to me a neighbor who tried it who has intermittent migraines, and also for an ordinary headache in less time.

This works by within ten seconds putting me into a dead ringer for what I have read one experiences in the theta brainwave state, and I have read on the internet that white can put you into theta, and I find that it has to be all frequency from an analogue tv set not a fan or waterfall etc or from the newer digital/. Many tv sets tell you on the back if they are digital or analogue, digitals began beiing produced in 2005 I have read, One the older analogue tv's for ten dollars at a thrift store, or use a neighors or relatives if you dont have one.

I have also read that the theta brainwave state and the alpha brainwave state are the two brainwaves some belieive are found in the fetus womb continuously, hence their benefit for us now,. Evidently the benefit has evolved over millions of years of fetal life. The theta state is very healing according to my experimentation with it and that healing effect of both white noise and theta is also described in many articles on the internet.

WE ALWAYS TURNED THE SOUND ALL THE WAY OFF.. I also have found that for most of the ailments or injuries I have healed with this theta state, I also had to duplicate to a certain degree the conditions under which this would have evolved in the womb. Thus although whatever theta does to cure a migraine or headache may stll take place when electronics are on in the room, it may not, and I know the two woman turned theirs off. To avoid this electronic radiation and make effect of staring at tv snow work for everything I trieid it on except anxiety and calming, I had to have all parts of my body at least four or five feet from the tv setI was looking at, turn offf all my computer equipment, including the modem across the room, radios, flat screen or giant screened or HD sets must be turned off , since they radiate and block this from working up to seventeen feet from me, and keep cell or mobile phones at least few feet away felectronics . Nowadaysr those flat screened tv sets can stop this from working even if they are up to seventeen feet from me coming from any adjacent apartment including above and below you, if you live in an apartment.. Maybe we get lucky and migraine is one of the things theta works to cure even with the room electronics on that I mentioned, , but maybe not. Someone wiill just have to test it or do it when no one's flat screened is on. Likewise smokiing within hours of doing this with most type ailments will block the effect. For highest effectiveness too it would be best to avoid immunosuppressiive drugs like the benzodiazepines, synthetic opiates like oxycodone etc and muscle relaxants,poppy seeds, etc, and I find its best if one can take his finger riings and watch off

Good luck and if you want to email me Im at [email protected].

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