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Peepholes - Tips related to peep holes in doors

Submitted by Richard

Don't depend on a door chain when checking to see who's at the door; some aren't strong enough to prevent a forced entry. The safest way to find out who's outside is with a peephole, or door viewer they can be installed in wood doors and UPVC.

Although you can simply install a swinging cover over a hole in the door, you're better off with a wide-angle peephole that gives you a 180° view of the exterior. Make sure that you install it at a convenient height for the shortest adult in the family.

If you don't want to make a hole in your front door, you can mount a mirror above or beside the door (or on a nearby window frame) at an angle that reflects a visitor's image and in a position where it cannot be tampered with or obscured.

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mirrors work two ways...
Comments by: Julie from Birmingham, UK Apr 23, 2008
...they'll allow people outside to get a good look inside your house! a wide-angled 180 degree peephole is good, but make sure you cover it up when not in use, otherwise someone on the outside could use a Reverse Peephole Viewer to get a good look inside your home. The ultimate is to install a peephole video camera!

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